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Rumor Du Jour: Apple Set to Release New iPhones Soon

What better way to start off your post-holiday work week than a strong dose of highly caffeinated unsubstantiated Apple rumors, courtesy of the Washington Post's Sam Diaz, who claims to have received documents from one of Apple's partners, proving the existence of new iPhones.

Speculation runs high among analysts and the press that an iPhone Nano-like device, smaller and less expensive than the original, is in the works and set for release sometime in Q4. Fact or fiction, the very thought of such a device has many fanboys sporting woodies.

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iCult: Look Who Has An iPhone, All The A-Listers Do

Robert Scoble has a nifty little photostream available on his Flickr gallery, called iCult. In it he profiles various well known bloggers, tech celebrities, and other digerati who proudly carry iPhones. All the A-list people are there including Chris Pirrilo (pictured above) wearing his usual "Feel free to punch me in the face and steal my lunch money" geek persona non grata.

I see lots of tech workers inside major Silicon Valley's companies carrying iPhones these days. Google, FaceBook, Flickr, Yahoo, the usual suspects. Even Microsoft employees use them fondly, with cautious restraint.

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iPhoneSIMfree Unlock To Be Released Into the Wild No Later Than Friday, Promise

Those hacking hoodlums at iPhoneSIMfree are teasing us with the promise of a soon to be released unlock solution, no later than Friday. In the meantime they are wetting our appetites with a nice little FAQ answering many of our gripping questions, like...is it future-proof (yes)...if I do a backup restore will it still work (yes)...will it work on any GSM network (yes)...can the iPhone be unlocked prior to AT&T activation (yes)...Will it help me get laid? (yes, wait..what?)

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Is iPhone Enterprise Ready? Burton Group Says Not Yet

The brain trust of Burton Group put their heads together to debate iPhone's viability as a component to corporate mobile computing. In a media briefing titled iPhone for the Enterprise - you'd think a firm with such smart people would come up with more creative names for these events, Burton concluded iPhone isn't quite ready, but holds a world of opportunity and untapped potential. Thank God for Burton's timely, hard hitting, analysis. I'm sure CTOs in every fortune 500 had thousands of pending iPhone orders.

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AppleInsider Compares iPhone to Palm Treo 650, Laughs Hysterically

AppleInsider's Daniel Eran Dilger put together a lengthy five page review comparing iPhone to Palm's obsolete operating system, drawing comparisons to features, hardware, software design and usability. Guess who came out ahead? I'll give you a hint; it wasn't PalmOS.

Funny thing is, I was in the middle of writing an identical feature article for this site, some time ago, and gave up when I realized the entire topic was irrelevant because PalmOS (Garnet) is a dead, long forgotten platform that holds little interest for anyone these days. I would draw more interest by comparing iPhone to Mike Vick's ego.

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Satirical iPhone Wallpapers Prove Painfully Accurate

Josh Helfferich created a whimsical set of six satirical iPhone wallpapers to remind us all of the pitfalls of owning an iPhone. His first creation, titled "Attracting total strangers", strikes close to home for me. I can't use my iPhone in public without drawing immediate attention to myself.

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Canadians Unlock iPhone, Celebrate in Wild Drinking Binge

Some hosers in Montreal successfully managed to get iPhones working on Canada's Rogers wireless network, with a little help of the rather costly TurboSIM card method. Apparently these chaps are unaware of the 18 million and counting software unlock solutions that cost nothing, or they could have saved themselves the price of 200 maple leaves, eh?

Come on, Canada. The Israelis are making you look like chumps!


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Group Offers $100,000 Bounty for Free Unlock Software

On the internet, no one can hear your bluff. A blog claims to be offering a $100,000 reward to anyone who can produce a free software unlock solution for iPhone, and deliver it by the chimes of midnight tonight. Of course, no information whatsoever is given to back the legitimacy of this claim, such as who its underwriters are so I'd wager this cash payment is coming from someone's HP deskjet printer. Nothing more than a single email address is available for correspondence, which doesn't instill confidence.

My favorite quote from the site, which gives good insight into the minds behind this project...

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EA and PopCap Thinks iPhone's Got Game

Fanboys aren't the only ones wanting to install games on iPhone. Developers at Electronic Arts (EA) and PopCap, see iPhone as a viable gaming handheld and a potentially lucrative market. So much so in fact that the folks at PopCap aren't waiting for Apple to open its walled garden to developers. The popular maker of mobile game titles says iPhone is already on its roadmap for future game development, and has a few projects in the works. Andrew Stein, PopCap's director of mobile business development recently told Reuters...

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iCheaters: Man Sells Cheating Girlfriend's iPhone on Craigslist

Boy meets girl. Boy falls in love with girl. Boy buys girl iPhone to express his love. Girl cheats on boy. Boy sells cheating girl's iPhone on Craigslist.

I love a happy ending.


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