TiPb on ABC15 talking Verizon iPhone launch

TiPb on ABC15 talking Verizon iPhone launch

Our own senior editor, Rene Ritchie, jumped on ABC15 news this morning to talk about the Verizon iPhone launch and some of the technical differences between it and the AT&T iPhone, whether consumers should be worried about the antenna and the chances of Sprint or T-Mobile getting the iPhone somewhere down the line.

VIdeo after the break, watch along!



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Jebadoa says:

Welcome to Phoenix Rene! Our carwashes don't have doors.

Rene Ritchie says:

Thanks, I'm still having nightmares :D

Maicol says:

Great Job Rene, giving the facts and letting the user know what to look for....

johncblandii says:

Haha...nice! Good work Rene!

Paul Penny says:

Lovely stock footage of the iPhone 2G. Someone was really on the ball!

rob says:

quick, we need some iphone footage. well we have this stuff we shot 4 years ago. perfect.

Ben Ragunton says:

Congratulations Rene! It must feel somewhat validating to have ABC 15 actually contact you and put you on their news segment when you're not even an Apple employee.

petaf says:

Nice to see you on the telly, Rene!! :)

The Dude says:

Rene in Phoenix! Wow! Dude, come by this weekend... WE CAN PARTY!!!

ghostface147 says:

How did they find out about you Rene?

shinseiromeo says:

Sorry Rene and TiPb, I'd love to watch the video but refuse to watch video ads, especially when they are local ads that have nothing to do with my locality or interests.

kbduvall says:

Good job. TiPb is starting to get some media exposure.

MooPenguin32 says:

Great job, Rene! I laughed at the iPhone 2G video they were using.