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Sportsnet plans to air all 81 Blue Jays Major League Baseball home fixtures in 4K

Fans of the Toronto Blue Jays will be able to experience their favorite Major League Baseball team play in glorious 4K. Sportsnet will be broadcasting all 81 home games in 4K, offering dedicated 24/7 sports feeds from April 1 - Sportsnet 4K and Sportsnet ONE 4K.

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MLB teams can now use iPads in the dugout, but with limitations

MLB teams are now able to make use of Apple's iPads in the dugout, but there are limitations of what they are able to do with them. Recently, it was okayed for the teams to use the Apple Watch, so this is just the latest technology addition to the dugout.

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MLB Manager 2015 lets you micromanage your way to baseball victory

In MLB Manager 2015, you'll guide your favorite Major League Baseball teams through their seasons with careful micromanagement. Set rosters, trade players, and more as you try to bring victory to your franchise.

More → Ballpark and Priceline gain in-app Apple Pay

Apple Pay has now been added to both the official MLB Ballpark app and Priceline app, with full support for in-app transactions. For MLB Ballpark, you can now purchases single-game tickets for select clubs using Apple Pay. Similarly, Priceline will now allow you to use Apple Pay to quickly and easily buy Express Deals.

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MLB iBeacons to check fans in when they enter stadiums, push notifications throughout the game

Two weeks ago it was reported that iBeacons were being installed in the stadiums of the Los Angeles Dodgers and San Diego Padres, but with that trial installation out of the way, the MLB is expanding to 20 of their 30 stadiums. Engadget got the low-down on the installation job in AT&T Park, the home of the San Francisco Giants, where Giants CIO Bill Schlough revealed that the installation process for putting in 19 iBeacons at fan entrances into the stadium took just one day.

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iBeacons being deployed at 2 MLB parks... but how should they be used?

Major League Baseball has finished the installation of iBeacons at two ballparks. Los Angeles' Dodger Stadium and San Diego's Petco Park are two of a planned twenty baseball stadiums to be outfitted with the technology.

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Apple's iBeacons hitting a Grand Slam in 2014 with Major League Baseball

Major League Baseball has already dabbled with Apple's iBeacons at Citi Field in New York, but now it looks set to roll out across the league. According to MacRumors, by Opening Day this season, 20 stadiums across the U.S. will have been fitted out:

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Apple's iBeacon hits a home run with Major League Baseball while NFC strikes out

Major League Baseball is demonstrating how Apple's iBeacon technology can change the experience of going to a baseball game. The organization has outfitted Citi Field in New York (where the Mets play) with iBeacons that are designed to work with iOS 7 and MLB's At the Ballpark app, according to Mashable.

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MLB At Bat 13 comes out swinging for the All Star festivities

The MLB All Star week is almost upon us, and At Bat 13 has just been updated so we can follow all the action on our iOS devices. The festivities from New York are just one part of the update, which also sees the addition of the MLB News Channel for customizable push notifications, in-progress video highlights in the Gameday view and an improved interface for the iPhone.

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MLB Home Run Derby review: Struck out by in-app purchases

Ahead of the All Star game in New York in July, MLB has released a new game into the App Store; MLB Home Run Derby. I love Baseball, despite being British, so as soon as I saw this in the App Store I had to take a look. It's a free download, and bases itself solely around one of the fun-to-watch extras of the All Star weekend, the Home Run Derby. So, a perfect casual game for the Baseball fan? Let's find out.

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