Three UK issues carrier update to iPhone owners to enable 4G LTE

Three UK issues carrier update to iPhone owners to enable 4G LTE

Three UK is currently pushing out a carrier update to iPhone users that allows them to enable 4G LTE on an iPhone 5 or iPhone 5s. Users should be prompted to update their carrier settings at some point, though you may find that you need to go to Settings > About in order to receive the prompt.

The carrier software version should go from 15.5 to 15.6. After updating the settings users should be able to turn on LTE by flipping on the Enable 4G switch in Cellular settings.

Have you received this update yet, and if so, what do you think of Three's LTE? Let us know in the comments.

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Reader comments

Three UK issues carrier update to iPhone owners to enable 4G LTE


I have received the update and enabled the 4G toggle, but no 4G sign. Strange because according to the three coverage checker I am supposed to have 4 G coverage. Not sure if the Carrier update means that I am one of the few thousand in the initial rollout or whether everyone with an iPhone is receiving this update?

Although they are pushing this out, you will not get 4G until January unless you are part of the trial (currently 1000 people)

Tesco has just issued a carrier update as well, not sure what the update contains yet but I know they are testing 4G so hopeful this is either enabling or preparing to enable.

Got mine - speed test is 28mps indoors. Makes a difference from barely 2mps on 3G! Looking forward to my train ride to work tomorrow now. It opens up so many possibilities, particularly with unlimited tethering under The One Plan on Three.

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Should point out that I am part of the trial group. Trying not to sound smug! Bit difficult though - it is blazingly fast.

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How was you chosen to be a part of the first group for trial?
When was you chosen?!?
I'm in Leeds and at the moment I can get at the most 25mbps on speed test

I wonder how fast it will be with a full load of users? I reckon 3G will get a bit faster as people switch.

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I expected it to be the other way around. Still nice speeds, what is the continuity of the speeds like?

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I've just switched to Three as they do unlimited data for £12.90 a month and they will honour this price to existing customers once 4G hits - this is so much cheaper than the existing 4G provider in London, EE, so I thought it's worth a go.

In the meantime, Three's 3G is so much slower than Orange's (who I've just moved from) that it's frustrating the hell out of me. Roll on 4G, or I'll be switching back.

Why have they release the carrier update to receive 4G when most people cant get 4G yet as it's not been released?!?

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Because without sending out the new carrier settings flipping the switch on 4G would be as pointless as it comes. Everyone on Three that can get 4G needs the settings on their phones, regardless of where they live. I travel to London a lot, so hopefully when I'm there over the next couple of months I can use it. But I won't get it at home

It's only been released to a few thousand customers in the first three cities. London Birmingham and Manchester. I'm in Leeds and received the carrier update. But 4G in Leeds is not on until 2014.

I know. I wrote about it yesterday ;-)

Point is: Everyone on Three with a 4G ready phone, in this case the iPhone, will get some form of settings update to enable their phone to get LTE. It doesn't matter where they live, whether they're one of the first few thousand, whether they're in an area that will get it soon or in 2015. It's just settings, and settings will go out to everyone.

Thanks for the clarification. It's just upsetting for the customers that are in the first cities that should be getting 4G but only a few thousands are. But like I said at the moment I been getting the most at 25 Mbps on speed test. Lol so I'm not in a rush to get 4G.

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Three network seem to be dragging their heels more and more. First it was summer 2013, then December 2013, now an exclusive group until February 2014. As good as it may be in the end, this will be virtually an 18 month contract gap since EE launched. Can't help feeling I could've/should've/would've switched back in summer 2012. I'm feeling duped now.

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My speedtest results have gone from about 2 MBps to over 10 MBps and uploads are over 1 MBps, which is faster than my wifi dl/ul speed - so it's all looking good to me. I am just outside London but not in a fibre optic area. I have an iPhone 5 and iPad mini. Still shows 3G next t the carrier though.

I live in London and have a very strong 3G signal. In fact I done several 3G speed tests and I'm averaging an upload of 2.24 Mbps and 26.29 Mbps download. So when it does switch over to 4g I don't think I'm going to see any difference. It could even be slower then what I'm getting on 3G now.
I would love to no why my 3G speeds are this high. I didn't think it was even possible. Though I'm not complaining. But I will be if 4g is actually going to give me slower readings.

I'm not on Three, but am on EE and have noticed that in the BN3 area of Brighton & Hove in Susses, the 4G signal is been making intermittent appearances.

I think EE are 'testing' the 4G network before an official 'switch-on'.

On a couple of speed tests though, the results I have found to be rather disappointing. :(

Three customers need to remember that some of the 3G infrastructure is provided by MBNL ( - and not 3 themselves, yes they are 50% stake-holder in MBNL, but they are deploying 2 different networks. - EG: my local mast in LE8, Leicestershire, is MBNL, i get on average 0.5-3.5mb/sec (backhaul must be 4MB EFM - and its shared with all EE Customers too) - however, i drive 15mins up the road to Wigston, and my speed increases to 28mb/sec (3's "ultrafast" mast) - its worth checking sitefinder ( before complaining to 3 about speeds. - esp if your nearest mast is shared with t-mobile.

I've complained about the misleading advertising from Three to the ombudsman. I feel duped too, I asked to leave and was promised 4G in October. Now it's only a select few in a small closed trial, it is not a roll out.

I got the update on my iPhone 5 and got excited thinking i was part of the trial group, my 3G signal is still default and my speeds haven't changed at all :/ live in manchester.

Search the App Store for "cell network". Now with this app you can really know to what cellular network type your iphone is using... UMTS, HSDPA, CDMAx1, LTE, etc...