TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast #4

Holiday gift guide, iPhone 3G vs. BlackBerry Storm with special guest and public frenemy number one, CrackBerry.com's Kevin Michaluk, and live chat question and answer!

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Thanks to the the iPhone Blog Store for sponsoring the podcast, and to everyone who showed up for the live chat, or sent in questions!

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TiPb Presents: iPhone Live! Podcast #4


@ Chad.
I just realized something this morning... when we were discussing the iPhone 3G vs. Storm keyboard... where you said you preferred the iPhone effect of enlarging a tapped key vs. the Storm highlight effect of the purple glow, I misunderstood you.
I went off about how it doesn't matter as either approach doesn't make you more accurate in terms of preventing errors (since you tap/click with the authority). Donned on me afterwards you weren't referring to preventing an error, but speed of correction. With iPhone 3G you can stare at the keyboard, and that enlarged key lets you know you messed up so (so you can correct it) whereas on the Storm you need to dart your eyes back and forth between the keyboard and the text field to catch your mistakes.
So yes..I agree with you there! iPhone's approach is better. Both don't prevent errors from happening to begin with, but iPhone is easier to tell when you mis-tapped the character you were going for.
Sorry bout that!!! My bad :)

Enjoyable listen guys. Thanks.
Kevin, I was going to comment on the value of the letter pop up. I think it's exactly as you suggest above - all about speed of correction after the tap and nothing at all to do with tap, hold, slide.

Great podcast. It was helpful to get a better understanding of everyone's perspectives on the Blackberry OS compared to the iPhone 3G and where each should be going over the next few iterations.