TiPb TV 9: Should you wait for the Verizon iPhone?

Should you wait for the legendary Verizon iPhone? Or rather, who should wait for the hotly anticipated Verizon iPhone, and who should get an AT&T iPhone or Verizon BlackBerry or Android phone now? Ever since the Verizon rumors picked up speed and 2011 seemed like the year we'd finally see the Big Red iPhone, that's the question more and more readers have been asking us, and it's the subject of the latest episode of our new, conversational video show, TiPb TV!

Is AT&T the best carrier in your area or is Verizon better? Do you have time left on your contract or is it up now, or did you just lose or break your phone and need a new one urgently? We're still not 100% sure if much less when -- January, April, June, later? -- the Verizon iPhone will land, so how badly do you need a phone and how badly do you need it to be the iPhone? Watch along and we'll help you decide!

TiPb TV 9: Should you wait for the Verizon iPhone?

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TiPb TV 9: Should you wait for the Verizon iPhone?


@Kevin.... AT&T iphone 4 is the best way to go IMO. It's readily available and is a great device to own NOW.
(Second and more meaningful comment)

@Daytona AT&T is not the best way to go if AT&T coverage sucks in Kevin's area. Bad advice and still an another douche bag post from you.

You have to determine what kind of coverage AT&T has in your area. If the coverage is crappy and AT&T drops lots of calls, then you should take that into.consideration. Having a crappy network experience will affect the experience of the iPhone. AT&T, for whatever reason, has issues getting their act together even though their main competition, Verizon, pushes more data now. Also, if you live in a non-3G area, I wouldn't bother. I had to go to the Droid Incredible because in Chester, IL, where I live, Verizon is the only 3G carrier, Verizon has many more towers, and Verizon holds 95% of the customers. AT&T doesn't even bother with competing here.

I'm curious to see if there are any improvements to AT&T after the initial people jump ship and go to verizon. I've had them for most of my mobile life and have some (misplaced albeit) loyalty to them.

Who needs Verizon. ATT has really improved lately. I've been getting +1.5 Mbps data speed with my iPhone, compared to 0.3-0.5 Mbps with my Verizon friends. Check it out yourself with Speedtest.net available on iPhone and Android. Until 4G becomes widespread, I see no reason to switch. Plus, ATT allow simultaneous voice and data.

Most of my friends and other family members don't have AT&T. They have verizon and a few less have sprint. My friends on verizon always boast better service but I don't know if if they say that because they're paying more. AT&T isn't a bad network at all. When ever I get a dropped call I blame the iPhone because out of the 7 years I've had AT&T dropped calls were rare. I have never gotten as many drop calls as I do on the iPhone as with other phones. I've had the 3G and 3GS. Idk how it is for iPhone 4 people. Ive always see articles that verizon them selves won't survive with such a data hug either but we will have to see.

First, I am staying wit AT&T it has great service in Pitt, and my wife flys for a living and has had little to no problems in her destinations ( other than little to no service with any us carrier, also vzw has no service in Europe). Secondly this will be interesting when they release it on vzw, will it come before launch day (AT&T )? Will it be a iPhone 4.V and a few months later with AT&Ts iPhone 5.A, or will it be the 5 early and set off a double launch day dilemma for AT&T and verizon to launch different times of the year? I don't know but my bet would be for one launch day for all phones to make a big bang bragging about iOS sales. But would also make sence to spread the launch days out a few months for demand and boost a bunch of quarterly sales between both phones, iPad and iPod sales.

First lets get the myths and BS out of the way. AT&T has problems but so does Verizon. Read the forums on Verizon's own website. It is a myth that Verizon is the best and so much better. In some areas they are on top in others they are on the bottom. Quit with all the fan boy BS, please. AT&T carries more smart phone data than Verizon's, sorry but true. Verizon probably has the edge on laptop data. So both networks carry huge amounts of data. Verizon has more 3G coverage no arguments. Most data such as email (non video or photo) and texting works fine on 2.5G.
If (and that is a HUGE IF IMO) Verizon finally gets the iPhone in 2011 and there are huge amounts of new subscribers and people upgrading to iPhones we will see how well Verizon's network handles it. The only provider that has a fair amount of room for subscriber growth is Sprint. I doubt Sprint or T-Mobile will see the iPhone soon, which is a real shame. If Verizon pays a huge premium to keep the iPhone off of Sprint and T-Mobile (and US Cellular and other regionals), I hope they all sue Verizon to death. I hate exclusives with a particular phone on one provider, but a deal like the rumored Verizon payoff is bad for all. I would like the iPhone on any provider that wants it and has the capability to handle it.

If I decided to use VZW--i'd wait for the LTE network access using their smartphone (iphone or whatever) VZW decides to release.

Also, most people don't know where the others are posting from, so how can you make any judgements on anyone's carrier choice? Also, let's not forget that the iPhone isn't even available until early next year in large swaths of the Midwest where at&t is making the conversion of Alltel CDMA areas they acquired from VZW to UMTS. Those people have to wait anyway. Here in Southern Illinois there are large areas where the iPhone is not even a choice because AT&T does not even sell to those areas and has not deployed any native coverage in those areas. If you have great AT&T coverage, great. That doesn't mean AT&T is great for everyone.

If you have an iPhone, download Speedtest.net and compare data speed with Verizon. You'll be surprised with the results!

Please realize that my mentally challenged son has no friends and is therefore quite lonely. It brings him great joy to post "first" in the comments section of a recently released article. This small thing is the only sense of victory that my son ever has, aside from hitting the toilet when he tries to pee standing up, so please be easy on him.
Daytona get away from the computer and come downstairs right now. I need to tighten your helmet strap and replace your drool sponge.

Shouldn't 1 of the considerations be the lack of a data CAP on Verizon? Lets face it, these devices use data whether we request them to or not. The existence or lack of a data cap may be the deciding factor for many. I kind of think Verizon may use the iPhone as a catalyst to impose a data cap though... just a thought.

Does anyone have idea when Verizon will come out with the Iphone. Will it be Jan/Feb or later. Contract are up and family wants the IPhone. Should we switch to ATT or stay with Verizon.

verizon is expensive. just come to sprint also for us non rich people. competition is good and will mean cheaper service to all. i say come to all carriers in the u.s.

Verizon will move to data caps sooner rather than later. Only question is whether they let people get unlimited contracts first as a way to gain early adaption, then switch.

I like AT&T better than verizon, so nope. If you have ever had to deal with verizon's customer service... It would change your thoughts.

Not to mention, verizon doesn't support data while on the phone, correct? I need that. It's the whole point of owning a smart phone. To be able to do things (like getting directions or looking up a number on yp or email) while on the phone.

Voice and Date along with 5+Mbps 3G AT&T service would make me or anyone in my area get the iPhone NOW. This is on top of making a decision about something that has NOT happened yet, again has NOT happened like what being said would happen that past how many years. If you're in the market for the iPhone the time is NOW.

@OmariJames I agree with you. If AT&T is so back, what about all the BlackBerry and other users that use that network. For some reason you don't hear them complaining about dropped calls. I know two really well and they have no problem with AT&T. I would love to see real independent call data by network, area, and phone.

I was with AT&T wireless from the beginning of the iPhone 2G through iPhone4. I worked previously with Sprint & Verizon wireless. In all my years I have never felt more confident in recommending the iPhone to my customers on AT&T network. Does this mean that the iPhone on Verizon will provide a more enjoyable experience?!? Possibly, but it really comes down to coverage in the area. All three of the wireless companies have drop calls for it is wireless.

It really depends on the coverage in YOUR AREA. Don't judge what the media has said. They always blow stuff over.
T mobile? No way. It needs to be on a REAL network.

No one has mentioned one other great alternative. The ipod touch really is an iphone with no phone and no contract. If at&t stinks in your area but you really want an ios device try the touch. I have a rooted droid x that I can use for free wifi tethering. The droid x does everything I need and want in a phone but my son loves the touch and the ease of use for a three year old is amazing. The lack of data caps on Verizon is also significant. I use between 6 and 8 gigs a month and that would cost me a small fortune every month on an iphone on att.

ohhh noo its a big mistake waiting too long i waited for the white iphone to come out since they where announce waited and waited until i dint have another joice to get the black iphone 4 so noo i would wait that long.....

Verizon, and AT&T has great coverage in my area. I was an alltel customer when verizon bought them out. Customer service not as good. No mater which company, they are in the business to make money. Verizon has already been in trouble for charging data fees that were never used. Class action suit on that. Get the best deal, and data plan by looking closely at what is offered.

Everyone has a data cap except for t mobile with Tethering. Their speeds are the best now. Verizon is a myth. Tmobile USA needs to step up and offer an iPhone. Actually all the carriers should offer the iPhone for competitive pricing and reduction of network congestion. I have the 3GS and if tmobile gets it I will use it and tether. Goodbye att wireless and att uverse.

I have iphone 4 and usually have no problems (ironically just dropped a call). I say those who have great Verizon coverage should run, not walk, over to Verizon if and when they offer it. Agree that this subject has been hashed over way too much.

With my iPhone 4 I have been getting 6 mbps speeds. I am extremely happy with AT&T. Zero drop calls. I left Verizon for AT&T and I am happy I did and will NEVER go back. I had Verizon when they were airtouch . They are very expensive and with there new data prices People will be pissed when they find the total coast. Estimated cost with phone data and text around $120 each phone per month . No WAY

I am waiting for the Iphone on Verizon. I'm only 11 days into my bill cycle and have used 3.1GBs of data. :( I just bought bf new Iphone4 for xmas. He has att and will stay with them b/c he has unlimited data. But I want one so bad it hurts. I only settled for my Droid Incredible. :(