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First 3rd Party App: Hello, World

The iPhone Dev wiki team ran the first 3rd party application on the iPhone. The program is a simple one, it spits out "Hello, World" when run; 'Hello, World' is typically one of the simpler things to program on most platforms and that it was chosen as the 1st app is unsurprising. Here's the notice they posted on their site:

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Apple To Add New iPhone Models and Grow Product Line This Holiday?

Santa is watching you. Well Steve Jobs is anyway. AppleInsider says that Apple will introduce new iPhone models in Q4, hoping to expand its Smartphone line.

Extremely reputable sources have told AppleInsider in recent weeks that the company's iPhone roadmap for the 2007 calendar year includes not one but two distinct models, the second of which is set to turn up just months after the first. According to one source, development of the second model has followed so closely on the heels of the inaugural iPhone that it was making its final pass through engineering around the same time that today's model hit the manufacturing lines back in May or early June.


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Apple Developing Lyrics Display for iPhone

AppleInsider reports that Apple has filed a patent on technology used to dynamically display text, such as song lyrics, in a motion perspective. The text would scroll or otherwise move across the display, adapting to user interaction. Hmm...sounds a bit like CoverFlow, doesn't it?

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PC World Finds 13 Reasons Not to Buy an iPhone, and One Reason Not to Subscribe to PC World

Harry McCracken writes on PC World's TechBlog that after spending one week with an iPhone he found the device to be incredibly cool, but also impractical for his needs. So traded it in for a Windows Mobile device, the AT&T 8525 (HTC Hermes).

He outlines 13 reasons why he doesn't want the iPhone.

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iPhone Supply Running Low, Again

According to SeekingAlpha, supply of iPhones in the retail channel are drying up as demand remains strong. Analysts had expected consumer adoption to taper off past the first four weeks, post-launch, but so far no signs of a slow down yet.


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Can the iPhone Double As a Laptop? MSNBC Thinks So

MSNBC.com technology writer, Joe Hutsko, purchased an iPhone to replace his Treo 680 (a common trend it seems) and decided to put the much hyped gadget to the test, to see whether iPhone is road worthy as a laptop replacement.

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Scoble Tracks the Ever Growing iCult, Wears Tinfoil Hat

Robert Scoble grabs his camera and heads to the Web 2.0 Summit Party to interview high profile attendees. He says that everyone there seemed to have an iPhone, except for himself. Come on, Robert - you know you want to join the cult. Drink from the fountain of Kool-Aid, it will make you sleepy.

My favorite quote comes from his interrogation of Robert Sears, Chief Architect of Multimedia Experiences at Nokia, about the Finnish company's answer to the iPhone...

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Here, Have Some Wallpaper, The First One is Free

The iPhone has turned me into a wallpaper junkie. Apple shipped a decent set of default backgrounds, but most of them are not up to my tastes. So I culled various desktop wallpapers and imagery from my personal collection and downsized them to iPhone's HVGA display resolution.

These are my favorites. Enjoy.

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Breaking Up is Hard To Do, Especially for Geeks

Remember that post I wrote last week about my buddy Matt Miller returning his iPhone and going back to a Nokia Smartphone? Well the poor guy just couldn't let it go. He writes on his blog that just two hours ago he went back to AT&T and got another iPhone. This time it appears he plans on keeping the device long term.

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Yahoo Go Coming to iPhone?

So yesterday afternoon I was bantering with a friend of mine, who works at Yahoo, about the iPhone and what each of us thinks about the device, etc. As we were dinging its shortcomings the subject of third party software came up and whether Apple will ultimately open the platform up to software developers. He told me something interesting - not only is it possible, but apparently Yahoo is working (with Apple's support) to bring its mobile services application, called Yahoo Go, to iPhone.

My initial reaction was that he was referring to a Safari web based app. Nope! According to him this is a native home screen application, and it's being tested right now by the mobile team at Yahoo. Gah!

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