Tesco to Sell iPhone in Time for Holidays

iPhone Tesco

The US sent the iPhone to Walmart and the Shack, so it stands to reason the UK would retaliate with their own mass-market venue, Tesco. In other words, Brits can now stock up on razors, lettuce, and O2-powered iPhones all at the same time.

Our only question remains -- how long before America raises the stakes again? How long before you can hit a drive-through at 4am and the mechanical clown speaker asks "ya want an iPhone with that? Supersize to 32GB?"

[Tesco via BBC via Engadget]

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Tesco to Sell iPhone in Time for Holidays


That's not O2 powered iPhones, that's Tesco Mobile iPhones, their own budget MVNO (which uses O2 incidently).