Time for one more chance to win a new iPhone 5S from iMore! Enter now!

Leave a single comment below telling us why you love Apple and iMore, and you're entered to win a $500 gift certificate to put towards a brand new iPhone 5s!

Apple has announced the new iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c, and iMore is the absolute best place to keep up-to-date with all the news and views. Seriously, have you seen our iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c buyers guide? Our history of iPhone? Our in-depth iOS 7 review? Well, wait until you see what we have in store for you next! Yeah, STILL only the beginning! So make sure you to follow us on App Store, RSS, Twitter, App.net, Facebook, Google+iMore, YouTube, or iTunes!

And to show how much we appreciate you we want to give you one more chance to enter to win a brand new iPhone 5s - technically a $500 gift certificate, which depending on your contract situation, could be way more than enough! All you have to do to enter is:

  • Leave a single comment below telling us how much you love Apple and how much you love iMore!

That's it! What could be simpler? Usual iMore contest rules apply. We'll announce a randomly selected entry next week. Hurry up, enter now!!

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Time for one more chance to win a new iPhone 5S from iMore! Enter now!



I LOVE IPHONES AND I LOVE THE APPLE COMPANY i always thought that was a good company i love it so much i cant even explain it in one word i,love u apple!!!!!! and please let me win because it would mean the world to me i would do anything in the world to have a iphone i want one reaalllly reaallly reaallly reaaally badly

I love apple such convenient software and hardware for all of my daily living. iMore is the perfect place to get info on it all and I love reading all the articles!

Sent from the iMore App

I love it because it's the only company to make a correctly and have a store for me to go to no other phone company can say that. They put the best of the best into everything. And for imore they have told me and shown me everything iPhone I need to know. New stuff about iPhone iOS how to's ECT if I didn't have Imore I'd be in the blind and not know what to do. Thank u imore for all the hard work and knowledge u have.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple has made my life simple, connected and enjoyable! iMore has taught me how to use the products and explore new ways of making them work for me and my family! iMore rocks and can't live without them or Apple! ;-)

I really love the iPhone 5s I really live it as much as you guys :) but to be completely hints I can't afford :( I'm so in love with apple and their products and thanks to you iMore #imore theirs a chance to win one :D thank you iMore and thank you apple for your products

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple simply because their products just work. It's all compatible and works seamlessly.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple really nails the user experience unlike any other manufacturer. They think in a different way (yes, just like the commercial) and it causes their products to have a magical quality.

I love apple because they convince me I need a new phone every year and imore because they convince me to head to the store at 2am on launch day to make sure I get it.

I would flip if I won this. It would make my month! My 4s seems to be on it's last legs and it would be more than awesome fi i won!

I love apple because it's the best and imore because it is the one which keeps me updated about my love(apple)...

I love Apple and I more because they both are a huge part of my life. Productivity rise with the apple products and invite explains toe everything I need to know about everything iOS. Also the I more community is full if a bunch if friendly people that actually help and look out got each other. It's a grata community to be apart of.

like apple, imore delivers quality reviews and updates as well as awesome contests/chances to win products!

Apple has really set the standard with a 64bit chip phone and the Touch ID scanner, it's truly a remarkable leap above the iPhone 5...I would love the opportunity to get the iPhone 5S, the camera features are such an upgrade and as a photographer, this seems to be the solution to a lot of my recent desires. I absolutely love iMore, it's on my bookmarks bar on my Mac, iPad, and iPhone and I keep up to date every day! Please iMore help me out! you guys have been nothing but great to me in the past! X

Thank you for your time,

Love all my Apple products because they are beautiful and rarely give me any problems and I love iMore because it gives me info to get the most out of my apple products and they do amazing giveaways just like this.

Apple by far is #1 for products! And imore is #1 for the informative info that I receive everyday! It really comes down to great product, great service, and top notch technology info. Who can beat it.

I really do love Apple. I'm not a brand loyalist by any means (I switch phones every few months. Hey, what can I say. I love technology!) But Apple is number one when it comes to my favorite brand/phone maker (then its HTC :P). I think the iPhone 5S is nice. Really would love to get my hands on one to test the dual flash with the two different tones! Apple is great with build quality and nails it with that premium feel on their devices. That's really why I love them as much as I do, you get your moneys worth when it comes to how the devices feel. I love imore because you guys provide all news Apple, and I know if I ever have a problem with an iDevice, this is the only place that'll have detailed articles and posts in how to fix whatever problem I'm having. You guys basically dedicate your whole days to the readers on this site and I personally appreciate it. All of Mobile Nations, actually. I enjoy waking up and checking the latest news on the site. Oh, & the deals you guys have on accessories! :P

I've had apple since the iPhone 3 and I haven't looked back! I love going toe to toe with android users about how ios is superior :) imore has had all of the info on ios7 and kept me up to date with all of the developments. By far the best follow I've ever given on twitter!

I love iPhone and iMore because they go so well together! You can't have one without the other... it just doesn't make sense!

You give me the iphone 5s, i slap an imore sticker on the back and BOOM! free advertising. It pays for itself. Problem solved.

I love Apple devices because they simply work. I wouldn't exactly say I "love" iMore, yet. We are working on that. Let's take it one day at a time. lol

Apple's great philosophy of having software and hardware work in tandem is truly amazing - iMore - one of my favourite reads - has been great informing people of launches etc. I think my collection of Apple stickers would really show how much I love apple... 164 and counting!

I love Apple simply because of its creative yet simplistic ease-of-use-designs from software to hardware. And I love iMore.com because in my book, its the one-stop shop for all things Apple for beginners to experts. Apple and iMore.com are like peanut butter and jelly. They just go together!!!

I really enjoy Apple because they have enabled me to use a full touch screen device even without being able to see. No company has ever taken this in to consideration. I like Imore because they have never been wrong about one thing they write on their web site.

I've been going all in on Apple, every device I get I love a little more. Not having to root this, unlock that, tweak these settings hoping you don't brick it over there is priceless. And really, iMore is the only source for Apple news to bother with. Those other sites give off a putrid odor.

I really love Apple, love their simplicity and the design, not to mention quality of the products. Every year I buy their newest iPhone, and add my old one to the my little museum. Have all iPhones from first to iPhone 5. And this year I can't buy one anytime soon. :/ And I loooove iMore and their iOS app I use on daily basis, because their are my best source of information about my addiction :)) Not to mention that now there is a chance for me to combine the two to get my self a new iPhone 5S. I never won anything, and if I had to win anything, this would be a great start!!

iMore is hands down the best place to be updated on everything Apple, you guys work really hard to deliver the last and best info out there and we appreciate. Why I like Apple? Well they know what they're doing and how they're doing it, their devices really work! that's it.

Sent from the iMore App

I love imore so much because it keeps me informed about the latest and greatest things especially with my apple products!! Love the imore reviews!! I love everything Apple from iPhones to mac pros to Appletv, I just love the ease of use!!! I wanna win the new iPhone 5s!!

If the iMore app was on a carpet, there'd be a worn path between my home button and the exact spot the app sits. Thankfully the glass on my iPhone 5 doesn't wear out! Thanks for being great iMore! You and Apple rock!

Sent from the iMore App

Apple's products continue to be a delight and pleasure to use and no one is as consistent when it comes to quality of hardware (seriously, get away from me Samsung). What I love about iMore, not to put too fine a point on it, is Rene Ritchie. His analysis, far from being Apple biased as some accuse, is razor sharp and flows from a great hands on knowledge of all the industry platforms. More Podcasts with Rene at the helm? Sign me up!!

Because I wanna to do something special for my wife and all she talks about is getting an iPhone. I'm gonna try and buy it but I know supplies are limited. It would make her weekend if I won. iMore is the place to go when you need assistance or wanna read the latest on anything with iOS

I love how much more productive I can be with my Apple products. My work flow as a designer and web developer have improved. I have a great conversation starter with fellow Apple nerds. I can also keep all my devices easily connected. Nothing beats Apple in my book. YET. Thank you iMore for all the news, tips and updates!

I love iMore for everything related to Apple (iPhones) and how to make them even more useful!

I love apple more than red apples and thats saying alot about how much i love them, and imore is the best apple site in the world <3

OMG!!! I would love to win!!! Obviously, I'm not the only one. I know that. I just wish everyone good luck and congratulations in advance to whoever it is that gets picked as the winner! (Yes, I'm congratulating myself deep inside lol) :)

I'm always a fan club of Apple and iMore. I love to use Apple products. I'm always get all the information of Apple 's products from iMore.

I am not an Apple-fanboy/-nerd/-fanatic, as some often misunderstand. I don't talk, breath and preach Apple all the time until I get on somebody's nerves, but the IPhone is a potent mobile internet device that can be a great tool for communication and content creation. And this is what I love about my IPhone and this is why the new IPhone is a great new device.

IMore is a reliable and trustworthy source for any information that I need related to IPhone and the other Apple devices. The IMore teams check their sources and bring relevant news

Apple is amazing. The groundbreaking products that they produce, the sleekness of those products and quality of those products. Hands down my favorite electronics producing company. Imore makes it so that I don't have to search the internet for info and the latest updates on apple products. I love that I can just come her and share my thoughts with other people who feel the same way about the products that I love. I would really love to win this giveaway because even though I do have a great love for these products, I have an old iphone from 2008. I want to join in the excitement but I can't afford to. Thanks again imore for hosting these giveaways for people like me :)

Apple is a great company that create great new products, I love their products
IMore on the other hand is great as well, I get all the latest and greatest news about apple products from this website since it was called theiphoneblog.com

Apple is just great overall. They have great software and the hardware is even better! Apple is one of the best electronic companies out there. All the hardware is superb.
IMore is the one stop shop to keep anyone up to date for the latest and greatest from apple and apple related products. Thanks iMore team for the hard work!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple for its design culture and commitment to innovation. I love iMore for your earnest and honest approach to tech journalism....it's clear you guys love Apple! (And that's a good thing! I grow ever wary of so-called tech journalist who cover company's they clearly hate or have some very obvious vendetta against). Anyway, I digress...iMore is a great site, with comprehensive and unbiased reporting on great products!

I've been loving iMore since deciding to switch over from Android to iOS. It's my go to place many times a day for my Apple news.

iOS 7 and the 5s are looking great! Ready to embrace all that is Apple!

Every new iPhone of Apple is far ahead of other smart Phones. With new iOS7 and hardware enhancements and optimization for best user experience, apple has raised the bars again. That's what like of iPhone 5S. And about iMore. Its like best website for latest, up to date and genuine news for apple. Not just iMore. I like the entire Mobile Nations. Now give me my iPhone.. :P

Please pick me. I live the new iOS 7 on my iPad. Would go well with new iPhone 5S. Thank you.

Sent from the iMore App

Apple has always been on the front in bringing innovation and making our experiences better. It the small things in life that matters and I'm glad that Apple products bring delight to my everyday life with their excellent products. Over the years I have only gained faith in Apple that it will always bring the best and satisfy its fans.

A friend of apple is a friend of mine, iMore has always been supporting Apple critically and constructively but with the intention of bringing the best from them and making the voices of their fans heard. Its one of the best online resources (if not the best) to catch the latest info on Apple and its products which is why I follow it.

Apple gets me through my work week with function and reliability. iMore helps me enjoy all of it much more. Cheers Rene!

I love Apple so much that I always post on G+ articles defending the company.

And iMore is THE source of information I get on Apple and everything Apple related.

Thank you for the prize. Greetings from Slovakia :)

As a technician I need a phone that works and Apple has never failed me so that is why I love them so much and as far as iMore this site is the best place to find out anything about my iPhone so it is a Win/Win

I love the uniformity and cleanness of Apple! And you guys at iMore always keep me up to date with the latest Apple news; keep up the good work!!!

iLike iMore. Authority on news and very thought-provoking articles that even get referenced by some of the mainstays in the Apple community. Keep up the good work.

Oh and an iOS 7 tip I came across that perhaps others don't know: open control centre and with music running, swipe across the player section and it takes you to the music app! Discovered while trying to scrub in the track.

I love Apple since my first iPod Touch gen 2. What a great device I've ever felt before, with touch screen, fun games and easy to use. I took it everyday until I can collect my money enough from part-time job to by the first, the most expensive mobile of my life, iPhone 4. I really love it. And that is the beginning of everything for me. Next, was the iPad gen 3, it brought me a whole new level of experience. And now I own iPhone 5. I love apple because they gave me an experience like no one never ever did.
Ps. And I miss Steve Jobs too, so proud of his presentations

It's simple, apple pushes boundaries of design each time! iOS 7 will set standards for future mobile direction coupled with stunning hardware.

Imore is the first point of call for all the latest and informative updates

As I type on my iPad recently updated to iOS 7, all I can do is dream of the iPhone 5s as I regrettably stare at my finger sensorless HTC one. iMore is my number 1 source for all things Apple and have been the site to pull me back to Apple.

Like the first iPhone slogan said,
"The internet in your pocket"
And now it's even better with a truly secure way to the internet!

I love apple because it's easy.

I love imore because you guys always have great apple coverage and fantastic reviews. I love apple because, well why not. :)

Apple makes the best and shiniest new toys like the iPhone 5s... iMore does the best reporting on Apple's shiny new toys!

Apple products combined with an amazing source for knowledge like iMore, allow me to keep up-to-date with current events in one of my biggest passions in life: technology. So iMore, thank you for staying on top of things. Kudos!

I'm an Android user, but I come check out iMore quite often to keep up on iPhone/iPad/iOS news and happenings. After four years with Android, I think I'm ready for a change and would love to get a new 5s.

I love Apple for consistently knowing what balance to strike for a best overall experience. And of course their amazing dev community. As for iMore, great news and great podcasts - what's not to love?

Apple simply is the best company when it comes to design. They use high quality materials cut to precision with its own dedicated software. They're amazing and so is imore for their great coverage (especially with the iPhone 5s/ iPhone 5c event!) thumbs up all the way, imore.

Thanks for another great opportunity!


The new gold iPhone 5S looks really awesome and winning would be great. iMore has the best information and absolutely the best place for everything Apple.

I love Apple because they've always been ahead of their time in both design, and innovations. I love iMore, because they keep me thoroughly informed of everything new, bad, and good in the world of Apple. Two peas in a pod; you and I, iMore.

I love the iPhone so bad. That today all I can tink was the release tomorrow and how I'm not getting one More sad I waned to buy a apple official tshirt and take it to my job site at metro pcs hay we may start sellig them in the store too if we do I will be really happy to show ppl watch the goodness of havying an iPhone I currently have a ip4s But really want an ip5s baadd baddd I will sell my kicknee ..... NO I WILL NEVER DOO THAT BUT I REALLY WANNED THANKS. FOR lisining

Love imore because they have posts for both novice and experienced users. They cover all basis and love apple cuz things just work

Love iMore cuz they always have the latest up to date news on everything apple! I read the articles everyday and love all the content!! Apple rocks and always will have the best technology!

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple for its great quality in products and design so its only logical i love iMore for its great quality in reviews of apple products simply the best combination!

Awesome contest! One of the many reasons I love iMore. Hope to win so I can get my wife a new device finally. We love how smooth and quality Apple products are.

I love their attention to detail in all of their products and also the same way imore is with everything they do and all of your articles. Both apple and imore make the complete package work together

I've always loved Apple, I've been an iPhone and Apple person since day day one. I've tried other devices but no one seems to ever come close to Apple! I love iMore because they're always giving people a chance to win new items! Thanks guys!

Well, first of all, I LOVE my wife, my son and my relatives, that's why I can't say I LOVE Apple. But I incredibly enjoy using its products, like Iphone4 I own, RMBP 15, Ipad 3 and so on. They are easy and comfortable to use, do what I need and pose no problems to me. And I think it's the best tech company here who offers such products, and without them, I think, we can't imagine our life anymore.
And yes, who can be more informative, offer the best and most useful information about everything connected to Apple world, then Imore - the best igadget site in the web. From games to apps and heavy geek things, Imore is the place to go and read daily. Thanks for that!

Apple gives me great products each year that I cant live without and imore provides me with the information about those products and basically lets me know I made the right purchase with their extensive reviews of each product/features.

I always wanted an iphone and I wish this was the time I get because I always see people with a iphone and they would say its apple I would think for one second of seeing me with a I phone and I think wow apple is the best I wish I can get my hands on it because my mom says I have get my own money to get it and I really want to because seeing people talk to their phone and I talked to some body and they said its like its apple nation and that really made me want an I phone because of the way apple acts to people like apple is a person best frien and I want to be one of though best friends

I love apple like crazy because of its innovations and it takes the 1st position in every field. i am in love with imore like its love at first sight. Every bit of latest update on apple, it's first on imore.

I love Apple because they care about excellence more than popularity, just like iMore.

I love iMore as I visit the site every day for the most upto date info on Apple products and more. Love the new iphone 5s and the additions to it, hope I can win!!!

iMore is the only site to get the best tips, tricks, and news for the best consumer electronics products on the market in Apple products!

Apple has always held a special place in my heart. Yes, they're an American company; Yes they make boatloads of money; and yes they've been incredibly innovative over the course of their history as a company. But they're allure in my eyes has always stemmed from two words: Think Different. With those two words, they gave millions of people a reassurance that it was ok to take risks. That it was ok to think outside of the box, or to strive for more than what others expect out of you. They told you it was ok to strive for what you expected out of you. People still watch old YouTube videos of Steve on stage, doing his thing, and yes he was an amazing showman and yes he brought the world devices that were given hyperbolic terms like "magical" and "revolutionary", but the truly magical thing was that he lit a spark in millions of people to be better, to think better, and to Think Different.

iMore, I see, as a direct result of Thinking Different. Even from the TiPB days it has been Ana amazing place to find rich commentary, thoughtful pieces and detailed how-to's. As amazing as the Genius Bar people can be, whenever I have an issue with a device, I come to iMore first to try and solve my problems, and 99% of the time I find the solution I'm looking for. While all of my family comes to me for their various techie needs, I come here. That says volumes about how useful it is and how great of a resource it is.

I love iOS7, great OS upgrade...
image if I could use it on an iPhone 5s...

Sent from the iMore App

I love apple and iMore more than my whole family combined! .. well not really, but ppl say i do :D

Apple because its like a golf course - frustrates the hell out of you but always keeps you coming back for more.
iMore is the faithful caddy - full of wisdom but seldom appreciated for it's insights :)

Sent from the iMore App

I love imore because it has the best articles about iphone and iPad, then I can keep myselve informed about the news and tips about using a good device and get the best of it.

It's incredibly difficult to answer that question. I've loved Apple for their simplicity and attention to detail when it comes to products. As for iMore, I've been a fan since it was called TiPB. It has been my go to iPhone blog since I had the iPhone 3GS, to look up all iPhone related news. Love all you guys. Keep up the great work.

If you want truly sleek, fast, and easy to you phone then there is only one you can count on and that's iPhone. And to keep yourself updated with everything about Apple your only trustworthy source is iMore.

I have seen and played with the 5S today and I love the camera that is truly awesome. The phone is a beautiful colour design I love this phone. This phone on every level is truly abasing the camera itself is full of world firsts and DSLR quality photos. I would love to win this phone.

I love the elegance the product brings. Also and mainly the great oerfirmance and reliability of an idevice is allways suoerior to the competition leading products. I am an iman and iphone is just one of the greatest devices created for our daly use

Sent from the iMore App

Apple provides great user experience with their products and iMore is the place to learn and appreciate their mobile devices.

I extremely love Apple and iPhone I convinced everyone in my family to go from android to Apple and they all love it just like I do as far as iMore, I like iMore because it gives me all the information on a daily day basis about what's going on with all kind of services and not just Apple.

Sent from the iMore App

Best phone every made team Iphone imore.com you guys do ur research right and on point with ur news keeps me updated and im on the site or app 4 or 5 times a day thank you guys keep up the good job

Sent from the iMore App

Apple is a remarkable company. They actually are trying to not just sell electronics and make money, but they're trying to make people's lives easier, and better. From their customer service to their products, everything is simply great, gorgeous, and world-class. It just works. And iMore is my favorite site for Apple news cause unlike any other "Apple" websites, iMore strives not just to post information about Apple which can be found everywhere else; they write app reviews, insight about what they think will happen to Apple, and small tidbits of information that is well-written and deserves applause.

iMore is my go-to sight for the best tips, advice, and other iPhone related info... Plus the great give-aways like this!!!

Sent from the iMore App

I have been an iPhone user since the very first iPhone and still have original iPad as well. Apple to me has always been about the customer experience more than just pushing an incomplete app or update out there just to be first, that is what i love most about Apple (shouldn't it be iApple?). I was not at first just an Apple guy either, I have purchased a lot of android phones right up the the last one which was Galaxy S3 so i lived in both worlds but every single android phone I ever owned within a few months would freeze up for no apparent reason. From the first iPhone i ever owned to the last one now (iPhone 5) I have never had it freeze one time. iMore to me is an invaluable source for iPhone news and updates, I was not going to update to iOS 7 at first because of a lot of bad reviews. But after 2 days of reading reviews on iMore I have went a head and did update. Also you guys offer some great deals on cases, cradles and charging cables, just mentioning the few i had purchased and my next purchase will be under Toys! (you have 3 of them) care to guess what it will be ?

I love the "keep it simple" concept behind every single Apple product and the attention to detail sthey put in all the things they do. iMore is the best way to stay informed about the Apple ecosystem!! 8-)

I love apple very much and I love iMore even more! Thanks for the opportunity guys, keep doing an awesome job, I read you every day, many times! Keep it up

Sent from the iMore App

Ive been An apple customer for quite a while now, Mac Mini, Several iPads, Fell in love with my 4S. Ive read several blogs over the years but iMore has always been where I've kept my loyalty. The great coverage and accurate rumors and reports have always been a delight of reality instead of a pipe dream.

Unfortunately I let curiosity get the best of me in april and I used my 2 year upgrade on a galaxy note 2, Great phone, just not for me. I miss all my photo stream goodness, iMessages, thoughtless syncing between all my devices (do you know how hard it is to manage a photo and iTunes library being on android?). it was all fun for about 3 weeks and by that time it was too late to return it. The 5s has blown me away. I would love to be able to go back home and have an iPhone again.

I love Apple because they care about accessibility for people with disabilities. I love iMore because of the quality of their content.

I would LOVE to win the $500 to use towards a brand new iPhone so i cand get my mom to switch her plain phone and jump to the awesomeness of Apple. PLEASE CHOOSE ME!

The Original iPhone changed the way we communicate and how we access data on the go even tho android has made a dent in the market it's taking over 20 different phones and a lot of crappy ones to try to keep up. The design is impeccably brilliant and the functionality and innovation is beyond anything you could want.

I have been in love with Apple products for ever! And want to win! As much as I love Apple!! I'm a grad student and can't afford newer products! I need to and want to win!!!!!!!

I love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love love Apple and iMore! The perfect combination!

I love apple so much I never miss any of their presentations, I wait till they WWDC video is up and do not look at anything until I get to watch it, it's like a movie premier, I love apple so much that when Steve jobs passed, people were texting and calling me to see if I was ok...big fan of apple and I love Imore, it's on my top bookmark on safari and also on my flipboard, first thing I do in the morning is look at Imore

i love apple because they make great products and i love imore because they make it a better experience!

I love APPLE because they meticulously design their flagship devices
I Love imore because they are the quickest to have all the news and updates. which is why i always look forward to the sites of mobile nations!

I love Apple, they're an awesome company and I would love to own the new iPhone 5s. And iMore of course I love y'all I've been a member and reader for a while now . Thanks for this opportunity.

Apple is perfect, awesome products, awesome everything!!! iMore is the BEST site ever!!! I know Aly from iMore she's reallly awesome!! :)

Sent from the iMore App

I love Apple because of the products they make, I only wish I could have every i device available including all the mac products as well but what I love evem more than Apple and its products, I luuuv iMore. Anytime I need iDevice information, iMore has got me covered and never lets me down. iMore is my HERO!

Apple; with my iMac you put order in my world and with your iPhones... well... You Rock My World!!! iMore, well you just make it an awesome party!

I have owned every iPhone since the start. I have done over the top things to get them. For example , for my iPhone 4s I cancelled my att acount only a year in for the siri feature. I had a 4 but still paid that sick cancellation fee. Another act of foolishness was last year in my last college semester I took a little extra on my loan to by the iPhone 5 and apple care with accessories. I'm hooked. Help me not making more stupid moves and bless me with the 5s guys :)

I love how apple made smart phones easy (I've had "smart phones" since the early 2000s) and how Imore makes getting my news easy. I would go off saying I love love love apple or Imore. Just i deepy appreciate what both does to make my hobby a great experience. Cheers to both.

Sent from the iMore App

Since I converted to the iPhone 5 just a few weeks ago I have fallen in love with iOS and my iPhone 5. It is so fast and responsive. I would have done about 3 or 4 battery pulls in the same time if I would have stayed with my Android.

The folks here at iMore have been exceptional at answering newbie questions. I feel much more comfortable with my iPhone since I began reading iMore columns and reading the forums. iMore rocks!!

I'm an apple fanboy and I read iMore while I eat breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Daily. Religiously. 'Nuff said

I love Apple products like iPhone. Why? Because of its simplicity and great apps. It can get the same job done as on other phones - but in a more simple Way.

Imore is my source to Apple news, because of the great coverage of news.

Good luck everyone

I use and thoroughly enjoy my iPhone and the Apple experience because of the ease of use and the reliability. Having used an Android for 2+ years, I was always tinkering and trying to create the best experience. This led to hours of frustration and flashing. The iPhone has provided me with an enjoyable experience right off the bat with no need to further tinker with the user interface. It is reliable and I know that I can count on it to be working.

I enjoy iMore because you guys are always on top of everything new in the iOS world and provided a warm, inviting community for me when I was first looking to switch. Thank you.

The first apple product that i used was an ipod touch 4th generation...and my god....i was extremely pleased by using it i mean how does apple manage to create a device so thin,visually stunning and soo elegant that whenever i used my ipod in public..people would just stare at my ipod....apple products are great,simple there is only one word to describe them brilliant.And imore.com you are amazing...everyday when i wake up at 6 am the first thing i do is i visit your website and see all the latest updates....(my mom scolds me everyday that why do you use your phone in morning but what do i do gadgets are my passion though i cannot afford them,i try to stay updated with technoworld and thank you guys for giving me all the latest info about gadgets and speacially about apple products)
There is only one equation which i can tell you
Apple+imore=you make my day beautifull

I would love to not only let you guys at imore.com how much I Love apple but would love to show if possible!!!! I have everything Apple apple TV, iPads, MacBooks, iMac, you come into my apartment you will feel as if you are in the apple store. I have been trying to even land a job with apple for almost a year now and haven't had any luck. Recently I lost my job and returned to schoo I am studying web development just to learn coding to build an app well designed that hopefully Apple will see and consider me in their corporation. I will not unfortunately be getting the new iPhone as like I stated before got laid off over a year ago and haven't been able to find a job since. My hard work and dedication hopefully will make up for it and one day I hope to have some relation to apple either working for them or in a related company that works directly with them. I have been reading your topics everyday for some years imore.com you guys have everything apple so your one of the my 2 favorite sites that I visit everyday to see what is happening in the, what I call, iWorld!!! I love your reviews and giveaways although I haven't won yet, but I'm always hopeful. Your discount on the cases also are great I have told so many of my fellow friends about this site and discounted cases and accessories. Thank you for the opportunity and much success to you guys!

I love apple because they make it easy to do the things I wanna do. And I love iMore because they keep me up to date :)

iMore is the reason why I moved to Apple products. You guys gave me so much knowledge about products beforehand, I felt like I already owned the products before buying them. You can't get that feeling from other Apple blogs & news websites.

I never bought any Iphone due to money problem but i really wish to have one. I guess this a good way to try my luck on iphone. :)

and imore you, i have read your post on different apps(appy geeks)and i loved them but i signed up today only because of iphone.

I love iMore because it has brought Rene (and friends) in to my life. Whether I'm listening to his soothing voice on a podcast, or reading his always insightful commentary on the site, I know I am always getting the best Apple news on the web. Do I really need to explain why I love Apple?! Their products speak for themselves.

Love you both so much that I could take you to the altar.

Thanks for letting me confess this :)

I would definitely would like to win this. I use all apple products and would like get my wife onboard. Everything with apple just works. I always have to have the latest and greatest from apple.

Got to love Apple... IMHO they make quality products that just fit into my life and into my hand. I love iMore for the great articles they write on my favorite Apple products. Thank you iMore for my chance to win my new iPhone!

Apple is the greatest at making the hardware and software work perfectly together in beautifully designed products. iMore has the greatest coverage and commentary on Apple products! Love both!!

I love Apple because they're the only company in the world who could make me get up at 3am to watch their product announcements, and iMore for keeping me updated during those product announcements when there's no live stream

I love iMore because it's all you need to keep updated to all the last tricks and rumors! I come to check if there are new articles at every hour! And i love Apple because, you know, it's just the best! You can't love them!

Plus i got an iPhone 3GS so it's time for me to upgrade! So let me win! :D

Each time I hold my iphone I feel an immense pleasure a the tip of my finger. I feel that I am in control of the information and that I can share that information so quickly with a simple gesture. Imoore app has help learn more tricks than never by making all the best post and tips available. You rock.

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It's 3:20am. I just finished trying to order from Apple and reading iMore. To anyone who knows me, that speaks volumes. Love both. Now back to bed.

Love apple products can't wait to get my hand on one of these new phones but might have to wait a bit this time. Love imore for keeping us up to date on all apple 24/7

Because they (Apple) is amazing innovators and iMore does an amazing job keeping us updated with everything!

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I've loved Apple since I first went from Android to iOS. I love the phone designs more than any other phone and I love the apps, the GUI and the ecosystem which makes their products perfect for me. I wasn't going to buy an iPhone 5S, but when I first saw it and read about the news, I just can't help it. I just have to wait for it to be available in my country, and I need the money which I don't have.

Over to iMore. iMore is my favourite source for Apple-news. They have many great articles along with many comments on every article so I can discuss. It is also much easier to log in, compared to another Apple-news-site I know.

i love apple devices so much... and i love imore coz it lets me keep up with all the news, rumors and everything to know about them!!!

The reason behind why I love apple products so much is because it always keeps itself modern, and they put effort into giving the users what they ask for. I also think the reason I love iMore so much is possibly because you do something similar, you keep yourselves up to date and you know and give us readers what we want! Id like to be able to read iMore from an iPhone 5s though;)

Love Apple's simplicity in their technology. Everything just works. With the new iOS7 you even get a whole new experience of Apple products and with that all you have to visit is iMore. It is the go to sources for all things Apple. Keep up to awesome work guys and good luck to all of you, may the lucky one win!

iMore and Apple go together like lamb and tuna! Ok, well, like peanut butter and jelly. I'm engrossed in iMore articles every moment I get and I'm always using my apple devices to read them. As usual, iMore has done a great job in relaying the latest news on these new releases. Thnx!

Apple, must be the most greatest companies that can advance so much technology in their devices, and make it simple to use, faster, and more reliable than any device. Apple doesn't stop making devices and software user friendly, they always look at the customer and think how to make it better and safer for every person in the world. That's why they always have the best numbers and destroying the mobile, and tablet market with these great products. With the new IOS in our hands makes our devices even more advanced it's unbelievable how it just interacts with your content and how beautiful it looks. With Imore made us love apple as well with confirmed news about apples products and more. imore basically amped us up for the latest and greatest products within Apple. We have to thank and love both of these great services with imore bringing us the news about Apple and technology and apple delivering the greatest technology which has the world in the palm of your hands. I cannot wait for imore and Apple to progress in the future of technology.

Love Apple for their hand in changing the industry and my way of life over the past few years. Love iMore because Rene is Canadian. Oh, and the content is great :).

Keep up the great coverage!

I love imore because it keeps me informed on all my fave apple products and thanks to them everyone thinks I'm an apple guru. The reason I live apple is their attention to every little detail and not putting out products just for the sake of it. If apple has it it's gonna work the first time every time.

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Because Apple is one of the worlds most valuable company, and its products is so much good that, no other company can build such a products like apple. A new design in each and every products. Apple is the Best..
And imore is the only website, which keeps each and every detail or information, updated so, quickly about every news of Apple...
Simply just Love Apple and Imore..!! :)

I love apple, of course. Or I wouldn't come to the site. But I have to love this site more because it gives me information that makes me love apple. :3

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I love iMore and Apple so much I am subscribed to both on clipboard and read every night before I go to bed. iMore is my #1 source for Apple info.

I'm a huge apple geek, only 15 so I can't always buy the latest techie piece of fruit but I do watch all the possible keynotes and catch up on extras by yours truly, the awesome imore.

Apple pushes the industry forward. It requires other technology companies to constantly evaluate their own purpose and place in the consumer's mind. The new design and direction is refreshing and I am glad to see the Apple leadership move forward with a bold offering. iMore has built a stellar team. The coverage and passion the writers have are second to none and I always enjoy the extra video interviews and podcasts your team participates in. A great innovative company is only as good as the coverage they receive. iMore does it with style and grace.

I am addicted to Apple. And iMore is like Apple addicts anonymous. Except we don't want to get better. I would love a new iPhone!

I Love apple so much that I could spend more than 600$ for their phones !
I Love iMore so much that I read it every morning !

I would really love an iPhone 5s. I'm also hoping to be able to pick up a MacPro later this year. All New Apple!

I love Apple simply because they put lots of thoughts in their products and it works magically!!
imore is the best place to get the latest info and updates just about
Anything related to today's technology.
Keep up the excellent work! And I hate Android!!!

I love how Apple takes the time to make a product so perfectly that it becomes an extension of my consciousness. Far more important then a single limb for this appendage allows me to remove the limits that were put upon me by Nature. I love how imore gives me news and guides so I can become a virtual virtuoso.

(\ /)
( . . )
c(") (")

I love apple because of their design and functionality and I love I more because of their reliable info and reviews of everything apple!

Apple provides the best services and hardware which makes for the best user experience. Team apple forever. IMore provides the best comprehensive reporting on awesome tech stuff :)

I love all apple products and that they are so easy to use that I used my school money I had saved from working to get an iPad for my grandmother and we always face time each other for the past year to and from Mexico and Arizona. Even though she is no longer with us it felt like I was always by her side on a day to day basis. She is missed and I'm so glad that I made that purchase because for me family comes fist.

And I love it here because I'm always updated with the latest news

I love Apple so much because they create products that are so easy to use. I love iMore so much that it makes my head spin at times. I would also love to win this contest!

I love apple because they are unwilling to compromise the end user experience for the new gimmicks on the market.

I love imore because they are fair. Sure, they favor apple products, but when there is a good product from an apple competitor, they aren't afraid to say that it is good.

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No hyperbole here. Just the honest truth about how I truly believe in Apple products and their vision for how they should be used.

I love iMore/TiPB because it really fosters a sense of community amongst Apple fans. Just like how crackberry.com used to be for me when I was a BB owner back in 2005/06.

I love Apple so much cause they have created the best products like iphone, ipad, ipod touch, mac etc and I love iMore cause, it is the place where I find all the necessary information regarding apple products.

I love Apple because of how beautifully designed the products are, and how well they work together. iMore has definitely become my go-to site for all Apple news and analysis, because it find it to be the more thoughtful and accurate. Keep up the great work!

I learned a valuable lesson...I tried Android for about 8 months. There are some great pros to the customizability, but they just don't out weigh they cons. I missed the reliability of the iPhone. I REALLY missed iTunes though. Android aficionados despise iTunes, but I was accustomed to it. Anyway, thru AndroidCentral is where I found iMore. And I find this site far superior to the others...(I won't mention any names). Keep up the great work.

I just love apple they are so innovative and really listen to the public when it comes to their devices and it all ties in with how imore approaches new articles they bring to the masses, informative and having a fresh look at whats out there into a whole.

Honestly I just love the extra features that ios7 offers but that my 4s can't use. Sadly my Mac Mini just died and I'm recently disabled so I can't buy the 5s on my own. If I win this I promise I'll get a new iPhone with it though, and not be more practical like I should be. :$

Love iMore, always excellent articles regarding everything in the Apple world. Apple is simply the best due to their products just works and have always had an awesome experience.

This answer is easy. Apple makes inovative and extremely user friendly and high tech devices. I own many ipods, ipads, and my wife and i have the iphone 5 and my 5 year old has her i touch and ipad as well. We are an apple family. We ventured into the android world a bit about a year ago, and although the have a remarkable product, nothing compares to an apple product. Seamless perfection. Our family demands perfection and apple always delivers. I am a nerd, reading machash, engaget, imore, amongs so many blags and sites daily sometimes every few hours. I depend on my apple products and imore to keep me completely up to date with the latest and greatest about my products.

I love that Apple devices look great and work so well. I love iMore because of great contests like this and all of the awesome information given to readers. Also, I really need that gold 5s in my life!

I will like to win because iPhone is one of the best product in the world and I will like to use it!!! I will be glad if I win.... Am from Nigeria