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iPhone To Storm Europe's Beaches This Fall, Blitzkrieg Ala Apple

Financial Times reports that Apple has managed to secure exclusive contracts with several major European mobile operators in efforts to bring iPhone to France, Germany, and the UK, later this fall.

An official announcement outlining the details of the partnership will be made public at the end of this month, during the IFA trade fair in Berlin. Speculation is running high that T-Mobile, O2, and Orange will be Apple's dance partners, though all three declined to comment (wink wink).

I'm just as happy to see iPhone move beyond US shores as much as any citizen of the world, but the part that drives a MacBook through my heart is the Euro model will include 3G support. *weeping*

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Analyst Says iPhone Demand is Strong, But The Product Needs To Get Smarter

Analyst Ben Reitzes of UBS says, based on AT&T store surveys, iPhone demand remains strong long after Apple's hype machine winds down. The firm's target expectation for iPhone shipments in the fourth quarter is 800,000 units, and Reitzes believes Apple is on track to beat its set goal of 1 million iPhone shipments.

Today's published study by UBS yields some interesting factoids. One being that, despite all the naysaying, iPhone has a low return rate. Many skeptics had predicted iPhone returns en masse by frustrated consumers.

Another takeaway is iPhone, at least so far, hasn't suffered a loss in sales momentum. That surprises even myself, as I expected a sharp drop in sales within the first eight weeks of launch, as hype died down and the early adopter market had quelled.

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Beware of International Roaming Charges, Or You'll Be Sorry...and In The Poor House

Let this serve as a warning to all readers about the dangers of unexpected international roaming charges. Heric Silva shares his experience and illustrates why you need to keep an eye on your iPhone while traveling overseas.

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Upload Photos to FaceBook From Your iPhone, Rinse and Repeat

The code monkeys at AlwaysBeta are introducing a new online service, called pxPipe, that enables iPhone users to upload photos from their iPhoto to FaceBook via email.

pxPipe works exactly as claimed. Just go to their website - create an account - email photos to your unique address which are then automagically queued up in your FaceBook profile once you've logged in.


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Gizmodo's How To Guide for Installing Apps on iPhone, No Rubber Chicken Required

For those who want to dabble in the dark world of iPhone hacking, but are driven off from fear of complexity, Gizmodo has posted a great How To guide that explains how to install third party software on iPhone. The process is so easy you don't need to be a l33t hAx0R to make it happen.


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Apple Offers Refurbished iPhones for Desperate Customers

Apple is now listing refurbished iPhones at store.apple.com for those who desperately want an iPhone but can't swing its premium price tag. These units sell for $100 less than the price of their shrink wrapped counterparts, which isn't a bad deal, depending on the condition these iPhones are in (these are pre-owned remember).

If this deal sounds sweet you better act quickly while supplies last. Only a handful of units are currently available. Get 'em before the vultures swoop in.

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My Own Billing Nightmare, Courtesy of AT&T

Over the weekend I received my AT&T bill in the mail - both of them. Huh...TWO envelopes? Rather than the usual slim parcel containing a handful of billing statements, I received two overstuffed packets filled with nearly sixty pages, detailing every minutia of data. While this is still a far cry from Justine Ezarik's infamous 300 page AT&T bill, it still exceeds the boundaries of reason and is horrific waste of tree.

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Dial M for Anchovies

What could be more convenient than ordering pizza by phone? Ordering pizza by iPhone, of course. A service called Tribal Pizza puts a new spin on the tired concept of street corner Pizzerias by combining all the social network flair of Digg with the convenience of fast food, topped with web 2.0 goodness.

Here's how it works. By visiting Tribal's website, you design your very own Pizza creation through a web interface - any combination of toppings and layers you like. Users then vote or "Digg" your creation up or down, in a matter of speaking. If your Pizza design proves to be popular enough, Tribal will market it and pay you on a commission basis. You know, a slice of the profits, a piece of the action, share the dough.

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Bear Stearns Says iPhone Looks Good in Suit and Tie

Andrew Neff, an analyst well known for his Nostradamic prognostications of doom and gloom in the PC sector which largely came true, is now casting his crystal ball on iPhone. He sees iPhone gaining backdoor corporate adoption by way of individual innovative. In Lehman's terms, people who work in large companies will buy their own iPhones and carry them to work. A sound rationale, but I don't consider that corporate adoption anymore than my wearing Levi's 501 jeans to work as corporate adoption of denim.

But the more iPhones that enter the workplace, the greater its chance for enterprise support.


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Multiply: Yet Another Social Network for iPhone

Quick, someone throw me a life jacket. I'm drowning in a sea of social networks! I've actually lost count of the exact number in existence, but it has to be in the hundreds by now.

Well you can add another bookmark to your overflowing list of socials. This one goes by the name Multiply, who has developed a web-based social networking application for the iPhone. One feature that differentiates Multiply from other networks is that it integrates Media-Sharing Capabilities into its service rather than act just as a web frontend for text, like so many other services - Twitter, I'm casting an eye in your direction.

Among the list of things you can do with Multiply...

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