The OLO Computer: iPhone-Powered Netbook Concept

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MobiFrance points us to this intriguing company: It looks like they're intending on developing a low-cost sort of Netbook, but with a difference -- it will be powered by the iPhone. The idea is you plug your iPhone into the bottom and it not only becomes the touchpad for the Netbook, it also powers the thing entirely, the rest of the hardware is simply a keyboard, screen, and a few other bits to make it all run.

It's an idea that's already been done with Windows Mobile in the form of the Redfly.

Of course, based on the rendering above, which pretty much just looks like a shiny-ified MacBook, the idea is very far from being implemented. It also would almost certainly not work on a non-jailbroken iPhone, either. With Apple set to announce (possibly inexpensive) new notebooks next week, it's also difficult to say whether or not the olo concept will even find a market. All in all, there are a lot of cards stacked up against this thing.

The Redfly is certainly intriguing and useful for a set of people -- would you want to see the same sort of thing applied to the iPhone?

Dieter Bohn

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cherryhead25 says:

This is a great idea just like the Redfly. Maybe we we can get some useful productivity apps to go along with it.

sonicnights says:

Great idea, kind off like one of Apples patents for an iMac shell you docked your Macbook into. As someone who's been stuck flat on my back in bed for the last ten weeks I can testify that my iPhone has been a lifesaver and this idea might have made life even more bearable. Agree we probably won't see it but I live in hope for something similar.

mrHiDefinition says:

This looks pretty cool. I hope Apple makes this.

mr. Hi-Definition says:

I just hope they don't mess it up like the Foleo... lol

madpoet says:

yes please! makes sense as pdas get more powerful these would be the equipment of choice. The form-factor will limit its functionanility to 'on the run apps'. So when we are at home or office, we will need larger screens and larger backup disks (and if possible, faster external processors) to work on.