Verizon sold 4.2 million iPhones last quarter

Verizon blew through 4.2 million sales of the iPhone last quarter

Bloomberg reports that Verizon Wireless sold 4.2 million iPhone units during the last quarter.

The demand suggests Verizon Wireless is winning an increasing share of new iPhone users, after gaining rights to offer the handset to its subscribers last year. In the third quarter, Verizon added 2 million customers for the device, trailing the 2.7 million iPhone activations at AT&T Inc. (T), which has offered the handset since 2007.

This will no doubt reflect well on Apple's next quarterly earnings call scheduled for January 24th -- which is also, as usual, predicted to be their highest quarter in terms of revenue.

Source: Bloomberg

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Reader comments

Verizon sold 4.2 million iPhones last quarter


Not surprising... It is after all the overall best choice for a consumer device, certainly the best supported ;)

Its all those Droid users that only bought a Droid because it was the closest thing they could get to an iPhone for so long. Now that they can get the iPhone they are switching over as their contracts are up.

Yes the droid users are a big part and I suspect that a huge chunk were the 8 Gb models given as gifts to family members and those that are in poor service areas of AT&T that get better data service from Verizon even at the slower CDMA Rev.A data speeds.
Though a lot of the droid users whose contracts were up this year around december were those that were given droid smart phones as christmas gifts two years ago, lol.
Not only that, if you look through, they published a working method that allowed a user to switch on unlimited data for the iPhone through a bug in their automated system. I don't know if it still works but basically it consists of the following;
Phone *611 and select the option to change features on your plan using the automated system (not through a real person operator). Then select to turn on the mobile hotspot feature.
As soon as you do this it switches on unlimited data as well. Then you go into the verizon wireless website and switch off the mobile hotspot feature.
The writer on Cnet said it worked for him when he tested the exploit but was not sure if Verizon would catch it and switch the service back on those that the exploit had changed.
I've got unlimited already so I didn't bother trying.

I have to say that for the past couple of hours i have been hooked by the impressive articles on this website. Keep up the great work.