Verizon BlackBerry Z10 ad running as pre-roll on Apple's iPhone 5 YouTube video

Verizon BlackBerry Z10 ads running as pre-roll on Apple YouTube videos

I wanted to watch Apple's iPhone 5 product design video again this morning so I went over to YouTube/Apple, found it, clicked "Play"... and was greeted with a pre-roll ad for the Verizon BlackBerry Z10.

Apple has no control over who buys or gets assigned pre-roll advertising on their YouTube videos -- that's all Google -- but Apple does have the ability to turn off pre-roll ads for the video in general. I can't imagine, even on millions of views, Apple gains any significant (for them) revenue from pre-roll ads on their videos, so turning them off would not only prevent competitions -- and carrier partners like Verizon -- from hijacking their viewers, but also protect their brand in general.

BlackBerry Z10 probably won't reach iPhone level sales any time soon, but what if it were Samsung buying those ads for the Galaxy S4? (Maybe they have already?)

Source: YouTube

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Verizon BlackBerry Z10 ad running as pre-roll on Apple's iPhone 5 YouTube video


Interesting point. I remember several years ago in Nascar. It was during the Pepsi 500, Coca-Cola paid to have almost all of the cars redone in Coke colors and logos. The reason this sticks out in my mind was all of the people at work talking about how tacky it seemed for Coke to do that.