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Microsoft Exchange Support Coming Sooner than We Think?

Sven Rafferty has posted information from one of his "sources" who claims that an update to iPhone's mail app will integrate Microsoft Exchange DirectPush support. Not only that, but this feature upgrade will also enable OTA (Over-The-Air) syncing of contacts and calendar events as well.

In effect the iPhone will interoperate with corporate Exchange accounts just like a Windows Mobile device. Sounds great, but this is still rumor (Read: unconfirmed).


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Readers Express Outrage over AT&T's Decision to Exclude Business Account Customers

A story I posted earlier last month regarding AT&T's decision to exclude its Business Account customers from buying iPhones has become a raging bonfire for angry readers venting their frustrations against AT&T. Some have threatened to organize a class action lawsuit the wireless carrier.

A reader named Rob Schrader wrote...

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Hackers Break Into iPhone's "Backdoor" and Find Dottie Alpine Asleep on the Sofa

It didn't take long for hackers to break through the iPhone's glossy exterior and into its inner bowels, gaining root access. What troubles me is how easily and quickly it was done. So far hackers have managed to uncover the iPhone's root password for the device, which is "Alpine", as well as the mobile user account password - "Dottie". And DVD Jon found a way to unlock the damn thing so we can use it as an iPod sans AT&T service.

Needless to say, in all this merriment, security analysts aren't laughing.

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Two Handed Typing on iPhone Works!

First, my applogies for disppearing this past week, but with the Fourth of July holiday and some much needed time off, I had to step away from the blogosphere (how I detest that term) for a while. But fear not, I'm now back in the saddle ready to resume regular news postings and commentary. Look for another installment of my ongoing iPhone explorations later today, chocked full of goodies.

For now I wanted to apprise you on my experiences with the controversial on-screen keyboard, having more than full week under my belt.

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iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 3

Before delving further into my initial impressions, I wanted to go back to the topic of iPhone’s display that I hadn’t yet covered – brightness and color. The screen is absolutely the brightest and richest color LCD I have ever seen on a mobile device. In fact my initial reaction upon powering up the device for the first time was that Apple obviously preconfigured these units with screen brightness to maximum strength by default. One of my first actions was to go to the settings screen and turn it down. Imagine my shock when I discovered that brightness level was in fact set at just 50%. Moving the slider to its maximum setting creates a retina popping brightness that could double for a Maglite. So bright in fact that it’s actually painful to look at. Needless to say I don’t recommend doing this. You’ll have no problem finding your keys in the dark with this thing.

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iPhone Unlocked, Accidently?

A reader sent me the following comment. I have no way of testing this myself, so take it for what it's worth. If anyone else can verify this process please contact me, or post a comment here immediately.

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iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 2

Does the iPhone live up to the hyperbole? Is the device really as cool as it looks? Even more important – is it a practical device to use or just an expensive, but impressive, luxury gadget? I can’t fully answer the philosophical aspects until I’ve used the iPhone for a longer period of time. Two weeks is my usual period for test modeling a product before passing final judgment. But in this case I will share my initial impressions and experiences. Some good, some not so good.

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iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 1

Please excuse my absence for the past 24 hours. I am still basking in iPhone afterglow, having spent most of my time heavily engaged in taste testing the Jesus phone, putting it through its paces. Before I get into my impressions of the device (spoiler: It is AMAZING!) I thought I would share my experiences that led up to actually getting the phone. Some of the things I discovered from my adventure were just as enlightening, and entertaining, as the iPhone itself.

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Line Tip Number 27: Go Light on the Beverages

I now regret drinking that half-liter serving of coke at McDonalds. Now comes the realization that i can't leave my spot in line. I knew I should have packed an adult diaper before leaving home.

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iPhone Does Have RSS Support...Via Safari

So now we know how iPhone will handle RSS, and as we feared it's through Safari. Apple has developed RSS viewing through a Safari-based web app (reader.mac.com). However, iPhone should be able to support my favorite RSS solutions; Google Reader. Can't wait to try that out.


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