Thursday Fun Video: iDriver iPhone Remote Controlled Car

iDriver, an iPhone remote-controlled car by the Artificial Intelligence Group at Freie Universitaet Berlin scares us off the roads. But we want it.

[via 9to5mac]

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Thursday Fun Video: iDriver iPhone Remote Controlled Car


Super cool. Super cool. Super. Cool. I love it. But how close must you be to the car if it is given directions via a wifi connection?? And if the car would ever be able to go out on the open road, how much more of a delay would there be if something were to go wrong(ex-A semi runs a red light) could te operator tap the brake button and the van would stop in time? Lol just very curious about this... And "Artificial Intelligence Group"? Uh oh. I'm sensing there is going to be a monopoly and major economic crash with this company, that probably uses "AIG" for a logo. Hahaha

@ Chris
nice!! Or I'll ad that it would be one more reason to jailbreak .... Backrounder!! Background the call and keep aghh playing??

This is a geat article. I have always been a hobby fan. I found your blog searching for a new RC Car on Bing. I will definatly be back Soon,Later,In the future to check out what else you have. Good Day!

Guys, please this is fake... he ws just showing a photo on his phone. The control is else where. There will never be a remote control app to control your car available so cheap and without any control.