AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone: Which should you choose?

AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone: Which should you choose?

Back in January we compared the AT&T iPhone to the Verizon iPhone but now that the iPhone 4S (and iPhone 4) are offered on both Verizon and AT&T, which carrier should you choose? If you're already tied to one carrier and don't want to pay early termination fees, the decision may be easy; if not, the information can be daunting and overwhelming. TiPb is here to help!

To see a breakdown of prices and features, follow along after the break!

Voice Plans

On the surface, it appears as the though AT&T and Verizon offer the exact same Individual plans. Not quite. All of AT&T's plans include rollover minutes - meaning if you don't use all of your minutes, they are "extra" minutes included in your next cycle. There is also a minor difference in the $39.99 plan - AT&T includes 5000 night and weekend minutes but Verizon offers unlimited. Both carriers include unlimited night and weekend minutes on the other two plans and unlimited Mobile to Mobile on all plans.

Verizon & AT&T Individual Plans (add $20 to include unlimited messaging)

  • $39.99 - 450 minutes
  • $59.99 - 900 minutes
  • $69.99 - Unlimited

Next, let's take a look at the family plans. Both carriers' prices include 2 lines with the ability to add up to 5 lines.

Verizon Family Plans (add $30 to include unlimited messaging)

  • $69.99 - 700 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $89.99 - 1400 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $99.99 - 2000 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $119.99 - Unlimited, $49.99 each additional line

AT&T Family Plans (add $30 to include unlimited messaging)

  • $59.99 - 550 minutes, $9.99 for one additional line (3 lines max)
  • $69.99 - 700 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $89.99 - 1400 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $109.99 - 2100 minutes, $9.99 each additional line
  • $119.99 - Unlimited, $49.99 each additional line

So, if you don't need many minutes nor do you need more than 3 lines, you can save $10 by choosing AT&T. On the other hand, if you need about 2000 minutes, you can save $10 with Verizon if you're willing to have 2000 minutes instead of 2100 minutes.

Data Plans

To have an iPhone 4 on AT&T or Verizon, it is required to purchase a data plan.

Verizon Data Plans

  • $15 - 150 MB
  • $29.99 - Unlimited

AT&T Data Plans

  • $15 - 200 MB
  • $25 - 2 GB

Verizon's unlimited plan is definitely a very appealing option, but if you don't have the need for more than 2 GB, you can save $5 with AT&T's $25 plan or get an additional 50 MB with their $15 plan.

Messaging Plans

SMS and MMS are included in both both AT&T and Verizon's plans. Note that for family plans, these prices are per line. Both carriers will include unlimited messaging on all lines for $30.

Verizon Messaging Plans

  • $5 - 250 messages
  • $10 - 500 messages and unlimited Mobile to Mobile texting
  • $20 - 5000 messages and unlimited Mobile to Mobile texting

AT&T Messaging Plans

  • $5 - 200 messages
  • $15 - 1500 messages
  • $20 - Unlimited

Verizon's $20 plan is technically only for family plans because for an additional $20, you can choose an individual voice and text plan that includes unlimited messaging.

Early Termination Fees

If you wish to cancel your service before fulfilling your contract, you will be subject to an early termination fee.

  • AT&T - $325 minus $10 for each month you complete in your contract
  • Verizon - $350 minus $10 for each month you complete in your contract

There you have it, the price comparisons between Verizon and AT&T. However, you should keep other features in mind when it comes to making a decision on which carrier is for you.

Other Differences

AT&T's GSM network allows for simultaneous voice and data. This means that you can do things like browse the web, check email, and stalk Facebook while talking on the phone. Verizon's CDMA network is not capable of doing this. Also, AT&T boasts of faster speeds than Verizon. If you plan to do a lot of International traveling, with AT&T's iPhone 4 you can GSM unlock it and use a local SIM. This will be much cheaper than paying roaming charges. Because Verizon's iPhone 4 does not have a SIM card, Verizon's International roaming is your only option. (AT&T International, Verizon International)

On the other hand, Verizon's iPhone 4 can be used as a mobile hotspot. This means that you'll be able use your iPhone 4 to connect 5 wifi devices to Verizon's 3G network. This functionality will also be coming to the GSM iPhone via a software update, but it has not yet been confirmed if AT&T will be offering the service. Verizon also has a larger 3G coverage area and has the reputation of being more reliable and dropping less calls. (Verizon coverage map, AT&T coverage map).

We never claimed that choosing a carrier would be an easy decision, but we hope having the information in one place may help. If you have any questions, please ask us in the comments below. Anyone already know which carrier you will chose? Why did you make that choice?

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AT&T vs. Verizon iPhone: Which should you choose?


Several errors above. Since it's not my job to check the accuracy of these articles, I'll point out the one that is potentially most harmful: Verizon's ETF is NOT $175 for smartphones.

Yes, Verizon's ETF for "advanced devices" is $350- NOT $175....they also charge extra for certain features like visual voicemail ($2.99 per month per device) - however it remains to be seen if they will enforce this on the iPhone.

I would be willing to bet they will. I have brought my full family to ATT for iPhone 4 back at release and they fully enforced the $300+ ETF on each the droid incredible, blackberry tour and blackberry storm 2. I would see no reason why they wouldn't on the iPhone, especially if they are making it harder to even upgrade early.

Verizon will not charge for visual voicemail on the iPhone. They will use the native Apple Visual Voicemail application.

Also, Verizon hasn't commented yet on the price of their data plans for the iphone. It's not known if they will be offering unlimited yet.

Regarding data plans for the iphone, this is from the Verizon FAQ site.
Are there minimum service and data pricing requirements?
Yes, iPhone customers will need to choose from any of the current Nationwide plans. Customers will also be required to activate a data package, pricing will be announced at a later date.

We are aware. If Verizon announces something other than the above pricing, then we will update the post. Their prices will likely remain the same with things like Visual Voicemail thrown in. But we'll see!

Verizon also has some undisclosed plans that they occasionally offer on promotion, I'm currently paying $130 (before discounts) for 2 lines w/ 2k minutes and unlimited data & messaging.

I thought Verizon hadn't announced plan pricing for the iPhone yet, so I'm not sure why everyone is assuming that they will offer unlimited data for the iPhone. Either way, the answer is pretty easy. Go with whoever gives you the best coverage where you live. I'm in Cincinnati and I have no problems with AT&T and I like the rollover minutes on the voice plan. I don't talk on the phone a lot so I can use the lowest price voice plan and never have to worry about overages. I was grandfathered in on the unlimited data plan, but I'm in places with wifi most of the time so I don't really use that much 3G data.

ATT wireless is fine in my area (Cleveland) with my iphone. I do have relatives and friends in big cities (NYC, San Francisco, Orlando) with iphones who are considering jumping to Verizon because they have coverage issues. That's what it boils down to.

ORLANDO FL? i leave in orlando and the service is great, but in casselberry fl. 32707 is poor but i still wont change att for verizon, specially, when i travel to puerto rico 5 times a year, verizon in puerto rico SUCK.. and also, surf and talk at the same time for me is like the air, i need it..

Regarding Orlando, we were down at Universal Studios for the holidays and couldnt' keep a stable 3G connection. I saw other iphone users having issues too. It got a little better when we were in Disney World. I also texted some friends in Orlando with iphones and they said they have issues a lot.

att service is been kind of up and down, but not for that i will change them for verizon..
this is could be a minor problem but, still i will be with them, they going to get better

I was in Orlando for the shuttle launch April of last year and had no issues there. I did have issues at the parks (some days with 80-90k people there). It's the same problem AT&T has at any major event (football games, music concerts, etc). The tower's are saturated and they choke and die... Hopefully the Verizon iPhone will spread the load.

Also live in Cleveland area. 3G service here is fantastic in the city and suburbs. I stream audio all day as I drive around the 5 counties here and surrounding and never have issues. 2 Mbps down in the slowest areas.

I also live in Cleveland and have not had any problems with AT&T. I have had Verizon before but I lost calls left and right. Another big difference to me is the customer service. Verizon lacks in that department a lot.

Finally someone said it. Coverage is what it's all about. If the big V gives you better coverage in your area you go with them, if it's AT&T then you go with them...both carriers have their own evils. My only hope is that "enough" people move to Verizon and somewhat balance the network loads out so AT&T isn't so congested in the bigger cities anymore ( downtown LA & SF is where I've been effected by it ).

Also consider the Friends and Family package for Verizon. Friends and family allows you to call non-Verizon customers for free any time (5 numbers for single plans 900 minutes or larger or 10 numbers on family plans 1400 minutes or larger).

yeah they also forgot to mention you can also get family messaging which is 30 for the whole plan which gives unlimited messaging for up to five lines instead of paying 20 for each line also ATT plans from the 1400min and up and for single plans the 59.99 plan come with whats called an A-List for family plans , which allows you to call 10 people unlimited and for single plans its the same but you get 5 instead of 10

AT&T has the same friends an family feature with their A-list on most plans (I think the lowest price plans do not have this).

It's going to be interesting to see what the iPhone 5 holds in store. It seems pretty likely that the next GSM iPhone will have an HSPA+ radio. However, it seems pretty unlikely that the CDMA iPhone 5 will have an LTE radio. If the GSM iPhone 5 gets HSPA+ and the CDMA iPhone doesn't get LTE, this will be a huge advantage to AT&T. HSPA is already faster than Verizon's CDMA and HSPA+ is supposedly 4x faster than HSPA.
In any case, can't wait...

The iPhone has had an HSPA+ radio since the 3GS. However, it is capped at the 7 Mbps range. If AT&T follows T-Mobile in pumping up their network, Apple could put in a radio that takes advantage (much as Samsung is doing with an upcoming phone for T-Mobile).

Geez, those plans are crazy expensive! And I thought the prices in Switzerland were high. I pay CHF 45.- (about 45$) a month which includes 500 MB, 500 texts and unlimited calls to landlines and recipients on the same carrier. But calls to other carriers are about 1$ a minute.

It's funny how people always say 'go to the carrier that does what you want first'... I've certainly never done that. I jumped from tmo to Cingular to get an actually useful WM phone back in the day, and stuck with AT&T to get the iPhone when it came out. :)

I think an important thing to note here as well is that ATT "boasts" faster speeds than Verizon. My real world experience shows otherwise. I constantly have to ask my friends on the Verizon network to pull up information since my iPhone times out on ATT's network here in Manhattan. I've found Verizon's speed to be on par, if not faster, than ATT.

Where I live and work, no one beats AT&T! Add to that my unlimited data and roll-over minutes, and I am staying! Verizon just doesn't work out better for me...

I know it's easy for us to sit here and talk bad about another person's carrier, but I've used both of them--VZW (since they were AirTouch) and now ATTW (about 2.5 yrs). I agree with what some of said and that is--you need to figure out what will work (or what's important) for you. I decided to move over to ATT because I liked the ability of having roll-over minutes (with 4 lines). I just couldn't see having to start over every month with VZW. I also liked having access to the GSM network overseas if I needed it. Something I was only able to get with VZW if I owned one of their world phones or a phone that carried the correct GSM frequency in Europe. I'm fortunate that I've lived in places that have a good ATT voice/data signal. I've used data and voice together on several occasions and can't see moving over to VZW just to use one or the other while using CDMA. The other thing that forced me to change was that I could never receive an SMS from a European subscriber unless they were on the Vodaphone network (or actually emailed it to an account)--that's a fail. With ATT I can get MMS and SMS from my contacts in Europe without any problems. In the end, that was important for me. One last note--I would have waited for LTE since it seems to be around the corner for many places.

I'm going to stick with AT&T. I've been with them for 11 years now. Plus I'm hoping with people leaving for Verizon the AT&T 3g network gets better. ha.ha.

If you are using a Verizon CDMA iPhone as a hot spot, you will not be able to send or receive any phone calls. All incoming will go right to voice mail.
The main issue - mostly missed - is about CDMA and GSM in one country, creates a massively expensive, parallel, redundant - and mutually incompatible infrastructure. This is the main reason that most of the developed world is way ahead in mobile technology - they don't blows 10s of billions on incompatible infrastructure, but instead, compete on user functionality.
Verizon is kinda like having a narrow gauge railroad, running side by side with the AT&T standard gauge railroad - the railcars are incompatible with one another, and the cost of railbeds has more than doubled, to get inferior service.

Not true. Calls interrupt data not the other way around. Plus as I understand it incoming calla have the option to either interrupt data or send to voicemail.

Nope, there's no option, calls ALWAYS interrupt data. On Verizon's network calls have priority over everything else. The work around on that would be to use Skype since that would stay on the data channel.

You are incorrect. The call will pause your data connection and allow you the option to answer or ignore.

I live in Akron-Canton, Ohio area and my AT&T iPhone service is awesome, can google maps directions and google info faster than friends that have Android phones on Verizon's network. The only place I have ever had troubles with AT&T's network was in New Castle Pennsylvania.

I live in Wyoming. Alltel will be changing to ATT at about the same time the Verizon Iphone comes out. I think i am gonna stick with Verizon. I am afraid to start on an untested network. Verizon is very reliable in BUFU

Hey why don't we stop arguing about carriers for once and just talk about how apple is going to beat the balls off of google now that android isn't the only good smartphone platform on verizon haha.

So, what you're saying is, you don't care about plans, pricing, or carriers, as long as Apple is beating Google? Doesn't make a lot of sense to me.
I choose my products as a consumer, not a cheerleader.

I live in Wyoming. Alltel will be changing to ATT at about the same time the Verizon Iphone comes out. I think i am gonna stick with Verizon. I am afraid to start on an untested network. Verizon is very reliable in BUFU. I just wished I knew it was going to be faster or not

AT&T. But I just find it funny that now Verizon is getting the iPhone, everyone is talking about how they're NOT going to leave AT&T. ...

It's been confirmed that AT&T will do the HotSpot thing as well probably in March. So that isn't a talking point either. And what would you rather have, 3mb - 5mb connection on AT&T or 800k - 1.1mb on Verzion's slow CMDA network?

I would rather have 3-5megs down on AT&T but that's only because I live and work in two or three areas that both have brand new 3g networks (as in less than a year and a half old). I do understand the appeal of the Verizon network for some people though. If I spent more time in the northern part of my state (aka the boonies) I would definitely consider switching to Verizon. I would rather have 1 meg 90% of the time than 3 megs 20% of the time and .02 megs 80% of the time. Fortunately for my specific usage AT&T is fantastic for me. I have really fast 3g about 75% of the time and I'll take that over Verizon's network. Not to mention in smaller markets Verizon's 3g is awful, there are times when my friend can't even pull in a 3g connection on his incredible... even though I'll have 2 bars and 3 megs down.

It's been confirmed that the GSM iPhone will have the functionality. It has not been confirmed that AT&T will be offering the service. I updated the post to reflect that.
Given AT&T's history with tethering, I'm not holding my breath for them to have it available right away.

I'll be sticking with Verizon, thanks. Those of us who have been on Verizon for years are USED to not having voice and data simultaneously, so that's not a talking point for current VZW users. Also, there's NO AT&T in my hometown. Zip. AT&T in Indiana is spotty on the best of days, anyway.So until AT&T is able to get more than pathetic coverage, then I'm going to stick with Verizon.

Don't know about all of Indiana, but in Terre Haute AT&T 3G coverage is excellent for me. I don't think much about the fact that I can talk and surf at the same time but I know I'd miss it if I couldn't. AT&T has always been very good to me in terms of addressing my concerns, fixing problems, etc. I just don't see a compelling reason for me personally to "fix" something that isn't broken.

I think data and voice IS a talking point since it adds functionality. Just because you don't have something does not mean that you can't or won't use it. However, if you don't have the service you need on a carrier when you need it, that is a decision maker. If both carriers work well, pick the one based on features you will use and to match the carrier of your most common calling to make use of free calling. Also look at the data speed if that matter to you at the places you will use your phone. Price is about the same on both carriers, so this should not be a major factor. Finally look at carrier benefits such as customer service, special deals, reliability, etc. Both carriers are very good in general, but vary in comparison from location to location.

Not only is service spotty, but on AT&T if you are roaming (>50% of your time) on another company's network for 3months then they will terminate your plan. My daughter was on my plan and moved to Indiana for school. I had to drop her line. Otherwise our whole family plan would have been canceled. She is now on T-mobile.
Supposedly AT&T has plans to purchase Centennial , but I haven't heard anything about this recently.

I wouldn't say that. I'm sure some people who are in areas with good AT&T coverage would like the ability to talk and do other stuff. Just because they are used to one thing doesn't mean they wouldn't like another.

I never thought I would care about having internet while talking on the phone, but I actually do that almost daily. I could not give that up. AT&T FTW

Don't forget about the extra $15/mo for Exchange email access from Verizon. I don't pay any extra (above my $30/mo data plan) for access to my work email via ActiveSync/Exchange.

You don't have to pay an extra $15/month got ActiveSync/Exchange. The extra $15/month would be if you're using Good or BB Enterprise servers. And the Good part would probably only be if you use the OS email client instead of an app client.

You need to change the price list above to reflect the fact that you get rollover minutes with AT&T that you keep for up to 12 months (Verizon does not offer this feature).

Uhhh...I get unlimited EVERYTHING on Verizon for $100 a month...but thats just because VZW was having a promotional socal plan that matched with sprints unlimited plan. Thats when I decided to get off my parents plan. Oh, and the $100 includes my unlimited data.
I like VZW because they are ALWAYS coming out with cool promotional offers, Im not sure about AT&T, but I dont think so because my husband has them. VZW currently is having a smartphones talk free promotion. Basically, you activate or upgrade from a 3G multimedia or feature phone(secondary family lines only), VZW waives the $9.99 access fee for the next two years. GREAT promotion for family plans. But...Its only till the 31st of January. So its no good to people wanting to switch to the Verizon iPhone. But, Im sure verizon has another promotion up its sleeve. Its rare that I come into work and we DONT have any promotions we are running. Its funny cuz most of these promotions are for the customers benefit. I dont see how you can say they are consantly screwing people?

I read about speed this and speed that with At&t and Verizon and how the iphone seems to suck in friend was in time square with an iphone 4 and it performed perfectly with all those millions of ppl on new years

I'll be sticking to AT&T. Have been with them forever, and love the perks like rollover minutes and simultaneous voice and data. I also get great service where I live (Louisville, KY), and have never had an issue (not even with the whole "antenna" issue).
Though, I will say that I'm happy for the Verizon folks to finally be able to come into the Apple fold, and be a part of the great big Apple family. :) A buddy of mine, who is on Verizon, has been wanting an iPhone for quite some time, and now he can get one over there on Verizon.
Ultimately, I say it's a win for both sides, because now we can all (VZW and AT&T) have the iPhone.

Verizon will NOT get the iPhone 5 in June but ATT will. Apple would not go through 2 years and 1000 Verizon iPhone 4 prototypes just to sell it in ONE market for 4 months.
June 2011 ATT-only iPhone 5 will be an evolutionary not a revolutionary upgrade of the iPhone 4 and the design will be essentially the same. It will have a bunch of minor improvements and additions such as NFC for mobile payments and better battery life.
Apple doesn’t care if Verizon users get mad that they don’t have the best iPhone. It’s been this way since the iPhone launched. The way Apple sees it they should be happy to have any iPhone.
The CDMA Verizon iPhone is a joke to Apple. Just a placeholder until all carriers are on LTE. In terms of revenue it will be insignificant. You need to realize that Apple is a GLOBAL company and the world uses GSM.
Verizon will gain parity only once the iPhone goes to 4G/LTE in June 2012.
Sorry Verizon fans. Your iPhone 4 will be inferior upon launch (slower, shorter battery life, no simultaneous voice & data) and will fall further behind in June 2011. You’ll also have way fewer cases to choose from because many accessory makers won’t waste time on a one-off, one market design.

First of all, I've heard nothing about the verizon iphone being offered with LTE network support. This by itself is a deal breaker for me. VZW has been building its LTE network for well over a year now, and for Apple to decide not to add that is staggering to me. Verizon's 3g network speeds have also been tested and shown to be consistently the slowest out of all the 4 major carriers in the US.
Secondly, the AT&T network is very broad, but not very deep. It covers almost everywhere, but doesn't have the capacity to handle large amounts of data. This "4G" they are now touting is the same BS that they tried to call T-Mobile on, and is NOT 4G. Its just an upgrade to their 3G network (referred to as HSPA+)
Thirdly, why would any of anyone even be looking at the IPhone 4? It came out for AT&T over 6 months ago, and even then was already behind the curve. With new phones from LG, Samsung, Motorola, and HTC in particular coming out within the next few weeks for both AT&T and VZW, the logic of buying an iphone escapes me. Take for instance the HTC Thunderbolt, or the LG Revolution for that matter. Both beat the iphone 4 in almost every category (processor speed, screen size, removable microSD storage, wireless DLNA support, 1080p HD video recording, HDMI output, wireless hotspot capability, etc.)
The only reason I can see people would buy a Verizon iPhone is either for lack of knowledge of the competition, or that "because its an iphone" fanboy nonsense.
This is why when I was shopping for a smartphone about 6 months ago, and believe me, I did my research on almost every phone offered with every major carrier, I ended up going with the Evo 4G with Sprint. I pay $79.99 a month, get 450 anytime minutes to landlines, unlimited calls to any wireless number in America regardless of network, unlimited nights/weekends, unlimited text and MMS, and unlimited data along with 4G Wimax support. Oh, and I don't have to buy my accessories with a 30% markup just because its an Apple product, or that ridiculous proprietary connector plug.
Can't beat that.

Also ive had every version of the iphone and i still have the unlimited data plan they have never asked me to change it or anything

I would sooner get kicked in the privates by an angry Indian CSR every single time I tried to make a call on AT&T than have to ever be a Verizon customer again.

I find it funny VZW is being portrayed as the darkside in the picture when previously all other articles on tipb portrayed att as the darkside when publishing articles about the exclusivity

Hmmm interesting.. I have been on verizon for the last 2 years and loved it! I wuld get fantastic service everywhere even underground. The best was watching my friends with At&t run upstairs every 3 minutes to find out if they got a text message. For christmas i got an iphone 4. It was an awkward transition at first because never in my life have i used at&t . I was also scard i would be mimicing my friends for when i get text messages. I was wrong. My service is exellent. Ilive on long island NY. And i am hoping that everyonr who switxhes from at&t to verizon will decongest at&t's 3g. Although if it doesnt i wont care because i read all you guys saying coverge sucks in new york city. Im visiting NYC right. now. I am currently in a subway writing this review with blazing speed. So yes at&t rules. And now i wont get my phome tsken away for roaming every vacation we go on. :)

Not being able to talk and surf the web at the same time is a deal breaker for me. Can't believe it's not a bigger deal in the media. I'll stick with AT&T. Service is quite acceptable and reliable in my area and I don't travel enough to complain about coverage elsewhere.

I'm staying with Verizon because they've been my carrier for a good number of years and I have had zero problems with them. I want the iPhone just because I want it. I have no interest in doing all the things that the tech-savvy drones keep barking about. I just want it. And I will still make my usual calls, texts, listen to music, and possibly play a few games as well as take a few pictures and that's all I want it for. I just didn't want to go to AT&T because Verizon has always been good to me.
Like Rene and Georgia said in the video; it depends on who you choose for a carrier and what and how you plan to use your phone. That should be the determining factors. Each person will like/dislike a carrier because of their own personal reasons; doesn't mean that everyone should follow suit just because of them.

Also, I will be getting the iPhone 4 and if the iPhone 5 comes out I'm not going to cry over it. Why? Because I'm not a tech-whore who has to have the latest thing to come out. If my iPhone 4 is still in good working order and I like it, why change it?

Does anyone know if an iPhone 3GS will be able to be used on the Verizon network? In other words, can I upgrade my current 3GS to an iPhone 4 and give my girlfriend my 3GS to use on Verizon?

I will stay with AT&T. I just switched from verizon. And no I don't regret it. Mainly because of roll over minutes. Because not everybody can afford a unlimited family
Plan for everybody. So even though I admit verizon's service is somewhat better...AT&T Is more affordable and well worth it. Also if u have verizon,u have to wait a year later for the iphone5. So no thanks
But thank u for publishing this

The Verizon iPhone is, simply said, a last resort for people. It's not the iPhone Apple intended to put into your hands. It's the iPhone that you pick when you can't pick the real one (GSM iPhone, which is the ATT one). Verizon has one, and only one advantage over ATT, and that is Verizon has a bigger 3G network that is available in more places. But that 3G network of Verizon's is also much slower, incapable of offering data+talk/text at the same time, and incapable of roaming in 90 percent of the world. ATT uses GSM, the world standard while Verizon uses a proprietary and locked down standard called CDMA (which is also responsible for why you can't do data+talk at the same time). And to those of you that think you'll never use data at the same time as talking, think again. Every time you answer a call or send a text on a Verizon iPhone, you will be disconnected until the call is over or the text is sent. So if your signed into AIM, Skype, etc you will get disconnected for every phone call. If you utilize the personal hotspot feature and get a phone call, all computers connected will disconnect. So yes, Verizon iPhone owners, you'll be praying you don't get a call every time you use data. Luckily for me, I live in an area that offers the full iPhone experience, which is an ATT covered area. As a matter of fact, ATT gets better signal here then Verizon! So, the point I'm trying to make is that, if at all possible, ATT is your best bet. Never just goto Verizon because you assume there better. Test drive an ATT iPhone (they give you a 30 day return period on 2 year contracts). If it don't work, return it and get a Verizon iPhone. As bad as Verizon is, a CDMA iPhone is still an iPhone. It beats any Android device period.

Metro PCS it's only $60 all over the World for $60.00 no tax . Unlimited world wide for $60. Unlimited data and Text and voice mail. I call all over the world for any land line for $60.00

I have an IPhone on the At&t network and I drop calls all of the time, I have a personal cell that is a verizon and I never drop calls. I am looking foward to getting the Verizon Iphone on 2/7!

Please stop putting out incorrect information! The Verizon Iphone does have simultaneous voice and data use. I have two Iphones from Verizon and I too almost was duped into not buying the Verizon Iphone because of this false rumor!

It also depends on another area: location, location, location. I live in the San Francisco Bay Area, and I had a AT&T iPhone 3Gs. I loved the phone, but service was horrible. I couldn't even make a phone call with the AT&T iPhone in downtown San Francisco without it dropping at least twice in the span of 30 seconds. I would tell people to text me because it wasn't worth going through the pain of finding a good signal. AT&T works great for most people, but not for me.
Like a lot of people, I was thrilled that the iPhone was going to the Verizon network. Also, it didn't hurt that the Verizon iPhone was going to be bundled with Verizon's unlimited data plan for $30 bucks a month (AT&T got rid of that for new customers months ago, and trust me, I hated being on 2GB of a data cap; I'm not a serious Pandora streamer, but I do like to catch a YouTube video here and there), I know it's only available 'until further notice', but once you have the unlimited data, you're grandfathered in.
Again, if your going to get the iPhone (whether from AT&T or Verizon), do your homework first; ask friends who have AT&T or Verizon in your area, and get their honest opinion. It's all about location, location, location.

I like att. My bills were always a little cheaper with att. Also, I like the rollover minutes and the multitasking too.

i made the att choice because i have a very busy business schedule and i need to have the ability to multitask...

Been with AT&T 17 years. Have family talk plan. No complaints. Will stay with AT&T. Will wait and compaire Iphone 5 when it comes out.

I travel to Brazil, Switzerland, Canada and other international locations for weeks every month. I want to upgrade to the new I-Phone 4S from the current Verizon Blackberry Bold. It looks like AT&T may have better rates domestically but I'm not sure about internationally. Most important is Brazil rates / coverage for txt, voice and data. Can you tell me which is better for coverages and rates? Verizon or AT&T?

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