Thurrott Steps Out of the iPhone Closet - Wait-a-Thon!


Longtime Windows pundit Paul Thurrott has always had an interesting relationship with Apple. He has a MacBook, uses iPods, and link baits Apple fanboys every chance he gets.

But the times, they may be a changing! Look no further than the Windows Weekly Podcast, where Thurrott had this to say about Microsoft's own Windows Mobile platform efforts when compared to the iPhone (transcribed):

"I have one very callous thing to say myself about the Windows Mobile guys, which is s**w them because, no offense, but seriously, you guys have had - I was there for the first version of WindowsCE, Pegasus I think it was called, and I have watched as they've mismanaged this smartphone market from day one. It has... it has always lagged behind, it's not always been Microsoft's fault - I understand part of it is just the nature of the business - but you know, Apple revolutionized the smartphone business not just with the hardware and the software but also with the way that they're now presenting this stuff to users and updating the system over time, providing new functionality. This is something that doesn't happen with other smartphones and it's the type of thing where I can go to a Microsoft event and they can announce a new version of Windows Mobile, and that thing, I won't see it in a store for another, you know, at the time, 18 months. That's ridiculous. That's ridiculous. Yeah, s**w 'em. If a Windows Mobile device was better than an iPhone I would use it, but you would have to show me that device."

Wow. Guess even Balmer hath no fury as a Windows pundit scorn...

While his original iPhone 1.0 review was mixed (or honest, as he claims, in the face of too many softball reviews from others), it slowly improved with firmware 1.3, and now with the beta of 2.0... Well, we'll let iThurrott speak for himself:

Think of it this way. If you look at how the technology industry is changing, some core segments emerge: Traditional desktop and server software (Windows, Office), so-called software + services solutions that bridge the gap between the desktop and the Internet cloud (Office Live, certain Windows Live services), cloud computing (Gmail, Google Calendar, much of Windows Live), and mobile computing (Windows Mobile, Tablet PCs). Here's the wake-up call: the iPhone touches on all four of these segments. And because most iPhone users are, by definition, Windows users, this is too important of a product to ignore. The iPhone is demonstrably more important than certain Microsoft products, including the Zune or Xbox 360, if only because it will affect a much wider audience. You can choose to ignore the iPhone at your own peril. I will not be making that mistake.

Is this the beginning of a tipping point towards iPhone? Pent up frustration against the long series of Microsoft announcements that never seem to materialize? Or just the momentary flirtations of anyone, even a diehard Vista-lover, when coming face to face with Pappa Job's gift to the mobile world?

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Reader comments

Thurrott Steps Out of the iPhone Closet - Wait-a-Thon!


Calling it "Job's reality distortion field" might need to be modified to "Job's reality modification field". There are already a lot of external services which are changing the way they do things in order to better interface with the iPhone.
Maybe the Apple iPhone will have almost as big an effect on the mobile computing/communication field as Apple's mouse did.

I too am a disillusioned WM user now happy to be using an iPhone.
The iPhone provides the type of UI and user-friendly experience I always wanted under WM.

I will more than likely never go back to WM. I was so against the iphone but then got bored with WM devices.

Just when I was beginning to think that the average WinMo fanboy was more delusional than any Mac or PlayStation fanboy i read this?! It is good to see an objective take on the iPhone, so much of what I've read is either overly glowing (which is understandable, but mentioning shortcomings is often missed) or a backlash rant based on the fact that the writer had a bent up frustration with the hype that preceded the release of the iPhone.
Paul's situation is similar to mine except that I was coming from the Palm based Treo world. I waited and waited for the next killer Palm/GSM based Treo only to be disappointed time and time again. As much as I loved my tricked out / hacked up / customized Treo 650 I have been more than happy to trade that for the stylish / stable / unmatched usability / locked down iPhone.

The crazy thing is that while Palm (my ex), WinMob (casual fling), etc. have been in the market for *years*, Apple managed to not only squeeze Darwin, OpenGL, and many other OS X underpinnings into a mobile device, but they managed to deliver more in a 1.x (arguably a 0.x initially) than the incumbents even considered going into 4.x, 5.x,6.x+
MinWin (micro MS kernal), Nova, Android, etc. are still vaporware, and iPhone is already approaching 2.0 and, perhaps before any of the others launch, iPhone 2.

I have been waiting for 2.0 to ditch my Palm smartphone. I've admired the iPhone design, but with 2.0 we will finally get the functions to fully replace my Palm. I can't wait to see the apps poring in.

I've used Palm and to a lesser degree WM devices for years but with the iPhone and pending 2.0 update I believe that I will become a long time iPhone user and doubt that I will have much of a reason to ever look back. And it seems others might feel the same way too.

I thoroughly concur with both tschertz01 and gruswitz. I admit it's been a Palm world for me until now and I've been happily and uniquely satisfied. I further admit that I've been extremely reluctant to purchase an iPhone (for myself anyway -Yes, I purchased one for my SO on it's release date) until ANY progress was made on the 3rd party apps front. To be brutally honest, I've been steadfastly against the absolute control which Apple has lorded over it's almighty iPhone! Hordes, nay millions of unsuspecting iPhans were held back and set back at every possible customizable hack due to Job's control issues and I, for one, will be ecstatic to have him relinquish a bit of his control in the near future. I've flirted with the notion (since that fatal purchase date) of playing around with an iPhone of my own. The big problem was, it simply didn't play well with others ... until now. Having a lengthy affair with an iPhone is something I will definitely consider after the upcoming SDK release party! Oh, it WILL be a party for iPhone lovers everywhere!

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But seriously, great post and thank you so much !
i look ahead to your next article !!