Tuesday Fright Video: Windows 95 Ported to iPhone

I forget if this brings us 4 minutes to midnight or only 5 on the official app-ocalypse clock, but duck and cover because Windows 95 has been ported to run on an iPhone.

Ish. Gizmodo, via GoodiPhone, has the deets:

The hack makes use of a standard Windows 95 image and the Bochs emulator, though as you can expect, the performance is thoroughly crummy. They're working on getting Windows XP to work too. An abomination, I say.

So say we all.

But hey, at least it wasn't Windows ME...

Rene Ritchie

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There are 19 comments. Add yours.

RobbPell says:

I guess its cool, kinda like playing atari games on the ps3!

icebike says:

Is it really a port?
Or is it just running under an emulator?
My understanding was you couldn't port what you don't have source code for, because you need to recompile.

angelsniper45 says:

That aint a mac hes running. Anybody got guides on running the os x on a pc?

tweger01 says:

Would of been better had it of crashed.

Confused says:

I don't understand win 95 on an iPhone???, does that
mean I could run photoshop (early version) on an
iPhone? And unreal tournament, doom etc?

Daynah says:

Why port Windows 95 to an iPhone?
"Because we can!"
Loved this. :)

Sachin says:

What about Vista ..it does not work well on PC may become instant hit on iPhone...Ha ha..

IPhone 3G owner!! says:

Didn't someone make an app similar to thiss around April of this year? Then it turned out it was an April fools joke. Maybe this is real. Although, I don't know why someone would want to use windows on such a heavenly device???

iShirk says:

Yeah its a mac... see the word "Macbook" on the side?

sting7k says:

And this is how people want to spend their lives?

Dealwagon says:

Why does the screen NOT MATCH whats on the phone?

Truth says:

Now port android or webos.

The Reptile says:

How does one hit control-alt-delete on an iPhone running Win-95 or any version for that matter?

Truth says:

@The Reptile
BSODs only happen when people mix old ass hardware with advanced copies of Windows, either that or they just don't know what they are doing. Don't act like OSX isn't bloated, locks up, or isn't slow because it is and does. Snow Kitty wont be any better.
Win7 is where its at.

Al says:

Will it run Office 95? It booted Windows faster than my 486 ever did!

Ana says:

@Conor -
I use this for work and it works quite well, seriously makes my life so much easier.
I just have the dock installed, but theres 100s of add-ins
rocketdock dot com

lordzod01 says:

Who for the love of leprechauns would want this crap anyway.........