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Bluetooth Audio

There's a bug in the 1.1.1 firmware that lets you stream audio through bluetooth. It's not quite Stereo Bluetooth. It's essentially mono Bluetooth, but it brings some functionality, and may be useful for podcasts and the like. To get audio through Bluetooth:

  1. pair your Bluetooth, if you haven't done so already
  2. open Visual voicemail
  3. select 'Audio' at top right. If it doesn't say 'Audio,' reconsider step 1.
  4. It will bring up a dialogue box to choose sound output. Select your Bluetooth headset
  5. Presto! Enjoy your audio through both the speaker and your Bluetooth headset.

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Apple Posts Interface Guidelines

Apple has posted their Human Interface Guidelines (HIG, PDF link) for programming for the iPhone. What this means is that they've completed the rules and guidelines for how they expect you, the iPhone user, to interact with applications on the device. It also means that now that they have interface guidelines, they can begin focusing on building the software they need for native third party applications and not web applications. Yes, I said it; worst of all, I believe it. Even worse, I think this is the big news of the weekend, even more than bricked iPhones. You'll have to brave the cut for why.

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iPhone Update Impressions

Well, the first major update is out. It brings some cosmetic changes to the iPhone, and fixes a few glaring issues. The ability to purchase tracks on iTunes is great, and I can see iTunes going a long way with this. For example, if Apple could get radio stations to have some sort of standardized 'now playing' list in exchange for money or shared revenue or something, perhaps one could buy a song that one heard on the radio and liked. That would be a much more dramatic tie-in than say, Starbucks.

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Restoring 1.0.2 Instead of 1.1.1

I have two iPhones, one that I've been keeping "clean and pristine," and that's the iPhone that I use most of the time. I do have another iPhone though, that I have done all manner of hacking and installing apps and the like. If, like me, you have an iPhone that you'd rather keep on version 1.0.2, it's easy to select older versions of the firmware when you restore the iPhone:

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Undocumented Features of 1.1.1



Along with the official changes of yesterday's update, there are some unofficial changes that aren't good enough to make a bullet point on Apple's list. Which is weird, because some of these are huge.

  • You can now select different alerts for incoming messages:
    Settings -> Sounds -> New Text Message -> choice of:
    Tri-Tone (default), Chime, Glass, Horn, Bell, Electronic
  • International keys are available by holding down the letter key.
  • The iPhone mail application supports MP3 and .wav Attachments
  • includes the closed captioning abilities promised
  • enables a debug console for MobileSafari for web developers to find errors on their pages:
    Settings -> Safari -> Developer -> Debug Console [on/off]
  • breaks every 3rd party jailbreak -- the iPhoneDevWiki team will have to reverse-engineer the iPhone all over again
  • since the iPhone can't be jailbroken, there is no way to get 3rd party ringtones on the iPhone.

And just for the sake of posterity, after the break there's a readable version of Apple's list of official changes.

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Firmware Update Bricks Even New iPhones, Disables Pacemakers

Well well well. Look who's firmware update is spreading mass murder among unboxed iPhones. Reports are coming in from everywhere, and everyone but my Aunt Helen, that FW 1.1.1 is bricking factory fresh iPhones upon updating. So, even customers with iPhones that still have that new car smell are in the same sack of onions that we naughty unlockers are stuck in. Hmm. I'm going out on a limb and say that Apple rolled this update out a bit prematurely.

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iPhone Update 1.1.1


p align="center">
figure 1:Apple's 1.1.1 update is out, and it clocks in at 152.3 MB

Apple released their long-promised 1.1.1 update to the iPhone, and it looks like the update is "all clear" for anyone that has not hacked their iPhone. They also posted another training video to go with the update, starring the same fellow from Apple's earlier training videos (see here, here, and a creepy but funny mashup here).

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What Hast Thou Done to my iPhone?

I don't know who shares the most blame in this triad of technical blunders; Apple for it's strong arm tactics...iPhone Dev Team for their malfunctioning anySIM unlock app...Or myself for ever engaging in this exercise. A pragmatist would say I am solely to blame, but I am anything but pragmatic.

Nope, I blame the aforementioned parties for this debacle. I was merely innocent bystander. Right? crickets chirping in the background

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And They Weren't Kidding: Update 1.1.1 Bricked My iPhone (Activation Loop)

Hold my calls for the rest of the day; I'll be laying under my desk in a fetal position. After reading early successful reports of unlocked iPhones updating without issue, I assumed the coast was clear. Assumed being the operative word. Upon downloading today's firmware update, which weighs in at a whopping 153MB by the way, iPhone fails to recognize my SIM card...and is now effectively rendered useless. Ahahahaha!!!! maniacal laugh

Doing a bit of sleuthing I discovered the potential root of this problem. The IMEI number displayed onscreen does not match that found on the back of my iPhone. So apparently whatever issue is to blame it has to do with baseband settings reconfigured by anySIM. Ok, iPhone Dev Team. I'm counting on you jokers to work out a solution.

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Breaking: Apple Rolls Out Firmware Update 1.1.1, And I Can't Have it!!!

Oh the humanity. Here I am docking my iPhone, when suddenly this box appears in iTunes, beckoning me to install some new firmware update, just released. But can I install this update? No. And why? Because his Jobsness has seen fit to brick my iPhone should I install said update. GRRRRR!!!!!!

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