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iPhone v1.1.1 Firmware Jailbreak

That's right, the folks at the iPhone Dev reported via TUAW that they have accomplished jailbreaking on iPhones with the 1.1.1 firmware. Third party apps do run, though most of them will require a recompile. Most of the 1.1.1 applications won't work with 1.0.2 firmwares, which isn't surprising -- Apple probably did a bunch of work on their ABI though the API itself remained stable. The jailbreak method isn't ready for general consumption, so they ask our patience, but there are some tidbits that they've found buried in the update: "1.1.1 references both com.apple.mobile.radio and com.apple.mobile.nike". This probably isn't the first of little hidden tidbits about 1.1.1 that we've seen.

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iPhone Password Manager: A Challenger Appears

figure 1: the most important feature is highlighted

There's another password manager on the scene, and this one looks to be the most secure version that I've seen. 1Password is a mac-only application, so there unfortunately isn't a password manager I could securely recommend to Windows iPhone users yet. The application has a little button that sends an encrypted bookmarklet to Safari that you can then sync to your iPhone. You can open the bookmarklet and view your passwords with a master password that you assign within 1Password.

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iPhone Hacking Update

There hasn't been a lot of noteworthy progress on opening up 1.1.1 like there was on version 1.0 of the firmware, and that's to be expected. However, there were some valiant pushes forward last week, by prominent iPhone hacker Erica Sadun who mapped out the filesystem of the 1.1.1 update. This is notable as it pre-empts the requirement to decrypt the filesystem before inspecting files and whatnot.

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iPhone To Get 2nd Party Apps?

I've claimed over and over that the iPhone is built to buy things from iTunes. One of the things that we should be able to buy from iTunes is programs. Games, if that's your thing; mental diversions. I'm glad to report that 9to5mac.com says that it's coming. Of course, they call it 3rd party development, which is kind of a misnomer. If it requires that a developer sign a contract and get Apple's blessing just to get the development tools, it's a lot more like 2nd party development. It would bring the iPhone and iPod Touch to feature parity with the iPod Classic and Nano, so I'm glad to see it, assuming it's true (which I do).

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iPhone Not Coming to France?

figure 1: Apple and Orange?

It was widely expected that Apple would have some happy things to say about the iPhone and French mobile operator Orange last week at Apple Expo Paris. But, the expo came and went without any sort of iPhone news whatsoever. It looks like we may now know the reason why.


p> Apple may have problems with a French law that

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Rumor: iPhone in Canada in 2 Weeks

There's a rumor wafting about that Luxury Canadian retailer Holt Renfrew will start selling the iPhone in a few weeks.

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Verizon Unveils "iPhone Killer", Apple Shuts Down iPhone Production, Calls it Quits

Folks, I have some news that will come as terrible blow to everyone. Verizon has just introduced what it claims to be a true no shit honest to goodness iPhone killer. Yes, I know... I'm in shock myself. Now, this is no ordinary iPhone killer. No siree, Bob. Nope, this revolutionary new phone from LG, dubbed Voyager, offers a set of features not found on anything else on the market; it has an HTML web browser (yes, real HTML, not that fake HTML found on other fones phones). It plays MP3 and WMA audio. It takes photos. And steal yourselves... it even has a MicroSD slot.

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Third Party Application Support is is Not Coming to iPhone

Speaking of rumors, here's another bit of tittle-tattle to roll your eyes at. A site called 9to5Mac - apparently the site shuts down after 5 and heads to the nearest bar - claims that Apple is currently working with developers to bring application support to iPhone, available through iTunes. Sound plausible? Yes, it does. But then again, that was almost a given from the beginning, so it takes little creative imagination to fabricate such rumors.

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Unzipped Flies: iPhone Rivals Tout Openness, Less Control Freakery

Apple's closest rivals in the wireless handset business are taking full advantage of the company's platform dictatorship, extolling the openness of their own software to application development. Highlighting a strategy of use me, abuse me, do what you want to me approach to software design, Microsoft and Symbian are quick to point out that their platforms aren't surrounded by high voltage fences and men in guard towers with sniper rifles.

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Woman Sues Apple for 1 Million Dollars Over "Unfair" iPhone Price Cut, Repeal of Nerd Tax

Who can put a price on pain and suffering? Your attorney can, of course... to the total sum of a cool 1 Million dollars. Dongmei Li of Queens, New York (I didn't know people living in Queens could afford iPhones) claims that Apple's dramatic iPhone price cut is a flagrant violation of consumer price discrimination laws. Her suit alleges that the price cut hurts early adopters by deflating the iPhone's resale value. I call that the price of early adoption, but apparently it is grounds for litigation. Who knew?

So let me get this straight... if I walk into Wal-Mart and buy a head of lettuce, which then subsequently drops in price by 20 cents after I leave the store, I can then sue Wal-Mart for damages? Hot damn! I'm going to start watching for those falling prices and little yellow smiley faces.

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