Upgrading Your iPhone to 2.0: Windows Preview Gallery

Paul Thurrott, iPhone Lover

Out of the closest iPhone lover Paul Thurrott of the Supersite for Windows got his beige-boxy hands on pre-release version of the iPhone 2.0 software update and the pre-requisite iTunes 7.7 software, and ran the upgrade process through its paces.

His verdict?

[Installing the 2.0 upgrade] is a multi-step and time-consuming process but is largely hands-off. [...] There's a new App Store icon on the home screen, for example, and the Mail application includes prominent links to Microsoft Exchange and MobileMe account types. [...] The old iPod Games entry in the Source list [of iTunes 7.7] has changed to App Store, for example, though selecting it now, before the July 11 launch, displays only whatever iPod Games you've purchased. [...] I'll have a lot more to say about this impressive upgrade in the weeks ahead. So far, so good.

Check out his upgrade gallery, and massive iPhone 2.0 screenshot galleries.

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Reader comments

Upgrading Your iPhone to 2.0: Windows Preview Gallery


a) No, the original iPhone doesn't have a GPS chip. You need an iPhone 3G for that.
b) Yes, but I believe this only works if you're using ActiveSync, which means Exchange on the server-side.

Will the 2.0 software be able to geotag photos using Wi-Fi and Skyhook triangulation on a 1G iPhone?

Geo-tagging typically requires GPS, but we'll have to wait and see if Apple has extended their CoreLocation services to the original iPhone. (Either way, it won't be as precise as the GPS geo-tagging).

It occurs to me Thurrott is using 2.0 on an original iPhone, and the gallery shows a requester to use location info for the camera app, so maybe they are supporting it? (Though Thurrott is on a pre-release, and as we saw with stuff like TimeMachine, features can drop out in final versions).

I am curious as to whether all users will have access to their Exchange email, or only those that have corporate data accounts.