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iPhone Will Kill WAP, Says PC Mag

Jamie Lendino of PC Mag logs his thoughts on how iPhone might be the catalyst that brings about the demise of what we know as the "Mobile internet". I thought WAP was already dead? Not dead perhaps, but its zombified corpse crawls upon the ground, with flies and maggots feeding upon its rotting flesh.

The assertion in this story is that, unlike browsers found on Smartphones and feature phones, Safari renders real webpages like the desktop browser that it is, not the pipsqueak micro webpages you get on those other devices. Ergo, iPhone makes all that irrelevant.

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First Documented iPhone Injury Leaves Man With Huge Back Ache

Remember all those horrific injury stories we heard when the Nintendo Wii first began arriving in homes, with flying Wii remotes carving a path of devastation and injury to humans and their canine friends? Apparently iPhone is next product in line to join the proud pantheon of killer consumer devices.

Travis Gohr learned a valuable lesson while excercising - treadmills and iPhones don't mix. He chronicles the sad sequences of events that led to his folly.

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Video: Proof of Concept Demonstrates Copy and Paste on iPhone

iPhone Copy and Paste from lonelysandwich and Vimeo.

Whoever this chap "lonelysandwich" is he deserves a medal for a brilliantly conceived video and working concept of copy and paste on iPhone.

P.S. I love you too, lonelysandwich.

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Browser Cagematch: BlackBerry, Palm, Windows Mobile Vs. iPhone

InfoWorld pits three reigning Smartphones against the iPhone, comparing the browser experience of each platform. The verdict: Safari wins. Color me shocked.

This was a foregone conclusion. Mobile web browsers are simply crap compared to iPhone. I speak from experience as a Smartphone aficionado, having used every platform under the sun. None of the devices referenced in this article delivers even a remotely comparable experience to Safari.

iPhone includes a real web browser - a desktop web browser. Not the toy browsers you'll find on PalmOS, Blackberry or Windows Mobile, that render webpages through a paper shredder, producing a mangled stack of images and text.

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Rant: Apple...Fix Your F*$k!^G Mail App!

You know the old saying "When one door closes, another one opens"? Well in Apple's case the reverse sometimes proves to be true. Take for example the recently release iPhone update which, among other things, supposedly includes several bug fixes. Unfortunately it also introduces a few bugs as well, or at least that is the case with Mail.

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Apple Integrates iPhone Support Into iLife '08 and .Mac

In addition to the big iMac announcement, Apple also made a few lesser but greater iLife feature introductions that could have a big impact on iPhone users - those who use Macs anyway.

iMovie '08 now enables video to be encoded and formatted for iPhone's native screen resolution (HVGA). So now you can view your home videos on any iPhone, and share them with other iPhone users.

That's not all. iPhoto '08 offers a new .Mac Web Gallery service for uploading and sharing photos from a Mac, PC, or...iPhone! So iPhone users can now upload images captured from the phone right to a .Mac account. Pretty nifty, eh? Of course you'll have to pony $100 to purchase a .Mac account, and oh yes, a new iMac wouldn't hurt.

So goeth the upgrade treadmill.

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An Apple A Day Won't Keep This Doctor Away

A Des Moines Iowa physician, Peter V. Boesen, has filed a patent suit against Apple, claiming copyright infringement over iPhone's onscreen keyboard. Boesen holds a patent through a company called SP Technologies, who claims to have held a patent on iPhone's technology since 2004.

The irony in this story is that Mr. Boesen is currently sentenced to 51 months in a federal penitentiary on healthcare fraud charges. I guess Dr. Boesen never heard the phrase "Physician, heal thyself".

My prescription for the good Doctor is to take two cyanide pills and call me in the morning.


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iSectomy: Man Undergoes Vasectomy to Receive iPhone

This story is so disturbing it simply MUST be true. A reader sent me his personal story of what lengths (excuse the pun) he went through to get an 8GB iPhone. There are many things I would do for an insanely great Apple product...this is not among them.

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W00tNess! New Parallels Desktop Beta Supports iPhone

Parallels is beta testing a new release of its desktop virtualization software that incorporates iPhone syncing with XP and Vista. Now you're probably asking yourself "Why the hell would I want to sync my iPhone with a Windows virtual machine on a Mac?" And honestly, other than perhaps the same reason my Doberman Pinscher licks his genitals, I can't think of one good reason. But it's nice to know the option is there should I choose to utilize it, right?

Among the added features in this release...

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Law Blogger Denise Howell Shows Us Some Skin, On Her iPhone

The ever well known, ever lovely, law blogging babe Denise Howell of Bag and Baggage poses for the camera and shows us her skinned iPhone, courtesy of DecaGirl.

You can see more photos of her with her colorful iPhone in Scoble's Flickr gallery.


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