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Skype On iPhone *faints*

Listen up Skype junkies! You can now use your iPhone to make Skype calls over the wireless tubular interweb...nets. A German-based company called SHAPE Services, whoever the hell that is, is offering a new service (invitation only, in beta) allowing iPhone users to connect with other users in the Skype ecosystem.

You can make calls to any Skype user at their PC, make el cheapo phone calls all over the world, or do the IM + Skype cally thing. Try it yourself and see what you think.


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AT&T Sends 300-page iPhone Bill To Customer, Paper Industry Celebrates

Justine Ezarik from Tasty Blog Snack got an unexpected surprise in the mail today - her first phone bill from AT&T, after purchasing an iPhone and switching carriers. Nothing unusual about that, except that it arrived in a box (that would be my first clue that something terribly wrong had occurred at AT&T's billing department), not an envelope, and...oh yeah...it's 300 freaking pages long!

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DIY Two-way Video Conferencing for iPhone, Stunned Look Not Included

Some clever Modders have found a novel approach to creating a working two-way video conferencing solution into iPhone. With a little IP voodoo and huckleberry mirror, twin brothers Glen and Ken Aspeslagh found a way to successfully pull off a live video conference, over the web, by streaming compressed video to a special server which then streams the video to a recipient iPhone.

You can read more about this bit of hackery after the jump. I'm giving these guys my coveted "I want to have your children" award for sheer brilliance.


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Bang & Olufsen A8 Earphones Deliver Smooth Sound, Makes You Look Like a Rich Snob

Bang & Olufsen is a name well known among elitist snobs with bank accounts bigger than their brains. The products are sexy and elegant, but often overpriced and under deliver in terms of performance. Hmm...this sounds like another company I know ducks to avoid flying tomatoes

For those who fall into this category, B&O A8 Earphones are for you. These sexy and functional earphones claim to deliver unsurpassed sound quality by matching the contour of the human ear, thus preventing sound leakage common to conventional earphones. Uh, yeah.

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White Trash Your iPhone, With ColorWare

What better way to improve the aesthetics of the worlds most elegant mobile phone than paying someone $150 to paint it green. Yep, that's what I'd do.

Dr. Macenstein shows off his newly pimped out iPhone, painted green with envy, courtesy of ColorWare. This service has been around for quite some time, and has become fairly popular with modders. For a few hundred bucks, ColorWare will paint just about anything but children and small pets.

You can see more photos of the good doctor's customized iPhone after the jump. Visit ColorWare if this sort of thing interests you. Then check yourself into the nearest mental health facility.

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Phone Different Podcast #2


p> Our second podcast. Plenty of stuff to talk about, even without the last 5 minutes of the track at the end. We cover some iPhone game news, hacking news, Fake Steve Jobs, and as we are wont to do, cover the forums a wee spot.


As usual, our show notes are after the break.

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Apple Runs Two New iPhone TV Ads

Apple has posted two new TV commercials, the sixth and seventh in the series, if you keep track of them as they go by. Number six, entitled "Instead", focuses on the iPhone's digital music capabilities, highlighting the fact that iPhone eliminates the need to carry two devices (iPod + phone).

The seventh ad, titled "Amazing", essentially recaps all the wondrous things iPhone can do, like browse the internet for DRM cracks, look at porn, take photos of your spouse cheating on you, etc.

You can view both ads on Apple's website now.


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Man Undergoes Surgery to Better Manipulate His iPhone

28 year old Thomas Martel of Bonnie Brae, Colorado, found manipulating his iPhone to be difficult thanks to his big fat thumbs always getting in the way. His options were to upgrade to a device with larger buttons, or chop off his thumbs. The choice was obvious - chop off the thumbs, of course. Well not quite.

Martel underwent a relatively new procedure, called "Whittling", that involves filing down bone and reconstructing muscles and fingertip, creating leaner thumbs that are less bulbous in form.

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Breaking: Apple to Bless iPhone with Games?

Get your gaming finger ready (no, not THAT one), iPhone fanboys. Word on the street says Apple is prepping the iPhone for gaming support. This coming from DownloadSquad in the UK, while perusing the latest update to iTunes looking for hidden gold, uncovered these two curious strings buried in the code...

/* ===== iPhone Game Item Strings ===== */ "4329.001" = "Are you sure you want to remove the selected game from your iPhone?"; "4329.002" = "Are you sure you want to remove the selected games from your iPhone?";

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Apple Acknowledges Problems with iPhone's Touchscreen, Offers Repair

A growing number of iPhone users have reported what could be a serious manufacturing flaw affecting some units. After an indeterminate period of use the touchscreen may lose sensitivity in specific locations on the screen. These "dead spots" will be no longer respond to user input. For a device that depends entirely on touch input for manipulation...this isn't good.

Fortunately Apple is listening, and is now offering repairs for anyone experiencing this problem. Unfortunately the company seems intent on enforcing its $29 rental fee for loaner iPhones, while your device is in the shop. Several readers have reported they managed to negotiate a waiver, but I am not satisfied with this scheme. Negotiation should be unnecessary when the problem is a manufacturing flaw.

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