How To: Troubleshoot iPhone 3.0 Battery Life Problems

Push Notification 20% Hit on Battery Life?

No doubt about it, issues with battery life remain a hot topic for iPhone 3.0 and iPhone 3GS users.

Now, if your battery drain is caused simply by use -- you never put the iPhone (or iPod touch) down and are always playing games, pushing IMs, watching movies, etc. your only choice is to get a few more charging cables or battery extenders. If, however, you're doing roughly the same things you've always done and getting substantially less battery life for your troubles, there's a chance a few troubleshooting steps might just help get your power problems back under control.

Reboot iPhone

If, all of a sudden, your iPhone starts burning through battery and getting hot at the same time, there could be a "rogue process" just churning away in the background. The answer to that is a good old-fashioned power cycle.

Hold down the sleep button until the red "Slide to power off" arrow appears. If your iPhone is frozen or otherwise in dire straights, you can hold down the home button at the same time as the sleep button to force quit all applications and bring up the red arrow. Then just swipe, let the iPhone turn off, wait a few seconds, and hold down the sleep button again to turn your iPhone back on.

Redo Push

Since iPhone 2.0 we've seen Push gone wrong really cause a hit to battery life. With 3.0, Push Notification means not only could mail, calendar, and contacts start misbehaving in the background, but your IM, Twitter, games, and all sorts of other apps can as well.

Apple says Push can cause a 20% drop in battery life, but if you think yours is worse then it should be, the next step is to redo anything that involves Push, including MobileMe and Exchange accounts, and apps using Push Notification. Now, you might want to try doing one at a time, check your battery life, and if you don't notice any improvement, try the next one. If you find the culprit quickly, that approach could save you some time. If you just want to get it over with, you might want to do them all at once.

For the accounts, go to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, choose your MobileMe and/or Exchange accounts, scroll down to the bottom and hit delete. For apps, go to Settings > Notifications and look at the list of any apps using Push Notification. Go back to the Home Screen, hold down the home button until the icons start to jiggle, and delete the Push Notification app.

Then, for accounts, go back to Settings > Mail, Contacts, Calendars, hit Add Account..., choose Mobile Me and/or Exchange, and re-enter your settings. For Push Notification apps, either sync them back from iTunes or go to the App Store app and re-download them.

Restore as New iPhone

We won't lie to you -- this is the nuclear option. It's scorched earth. But to be frank, we at TiPb almost always default to this step because it almost always "just works". We do this every time we get a new firmware and every time we notice something just isn't right, and we have excellent battery life to prove it.

To restore your iPhone as new and get a fresh, clean start, attach it to your Windows or Mac via the USB cable and launch iTunes. A Restore button should be front and center on the screen. Hit it, then wait as iTunes goes through the laborious process of wiping your iPhone and installing the firmware again from scratch.

IMPORTANT: When iTunes asks if you want to restore your data from backup or set up as a new iPhone, choose NEW iPHONE.

Yes, you will lose your settings and any data saved in apps that don't provide some sort of sync functionality, but it's possible (even likely) some corruption in those settings or data is contributing to your poor battery life, and with an appliance like the iPhone, this is the only way to get rid of it.

This will also kill your Jailbreak, if you're jailbroken. But if something in your Jailbreak was killing your battery life, like backgrounder gone awry, trying out your iPhone without the Jailbreak is a good way to establish that.

Once your iPhone is set up as new, you can sync your info and media back over using the iTunes tabs as normal, and/or setup accounts and download apps on the iPhone itself.


iPhone 3.0 and iPhone 3GS should have roughly the same battery life for you as iPhone 2.2.1 and the iPhone 3G. If you're getting something substantially less than that, there could be something wrong with your iPhone 3.0 install or your iPhone 3GS' system.

Rebooting the iPhone, redoing Push-enabled applications, and restoring your iPhone as new are three escalating steps you can try to fix your battery problems.

Let us know how they work for you.

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Rene Ritchie

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How To: Troubleshoot iPhone 3.0 Battery Life Problems


set up a new iphone.....god that sucks! I have Waaaaay to much info in my notes, idiary and other apps to reset as new phone.
what if you set up as new phone and then sync from backup? would that accomplish the same exact thing as syncing from back from the get go?

If you use the back up, you'll just restore the same problem you had.. you have to start from scratch.. sorry.

Good post. I know this should be almost common knowledge by now but I stilll see people in various forums complaining about battery life/heating and asking what to do.

I had a major problem with a hanging app that had not been uodated by the developers for 3.0. When I tried to use it, it just kept, unbeknownst to be, trying to work and draining my battery in the process My battery on my days old 3GS was at 14% after less than 3 hours of use. I had a diagnostic done at Apple which showed potential problem apps. Once I deleted the offender, I was back to the battery life pattern I had with my old 3G.

@james: I agree. This is part of the problem with the way the phone manages data + apps, though. If they gave you real access to a file system, you could selectively restore application data.
Syncing everything through one click of a button in itunes is awesome...but only when it works.

Rene, when you write that you have good battery life, can you put a number to that? I get about 12 - 15 hours of standby with about 2.5-3.5 hours of mixed (phone, email, web) use. Is that "good" in your books?

I re set up my 3g as a new phone and it sent it to AT&T saying I started a whole new contract ! And had to have them go back and fix my account . Has this happened to anyone else ?

i would have mentioned turning off the location services as i have seen a huge increase of battery life with it off. i only turn it on when i need it

i think 3.1 will fix these battery issues. i'm getting great battery life out of beta2. i can go a full day on 50% battery. that's with mail set to fetch every 15 min, push textfree, facebook, twitter, etc

@victor. Good question. I've been trying to guage how good/bad my battery life is on my 3GS after I jailbroke it. I'm averaging about a 10% drop per hour while letting the iPod run in the background and surfing on the 3G connection. Location services and wifi are off. This seems quite worse than my old iPhone 3G and my 3GS before it was jailbroken. Anyone else have this kind of battery life?

@YaletownYuppie: before blaming it on the jailbreak, remember to account for the apps you've installed, cause if it is like winterboard and other mobile substrate stuff of it is highly probable it's gonna be worst.
But just a jail-broken phone with no app that are harsh on the battery shouldn't be that much of a difference

I do all the same things I've done since my first 2G iPhone plus minor 3G usage since the 3G came out and I'd have to say my battery life is at least 10% longer than it has ever been. Push is off, WiFi is always on.

buy a juice pack air and live with it. IF you wanted a phone that has awsome battery life it would be the size of a brick.

How are you complaining about an installed app burning battery on your phone when they can't run in the background?
Yaletown, my usage is similar to yours except I may do some more browsing and less music but I get around the same battery life as you. When I'm done with music I notice that the iPod app will still run in the background (I use Free Memory to monitor my system resources) so I force quit that when I'm finished (hold down sleep/wake button until Slide to Power Off pops up then hold home button until you see the home screen).

I had problems with my iPhone battery and yesterday I got a brand new replacement at the Apple store!

Bottom line is mobile devices need to look for better newer battery or power supply technologies. They continue to increase specs and ramp up performance but we still have shit batteries.

Well in 2.2.1 I had a problem with an app not wanting to delete itself so I restored FROM BACKUP. And it worked. It seems to delete everything you had and put it back good as new so maybe restoring could help depending on the situation.

I have a jailbroken 3gs and I use a Mophie Jiuce Pack. I use 3g, mail, text, and phone heavy all day. Wifi always on. Some ATT Navigator. I have SB Settings and Intelliscreen running. I am a contractor, so my phone get used heavy all day. Many days in a basement while the phone searches for a signal....
The Mophie is usually wiped out by 3:00 - 3:30, and I get through the rest of the day on OEM power. Maybe a quick sync/top off when I get home.
I ALWAYS am concerned about battery levels.
I want to restore with a new phone, but I dont want to deal with ATT anymore than I have to. Hopefully the post above is a fluke.

Fred, why don't you wait until the phone is low on power before you turn on the juice pack? You'll be able to get more usage.
Well, that's what the Mophie juice pack's instructions said might work best.

Hello hello... People please help with my 3.0 3gs my maps seem's not 2 work it keeps bouncing around hope I'm not the only one which I no I'm not GPS on 3.0 not working..

Mine has the battery drain problem. i did a hard reset by pressing home and sleep/wake till the apple logo shows and after that all is fixed. now i use my phone like normal and still get a good day and a half once nearly having 2 days with about 8 hours of usage.

I have a battery drain problem. Did the reset but it seems like every few min my percentage drops from my 3gs.

OK I am new to iphones (coming from the world of BB's where charging once every 2 or 3 days is enough) so I didn't know what to expect and when I was getting 4 to 6 hours before I was fully drained I thought that was normal. Unacceptable but normal. I compared my set-up to a friend's who had the same services enabled but who got tremendously better battery life and realized what was sucking down my power...I have AT&T Nav and had location services set to on. Wow that baby was constantly pinging for gps signals and caused my phone to run hot and battery life to be next to useless. Shut down location services and problem solved.

I just jail broke my phone and was getting horrible life. After I installed sbsettings I could easily turn services on and off and kill processes as well as "free memory". Unless I'm leaving wifi and need data I turned locatio. Services, edge, 3g, and push off. Since sbsettings let's you just swipe the top of thephone And then quickly toggle things it makes it fast. Now I'm getting really good life - better than prejailbreak. This is purely because now I can see what's going on. I also have it disay the amount of avail le memory next to the time at the top. This allows me to see if I need to close a process or hit the "free memory" button in "processes" within sbsettings. I was previously nervous about jailbreaking but now I couldn't be happier. I have better battery life due to having more power to control settings, I have categories so I can tidy up my springboard, I have cycorder so I can take video on my 3g and backgrounder so if I am expecting a skype call I can hear it ring now when it's "closed". Obviously leaving skype on in the background will not help battery life :)

Worked for me: turned off all push (mail + apps),
now iPhone runs forever (comparing to previous)! I can do without being pushed around!!!

I find that by turning off location,wifi and Gps systems it gives me about 60% increase of batterry life per week under the same conditions pre turning off those systems. It is also best to service the battery by completly draining the battery at least once per month and giving it a full charge. This will also add extra life to your battery in any mobile phone.

Push has to be on for "Find my iPhone" to work. Even though I had always left it off before because I'd heard it drained battery life, I figure that's a good reason to leave it on.

for all ya newbee's out there:

I agree on main points with Strange. Under OS 2.2.x I was REALLY happy with performance of my iphone 3G battery (and gadget itself, no hickups at all). I had to charge it (OK, moderate use, for me it is primarily a phone) every 3-5 days.
After upgrading to OS 3.0 the maximum I got was 2 days + 3 hours, and that was when I left it at home in stand-by mode on a fixed place with strong 3G signal (all settings were the same as always, meaning push, wifi, notifications all off; location services and 3G on). And before that I made a hard reboot.
The conclusion is that OS 3.0 even in a stand-by mode juices about 2% of the battery (under OS 2.2.x it was obviously less then 1%). And that's is simply it. I have tried every trick I found on web (including restoring as a new iphone).
For you guys who are heavy users who drain the phone in less then one day it is not important (maybe even invisible), but for people like me (or Strange) it has halved the performance of the battery (and with it, I must say, my satisfaction with iphone).

Eu estou tendo problema na bateria do meu iphone versão 3.0.1, que esta com pouca duraçao da bateria. Como resolver.
I am having problem in the battery of mine iphone version 3.0.1, that this with little duration of the battery. As to decide.

I may have foud the solution after going thru the Tips above. I reboot my iPhone 3G(S) and synced with iTunes 9.0.1. After charging the iPhone, I left it and the battery drainage is gone. I still have 97% after 8 hours on sleep mode. Unlike before, after 8 hours on sleep mode, battery drained to 20%. Its ridiculous.
Pls try it out.

Hi... My iPhone has battery has suddenly started draining rapidly and I don't understand why. I have had no problems up until the last few days. My push notifications are off. I access email manually, rarely use itunes, rarely surf the net. In fact I use it mostly for calls and texts. This morning after a 3 minute call my iphone (which was fully charged) dropped from 100% to 75% battery which seems a bit much to me. Does anyone have any advice? I've been through the settings etc and done everything but a full restore.

Leanne - same thing for me! Friday mine started using 20% of the battery without any use at all. It was dead Friday morning after I unplugged from a full charge before I went to bed. I charged to 20% and it was dead less an an hour later. I fully charged and did not use it but to check the battery status each hour - 20.5%. If I barely use it ie, check time a few times, check mail, log on to facebook, it will die in about 3 hours. I already had everything off that everyone states is a problem. So tried deleting my email accounts, took off every account that has push and 15.5%. I am going to do a restore tonight. If it does not work I am going to go in to Apple, I wanted to try everything first so they do not send me home with the same problem. Before this I could go at least a day without charging and normal use and I listen to a lot of audiobooks.
Anyone else started experiencing this problem in the last few days?

Mine started this problem within the last three days. Prior to that I was amazed at my battery life only needing to charge every couple of days unless I sat and played with the phone a lot which is to be expected. It would only drop about 2 or 3% an hour on standby. Suddenly it started dropping 20-25% an hour on standby. Tried rebooting and deleted most of my apps, but it didn't help. Yesterday I restored to new phone, installed only my email (exchange). Went to bed last night fully charged. Dead this morning. I'm going to shut off push and see how it does, but I had push on before with no problem. Trying to think what changed three days ago I'm not sure but this may have started for me with the release of MMS services. If turning off push doesn't do anything I will restore to new again and not accept the upgrade to service change. See what happens.

I'm having the exact same problem! Seems to have started 3 or so days ago where my battery now drains at a rate of 10% per hour. Before it would only drain 2-3% per hour. Basically now it won't stay charged for a fully day whereas before I could go 2 days without charging. I wonder if it has anything to do with the Carrier MMS updated we got early this week????

Also having the same exact problem since updating with the Carrier MMS update. Battery wasn't so hot to start with. Now I'm on the way to see my "Genius"!

UPDATE: So u turned off push messaging (for e-mail) altogether and that has fixed my problem altogether---battery life is back to normal.
I will keep PUSH off until Apple fixes this--pretty ridiculous!

I didn't use my iPHONE but once today, and it wasn't for long. My phone at 52% by 11:45, still no use by 1:07 it was at 32% then dead by 2:45 when i next checked. What is wrong? I have the new 3GS and its been working fine the past two months except an occasional freeze up

Well i had the same problem... i restored my OS via itunes... it worked. Battery life is back to normal.
Pls do not update to OS 3.1 it sucks!!

If i turn on Push notifications, my iphone it's very hot!! in 20 min my battery it's empty and no chance to recharge with push notifications ON. What can i do?

Is there a way to get notes off the device (I sync with Windows). I have my calendars syncing with Google, it's just Notes really I'd like to keep.

I love TextFree, but discovered it was the cause of 80% of my battery loss.
Try it for yourself..

  1. Check your usage (from the setting page). Write down Usage & Standby times.
  2. Put you iPhone to sleep (top button) for 10 minutes.
  3. Check the usage again. Roughly same usage, and 10 extra Standby minutes (good)
  4. Check your usage and Standby again.
  5. Open the TEXTFREE application.
  6. As soon as TextFree comes up, click the top button to put your phone to sleep.
  7. After 10 minutes, turn the phone back on and check the Usage and Standby times. +10 Usage and +10 Standby. (and your phone will be warm).

I've had my 3GS for just a couple months. I recently updated to 3.1.2 and now my battery randomly drops in about 20% chunks and the battery life is just generally unreliable. I had less than 2 hours of usage with 47% battery life. Then I held in the sleep/wake button and then held down the home button until the phone turned off. It didn't show the revolving circle when it turned off and then took a while to turn on but when it did, I gained 10% of battery life. Battery life just seems unpredictable on this new update.
Uh oh I just used up 6% more of my battery just complaining about it.

Same problem here....couple of days ago, battery was hot. You could see the drain on the battery indicator (from 100% to nothing in about an hour). rebooted, same issue.....Let it charge for awhile, same issue. this morning, the issue seems to have itself resolved, as the iphone is behaving normally. I already have an appointment with the geniuses at the genius bar.....wondering what they will tell me

I have a jailbroken 3g and I wAs wondering about my battery life. At first when i had barley restored my iPhone(as a new iPhone because the battery got extremely hot), synced it with iTunes to put in music, apps, info and all that. Then I jailbroke. Once jailbroken i didn't do much wit the cydia app cuz I didn't have much time on my hands to add more things to my phone. So I went about a week or two with my phone like this. I still noticed the phone getting extremely hot and I know it's not my apps cuz before all this I tried to keep my iPhone "app-less" and battery still extremely hot. It got so hot that I got a blister on my finger and a part of my palm. I'm sure I'm no doing anything to cause the blisters, so I'm pretty sure it's the overheating phone. Anyways, the battery life was decent. I turned off everything through settings and got about from 6:45am(time I left my home) to about 1:50pm on standby and the battery was at about 45%
once I got home I might text (at least about 30 incoming/outgoing) , maybe send 1 at most 2 emails. My battery would be dead by 3:30 pm.
TheN after I put the winterboard app I didn't notice a significant drop. It stayed about the same because now I also used SBsettings and used that to turn off everyting (and kill unwanted processes). And battery is same. But I still get the hot iPhone. I have a cheap silicon case my sister gave to me and use that to prevent from getting injured by the phone. The screen may get warm but the back of the phone is what is the main source of heat.
Also noticed that ever since the iPhone got hot my camera stopped working. The camera app opens but then it gets stuck on the part where the lens are supposed to open. They stay closed (on the screen) so I can't get any visual input on my iPhone and I enjoy taking pictures. It's something I miss.
Any help or advice would be excellent. Please help.
I'm thinking about buying the mili power pack, but I don't want to have a battery drainage problem on my phone.

My new 3GS suddenly started getting hot and draining the battery very quickly (2-4 hours). It had been working fine for 6-7 weeks.
I did a complete erase and restore, to no avail. The second time, I didn't restore and -no more hot iPhone, so that proved it wasn't hardware. When I reset and restored again, all was well!
I reset my (old) 3G before I sold it, and that took well over an hour, but the 3GS completes this in a minute or two. Is this normal? Any feed back would be appreciated.
So, my experience is, do a backup and you won't lose anything.

Bill, do u have any idea I would go about backing up jailbreak apps?
Because if I restore. I will lose my jailbreak apps. (I think)

Since a week or so battery drained within 3 to 4 hours. After having read this article disabled all push settings for various apps. Immediately experienced a big improvement on battery time. Now will try to enable some off the push settings again.

Enabled push for Exchange mail again, immediate deterioration of battery life time. Seems that this happens since the latest firmware update of IPhone: 3.1.2

very relieved to discover this discussion. i thought it was just me. taken your push-off advice, and now I'll wait and see. are there particular apps that drain more than others?

My i-phone version is 3.0.1 and suddenly my batt has started to drain down. It works only for 6hrs in a day, without using any application. It will full charged in the morning, and drained down at 1:00pm, and i have not even received one phone call or even used any apps. It's just been over 5 months that I have bought this phone, which means it's still under warrently. I have got this phone from New Zealand, and now im based in India. Do you suggest me to send this phone back to NZ to replace or does restoration really help?

I have an iPhone 2g that was lucky to get 3 hours battery life with wifi and airplane mode on. I turned off location services and the mail fetching to manual, and I am 4 hours into my battery with 58% remaining. Under both circumstances, I had airplane mode on, wifi on, and Bluetooth off doing wifi browsing. This also allows the iPhone to run much cooler.

I have a 3gs and experiencing the battery life problems just as everyone else after upgrading to the new code of firmware. I followed the restore as new iPhone and it has seemed to work so far. Beware though that all of your text messages and camera roll will be erased. I found out about the text's the hard way. Thanks for the advice cause for now my iPhone's battery life is good. For now! :)

I have a 2g iphone and my battery kicks all your butts, when I talk about battery drain I get maybe 5 min on a app on a full charge. My phone is on life support and always on a charger now.

i have the same problem i only have 10 hrs stnby time but i did something took off my sim and it is still on after i use ipod on my speakers with almost full bat, i think the issue is the 3g is searching for internet signals even if its disabled

How can Apple truly allow this to continue? All of a sudden I started to lose about 1% per minute when in use and 1% every 10 min when not in use. With the solution being a total wipe, they will NEVER gain ground on RIM. I tell you, I'm almost wishing I'd stayed with a BlackBerry right now. Note the "almost", but that could change either way. Yet another example of why Apple needs to open up their systems. Other platforms also have their issues, but with a more open mentality, they don't linger like this. Wake up Apple, please! I want to love my iPhone again!

The App's drain the bat. Im 3GS on 3.1 and bat. was till yesterday pretty fine aprox 2-3days, with 1-2 hour of talking and with average usage of internet e-mails, games etc. No Push, No notifications except on two app's. Day before yesturday I bought an app and next morning around 08AM I took it of from charger, till 21PM it was on 17%, half an our later was on 6%, I wasn't even sure when did I took it from the charger, was it in the morning or morning before, then I remembered...and then I decided to delete that(awesome n***)app and did an restart, home+sleep hold till apple logo shows, after that everything was like before. It's some kind of bug I guess. That was wery disappointing from Apple, did not have any problems with iphone till that one. I do not do any firmware update unless it's no round number 3.0/3.1 no 3.1.2 and similar updates, but that's just my precept. Try that restart before you do something like full restore in itunes... That sound's like pain...

Same issue with me. Battery depletes by 1% every min in use and about 1% every 10 mins when not. When I wake up in the morning, the phone is completely dead. I have "restored" on many occassions and I've actually gotten apple to even give me a new, albiet refurbished" 3gs and it still has the same issue. Restore is the only thing that works but after about 30-45 days, the issue seems to come back.
Question: lonbeehold said he was able to isolate problem apps - how can I do this? After I restore, I have always done a sync to get my apps, music and video back on my phone. If I can delete the apps that are potential problems, I would happily do that.

I will never buy another apple product again, they must have known about this problem with battery life. Probably shipped a couple million units of to Africa and a big department store will give them away for almost free with a pay as you go package, :) You have to love to INtyernational TRade!

Hey, Peter
I'm in Africa and I can tell you we pay twice the price you pay for your Apple products. No Apple warranties - so no automatic replacements for defective products. We have the same problems as you guys, but have to pay through our teeth for any good service and do not have the option of nearby "genius" technician talent. So, don't understand your comment on loving International Trade!

Guys, it is MobileMe and its Fetch/Find phone. Turn off that and the battery is nice and cool. Sad, because that's the only thing that worked nicely with my MobileMe. Nice feature but if battery dries out quick, no sattelite can find the phone anyway.

Same problem here, about 4 hours battery life in sleep mode. If I turn it off when not in use the battery will not deplete so I can assume its a firmware issue. I am currently running 3.1.3.

Not much seems to work unless I drop apps that I have had before. I just dropped 6 apps to try to help batterlife. Does not help. Now I lose calls while in my own house. the power ratio will unexplainably drop. AT&T claims there is no change in their towers and it must be the iPhone. Great finger pointing as iPhone says it must be the carier. Someone please say, we goofed and will help fix it. Seems everyone is like BP, afraid to admit they are part of the problem.
My wife has no problems with her cell phone and AT&T coverage (she does not have an iPhone). Hmmmmm!

I have a 3g n I went to go charge it n my phone didn't acknowledge the charger but I stayed on the next day it went red 20% life the battery won't change but I'm still using it I'm afraid to take it off the charge.....IDK what's wrong w if n I can buy another iPhone no one has any n I not paying $500 for a new iPhone 4!

my Iphone has worked great for the last 2 years but suddenly 2 weeks ago it only remained charged fore about 6 hours on standbye befor 2-3 days replaced the battery same problem ,then i downloaded battery doctor it has been off the charger now for 28 hours and 70% battery remaining have phoned and emailed.
i dont know if this is a coincedence and the new battery is doing its job or the battery doctor

Iphone 3G, 3.0, battery is completely drained out. Now its not even charging using either USB or power cord. I can follow all the steps mentioned in this article only once the phone is switched on. But the phone is not getting charged or switched on at all. Please Help!!!

Hi guys. I'm facing the same issue on my iPhone 3gs 3.1.3. Some of the cydia apps are majorly responsible for the battery drain. Because they work

Same problem as 24 - Neeraj. Phone showing red battery warning, been attached to charger and then laptop but no difference. Desperate for assistance. Live in SAfrica - we can't even buy a new battery here!!

My iphone battery drains in two hours and I am not even using the apps. What good are apps for if they drain your phone this fast? Can't wait for my contract to be up....not going with an iphone again!

Hi, I am Using Iphone3GS 4.3.1. I have faced with this problem several times after I upgrade it to 3.1.3... problem stays 3 or 4 days than it goes. but now. failure came 2 weeks ago and it is not going :(


I love my iPhone but the battery life was terrible. I tried deleting apps, changing settings but nothing worked....until, I changed the setting to stop the push of e-mails. Problem solved! Battery life is now about 18-24 hours even when "pulling" e-mails frequently or using multiple apps.

i phone 3gs was plug in all day n now wont turn on plug it in to my computer the apple shows up n goes away again then black screen will flicker n continuesly does that when plug to the computer any idieas of whats going on

Like many people out there I have a 3gs that was jailbroken with redsn0w 0.9.6b6 (now has Ipad baseband) and unlocked with Ultrasn0w stuck in recovery mode. I have been googleing for days and everyone out there is throwing around ideas about how to resolve the problem but I am fearful of causing more damage. Is there a thread to a solution done (for Windows os) by a knowledgeable person that you know of?

I have recently started a blog, the information you offer on this site has helped me greatly. Thanks for all of your time & work.