Tell Tale Art: Blackberry Advertises iClone Thunder as... the iPhone?!

We're never going to let Crackberry Kevin, editor of our sibling site live this down. Never EVER.

And if you think that's bad, wait until Steve Jobs gets finished giving the WuShi finger to the advertising geniuses over at Vodafone and RIM. We're talking the greatest mellow harshening "Skidoosh!" in the history of the tech industry, no doubt.

Whyzat? Said genii decided to advertise the iClonic Blackberry Storm as an actual iPhone, complete with Home screen and Mobile Safari browser.

Was this the last, desperate surrender to iPhone envy? Were the guilt-laden strings of Marimba playing over and over again in their psyche, forcing them to confess themselves to the world?

Sadly, once the images get yanked, the cronies blamed, and the incident swept under the blogs, we'll never know for sure. But they'll still be hearing endless Marimba in their dreams...

Meanwhile, Engadget and Gizmodo got their hands on the little whole-screen-is-a-button-and-has-cut-and-paste-but-no-WiFi monsters, and they seem pretty happy with the solid Blackberry foundation gaining a little iPhone inspired tech. Our view? Anything that forces Apple, and the industry, to stay competitive and keep on innovating is a boon for all of us.


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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Tell Tale Art: Blackberry Advertises iClone Thunder as... the iPhone?!


Is there any proof that these images came from RIM? If not, they have most likely been made by some kid using photoshop.

Why is it impossible for ad firms to actually hire people with photoshop experience? Vodafone, shame on you for your inability to even CHANGE THE CARRIER LOGO from reading, quite plainly, "cingular" to your own. Oh, and for failing to remove the WiFi logo seeing as the Thunder doesn't have that particular function. Idiots...

They did a good job with this since it is going after the iPhone market anyways. Kudos to them for doing what they needed to do to make sure the Storm can even hold it's own against the reigning smartphone king.

The pic with the new york times web page has no Blackberry logo on the top! IF this is a blackberry storm it should have Blackberry written across the top of the phone! Come on sheep get with it! lol