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Sketches Lets You Draw, Jot Notes, Annotate Photos, and Waste Time

Hey, look who just got its first drawing app. Yes, our little iPhone is growing up so fast. In no time at all he'll be wearing his first service pack, and heading off to school to join his classmates from RIM, Microsoft, and Nokia. tears

LateNiteSoft created a nifty app who's time is long overdue. Sketches allows you to make drawings on iPhone's screen using your finger, opening a world of possibilities for utility and frivolity; draw simple sketches, scribble notes, annotate photos, or just pass away the time drawing mustaches on photos of your friends.

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Holy Crap, He Listened! Steve Offers $100 Apple Store Coupons for Early iPhone Adopters

Someone pick up my jaw, I'm stunned. In a totally unexpected move Steve Jobs posted a personal letter to customers delivering a peace offering to angry iPhone users upset over yesterdays dramatic price cut. Jobs goes on to reiterate his stance that price cuts come with the territory of being an ealry adopter, but also concedes that we are the pioneers that propelled iPhone on the road to success.

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Apple Rolls Out iTunes 7.4, Ringtone Support Included. Now With the Fresh Scent of Lemon

Apple quietly slipped out its promised release of iTunes 7.4, integrating support for yesterdays announced iPod line - as well ringtone support for iPhone, iTunes Wi-Fi Store, and that Starbucks whatchamacallit thing. Beyond that, there really isn't much to say. Once the update is installed a new Ringtone tab is revealed after your iPhone is docked. Guess what that does? I could give a tinker's damn for music ringtones, so I won't be joining you around the campfire singing bad karaoke tunes. Sorry.

The download weighs in roughly 40MB, depending on platform of choice.


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Sibling Rivalry: Will iPod Touch Cannibalize iPhone Sales? Is the Pope Catholic?

Apple may have opened a can of worms by removing all but one reason for buying an iPhone. For starters, they've given the iPhone a vasectomy, freeing of its GSM radio and carrier entanglements, and re-branded it as a standalone product even identical in appearance to its cellular sibling. On paper that seems like a sound strategy for product growth, and it is...for iPod sales. Unfortunately it's not going to do wonders for iPhone's prospects. Many consumers who otherwise might have purchased iPhones will now be offered a choice that will almost certainly lead them to buy an iPod instead.

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Apple's iPhone Price Cut Wounds Early Adopters, Wreaks Havoc on my Wallet

Angry words and heated accusations were being flung at a certain well known product maker today, and I'm not talking about Mattel's recall of lead-painted toys for tots. Early adopters who patiently stood in long lines on June 29 (including yours truly), eager to be first on the block to own iPhones, are being rewarded with the sudden devaluation of their investments. Today Apple dropped the price of its most popular iPhone model (8GB) by $200, just two months after launch. What cost six Ben Franklins yesterday now costs only $399.

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Breaking: Apple Announces HUGE iPhone Price-cut, Now Just $399

The title says it all, Steve just announced a major price cut in preparation for holiday sales. Retail price of the ever popular 8GB model, because let's face it no one buys the 4GB model, has been slashed from $599 to...wait for it...$399. Yeah, I know, I just wet myself too.


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Breaking: Steve Jobs Announces iTunes Ringtone Store *faints*

Hot of the presses and live on stage from Moscone Center, Steve Jobs just announced iPhone Ringtones will be available for download via iTunes, in an updated release rolling out later tonight.

Keep watching.

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Alien Camel Wants You To Test its Email Service, Free

Syd from Alien Camel sends word that his company is offering free full IMAP email service to a select group of hardcore users that spend all day in their inbox, to test out their new service and provide feedback.

You must meet a specified list of requirements in order to join.

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