Thursday Fun Video: iPhone vs Netbook in Stress-Typing Test

Crave UK (via Gizmodo) decided to put two ultimately mobile devices, the iPhone 3G and the Asus Netbook, to the ultimate mobile stress-typing test, in a rally car going 80mph under 3Gs (not cell speed, forces of gravity!).

Yep, it's virtual keyboard vs. cramped keyboard, typing on glass vs. typing on chiclets.

Any guesses as to which device reigned supreme?

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Reader comments

Thursday Fun Video: iPhone vs Netbook in Stress-Typing Test


I don't get the netbook keyboard complaints they are way bigger than a blackberry keyboard

I bet this test is legit, but it does not really test virtual vs physical keyboard -- it just shows that Apple's predictions and autocorrections are very good. The more stressful the environment, the more important role these will play. In rally car where you are likely to miss every 3rd key, those corrections will help tremendously, something they must have known before stepping in the car.
Now, if he really wanted to test just the virtual vs physical keyboard aspect, he could have also typed in a URL or something else not likely to be predicted or corrected, to provide a correction vs non-correction data point. Or he could have just tried to go back and put the word "brown" in the sentence, which he completely forgot to type during the iPhone run-through. Either one of those would have made this a much more interesting test.

@fassy - I don't think the point is REALLY which one is better, but more like just showing how good auto-correction on the iPhone actually is.
Although I think his performance on the netbook was hindered by how you type on it. It's much easier to type while in motion with just your thumb than both hands on the keyboard on your lap. If he had helt the netbook in one hand and pecked at the keys with just his index finger on the other it probably would have been a lot better.

In all fairness, one device is held in the hand while another is separated from the hand (resting on the lap). It seems obvious that if your holding the iPhone, the phone is going to move everywhere the hand moves, making it easier for the fingers to remain aligned to the keyboard... while the netbook keyboard is moving differently than the hand typing on it.
But the point, as I see it, is that the iPhone IS easier and more accurate to type on, while moving, regardless. So, it's still a fair product comparison.

This is a test of the auto-correction feature, being conducted to compare a device with auto-correction vs a device without auto-correction. It's like a French language test carried out by a French and an Italian to see who has better French.

and my desktop would heat my room up an extra 4 or more degrees. To lessen the heat, and save on high energy bills, my Asus is doing most everything that I ordinarily would do with my desktop. About the only time I use the desktop during the hot weather is when I want to burn a movie, or write software to a USB-drive for installation on this Asus machine. Bottom line: I have no regrets about having bought this machine, and I can easily recommend it to anyone else. It is a solid little machine!