TiPb Asks: How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll?

TiPb Asks: How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll?

Last night on iPhone Live we were talking about how many photos we had in our iPhone Camera Roll and I admitted to being a bit of snapshot addict. I have over 1800 pics in my Camera Roll, everything from friends and family to clouds and sunsets to clothes and fashions to nails and hair I like and want to remember.

I know some people prefer Instagram or Camera+ or another App Store app, and while the filters are really cool and interesting, and I think I'm going to give them a try soon, right now I just like the simplicity of capturing a quick pic into my Camera Roll. I take pictures anywhere and everywhere with my iPhone... and I sometimes remember to sync them over to my Mac. I've actually run out of space on my 16GB iPhone 4 several times!

I hope iCloud and Photo Stream will help with that, but I'm not sure 5GB will be enough!

How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll? Do you use the built-in Camera app or something else? Do you sync them? Help me figure out a better way to do photos on the iPhone TiPb Nation, you're my only hope!

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TiPb Asks: How many photos do you have in your iPhone Camera Roll?


9,291 photos in my camera roll (32gb iPhone 4). No videos (moving them all to iMac immediately after filming due to the space they take).

1431 snappy snap shots! Which brings the question; can you sync photographs from iPhone 4 via iTunes or is the only way that click 'n' drag farce?...

That's why pictures in your camera roll don't count against the 5GB.
Plus iCloud syncs you photos automatically to your Mac or PC.

81 right now. I try to keep it below 75 to save memory. 16 gb iPhone 4. Wish I had the 32 so I wouldn't have to worry about it.

0 in Camera Roll, 65 in Photo Library.
All photos on my iPhone are in albums synced from iPhoto (mostly for business use). Leaving them in the Camera Roll is a mess.

I use iPhoto to copy the photos from my iPhone. This is nice as my photos are then sorted by albums, events, faces and locations on my iPhone. Currently 337 photos on my 32GB 3Gs.

Zero. I always delete them when syncing to iPhoto. I used to have more than 1500 but it just took too long to sync.
Now I just move photos from iPhoto events to albums that I sync to my iPhone. The albums appear in the Photos app on my iPhone, and syncing is very fast.
Too bad the Camera app is still so slow to launch. A little birdie tells me that iOS 5 fixes that.

810 at the moment, after a major clearout! I too have run out of space on my 16G iPhone, 32G next time!
Wish you could lower the quality of the video camera when low on space, it uses 80Meg a MINUTE!

I wish Apple would provide info for the pictures..for example Time and Date taken. I came across an issue and i showed someone a picture, and they wanted to see the time and date it was taken.

About every 2-3 months I pull 500 or so photos off the camera and keep them on my computer... and let Carbonite back them up for me.

Every 2-3 months I pull about 500 photos from the phone and place them on my computer... and let Carbonite back them up. I'm really happy with the image quality, so the phone is my primary camera.
EDIT: sorry about the double post.

1054 pics.
The iPhone is my primary camera for photos and videos.
I'm launching a video podcast pretty soon. It will be filmed only with my iPhone.
Will keep you posted

32g i4
2066 and thats just the roll. not including the ones ive kept from my old 3g and 3gs.
i needed to find some pictures for work just now and i scrolled through and man who told me i was a photog?! lol

~~ As of today, I Have 10,602 (yes ten thousand) Photos ON A standard CAMERA i-4 phone, no sync ... also have 535 Apps on a/the same 4 w/32GB, and still have 18.1GB Left on the Phone....

I only have a couple hundred in camera roll, but I've pulled off a bunch to archive. I use camera+ most of the tume and have a bunch of photos in there that i havent dealt with yet. I like the effects in Photo Studio better than thosr in camera plus. Until i accidentally left my camera outside in the rain last month, i didnt use thd phone as the primary picture source.

ITS CRAZY that you bring this up. I have (had) 3,800 pix and Just YESTERDAY I opened up my camera roll and it said it was UPDATING.... And when it was done it erased 3,500!!!!! IM FREAKING OUT AND IM GOING TO APPLE TONIGHT. Has this ever happened to anyone else?? I have the iPhone 4 and I haven't sync in like 6 months :(

That happened to me recently after a trip outta the country, and for some reason when I came home and it connected with my wifi, I can't tell you why all of my pics came back after the photo app said the same thing... That was Tuesday, I wonder if apple is doing something on their end?? I hadn't synced in a long time either. Very scary, hope it works out for you as well.

468 on my Camera Roll, 5096 in my Photo Library. I sync the last year's worth of photos from my MBP to my iPhone. Still have a few GB left on my 32GB 3GS. Run out of room every so often. Had <1GB left for quite a while.

That pic is hot no doubt about it. She had to be taking that for the comment factor.

On an ordinary day 0-20. On weekends 0-100. On vacation or trips 0-1000. But I sync often and make sure the photos are saved and sorted properly ü

Judging by your shirt, I really hope you've preordered Skyward Sword for Wii! I have you beat though, I have a Triforce tattoo and a Zelda-related vanity license plate.
Also, 241 photos. I like to keep my roll kinda clean.

I have 1500 photos. Yeah, I ran out of space too. Then again, I rarely offload them onto my pc. It's frustrating in that I want them on my phone so I can have them with me at all times, but then I don't have enough room on my phone for everything. Hopefully, this new cloud based system will help out with that...

I use dropbox to upload all my photos because if I leave them in my camera roll it takes too much space. If you have the dropbox app it can be set to automatically download when new photos are taken. Best option I have found so far.

25000 ++. Yes its true. But sadly 24K inside folder which cant be view easily. Only 2.5K inside Camera Roll.

Today, im remove all picture and try to reupload 25000 into Camera Roll.

Finger Cross. :-)