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iGot an iPhone, Initial Impressions and Reflections, Part 1

Please excuse my absence for the past 24 hours. I am still basking in iPhone afterglow, having spent most of my time heavily engaged in taste testing the Jesus phone, putting it through its paces. Before I get into my impressions of the device (spoiler: It is AMAZING!) I thought I would share my experiences that led up to actually getting the phone. Some of the things I discovered from my adventure were just as enlightening, and entertaining, as the iPhone itself.

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Line Tip Number 27: Go Light on the Beverages

I now regret drinking that half-liter serving of coke at McDonalds. Now comes the realization that i can't leave my spot in line. I knew I should have packed an adult diaper before leaving home.

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iPhone Does Have RSS Support...Via Safari

So now we know how iPhone will handle RSS, and as we feared it's through Safari. Apple has developed RSS viewing through a Safari-based web app (reader.mac.com). However, iPhone should be able to support my favorite RSS solutions; Google Reader. Can't wait to try that out.


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Evidence Points to Exchange Support

Think Secret posted a screenshot gallery flaunting the iPhone user interface. One of the images depicts mail services supported by the email application, where an button for Microsoft Exchange appears. Now before you go wetting yourself don't get too excited because this still doesn't mean iPhone supports DirectPush. More likely this is simply an option for Exchange IMAP support. Sorry.

Click on for more images to salivate by/


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iPhone Mania Taking Place

The circus has come to town. At least that was the scene at Apple's flagship shop in downtown San Francisco. Something tells me the iPhone campers weren't having three rings of fun.

And for an up to the minute report, iLoser is unconscious, this time in shirtless repose. The last shred of dignity this poor guy had when out the window when he drifted off to sleep with his hands in his pockets.


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Happy Apple Anarchy Apocalypse Day

The day of reckoning is upon us. Enjoy the madness.

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24 Hours to Go, And I'm Already Exhausted

This is it kiddies, the night before the great Apple apocolypse plunges the western world into chaos. Already iPhone fanboys and gadget whores are camping out in front of Apple stores like street corner crack addicts at a methadone clinic. 24 hours before this six month long roller-coaster ride finally comes to stop - or derails...whichever happens first. I'm already feeling burned out from all the hype and drama this past week, it feels like I've been waiting in line since Monday sharing a seat next to Mr. iLoser - the flies and the hype are starting to get to me. So much so that iPhone has lost some of its luster in my mind. The mystery is gone. But not my excitement.

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iPhone Won't Ignite Mobile Music Market? Well We'll Just See About That, Won't We Mister!

Industry insiders are questioning what impact Apple's new iPhone could have on the nascent mobile music market (say that three times fast). Even though iPhone is destined for greatness, it still doesn't change the model for music distribution by tethering users to a desktop rather than OTA (Over The Air) for purchasing and downloading content.

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iPhone Premieres This Friday Night at Apple Retail Stores, Bring Your Wallet

Hello, Manning? Ah good you're awake. Say, I just received this press release from Apple - apparently they're launching this smashing new iTelephone thing and they've invited us to some kind of red carpet event. Do let's meet at the Apple Store for a round of gawking, shall we? Wonderful. Afterworlds I thought we might pop over to Pacific Catch for some Calamari. That's a good chap.

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USA Today's Ed Baig Posts iPhone Video Review, with Box Shots

Ed Baig posts his video review with Jefferson Graham of TalkingTech. He also conveniently shows us the one thing we hadn't seen yet regarding iPhone - the BOX!

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