Should I Upgrade to iPhone OS 2.2?

With the Apple's early morning release of the iPhone 2.2 firmware update, that's the exact question many people will be asking. Hey, we at TiPb asked it ourselves -- and then blindly pushed and shoved our way to the iTunes tethers!

So what's new in iPhone 2.2, is it awesome enough for you to update, and who should stay clear at all costs?

Answers after the jump!

What's in the 2.2 Update

According to Apple, iPhone version 2.2 includes the following:

This update contains many bug fixes and improvements, including the following:

  • Enhancements to Maps
    • Google Street View
    • public transit and walking directions
    • display address of dropped pins
    • share location via email
  • Enhancements to Mail
    • resolved isolated issues with schedule fetching of email
    • improved formatting of wide HTML email
  • Improved stability and performance of Safari
  • Podcasts are now available for download in iTunes application (over Wi-Fi and cellular network)
  • Decrease in call set-up failures and call drops
  • Improved sound quality of visual voicemail messages
  • Pressing the Home button from any Home screen takes you to the first Home screen
  • Preference to turn on/off auto-correction in Keyboard Settings

Products compatible with this software update:

  • iPhone
  • iPhone 3G

In addition, there have been some minor UI tweaks, which you can check out in our new iPhone 2.2 Screenshot gallery.

Who Should Update?

While some may feel, especially given recent history, that best practices are to wait a few days for the guinea pigs... er... early adopters to kick the tires and discover any deal-breaking bugs, if you're already suffering from any of the problems listed above, especially Email fetch woes, crashing Safari browsers, or want the latest security fixes, then bite the bullet and update asap. Likewise, the new Google Maps goodness and direct Podcast downloads had me at beta.

There's always a risk something might go wrong, but you're likely suffering immense frustration already, or really want the new features,the benefits clearly outweigh theoretical drawbacks.

Who Shouldn't Update?

First and foremost: those of you who have jailbroken your iPhone 3G or 2G, or unlocked your 2G need to STEP AWAY FROM THE ITUNES. Read Jeremy's post for the details, but if you upgrade now, you're in for a world of hurt and disappointment later. Bottom line: If you're rolling with a jailbroken or unlocked iPhone, stay clear until you're given the all-clear. We'll always let you know right quick when/if there are any developments in that area.

UPDATE: We forgot to mention, whenever new iPhone firmware comes out, some App Store apps will experience conflicts and stop working. If you're at all worried, or have mission critical apps, wait for others to report problems and make sure all your favs are bullet proof before risking it. (Thanks to everyone who sent this in -- please report any problem apps you find in the comments!)

Likewise, if you're living large on iPhone OS 2.1, and won't absolutely die if you don't get Podcast Downloads now, now, now then you have nothing to lose by hanging back and waiting a few days to make sure 2.2 doesn't crash and burn. Keep reading TiPb, and in a week or so, when confidence levels are high, you can take the plunge -- if you feel like it.


So what's the deal'yo? If you're happy with your 2.x (or even 1.x!) iPhone right now, save yourself the potential pain frustration and wait to update until there's a compelling reason to update.

If, on the other hand, 2.1 is giving you nothing but headaches, or the 2.12features are must-haves, go ahead and update now. Things can't get any worse, can they? Can? They?

Whatever you do, let us know. And if you do run into problems, be sure to head on over to our forums where Bad Ash has the crew in full force!

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Reader comments

Should I Upgrade to iPhone OS 2.2?


Anyone who has a pwned iphone and wants to jump to v2.2, don't worry about it, I just updated to day with the itunes update button, you lose the jailbreak, but the unlock stays intact - calls work, youtube works, its still activated, so if you don't care about possible bugs that early testers may find, then you can update through itunes, no problem.
Note, if you do experience problems, don't panic, restore to 2.1 (its the same baseband so no trouble there), then repwn your iphone, and finally restore to a custom 2.1 firmware, if you want to try again, it should work fine this time (maybe when you're building the custom firmware, uncheck all the jailbreak options (installer, cydia) as there is not much use for them). It should work.

I have a 2g unlocked no jailbreak running 2.1, I updated via iTunes and it worked fine. If YOU ARE USING A 2G phone, unlock remains fine, but you will lose jailbreak. If you are like me the jailbreak does not provide any needed functionaility and can do without.

I am not happy with this at all. I did not expect to be either. I don't care about the Safari change, I don't care about google maps since I cant use street view anyway.
I want MMS since I am already paying for it (family text plan), I want landscape email keyboard like the bb storm. I really want a user swappable battery for the next phone.

WARNING: 2.2 DOES CHANGE THE BASEBAND. read the link. If you want to unlock 3G any time soon, don't update to 2.1 via iTunes. Wait for the Dev Team custom firmware.

dlp, you may have bought the wrong phone in the first place. Did the sales person at apple or at&t lie to you?

If your not jailbroken definitely update! The overall performance of the iPhone is improved, primarily on safari. Even though I was slightly disappointed with the lack of push gmail and a few other things, it is still a great update! Street view is great in itself and like I said safari crashes much less!

I anyone having trouble with the phone being able to connect to itunes to check for app updates post 2.2? Whenever I click the updates tab on the phone now, it just times out. Sadness.

I downloaded this morning and so far 2.2 works great on my 3G. The overall performance is much snappier than 2.1.
Now if AT&T can just get 3G working again in my area (Orange County, CA) so that I don't have to suffer with EDGE (which is MUCH faster than 3G) right now, I'll be a happy camper.

2.2 works great for me too so far. Fetching email from Gmail account with the phone in a sleep state works fine now (didn't work for me in 2.1).

I must say, Even though the feautures arent anything much to talk about (still some cool stuff though), I love my iPhone twice as much now.
EVERYTHING is running faster, and much much snappier. There seems to be no hesitation, and even all of my apps are running better.
Regardless of the included updates, they did a wonderful job getting the iPhone to perform and run better.
Thanks Apple!!

i am having trouble finding street view after the update.. i see no button for it, when using google maps.. is it possible the update occurred, and changed safari for me (which it did) but not google maps?

At Ryan,
you have to drop a pin on a street-view enabled road. Then there will be a orangish/redish guy on the tab, just click on that and street-view will pop up!

dlp -
A swappable battery really won't work with the iPhone (because it uses a hard drive, unlike the Storm) unless you want to move to a memory card for the storage space. I believe most people would rather have the hard drive than use a memory card!

I am also experiencing "Time Outs" when going to the app update tab. However, I am still on 2.1. Probably an issue with the app store rather than firmware.

They have probably put down the app update feature. It stopped working on both itunes and old/new firmwares with release of new firmware. Probably to conserve network bandwidth.

I updated to 2.2 last night. All was great. Today, every single iTunes app crashes upon launch.
I've tried rebooting. I've tried deleting/re-downloading.
Still can't get an app to come up. Argh!

Is anyone else having trouble sending pics through gmail? Everytime I try to send a pic or attachment it says sender address is invalid. WTF I can get email in my gmail but I can't send anything HELP. I would say contact me thru my email but it could be hopeless LOL.

If you use apps like "Ambiance" or "aSleep" they are broken under 2.2.
When the iPod/iPhone goes to sleep, they go silent.
Just an FYI - made me mad - how do i relax now!

Brilliant! Quick download, no problems with install. Downloading Podcasts is great, but as far as I can see no Subscribe function yet - this is needed. Safari definitely faster and more stable. Google search window in Safari useful too.

I got an update error trying to update my iPhone 3G to 2.2. Now iTunes says my phone needs to restore. Well, after going thru the restore process, at the end it says my phone can not be restored.
This is my 2nd iPhone 3G from Apple. The first 1 had this same problem after updating firmware. Now this one too.
You suck apple! Time to make an appointment at the apple store.

Any suggestions about my above post on the gmail problem. It's really becoming frustrating!!!

Try resetting your Gmail password. I just had to do that, and suddenly 3 pics sitting in my outbasket all day finally cleared.

I've an iPhone 3G with a Turbo SIM adapter, after upgrading to firmware 2.2 (previous version was 2.1), it keeps showing "No service". DO NOT UPGRADE TO 2.2!!! Now I have to manually restore it to previous version.

I bought a locked to AT&T 3G iPhone and used Gervey Turbo SIM on my QTel SIM here in Qatar with no problem at all. Upgraded to V2.2 last night and no have No Service. Tried to restore and can not get rid of v2.2.... how do I go back to v2.1??

got iphone 3g with a turbo sim card in it, on orange in the uk, just upgraded to version 2.2, now have no service! please help sum1! any ideas? really getting fed up with constant problems!

For anyone who is using a sim adaptor on their 3g DO NOT upgrade to 2.2 as it changes the baseband rendering the adaptor useless. As of 23/11/08 there is no way to revert completely to 2.1. Hopefully some bright spark will come up with a way around this.

Glad to help my virtual friend!
And yes, your readers rock :)
The site rocks as well.
I've posted a lot at Apple Discussions helping - I'm "A A P L" over there in the forums...

Ok, for those of you who care, the update means no harm if you are a 2g user. As advised the baseband was not changed so my iPhone 2g unlocked and obviously jailbroken had a smooth ride updating and only things missing are the cidia and all the apps I had including themes etc. iPhone now feels faster and snappier and some had mentioned before really like it so far, the street view is great. If you don't care about cidia you can go ahead and update your 2g iPhone is completely safe and it only took about 4 mins to download and about 3 to install. Good luck and please notice that this is only for the 2g iPhone, don't screw up please, thank you

For those people who have 3g unlocked phone and upgraded to 2.2 by mistake try this website below. I went there to see them today and they have new sims on the way which work on latest firmware. It will cost you but at least you will have your phone working again.

Succesfully updated my unlocked 2.1 2G to 2.2 locked from itunes, run the new quickpwn and get cydia again! The iphone remains unlocked after the process, just don't attempt to unlock from quickpwn or run bootneuter because that will brick your iphone.

Hi people...
I have an iPhone 3G american, i used a turbosim too for using my Vodafone sim and here from italy, ufter have updated to 2.2, I have NO SERVICE too...i think i have updated the baseband too, 'cause I did the update just from the original firmware of iTunes.
I've tried also to jailbreak the iPhone using Quickpwn for windows, and it's been jaibreacked...but it still doesn't work!!!
On an italian iphone forum, i've read that using Pwnage Tool 2.2 we can use it again our "factory-unlocked" iPhone, idon't know if it's true, because it need a Mac and I haven't...
Could some of you try it and let us know what has happened???
P.s. i don't know if your able to understand italian, but if you wanna see the site i was talking about it's this:

NONE of my apps will work after I updated. This includes: Pandora, AirYell, ShopShop, Loopt, Showtimes, Shazam, Facts, AroundMe, Answers.
Very sad about that.

WOOOW... not only do none of my apps work but also when I look at my photos they are all blurry. Usually they adjust right? Well not anymore... definetely pissed!

There is a known bug in the new 2.2 release regarding saving photos from mail or safari. When going into your camera roll to view those saved photos or to use as a wallpaper the picture is distorted and blurred. This problem / bug only occurs (from what I hear) when the pictures are larger than the iphone display resolution.
Heres a link for more info…

I have an unlocked first generation phone and I didn't do my research and I upgraded to 2.2 using itunes. I think i locked my phone. The Tmobile still shows and i can receive and make calls but that's it. It won't leave the "emergency calls only" screen. I am so confused on what to do. Can someone help???

I'v updated from 2.1 to 2.2 when it was done itunes had come up with an ERROR now my iphone wont turn on... all that comes up is (CONNECT TO ITUNES & it has the itunes icon with the USB) i have tryed reseting it everyway i could... iv spoken to apple & they class this as a hardware failure... now i have to send my iphone away...
if any1 has a answer to why this happened it would be much appreciated e-mail me at thanks

For all of you who upgraded your unlocked first gen iphone from 2.1 to 2.2 and now are getting the connect to itunes message, just run quickpwn 2.2 and uncheck the unlock box,there is no need to unlock again! At the enf of the process your iphone will restart again activated, unlocked with cydia and installer ready to work!

I updated to 2.2 (jailbroken) the day after it came out. Now all of my apps are crashing upon opening them, HELP meeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

This happened to me too....but i've found a glitch....
Upgraded from 2.1 to 2.2
used t-mobiel sim w/turbosim and says "No Service", but befor that, it show the signal bars then "No serive"
try this for 2.2 users...
1) put in the simcard w/turbosim
2) immediately call someone or 611(t-mobile cust. service), keep retrying, the call will eventually call, and you can talk, ultil you hang up, then "no serive" comes up. this is because the baseband takes aprox 1/3 of a second to realize that you are trying to spoof your way in...
3) while you are in a call session, press the home button to come to the home screen
4) go to settings>general>network>Cellular data network> and put in "" (for t-mobile carriers only, and make sure data roaming is on)
5) go to safary or google maps and try to create a data will ask to end call blah, blah, blah...
6) hang up the call, then as fast as you can go to safary or google maps and try to load data....
this will lock the baseband open as you have an active open data session, AKA---you have an internet connection, and the baseband will remain open..
so far it's been like this for 24hrs, i think if you restart or remove the sim card it will go off, and you will probably need to do everything above...
try it.. and i am looking forward for feedback...

i just up-grade my jailbroken iphone 2g from 2.2,.. problem is, it cannot play all the song in my playlist,.it is like been set to play only one song and repeat it all over again,.need help,..

I wanted to try upgrading my iphone 3G to 2.2 after reading that it didn't matter if it was unlocked. So I tried to do it using iTunes, but it kept coming up with error numbers each time, with only the iTunes logo and USB cord picture on the screen. After upgrading iTunes, restarting my computer and switching USB ports, nothing worked still so I resorted to downgrading back to 2.1.
Anyone else had this problem but managed to upgrade to 2.2?

Jailbroke my 2G phone from 1.4 (first jailbreak) to 2.2 with Quickpwn. Had the outgoing mail issue but solved it. And I see that I'm not the only one who is having problems with apps not working. Whenever you select one, it goes to splash screen (if the app has one) or blank screen for a second or two, then back to the home screen. Many people have complained about this but there have been no responses to it. So the slick developers who created Pwnage and Quickpwn must be at a loss as to what to do because they are ignoring the posts. So the jailbreak to 2.2 works just fine as long as you don't want to use the App Store or any apps.

I got my iPhone unlocked at a store and now I want to update it to 2.2. The guy who unlocked it said that if I update the phone, it will no longer be unlocked. When I checked cycdia it said YES in green next to 2.2 Does that mean that I can update it?

I have upgraded to the 2.2 and now none of my applications are working is there anyway i can go back to the 2.1 or get my applications to work. This is peeing me off big time

OK so i connected my i phone back to the laptop and let it do its thing and all my applications are working now, fab

HELP i updated my 2G to 2.2 and now i have NOTHING all i get is ITunes saying it is restoring nad never finishes that phone shows the white plug in and itunes logo and nothing else it will not do anything i think i just lost EVERYTHING I AM SO BUMMED need help asap cannot call in or out and cannot turn it off or on - when plugged into i tunes it says it detects a phone that needs restore - restore now so i do and it just hangs :( I am SOOOOOOOOOOOO upset

just used my an iphone 2g 1.1 sumthing firmware, and used it ok for 1 day, then upgraded in itunes the 2.2 version out of curiousity since it was my 1st time to use an iphone. then all bad things happend, the screen just showed the plug and itunes logo, HOW WILL I BE ABLE TO USE THE PHONE AGAIN>?? please help

I had the same damn problem, and im reading everywhere to try and figure this out, il let you know if i get my phone working and how I did..

I have a question and I hope someone can help me!
I have an iPhone 3G that uses OS 2.2 and I use it with a chip that I put in iPhone together with the SIM card; because I use it in a cell network that does not have a contract with apple.
Now my question is... Can I download the new updates for iPhone OS (such as 2.2.1 or the next 3.0 OS) and be sure that the chip I use with the SIM card continues to work and I can continue talk with my iPhone on my network.
With other words, do you think that Apple has detected and included in the OS updates, some kind of “black lists” of SIM chips that unlock iPhone to mobile networks.
If you can help me in this direction, Id be very thankful, because Im afraid to update my iPhone OS without being sure that it will now lock the use of my SIM card.

I have 2g Iphone I got from an Apple shop in the US and I have it updated to 2.1 and I am wondering if it is worth to update to 2.2.
My Skype wont allow me to make a call although it loads and shows all my online buddies and stuff.I can chat via messaging but no speaking.
Is anybody out there who can help.
Also the phone crashes using certain apps after a couple of seconds.Is it safe to update through Itunes or not?
I unlocked it using one of those online pay $30 companies so I am a bit scared to totally fook it up so anyone out there please advise.
Thanks in advance

I have accidentally upgrade from my 2G iPhone firmware from 2.1 to 2.2. To my horror....all my other data (contact / sms) gone missing after I install the new firmware.
I try to reinstall back to 2.1 and only my sms still remains but my contacts are gone. Also, quite many default icon is also missing.
I'm stuck now....can anyone help me pls.

After updating my iphone 3g to 2.2.1, my default icons (mail, contacts...etc.) are missing. What can I do?

the bigest BETA phone of the market with the most bugs in the software the worst drop calls no GPS and no wifi

I have a software locked iphone 2g. lat year when i baught it at that time its OS was 1.1.3 and after that i successfully upgraded to 1.1.4, since then i am at 1.1.4 and it is working fine.
when ever i connect my iPhone to iTunes it asks me whther i want to upgrade to version 3.0. Now i want to know will it be safe for me to upgrade to OS 3? if things go wrong will i be able to go back to my previous version.
Gurus kindly guide me regarding this issue.