T-Mobile HSPA+ network upgrade promises iPhone support

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T-Mobile recently announced the details their plans to upgrade to LTE in 2013 thanks to a chunk of the 1900 MHz spectrum they earned through the busted-up AT&T deal. Those upgrades will also include enhancements on HSPA+, which should support the iPhone. Of course, that doesn't necessarily mean that T-Mobile will be selling the iPhone any time soon, but they've been more than happy to accommodate iPhone-toting AT&T expatriates so far, and this HSPA+ expansion should make that job much easier.

We're holding out for an LTE-capable iPhone 5 to hit the streets this fall, but even if T-Mobile has their first LTE markets ready early on in 2013 and manages to lock down an agreement with Apple to sell it, it will be at least three or four months behind the other major U.S. service providers. That's going to be a steep handicap, especially considering Sprint will keep offering unlimited plans for the foreseeable future.

Any T-Mobile customers out there itching to get HSPA+ on their iPhones? Would any of you on AT&T be willing to switch to T-Mobile if you knew you could keep your wireless data speeds?

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T-Mobile HSPA+ network upgrade promises iPhone support


I would love to switch to t-mobile if they up'd their speeds. However I have an unlimited data plan and I dont know if im willing to give that up. Especially since Im one of those people who gets the "Due to you usage your speeds will be throttled" messages...

I was an extremely happy 10 year customer of t mobile and the only reason why I jumped ship was that it did not have the iphone (was getting way to bored with blackberry and had bad experience, albeit very short with android). Cannot give enough praise and accolades to iphone, but would certainly go back to tmobile if it officially had iphone, even if only 3G since most of my usage on any smart phone is done on wi-fi anyway. Have supurb coverage in my metro area with Tmobile for many years. never, never had billing problem or service problem and always, always the very best customer service experience. If you have great coverage with tmobile, like I do in my respective area, there should be no reason to pay ATT or Verizon pricing for iphone. If you have great tmobile coverage and tmobile gets the iphone, I would suggest to anybody that they go with tmobile.