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Clever Hacker Creates Myth TV Remote for iPhone

Kyle Stoneman managed to successfully setup his very own Myth TV box. After dancing wildly through the living room, shouting with glee, like a nine year old boy on Christmas morning, his elation was soon dampened when he realized that controlling the box required sitting next to a computer. Lame.

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Here At The iPhone Blog, We Care About You...Even On Slow News Days

Shhh...do you hear that? The deafening silence of a slow news day. Seriously, either today's news about iPhone being fully unlockable has everyone running to AT&T and Apple Stores, or there is like NOTHING happening in the land of iPhone.

But fear not, I have a bone to throw into your hungry waiting mouths. Free iPhone wallpaper. More of redux really. I posted these several weeks ago, but in case you missed them - here they are again.

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Dress Up Your iPhone With Efiko's Wallpaper Packs

For those of you who have grown weary of iPhone's default wallpaper gallery, Efiko has a supreme four-pack collection that will satisfy your craving. These image packs feature rich, vibrantly colored wallpapers that will have you hitting the sleep/wake button all day.

At just $4.95, it's the best way to blow a fiver.


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iPhone Officially Unlocked, Geeks Swoon in Rapture

What are you doing, Dave?

I think we should talk this over before you do something rash.

Why don't you take a stress pill and we can sit down and talk about it.


You can begin popping corks off Champaign bottles and dance through the streets in your underpants. This is the moment that many folks have waited for.

In case you've been living under a rock this morning the internet is aflutter with news that iPhone has now finally unlocked, using an $80 tool called Turbo SIM card.

The feat is said to be 100% effective, meaning that it unlocks all of iPhones features and functions, allowing users to make and receive calls, SMS, access GPRS readio (data), browse the web, send email, download porn, over any GSM network. Viola!

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Lights Off, The First Native iPhone Game, The Shot Heard Round the World

Oh Apple, how ever did you think you could keep developers from breaking down iPhone's backdoor. Hmm? Not only have developers managed to find their way inside, knocking over lamps as they stumble in the dark, but one developer created a rather illuminating piece of software. meniacal laugh

Lights Off is the first, that we know of, "unofficial" game for iPhone. The first of many perhaps. The goal of this simple puzzle game is to switch off all the little blinking lights in order to advance levels. Installing this code isn't for the faint of heart. It involves a bit of rubber chicken swinging and poking through iPhone's hidden file system. Full instructions are on the site.

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AdMob Makes Web Advertising Useful

AdMob offers a new spin on web advertising. Rather than a generic text link, AdMob links aggregate targeted content advertisements and generate relevant results that tie into services like Google Maps, directing iPhone users to services they might wish to exploit.

Make sense? No? I don't understand what I just said either. So just watch the video above and let the guys from AdMob explain. I need a nap.

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Skype On iPhone *faints*

Listen up Skype junkies! You can now use your iPhone to make Skype calls over the wireless tubular interweb...nets. A German-based company called SHAPE Services, whoever the hell that is, is offering a new service (invitation only, in beta) allowing iPhone users to connect with other users in the Skype ecosystem.

You can make calls to any Skype user at their PC, make el cheapo phone calls all over the world, or do the IM + Skype cally thing. Try it yourself and see what you think.


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AT&T Sends 300-page iPhone Bill To Customer, Paper Industry Celebrates

Justine Ezarik from Tasty Blog Snack got an unexpected surprise in the mail today - her first phone bill from AT&T, after purchasing an iPhone and switching carriers. Nothing unusual about that, except that it arrived in a box (that would be my first clue that something terribly wrong had occurred at AT&T's billing department), not an envelope, and...oh yeah...it's 300 freaking pages long!

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DIY Two-way Video Conferencing for iPhone, Stunned Look Not Included

Some clever Modders have found a novel approach to creating a working two-way video conferencing solution into iPhone. With a little IP voodoo and huckleberry mirror, twin brothers Glen and Ken Aspeslagh found a way to successfully pull off a live video conference, over the web, by streaming compressed video to a special server which then streams the video to a recipient iPhone.

You can read more about this bit of hackery after the jump. I'm giving these guys my coveted "I want to have your children" award for sheer brilliance.


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Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones Deliver Smooth Sound, Makes You Look Like a Rich Snob

Bang & Olufsen is a name well known among elitist snobs with bank accounts bigger than their brains. The products are sexy and elegant, but often overpriced and under deliver in terms of performance. Hmm...this sounds like another company I know ducks to avoid flying tomatoes

For those who fall into this category, B&O A8 Earphones are for you. These sexy and functional earphones claim to deliver unsurpassed sound quality by matching the contour of the human ear, thus preventing sound leakage common to conventional earphones. Uh, yeah.

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