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Humiliate Yourself, And Others, With Smooshed Photos

Want a great way to create goofy custom photos of friends and family in your address book, trapping their contorted faces inside your iPhone like a prehistoric fly encased in amber every time they call you? Now you can!

Of course the real trick will be convincing your companions to submit their disfigured mugs for your own amusement. Steve Jobs still hasn't returned my request for his photo. Damn him!


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Germans Think iPhone is Wunderbar!

Germany's biggest retailer says iPhone mania is sweeping the land of Beer and Wursts. A spokesperson told to German newspaper Tagesspiegel that it receives more than 1,000 inquiries a day about iPhone, asking when it will be available.

As a nice segway to the earlier story posted today revealing that 25% of iPhone users have switchted to AT&T, more than 50% of Germans say they too would switch carriers to get an iPhone.

Sehr gut!


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25% of iPhone Users Are Switchers

American Technology Research today reported from sources unknown that more than 25% of iPhone users are "switchers" coming from other wireless carriers. The firm also sees iPhone's potential to lure users to a particular carrier as a stong bargaining chip for Apple as it negotiates exclusive contracts to one lucky European carrier.

You know the execs at Sprint, Verizon, and T-Mobile have to be drinking lots of pink medicinal liquid right about now.


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Hacking and Developer Roundup

There's been a spate of information for hacking on and development for the iPhone. I've been dutifully collecting it so as to post a roundup, and so here it is: the best developer links of the past week, with a bit of a hacking update at the end.

UPDATED: messed up Matthew Privanek's name. Sorry Matthew!

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Study Says 90% of iPhone Users Satisfied, the Other 10% are Canadian

A study published by USA Today shows that out of 200 iPhone users polled, 90% were "extremely" or "very" satisfied with their device. Take any these consumer surveys with a grain of salt and a shot of whiskey, the numbers and methodology used is always suspect. But if this percentage scales accurately to a larger demographic, this is an unprecedented number for customer satisfaction in a mobile device.

Apple's marketing PR man Greg Joswiak gave this soundbite...

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When Bob Cringely Speaks, People Listen

Columnist Bob Cringely once again delivers his weekly sermon from the pulpit of PBS. This time the self proclaimed minister of prognostication talks about Apple's 3G plans and upcoming product launches.

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Poll: Will You Keep Your iPhone?

Since the iPhone has now been out for nearly two weeks, and for many of you that purchased iPhones at an Apple Store that means your evaluation period is due to expire, now comes the question - Will you keep your shiny new toy, or will it be returned? Answer the poll the below.


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Matt Miller Came to Love His iPhone and Chew Bubble Gum, and He's All Out of iPhone

My good buddy Matt Miller from ZDNet has been fondling an iPhone for the past two weeks (his wife is starting to worry), extensively testing its features and functionality. He writes on his blog that after much deliberation he has decided to return his device and go back to a Smartphone.

Why is this news? Well for starters, Matt and I both view the iPhone from the same vantage point - as Smartphone users. We're old school mobile experts who grew up in the PDA era, which later evolved into Smartphones, and actively experiment with all the latest in mobile technology. And his tastes and impressions often mirror my own in many ways. Sadly we see eye to eye on this subject as well.

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Microsoft Exchange Support Coming Sooner than We Think?

Sven Rafferty has posted information from one of his "sources" who claims that an update to iPhone's mail app will integrate Microsoft Exchange DirectPush support. Not only that, but this feature upgrade will also enable OTA (Over-The-Air) syncing of contacts and calendar events as well.

In effect the iPhone will interoperate with corporate Exchange accounts just like a Windows Mobile device. Sounds great, but this is still rumor (Read: unconfirmed).


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Readers Express Outrage over AT&T's Decision to Exclude Business Account Customers

A story I posted earlier last month regarding AT&T's decision to exclude its Business Account customers from buying iPhones has become a raging bonfire for angry readers venting their frustrations against AT&T. Some have threatened to organize a class action lawsuit the wireless carrier.

A reader named Rob Schrader wrote...

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