Verizon Droid iDoesn't Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface

Droid evil eye

Did Verizon and Motorola forget to include a few things in their iDon't attack ads, like iDon't render web pages as slowly or badly, iDon't arbitrarily restrict the amount of apps users can install to 256MB, iDon't fail to implement multi-touch, and iDon't have a worse user experience.

We can't blame them, of course. They were focusing on the iPhone's weaknesses, as the geekier among us (nitpickers included!) would have to admit, and not the Droid's. It was their ad, and fair enough.

However, for those considering the Droid vs. an iPhone, we should lay all the cards on the table. Sure the iPhone lacks a physical keyboard (that irks some users, pleases others), doesn't have Google Maps Navigation (yet), doesn't match all the specs, and has issues with App Store approvals (though that doesn't effect most users). But what about the Droid?

(And no, we don't mean that horrible devil-red eye graphic that's kind of the opposite of "not evil" and makes that incessant "DRRROOOOOOIIDDD" chime pretty much indistinguishable from "REDRUM!")

First, in the perfunctory Browser Battles, it turns out the almost two month old iPhone 3.1 Safari is still king of the mobile mountain, according to MobileCrunch:

On the popular web-standards test known as Acid3, the iPhone scores a 100/100 while the Droid caps out at 93/100. [...] Once you’ve grown accustomed to pinch-zooming, the level of accuracy provided by tap-zooming alone simply doesn’t cut it. [...] The iPhone browser is also considerably faster, with page loads completing anywhere from 15-30% more quickly with both handsets on WiFi.

Second, we all know the Android Market doesn't have as many apps as the App Store, but maybe that's a good thing since Android 2.0 still doesn't fix its app space limitation, leaving Droid with a paltry 256MB for apps according to

Google does not support installing apps to the SD card (and likely never will), so developers are limited in what they can create. [...] For most applications, we want a small file size to limit the download times. When it comes to 3D games though, we need a ton of space for all the high-res textures, audio, and video. [...] Have you seen all the awesome iPhone and iPod Touch games? Hardly any of them would fit on an Android phone.

This problem, of course, also plagues the Palm webOS and BlackBerry platforms. NokiaExpert and ZDNet's Matt Miller's been told it's a security issue, but does that matter to end users when iPhone's can go up to (almost) 32GB?

Third, if you're a fan of the iPhone and iPod touch's (and Magic Mouse's!) multi-touch, don't think the Droid will have your fingers covered. According to Engadget:

As you have probably heard (or guessed), there's no multitouch on this device. That's clearly an issue with Android 2.0 and choices that Google is making about user interface

Fourth, the user interface, while definitely an improvement -- and maybe even a refreshing change for some -- still doesn't rise to level of usability as the iPhone. Like MobileCrunch (and every other review we've seen), we've given our iPhones to toddlers and they've been able to use them well.

That's still Apple's killer app. And that's likely why, even after going all in on Droid and throwing BlackBerry under the bus (even canceling their BOGO!), Verizon still wants the iPhone...

[Thanks to Tom for the app limit tip!]

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Verizon Droid iDoesn't Beat iPhone on Browser, Apps, Multi-touch or User Interface


In all fairness, MobileCrunch gave a slight personal edge to the Droid, with the reviewer saying its what works for him, but that he couldn't recommend one phone over the other. This was the first time the reviewer said he couldn't do that when comparing the iPhone to another device.

I don't know what the US market is like, as I live on the other side of the world. But that form factor = yuck! Seriously, I've never seen anyone wandering around the streets with that type of thing. I know HTC have done them in the past, but it's pretty niche!

OK, you do win on the fact that iphone has a faster browser, and has pinch to zoom, even though droid has tap to zoom, which really isnt that much worse...
but as far as apps go, all you need to do is root your droid and you can save all your apps to the sd card, so the whole app thing is pointless
also a bad UI and a UI easy enough a 2 year old can use it are two different things...
so considering all the benefits, like the fact that you dont have to void the warranty to do customize anything, i think ill go with the droid

@lerch Fair enough. Droid is not bad at all so good luck.
About warranty thing... Rooting to get app to SD you are mentioning in your post is voiding your warranty... so ehm

One thing people forget is the service providers. I happen to live in an area where at&t doesn't even have 3G yet and also shines with spotty reception. As much as I would love an iPhone I have to go with the Droid because Verizon does kick butt in the reception dept..

without rooting your droid it is still more customizable than the iphone, but that is a good point about rooting, i did not know that...

@Obama the Communist
Lemme guess, u r rich middle aged white male working in corporate environment who believes in racism and admires guns? spot on.
Back on topic, the average user will have no clue how to root their droids, so that keeps the app limitation issue pretty valid. Besides, I don't give crap about a feature that is not implemented. Yes, Android does have potential and it's getting better. On the other hand, the Droid is the device ruining that potential. Another point goes to Apple for making both: software and hardware.

The Droid offers absolutely nothing new in my opinion, in fact I'd say the Pre gave Apple more of a scare than this thing. If the G1, HTC Touch Diamond & HD, Samsung Instinct, Blackberry Storm, HTC Hero, Palm Pre and Nokia 97 couldn't topple the iPhone, how the hell is the Droid gonna be any different?

I hope eventually, there will be a phone that really makes the iPhone seem 2nd best all in hope to Apple stepping the plate and probably unleashing they're greatest potential by Officially making the iPhone completely customizable running smoothly on all 3.0 Firmwares (learning from previous jailbreak theme projects). Once that happens, it's going to take a lot longer for other phones to catch up and to think even more attracting features than the iPhone...

If the average user was too stupid to put the battery in the phone you wouldnt say that the phone doesnt work, if people really care that they dont have enough space, then they can make a google search and figure it out.
and with multi touch not natively implemented you are missing out on very little, but because android/google allows open development for their apps, developers have the ability to make a web browser that uses it, or a game, or a photo app, etc.....

replacing a battery is routine; hacking your device is not espicially that it voids the warranty. So what's the point? Many customers will not feel comfortable doing it.
Regarding multitouch point, that's exactly what I hate, having developers develop apps that replicate functionality for the sake of one feature. So imagine this, with 256mb for apps, those who want multitouch will run with 2 browsers, 2 photo apps, 2 mail apps, etc... Yea, not my idea of productive, sorry. I hope another Android will be serious competition to the iPhone, but I assure it will not be the Droid.

touché....however, im still going to get it since i dont use that many apps and dont care about pinch to zoom
but just because most people wont do it, doesnt mean that they cant, and if you want to use your warranty, unroot it....
and if you do root it you will have 16 gb of app storage for the extra apps....

@Dron while you try to insult people you show brilliant flashes of ignorance. I believe in racism as do you and every other person on here, mainly because, it exists you damn fool!
Let me guess you are in your late teens to mid twenties, white, come from middle to upper middle class family, are obviously liberal, and have no idea why we have a 2nd amendment.
guess what i am.
the droid will provide for people another product to believe in. the fact that it has google behind it will give it credibility and staying power. it will be the republican to the iphone's democrat and those that own one will end up defending it's honor to the end (when the iphone comes to verizon). it will undoubtedly have strengths that the iphone has weaknesses both in hardware/software and user experience but will in the end placate the masses of people that do not/cannot own an iphone for whatever reason. their core user base will be made up of die-hard PC users/iphone haters.

Don't you think it's pointless to compare the two devices on the basis of only a couple of features? Multitasking? Pinch-zoom? Seriously?
I've owned two different cars (same year, same class, different makes) with almost identical feature sets, but one was priced at almost a third premium over the other. Why? Too many reasons to list, and even if I listed all of them, you'd still not be convinced, until you drove both. I thought the premium was worth it.
I own a 4.7 Megapixel, almost featureless camera, that will blow your 14MP DSLR out of the water when comparing image quality. What's my point? Just because A does something that B doesn't, A isn't necessarily better. Features do matter, though not separately, but as part of the whole picture. Don't judge a device that you haven't even used, as your opinion will not add any real value.
I think iPhone is a wonderful gadget. I get amused, however, seeing iPhone (Android, WM, etc) users act as if their well being is threatened whenever a competitor comes up with a new flashy device. If the Droid delivers, at least consider it. If it doesn't - stick to your iPhone. You're a consumer, not a patriotic citizen of Appleland. As far as Droid goes, let's at least wait till next Friday.

Well as it said...most iPhone users use so much space because of games. Most normal apps are not that big. I have at least 20 apps, and have not used even half of the phone storage (and I'm rooted, I haven't even dug into the SD storage. LOL).
As far as the is such a good device because of features and specs.
The true phone I see doing something against it (as far as elegance and design) is the Xperia X3. It's stated as having 16GB/32GB storage, 800x480 resoulation, 4in screen, 1Ghz snapdragon...and of course, it has that beautiful Rachel UI for the Android. Coupled with Android 2.0. That (in MY OPINION...I REPEAT, MY OPINION) would be the phone to beat. Unless iPhone 4.0 has some UI uphaul, App store redesign (as far as searching and such), I don't see it being too much of a wow thing.

I should just stop reading these articles...
"Droid has this and that, but oh apple is better at this and that so who cares about that ugly droid." The only reason I have an iphone is because AT&T currently has no webOS/Android phone out. Once it comes, peace out apple. The web browser on the iphone might be faster, but AT&T's 3G network is too slow to keep up with it (at least in my area). The iphone is great, but it was never/will never be my first choice. Guess I'll have to switch carriers and phones. SURPRISE me apple, I dare you.

"The web browser on the iphone might be faster, but AT&T’s 3G network is too slow to keep up with it"
"The only reason I have an iphone is because AT&T currently has no webOS/Android phone out"
sooo.... youll wait for another device that the network cant keep up with because...? fail.

hmm, I assumed with the easy access to info these days, people are a bit more intelligent. I guess I'm wrong because idiots like you are shallow beyond belief.
I used the word "believe" for a reason; belief is followed by action. In other words, (so you can comprehend my point - no more assumptions) when you believe in something, you endorse it. The word you are looking for is "acknowledgment". You can acknowledge something but not necessarly endorse it. Therefore, believing in racism is not the same thing as acknowledging it.
There u go. At least u learnt something today. Wait, no more assumption, maybe u stilI didn't get it after all.

At the risk of sounding fanboyish, Rene absolutely gets it.
I did post..probably a year people do get used to smartphones they will naturally want to get more features or more advanced (as users with AOL got acquainted with the internet and then wanted more and left). The iphone introduced many to this market.
Apple's task then is to keep the user experience simple stupid for new users while advancing it for its long time users who are wanting more. It's easy to say, we want multitasking, we want widgets, themes, etc. But Apple has to do it in a way as to not lose what makes it great. Or it becomes WM or Android and will take too many tweaks on the user end to become usable.
I think Palm showed us such a way with its multitasking. We'll see something similar with Apple's take IMO.
I do think its funny that people are celebrating how customizable Android is as people left WM in droves not long ago because it required so much work and tweaks to use. That does appeal to power users and i wonder if the iphone created more potential power users hungry for that again.

Why do people that want the droid hang out here? Cool...get it. Have fun.
You can argue as much as you want and talk about work-arounds all you want, but the article states facts. Droid still do it for you? Willing to hack the phone to pieces to get it to do what you want? (Lord knows I have to hack to get the iPhone to do what I want, so we're even there) Great. Accept the fact that it's not going to topple the iPhone and get over it.
And for Christ's sake, stop hanging around checking out iPhone Blogs and then complain that they're just writing certain articles to get hits. You're part of the problem then, aren't you?

@Republicans = Douchbags
apparently you didn't read my second to last sentence. come on man/woman, don't post fail when you fail yourself...
you know what I would wait for? maybe a completely different apple phone on another carrier

let's all start petty nothing fights! You're all worthy of my insults! Psh libritarians... Typical...
Anyway, I think everyone knew the droid wasn't gonna be the new hotness, if it wanted to beat the iPhone at it's own game it shouldn't have deviated from it in so many fundemental ways.
Slider design, space limitations, lack of multitouch (sort of...?). I think, unfortunately, that this is going to be the typical verizon model of heavy persuasive marketing and few substantial results inside a revolutionary-looking packaged piece of overengineered over-thought underperforming garbage. The razr comes to mind, though it wasn't verizons brain child.

Hmm, let's see, I wonder if this site's biased toward the iphone...hmm, it's called theiphoneblog, I wonder if that matters. Give me a break. Boy do you iphoners (and I'm one of them too, but can't wait to switch to the droid) sound nervous...and defensive! lol

Ok, I just realized something...I have 980mb of apps on my iphone...there's no way I could live with 256mb of apps after this...probably before I had my iphone I could (I had a sony dumbphone) but after having all the stuff I have on my iphone? hell no.

The main reason I left blackberry... 256 mb for apps meas small crappy looking apps that cost $5.99. iPhone apps even compare to my nintendo ds is nome respects! My storm, more will the Droid do that.

You'd have thought Verizon would have waited for something less ugly, before they threw money at such a marketing campaign!
Not a single potential iPhone user, not even one, will buy this device!

@Brett Robbins: Not defensive...effing bored. I'm sick of lackluster phones coming out, claiming to be iPhone killers and failing miserably. I would LOVE a worthy competitor. Keep waiting for something to make Apple sweat, so they'll be forced to wow us again. I thought that the Pre might do it...swing and a miss.
Enjoy your new phone. It's not doing it for me.

The Droid will hurt WinMo, RIM and to a lesser extent the Pre more than it will hurt the iPhone. RIM has been losing market share even with the BOGO Verizon deals and the Verizon advertizing. WinMo's 6.5 time in spotlight has been pretty much ended by the Droid hoopla.

but the funny thing is droid does allows one thing that most people dont know.
moto has to release the kernel of the driod to comply with the linux gpl
which means if it does pick up alot of home brewed version of the os to fully customize it.

Well my daddy can _______. Oh yeah, well my daddy can_______. Regardless of what the Droid or iPhone can or can't do, this is really some immature stuff. Fanboyism is so unbecoming when it comes from the editor. I guess when Chad tries to put down the Verizon network during the TiPb Live broadcast as he is screwing up the audio with gsm audio interference because his iPhone can't hold a 3G signal, I shouldn't expect much right? When your product of choice is dominating the market, why is there a need to crap on anything that shows the slightest bit of potential for competion. I hate even breaking out my Touch in public because I feel like a douche by association.

@frog I am a potential iPhone buyer and I will quite likely buy the Droid instead. My VZW contract expired 4 months ago and I have waited to see what would be available.
Lack of multi tasking, lock out of apps that I want and the horrible AT&T network being my 3 big drawbacks. iDon't think the Droid is an iPhone killer at all but it would mean getting more of what I want from my phone.
There are loads of people who would rather have an iPhone but want no part of AT&T. Me? I love my iPod Touch but would not be satisfied with this as my phone. There will be plenty of people standing in line to get this phone and a good number will be potential iPhone buyers.

Droid seems to be a nice smartphone and a needed one for those on the Verizon network, since it was no iPhone for you from Apple and AT$T. I'm not happy with my iPhone's limitations as a notebook substitute, because Apple has ignored folks like me who need a keyboard. My next phone? HTC Touch Pro 2 from Verizon.

"...we’ve given our iPhones to toddlers and they’ve been able to use them well."'
And, that my iPhone friends and iPhone haters, is the core differentiation between the iPhone and all the copycats out there.
My 5-yo and my 65-yo mom can figure it out -- no instructions needed.
Whine all you want about the details but any other phone out there is a blatant rip that doesn't even come close to iPhone perfection.
If this makes me a 'fanboy', then so be it.

Not to jump into a petty side-show, but the definition you use for believe isn't the standard definition. To believe something is simply to have confidence in its truth, without absolute knowledge of its truth. So, I'd say you're both wrong. The other poster doesn't believe in racism, he has knowledge of racism's existence. The definition you use is considered the 7th definition for the word. Which means that it is fine to use it in that context, but you can't make fun of others for using it in a different way and saying the 7th most common definition is the only definition. That only shows your own ignorance. In fact, your statement "belief is followed by action" is so factually wrong it is astounding. Belief only implies a mind state, and doesn't even have connotations of being "followed by action."
"I used the word “believe” for a reason; belief is followed by action. In other words, (so you can comprehend my point – no more assumptions) when you believe in something, you endorse it. The word you are looking for is “acknowledgment”. You can acknowledge something but not necessarly endorse it. Therefore, believing in racism is not the same thing as acknowledging it."

@pimp lucious
Amen brotha...
Even if a phone came out that beat the iPhone in every aspect, they would say, "well that phone doesn't sync with iTunes, and doesn't have a simple interface"
There are still people in Iraq that swear Saddam was a great leader. Brainwashed...

iDon't smoke crack.
Just sayin. It's a shame that companies have to put down other companies to make buisness. I always wondered how coke and pepsi are allowed to do this? It's just unethical.

I left verizon to get an iPhone. While I love the iPhone, I hate AT&T service. It's absolutely horrible and yes I live in an area with full 3g service. It drops calls all day and often sends calls to vmail without ringing. That is the reason that I am interested in what Verizon has coming out. If it's a droid that is competitive then I would be very interested. If something is competitive with the iPhone, I would love having a phone that always worked good as a phone.

i really hate people who complain or judge service based on one device with a terrible or sub par reception.

we’ve given our iPhones to toddlers and they’ve been able to use them well.
That’s still Apple’s killer app.”
You’re not serious, are you? You think that most folks want/need a device that emulates the methods and the design of a dumbed-down kid’s toy?
Naw. I think that there’s a niche of users who want/need this, but that most normal adults buy stuff that is capable – like the Blackberry, and upcoming, like the Droid, even if it means that they can’t get usage advice from their kids. Maybe that is why the Blackberry outsells the iPhone by a 2 to 1 margin? Maybe that is why the dominant prediction is that Android will overtake the iPhone? And Apple will (once again) languish in single-digit market penetration?
“The Telephone for the Rest of Us – Those who have trouble figgerin stuff out…”

"If the G1, HTC Touch Diamond & HD, Samsung Instinct, Blackberry Storm, HTC Hero, Palm Pre and Nokia 97 couldn’t topple the iPhone, how the hell is the Droid gonna be any different?"

  1. Because it has superior hardware. The screen resolution alone will sell lots of phones.
  2. And because with Android 2.0, it now has superior software. Google Navigation is a game-changing capability.

jeez u iphoners protect an outdated phone come on now #rd generation phone that still looks the same barely has any improvments?????? its not always good sticking to old things. we american should know. we sticked so long to old things that now america goes to bad times instead preventing it with improvement. well pre gets a flash player what means internet browser will be able to stream videos right on the internet side hmm iphone wont get it also do they get AMD LINUX graphics engineer. so that they can make games like halo on the palm pre hmmm hmmm hmmm well and memory issue is solved to since u can openly and freely patch the pre with no problem well apple doesnt give u that freedom. and i think u should be able to do whatever u want with ur phone right??? and again 3rd generation phone that now finally has a 3megapixel camera and flash? wow impressive that it took apple 3 generations to do so. i guess they really need jon rubenstein back to come with new inventions and ideas. and good phones and technologie is just cool because it makes things even better and we the costumer benefit of it. eitherway my brothers is a huge macfan has everything fromihpone to ipod to mac computers and laptops but even he said the iphone isnt just as great it needs to be improved and only the app excuse doesnt cut it then iphone first when it came out had like no apps at all remember?? well of course iphoners forget that fact as well that the iphone is an the 3rd generation and other phones in their first generation and almost beat a 3rd generation phone pretty sad if u ask me. and someone who is a huge apple nerd can admit that phones like pre and droid aree impressive and bring new ideas and so and just open eyed see that only apps alone dont cut it. we all should be happy to have phones they do what they do today and be happy with. doesnt matter if iphones blackberries pre droids windows mobile those are all just phones they do evrything what every phone can today some do other things better then other once and those do things better then a other phone so it really doesnt matter. make love no war and stop the bichting jeez dont u geeks have better stuff to do then almost jack off about phones?? sad sad sad jesus.

"And, that my iPhone friends and iPhone haters, is the core differentiation between the iPhone and all the copycats out there.
My 5-yo and my 65-yo mom can figure it out — no instructions needed."
And that, my Apple Fans, is why Apple has single-digit market shares for most all of its products. The iPhone will soon lose its "most capable phone" status, and be relegated into niche status, just like all the other Apple products.

I really think all this speculation about the Droid really doesn't matter until you get to try one out and see how it feels, both hardware and software - wise. Most of us can't comment on it right now.
P.S. I just want a phone that can mark all emails as read. Is that too much to ask?

I tried to read your long post, but couldn't. If you want adults to read your points and take this seriously, PLEASE think about taking the time to format and write correctly. You probably have some good points, but I jut gave up.

But they can say,
"iDo make phone calls"
And that's the reason I'll be leaving my iPhone behind on the 6th. :(

Even if you root apps to the sd cards. Developers will still make game apps that are less than 280mb which means less quality on 3D games. The iPhone has no limit and so games come out more nice with better quality

and i totally agree the droid isnt the prettiest micest looking phone i ever saw. but the tv spot is pretty funny for sure.

People, switch if you want. Apple has plenty of customers now and I would say 90% are not power users like the posters here. There will be so many different android phones that the normal user won't be able to decide which one to get over the iPhone so Apple will keep a good customer base for a while. So unsatisfied iPhone users get to steppen, the Android will be a fun new territory but we iPhone users will still enjoy our phones too.

@Auther, your so full of crap, at the end of your long rant no phone would be even close to the iPhone if the iPhone wasn't made. So the third generation crap is stupid. I guess Ford should be in front because it was one of the first cars. Ideas are stolen and improved on, Apple improves thier phones and everybody knows they could have improved it more but they were on top and they didn't have too. It's was up to the competition to get the market really moving. Have you seen the tv industry? It's just weird each year they can make it two inches bigger for another $300.00.
And you talk about it only being a phone, but you have the longest post bashing the iPhone when it rocks, have you seen the sale numbers?The iPhone will eventually be a thing of the past but not for a while.

you all missed the part that the droid kernel source has to be released under the gpl since the driod phone runs on linux kernel.
with that said, once it out, even if it has a 256 meg limit a it wont last long, people can fix that and add sd storage with a flash.
on a side not, unlike apple, android allows the users to customize the phone.
why are people bent out of shape over something thats a day old. the iphone took over 2 years to get cut and paste and that was invented back in 80's? 90s?

“If the G1, HTC Touch Diamond & HD, Samsung Instinct, Blackberry Storm, HTC Hero, Palm Pre and Nokia 97 couldn’t topple the iPhone, how the hell is the Droid gonna be any different?”
"Because it has superior hardware. The screen resolution alone will sell lots of phones. And because with Android 2.0, it now has superior software. Google Navigation is a game-changing capability".
Mmmmm.... no I don't think so. Once again you're missing the point. Is Android 2.0 really offering anything new that the consumer hasn't seen before? Nope. The Pre brought some really nice and original ideas, better ideas than Android 2.0 and that wasn't enough to gain success. The screen? Well, the HTC Touch HD and Samsung Omnia HD had better screens than the iPhone and where did they end up? And maps? Google Navigation is coming to the iPhone so that advantage the Droid had gone.
The phones I mentioned all had "advantages" over the iPhone and all of them failed in their attempts at "iPhone killing," the Droid will be no different.

LOL this back and forth banter is too funny. There is just no sense in it because the apple fanboys will never admit the iPhones faults and the apple haters will never admit the iPhones merits.
For me personally I don't care for a lot of apple's decisions but I'm using their handheld products for one reason: there are no true competitors. I didn't buy an iPhone or iPod because I like apple but because all of the competing products aren't on par. Desktops and laptops...that's another story.

well about screen resolution youtube on the pre looks the best its hd all the way even looks better then on a computer so screen resolution on the iphone isnt the best. but it doesnt matter. all phones are fine in there ways well not all phones like phones from 6 years ago or so arent ok but the recent one do all the stuff people want or need not everyone wants just a teenager multi media phone like the iphone some people want more serious business phones like a blackberry or other people jsut want a plain normal phone to talk with like an razr or something and then other once want a mix of multi media phone/business phone like the pre so and the good thing is we can choice for whatever we need or want. thats just great having the freedom of the choice.

To be fair...the Touch HD and Omnia HD never even came to USA.
But I agree with Miles. This is funny. On one side you have the iPhone lovers saying nothing will ever or have ever beat the iPhone because of this and that. Then you have the iPhone haters who won't give the iPhone any type of credit.
The iPhone is nice. Is it the phone for me? Nah. Does it do things others don't? Yes. Is it more capable than Android? Depends who uses it for what.
If you're someone who buys a phone to play games (that sounds pretty dumb to me mind you), then you're not gonna see an Android or any other phone as being capable.
If you want complete cloud sync with basically everything you do for free and customization, then you won't see the iPhone as being capable.
Each phone has it's weaknesses (yes the iPhone has a weakness) and strengths.
And I tire of people naming off handsets that "failed" to beat the iPhone. Remember one thing...even with declining marketshare...RIM still holds the most spots in the top 10 selling smartphones...including the number 1 spot (Curve). Whether it be because of BOGO...multiple carriers...whatever. It's still number one. If you're going to use numbers and say who hasn't beat who...use them right.

lerch. why are you trying to make sensible points on a apple fanboy site. The droid isnt curvy and "hip" like the iphone so they will take nothing less than hipster phones.

Browser: The browser is slower, yes, but it's also flash 10 ready. Adobe should be releasing the update for flash 10 next year. Apple won't allow flash on iPhones because they'll lose their all-important control over the platform. As soon as full-featured flash is released, I won't care if it takes 17 seconds instead of 12 to render a page.
Apps: Good developers understand the restrictions of the platform. They'll develop just as good of a game as they could for iPhone, but store the assets (graphics, models, etc - the bulk of any game's content) on the SD card. Very few mobile apps should ever be bigger than 1 MB, or they are over-engineering for their platform.
Furthermore, there is an app for installing other apps from the SD card, so you can keep your less used apps on standby, but still have them accessible. If it doesn't support it, it won't be long before someone creates an app that gives you a shortcut that installs an app from the SD card, runs it, and uninstalls it when you close it, transparently.
The flipside of the argument is, the iPhone only has 32 GB of storage space, ever. When that runs out, you're done. If a Droid runs out of space, swap SD cards and keep going. A game-maker could build a game that requires an entire 32 GB card to run. On the iPhone, this would not be practical, as it wouldn't leave any space for anything else. On the droid, you just insert the game's SD card and play, and switch back to your main card when you are done. So in some ways, the Droid has more space to play with than the iPhone.
Multi-touch: Google thought it more important to get the 2.0 SDK out the door so programmers could start updating their apps for it before the device came out. I expect there to be an update soon that will add in support for multi-touch to the major applications that need it, particularly the browser and maps. I've seen several reports that the software keyboard does in fact already support multi-touch.
User Interface: This is the real sticking point between Apple and Google. Apple builds their interfaces for toddlers. Only the functionality that a toddler would understand is available, so it is much simpler and easier to use. A perfect example is widgets. iPhone doesn't support them because there's no easy way to add them without confusing toddlers (or your grandma). Android allows higher levels of customization, and thus has a deeper user interface. I for one, enjoy a user interface that allows me to do more with it over one that makes it easier to do fewer things. My wife, on the other hand, would prefer a simpler interface that hides away the complexities. With time and the openness of Android, both UI styles will come to the forefront. HTC's Sense UI is getting pretty close, for example. With iPhone, though, I don't get the choice.
Summary: So it basically comes down to this: iPhone is what iPhone is - a simple interface in a pretty package that does almost everything you would want. Android, on the other hand, is an open system that is better for techies and gadget geeks than iPhone because of its extensibility now, and may soon be better for the general public because of its extensibility.
iPhone is what Apple wants it to be.
Android will be what its users want it to become.
That is why I choose Android.

david u got it right on the point droid or pre webos r open and let u do whatever u want ur phone to become. thank for ur wisdom :-)

its funny how much people wanna get restricted to what to do. i though we r in the land of the free not the land of restrictions ;-)

"And I tire of people naming off handsets that “failed” to beat the iPhone. Remember one thing…even with declining marketshare…RIM still holds the most spots in the top 10 selling smartphones…including the number 1 spot (Curve). Whether it be because of BOGO…multiple carriers…whatever. It’s still number one. If you’re going to use numbers and say who hasn’t beat who…use them right."
As you pointed out yourself RIM is losing market share, unless they completely overhaul their OS it's only a matter of time before they get usurped by the iPhone, especially now that Apple is ending exclusive deals. How long do you think RIM would hold the No.1 spot for if the iPhone comes to Verison?

I give to you a time frome. The 80's. Apple was head honcho of the personal computer game. Windows was a "who?" company.
Fast forward...
Windows is now leading marketshare holder.
Another scenario. 2006. Linux was doing big on mobile platforms. 400% growth and such. Analysts pegged it as gaining 26% marketshare of smartphone OS.
Fast Forward
Second place belongs to RIM.
You see what I'm saying. NOTHING is set in stone.
Yes, iPhone has the most amazing growth. But the thing with Apple products is...when it reaches a level, it normally stays there. People who want them, have them. Don't need a new one because it's just so fine. They drug the iPhone's evolution out over 3 iterations. What more can they do besides changing what the iPhone fundamentally is. There's only so much you can do to keep a phone "simple."
Am I saying Apple is doomed to fail? No. Am I saying there is a chance they can plateau and reach that saturation point? Yes. Can any business reach that? Yes.
It's not Apple's game. It's nobody's game.
In regards to declining also have to take into account that the actual smartphone market is growing. So when you do all that fancy math (which they so conveniently tend to leave out) it could possibly level out to the same level. When something grows and more comes in, of course your share is going to shrink. Just as Apple's is growing, so is Android's. Miraculous things are happening. As many reviewers put it...nobody needs to beat the iPhone. They just need to be something OTHER than the iPhone.
(my opinion) once Android phones take queues from Samsung Galaxy and the forthcoming Xperia X3 and put some GB onboard storage...once they hit more carriers in the US...more will make mainstream apps for it (because the point of having killer apps is not the question, they are there, they're jsut not advertised).
Then after that grows, and you get beautiful phones like the Xperia X3...again (Lord allowing it to sell on a US carrier), it will catch attention. Most phones sell because of looks. How is Android so much more complicated than iPhone? You have a pull it up...there's your grids of icons. If you don't wanna customize your homescreen, you don't have to. But it's there for the folks to do, if they so please. There is nothing complicated about Android. It's as simple as the iPhone UI. Just with the ability to add pizazz to it.

Alright to end this crap.
Spec wise Droid has a better Camera and a better screen... thats about it. Multitasking apps all depends on the user and the needs of the user. Running AIM in the background on droid is no different then having Beejive on your iPhone due to push.
The main weakness of the Android platform vs the iPhone is APPS. The android phones while they can multitask will always have limited App capacity and limited App Development. Sure you can make a web apps and some utility based Apps over and over but in the end the lack of space and the conflicting hardware is going to ground serious app development.
This is where the iPhone will be the victor is App development for the device allows for more complex applications and more graphic intensive programs. Now here in lies to true debate. The Droid provides features similar or better (Camera and Higher Rez Screen.) but in truth which is better is always PERSONAL choice.
As an App Platform the iPhone will always be light years ahead. Its easy to write for, the phone can allow for apps larger then a 200mbs, and since it one hardware platform basically there is little to no fragmentation.
ANdroid unless it can get over the hardware limitations will never be a serious threat there. Now if Apps are not that important to the user then both phones will be the same. The UI of the iPhone is far easier to use and while power users may dislike that simplicity... it will always be major selling point of the iPhone. Widgets are gonna be another personal opinion. My view is it makes a medium to difficult to nav OS easy to navigate. Android while its not nearly as labrynithian as Windows it still needs widgets to allow it some form of Simplicity. For the iPhone the idea of Widgets would be retarded... the OS is so easy to nav that the search function is almost overkill.
The android phones are good... they could be WinMo killers easily but like windows it will lead to a heavily fragmented app market and honestly the apps while they could grow to 50 to 100,000 like the iPhones will never be as good due to memory requirements.
This is what i am looking at... the iPhone is now starting to encroach upon the PSP and DS... This is very very important as it raises App development and to be honest.. How many people will look at the ability of Mobile gaming and say "I can have all the apps WinMo, Android, and Blackberry can have and I can have the gaming capabilities of a PSP and a DS? Awesome!".
What i see is the Droid is a good phone and very good device for VzW to use to keep its customers from leaving. Having played with it and seen what it can do I think of the Device like this. If you are looking for a Smartphone thats easy to use, has a good camera with flash, can run multiple applications, a good web browser, and utilizes your Gmail like no other then the Droid is for you. If your looking for a phone that can give you a great Web browsing experience, has a huge app selection, a good camera, a good email experience, and has an OS that requires zero learning curve then you want an iPhone.

This damn phone sucks I doubt any future "iPhone killers" will ever beat the iPhone it's very ignorant for people to actually call it the phone killer before a consumer can actually get his/her hands on it

Why do I still get a blue cube with a questionmark in it lieu of an image on my 3rd gen iPhone, when I get a nice picture on my Treo Pro?

LollipopJones said it! I can agree partly.
The only part that makes me "eh" is the PSP/DS point. It can encroach, but it will never overtake.
Nintendo is to handheld what Apple is to MP3. iPhone/iPod Touch can offer all the games they like...but when it comes to handheld gaming, you need a full display. Not half of a 3.5 screen taken up by controls. This is where hardware actually helps.
Add to it that DSi XL...DS will be cemented as the king of handhelds for even longer.
PSP might have to fear though, lol.

Who cares about iDont have a real keyboard. I type faster now than I ever did on my Treo 650 or the Voyager. My wife is the only one in our family who has issue with the iPhone keyboard. As with a lot of females she has difficulty typing because of her fingernails on the iPhone.
iDo like the google turn-by-turn on the Droid and really look forward to this feature on the iPhone. My wife is upgrading her Verizon Voyager on Friday for the Droid. I'll keep my iPhone for now.

@ the acid 3 test scores.
first off my winmobile device gets a 100/100 on it, yet it renderes the page wrong, also the iphone 3g renders the start end page wrong by both showing the pink x on top.
i dont get why people are so butt hurt over a 100/100 score when it cant even properly display the image to start with...

I still say Android will give Apple iphone a run for it money. There are other phone that gone come with Android.

android wont give apple a run for there money.
android is far from polish, which is one key factor behind the iphone.
android will do a few things that the iphone cant, one is a home brew scene, or maybe if the dev team ever release iboot or w/e they had to boot other os'es on the phone.
verizon see's every product as an iphone killer and its there marketing that makes its vs iphone.
when t-mo relased the g1 / g2 it not once mentioned anything about apple.
verizon released the first storm commercial target apple, first droid target apple.
notice a trend?
android is not targeting apple, its more for the people who run linux or want to play with there os.
what comes out of this, is yet to be seen, its been for a while only locked to one carrier with one phone, now other mfg picked up the os, and maybe we will see great thing or not.
the one big drawback is hardware, which apple does not have to compete in since all iphones are the same screen. while other devices can be different shapes, size, resolutions input methods.

@iDavey: It doesn't matter if it over takes them (it will not by the nature of carrier, Price Plan, and whatnot) but the ability to largely have the games that those system can have is an advantage over every single Smartphone.

Only Iphone has a cult behind it. Only Iphone users actually take it personally when someone makes a quality product that isn't an Iphone. Only Iphone users spend time and money downloading gigabytes of applications that they don't even use/need/take a second look at, after getting them. Only Iphone users feel like they have to defend their phone like it's their spouse.

My name is MintOreo and I make broad statements that alienate people that are iPhone users but aren't fanboys..
You do realize when you go to a site based on certain device your going to have fanboys on the site right? Go tell a Blackberry user on Crackberry that the Droid is better then their Blackberry and see how they react.
Go onto Palm and tell them their stuff is crap compared to the Android phones.

True. But can you really tell me that their level of fanboyism is nearly vocal as a typical Iphone user? I used to go to Crackberry all the time.. and they rarely had entire articles dedicated to hating another platform.. The same with WMExperts. I haven't visited Android/Palm central (since those are the only two platforms I haven't used), but I doubt it'll be like this.
Though, I guess Droid did have it coming by making the "Idon't" commercial. It's kind of sad, really. Everyone who bases their product as "Iphone killers" is basically elevating the Iphone to a place it doesn't deserve - the top, where it needs to be dethroned.

"Well my daddy can _______. Oh yeah, well my daddy can_______. Regardless of what the Droid or iPhone can or can’t do, this is really some immature stuff."
True, it's very childish to compare daddies. Are you seriously saying that comparing phones is childish? What the hell do you do when deciding which phone to buy...Eenie, meenie, miney, moe? I, personally compare what a phone does and doesn't do when deciding upon a purchase. Verizon and Motorola decided to advertise their phone by slamming the iphone. Checking on what the iphone does do that the Droid doesn't do is something that any reasonable person deciding which phone to buy would do. Unfortunately, too many people follow your method of "I saw a commercial, so I bought it." How very adult of you. Good you avoid the childish pitfall of making an informed decision.

A couple expansions on your analysis.
a ) Browser speed. With only about 1/3 the pixels to render a speed difference is expected.If the next iPhone comes with an HD screen then we can revisit this issue.(precise advantage 2.66875 times as many pixels)
b ) The suggestion that application data such as 3D game data can not reside on the swappable micro SD card is false. In addition Android has announced that SD cards will be able to store aps in the near future. V2.1

This comparison was stupid...... First thing you need to relize is that "apple's multitouch" is one Of a kind when it comes down on the pinch zooming. And along with the fact that Android is still trying to make their way into the battle field of mobile smartphones. Give them their propts the iPhone has had it's time of glory and will never be to it's fullest potential unless they cancel their exclusivety with AT&T and create either new phones or OS for other mobile phones to compete with Android. You have to notice this. The iPhone has AWSOME SOFTWARE but let's face it Android phones have THE BEST HARDWARE and when it comes down to the customer into buying a phone they look at the harware over the software unless your a geek like my self who goes intothose type of things. And don't even try to compare the app store apps with the android market. Cause 85% of those apps are a wasted of fcking time and money. So in the end my opinion is that Android wins due to the fact they have expended their horizions more than apple have and with that come MORE MONEY AND IN DUE TIME THAT MEAN MORE PHONE WHICH MEANS MORE CUSTOMERS!!!!!!!!

@MintOreo: I wasn't putting words in your mouth. I was pointing out that what you said "is immature", everyone must do to make the purchase that's right for them. You look at what different phones can do that other phones can't and choose the phone that can do what you think is most important.
You own a Touch Pro 2 and hate so called iPhone fanboys, but seem to spend an awful lot of time on a blog dedicated to the iPhone where you're bound to encounter them. Most peculiar. Whatever floats your boat though.
@J-Red: So far, there's been too few Androids to blanketly state that they have the "best hardware". What I've seen hasn't been particularly appealing and has been lacking in horsepower. The G1 can't even run the newest Android software in any usable way. As far as Android being the future, if it is, I'll gladly switch in the future. Being loyal to a company is just plain idiotic. The iPhone is the best phone out right now for me. If and when something else comes out that does more for me, that's when I'll switch. Android phones are pretty good now and would be great if the iPhone didn't exist (or if AT&T is really crappy in your area), but, as is, it's not there yet...and the Droid is the best of a rather lackluster bunch. When my contract expires in July, I'll see if the newest iPhone impresses me. Two years after that, when THAT contract expires, maybe the Android will be worth looking at again.

Quote J-Red hates Steve Jobs: "Cause 85% of those apps are a wasted of fcking time and money."
Oh, and I just wanted to point out that the App Store has over 100,000 apps, so according to your statement, the App Store has over 15,000 worthwhile apps. Sounds pretty good to me and sounds like I'll need more than 256MB to hold them.

I really don't get why you people insist on arguing over phones. Granted the iPhone is a great device and elevated the form and functions of cell phones, it has tons of apps, and the UI is fantastic but some people want something different. No one is gonna kill the iPhone but they are now making some very suitable alternatives.

It's just a bunch of bashing, that's what it's all about not which phone is better. The iPhone works for me because I work on a mac, at work and home and it just works great together. I don't even jailbreak my phone, because it already does what I need it to do. I jailbroke my first generation iPhone but I just don't see that I need those options anymore and my phone now seems to run fast. The only option I really miss from the jailbreak is the ability to change themes, but I believe that will come in time when the android starts cutting into sales and makes Apple open up a little bit. I think it will take a couple more versions of Android phones before that happens.
As for the 100,000 apps, yes probably 95,000 or more are crap but I do have a choice to choose my crap. I would be fine if there were only 500 apps, as long as it has what I need, so the apps count really doesn't matter to me.

Driod has really focused on promoting its technology/OS advantage versus the iPhone. They need to come up with a better application story. I would not consider switching to a new phone unless apps that I use everyday like NeuroMobile and others were available on Droid. When I switched from the blackberry to the iphone it was easy because at the time there was very few applications on the blackberry. Anyway, Apple will quickly close any technology gaps and continue to make the competition about applications.

The Droid is a different device people are looking for. I am an iPhone owner and obviously there are specs and feature that the iPhone may have over the droid but I will say that the Droid is a very fast device. I have been laying with the droid for a couple days now and it is made very well. People always say that the safari does better on wifi compared to the Droid but can we not talked about Wifi. Thats all the iPhone has because At&t networks sucks. Verizon has the best network hands down in terms of browsing speed and fewest dropped calls. It would be great for Big Red to have the iPhone but the Droid will definitely give some serious competition to Apple. Majority of the people out there left Verizon for an iPhone because they wanted a phone that does apps and nice screen display. Well Verizon has sold there sold to the devil because they are finally listening to the people and most people will come back to Verizon because they have a phone that will do that and it wont have network issues like the iPhone has. Verizon was dumb for not grabbing the iPhone when they had the chance but by having android under there network it is going to to put a big fight against the iPhone because people don't care about that there are certain things the droid cant do that the iPhone can as long as there are apps, 5 mega pixel camera, 16GB pre installed memory card and a blazing fast network. Soon enough you will see that mojority of the people will ditch there iPhone because there is something out there that will do the job just like it. Apple will always have there followers for there product and I am one of them but as long as I have my Macbook. Ill get rid of my iphone for a Droid.

@Obee1 Which is fine. But there's a world of difference between attempting to be a quality phone VS being just an "Iphone killer." There are other phones out there which are just as good as the Iphone, if not better outright. Marketing yourself as an "Iphone" killer insinuates that it's the phone to beat - which it isn't.
And for the record, I saw the video on Engadget and was just curious as to how IPB would react. Not too surprised, though. I knew Renee or anybody else here would react to the spoofs. It's pretty rare for me to come here.
Anyways, I've made my point. I think both phones are good, but neither is the phone to beat.

According to androidcentral ( the droid does indeed have multitouch. Unfortunately its currently only on the german version of the phone. The good news is that the phone is multitouch capable thus the US version should have the feature soon enough. If its not included in an update I'm sure someone will create an app that will preform the same function, just like flick scrolling on the bb storm 1.

"This damn phone sucks I doubt any future “iPhone killers” will ever beat the iPhone it’s very ignorant for people to actually call it the phone killer before a consumer can actually get his/her hands on it"
Okay... You could also say it is ignorant for people to say it is not an iPhone killer before a consumer can actually get their hands on it.
iPhone users think the iPhone is the best because of the extraordinary marketing campaign that Apple produces. But in all reality, what is so great about the iPhone? It is not as "hip" as Apple makes it out to be. Advertising is a huge contributor to the popularity of the iPhone, but there are phones that are just as good as the iPhone, if not better.
I look forward to the release of the Droid, and hope it lives up to it's expectations. But everyone needs to remember; a phone is a phone. They were made to make calls. Everything else is just a luxury. Verizon has the best network hands down, and at&t's network is not even close.

It probably not perfect, but at least I'll be able to make a call on a Droid. I live/work in NYC. My iPhone rings approximately 1 out of every 3 times someone calls me. The other calls go straight to voice mail. Send text messages fails 70% of the time. I'm through with Apple & AT&T. I CAN'T WAIT to get a phone that actually works as advertised.

@ Dron
Let me guess? No Job or Sixteen Years Old! Saved all his money for an iPhone and hopes "TO LIVE OFF" the taxes paid and provided by the rich middle aged white male working in corporate environment trying to take care of his family, who believes in equality and the best individual for a job and admires guns? "SPOT ON"
Please Can you all believe you are arguing and debating about a "PHONE"
Utterly Pathetic...

I love that one of the main iPhone selling points people keep bringing up is that "even a toddler can use it." Um...ok. Great. I, for one, have more brainpower than the average toddler. I don't require a device that's so dumbed-down that a two-year-old can use it. But it's just like TV, and movies, and politics, and so much else in our culture - aiming for the least common denominator.
Hope you and your two-year-olds enjoy your iPhones. I'l be sitting at the grownup table.

The bottom line is the iphone is an amazing handset, But the call quality, AT&T reception is THE WORST, the reason the Droid is better is because above all of the web browsing, app crap and pinching and zooming Verizon's Droid is a better PHONE !!

i'm as big of an android faboy as there is, and i can admit this is no iphone killer. what it will do is provide an option for those that dislike apple, or those that dislike at&t ... there's a lot of those people so it can succeed on that alone.
truth is there will probably never be an iphone killer. android will probably overtake it at some point in the number of handsets however ... only by the fact that it will be an easy path to take for the vendors, and every vendor is going to have multiple android phones (except apple, and nokia, whatever they are doing ...).

Well, I went and got one of these things, and I learned a few things. First, yes, it's got multitouch support. Some of the apps you can download do that. PicSay, for example, can. And second, the author of this article cries foul because the Droid only has 256Mb of working memory.
Guess what I found out? The first iPhone only had 128Mb of working memory. So this is double - except on the Droid, if you need more storage, you can just go buy another micro-SD chip for a few bucks and flick it in there.
Oh, and you can't take the chip out without removing the battery first, so taking the chip out while the phone is running is impossible.
It's got OpenGL-ES support, which is about what OpenGL v1.3 was. Games are snappy and smooth. I wish the camera initialized faster, it's about four full seconds from wake-up to picture-ready - but once you ARE ready, the camera's pretty good. Zoom, auto-focus, flash, and more features I haven't really dug into yet.
Oh, yes - and like all Android 2.0 devices, it supports folders, so you can actually sort those scores of apps you downloaded.
The learning curve is a bit steep compared to an iPhone, but that's all right. Spending a little quality time learning it just makes it that much more useful and powerful on a personal level. The augmented reality apps are really worth looking at (and yes, there are more than one).
Combine this with the best network in North America, and it's the best deal for the money if you need a new smart phone.

Sounds like the iPhone fanbois need a hug. Are you trying to convince us folks with a Droid that the iPhone is better, or the people with the iPhones? LoL
My call quality is awesome, GPS is great, and the accelerometer does all I wanted it to. I have a car dynomometer, mp3 player that syncs with that godawful iTunes, and geat sounding call clarity, all in one.
Bash away, fanboys.

I saw the Droid for the first time; a friend has it. I haven't played with it, but in some ways it seems to launch the browser very quickly. So far I'm still very happy with my Iphone. I like the overall look better of the layout of the apps, etc. If Apple steps up to the plate to compete, the iphone will get better. Mostly, it needs to do something with the fragility of the glass screen and the cost to repair it; Warranty doesn't cover breakage and let me tell you, it isn't difficult to break the glass and Apple charges more than anyone to repair it. The warranty needs to cover the glass at least once if not more often. ATT needs better coverage. My daughter had to quit AT&T because where she lives in Calif. she got spotty coverage so went with Verizon; At&T needs better packages (they all probably do for that matter.) A family play for data would be nice. Very expensive when each famiy member pays an extra $30/mo. A flash would be nice for photos as well. Not really necessary, but sometimes helpful; Some of the Droids points make sense. Apple just needs to fix those points and voila... competition will do its thing. Verizon has earphones that let you quickly receive and make calls. Apple does not and ATT wants to charge even more for such a service. The voice call feature is an improvement, but it could get better.

It seems you did the same thing you complained about Verizon doing....listed only the droids weaknesses....of which you could only name 3. What you didnt mention is that all of these issues can be resolved with firmware updates, but the iphone is still stuck in apples bad company policy and at&t's bad coverage. We all know that less features = more simple to use....but what about those of us that want MORE???

Wow, way to not do any research. While the droid has 256 MB of memory, this is only for CODE. The rest of the files, images, and whatever else makes up the app goes on the memory card. Most apps, even on the iphone, contain less than a megabyte of code. Which means that the droid has room for 200+ apps. Like every apple product, the iphone is a product dumbed down for the masses. I'll take my droid with it's superior hardware, superior network, and infinite ability to customize any day.

Ive been reading these forums all day while ive been in my office and I just think its funny how all the iPhone fanboys are defending there precious Apple. Ive had an Iphone since the released the 16GB 2g, and I love my apps and my music, I never even liked the idea of a physical keyboard... Then I saw the Droid, After using it for a day, I cancelled my Horrible AT&T plan and bought myself one of those bad boys. The only thing I miss is multi touch, which will be updated onto Droid soon anyways. BUt between Droid's multi app capablitiies, Superior Hardware, and not to mention when i put the 2 against eachother the Droid renders and runs Youtube significantly faster on both Wifi and of course 3g, not to mention it looks 100 times better. I think with just a couple updates we will have ourselves a fully grown iPhone killer, and this is coming from a previous iPhone u current fanboy go ahead and yell at me... Ill be sitting here enjoying my Droidn while I give away my iPhone to my Girlfriends brother so he can take it apart and play with it...ya know, cuz like u guys all say...even a toddler can play with it.
But hey, i undertsand you fanboys, you shouldnt buy the Droid...because its gotta suck having a phone smarter then you are.
Peace out fanboys

i love how Droid users bring up rooting to make up for the things it's lacking, when iPhone users can simply jailbreak and make up for the things it's lacking (and it only takes 2 minutes to do so). face it. the phones are for two different demographics.
free GPS? there's an app for that.
Google voice search? there's an app for that.
Facebook syncing? there's an app for that.
fully customizable themes and tones? there's an app for that.
folders? there's an app for that.
word/excel/powerpoint? you guessed it. there's an app for that.
you fanboys need to grow up. bashing a phone because of the provider isn't taking any credibility out of the phone itself, and this is basically the biggest (and usually only) excuse Droid users have of bashing the iPhone. don't even bring up that terrible excuse for a keyboard.
as for me, i'm glad companies are stepping up to try and compete. consumers win when companies go head to head, if you idiots didn't notice that.

i also forgot to mention how funny it is that Droid users imply that we iPhone users are nothing but teenagers or children, when they come to an iPhone website acting like children themselves. c'mon fellas. show some of that maturity you're so proud of by being Droid users. /sarcasm.

you can tell whoever posted this is a complete idiot. first of all i own both an iphone and a g1, while i will admit the iphone seems to work smoother and with less lag, this could be because the iphone is not customizable and only has one general look and hence no widgets it has to load, on the other hand by saying android failed to include multitouch, well thats just horse shit. my g1 has had multitouch since the first day i got it home and rooted it, btw my g1 is rooted AND my iphone is unlocked/jailbroken. and, u fucking moron, iphone and android use the same browser webkit, why do they let idiots post this shit and make it look professional if you really havent got a clue what youre talking about. if i had to pick out of the two phones, sorry iphone fanboys but i would go with the android os for one major purpose.... opensource. and for the love of god stop saying android didn't include multitouch, they did, just thanks to apple nixing it with threats of lawsuit previous to android release, you have to root it to take back what is rightfully yours. i don't care one way or the other, i like both my phones thats why i have both still, just learn what you're talking about before you make statements that are completely incorrect. also, my app storage on my g1 is 2gb, all i had to do was partition 2gigs for ext 3 and download a free app from the market called apps2sd (well actually im a cyanogenmod rom user but that is another story) its still amazing to me just how many apps on the google market are free, it also amazes me how some iphone fanboys just won't let go that there is a better os out there, but hey i don't blame you, for the price apple charged for these phones in the beginning makes it redonkulous that there is already a better, FREE, opensource operating system known as Android.

to the guy that dissed the android keyboard, lol you do know that the keyboard is FULLY customizeable, and you can use 3rd party keyboards u idjit. thats the reason my g1 keyboard is completely different from my friends htc eris keyboard.

I read that it's just the main app that runs in the 256 and the rest can run from the SD Card, so if you have an app that uses graphics they would be stored on the SD card and the app is just there to execute the application.
The Droid does support multi-touch it's just disabled for the OS. If you download PicSay for the Droid you can test out the pinch/zoom feature.

what exactly does open source mean for you? are you a programmer? are you so concerned about Apple's screening? you bring up rooting. cool. jailbreaking effectively removes Apple's hold on the device. customizable? if you even knew what jailbreaking was, you'd know that the iPhone is FULLY customizable once you do this. everything is possible when you root, the same goes for jailbreaking. face it. you've got nothing to show that Droid can do what iPhone can't. its only advantage is its screen, and that's offset by the lack of any decent media support.
i had a G1 and just switched from it to the iPhone 3GS two weeks ago. my bro-in-law just got a Droid. both their keyboards suck, you "idjit." customizing a shitty keyboard doesn't make it any less shitty. they're off-center, which gives you an awkward position to type in. fyi, typing is what a keyboard is used for, and making it more difficult to do so than using the onscreen keyboard basically gives you a useless feature.
try again.

the Droid really only applies to a few people: those on Verizon who want an iPhone but don't wanna switch to AT&T, those on Verizon who hate the iPhone, and diehard geeks.
umm... that's not a big number. to prove just how many people don't care about open source as much as the geek crowd does, the iPhone 3GS outsold the Droid on Droid's own opening day by nearly threefold, despite the mass marketing Verizon did. that's pretty fail.

just a note about the 256MB app space limitation. developers can write their programs such that the tiny core of the app is written to that space, and any information and files it reads from can be stored on the card. not a single one of my android apps uses over 1.2MB of space on the phone, even though some of them install over 10MB of media components and things on the SD card.

Written by a true apple zealot. Clearly the infant Droid has got you girls worried. Grow up! They're just phones that will look outdated in two years time.

Droid > Iphone.
I've had both and from wat i can see:
Droid DOES have pinch zoom.
Better screen.
Applications are better engineered

Let's not even try to compare the first iteration of the Droid with the nth of the iPhone - evolution will finally force Apple to compete, something they haven't really had to do before. . .

All comparisons aside the droid is the best phone on verizon wireless.
Most standard users will NEVER use up 256mb of app storage and the ones who will most likely can figure out how to root the phone and use a custom rom (yet to come out).
Try streaming pandora and google maps on a 60 mile road trip using att and then try it on verizon.
The main reason why I stuck with my blackberry for so long is verizon's 3g coverage.
P:s: the dolphin browser (free) supports pinching no root required.

You'll change your toon when Droid has flash enabled Web sites in the first quarter of 2010 and your gestapo iPhone App store still won't release the flash app that is already designed for the iPhone and has been kept in purgatory for the last 6 months. Apple better say sorry to Adobe, or it will never have a flash enabled browser. Google seems to be a little more wise about its B2B relationships atm. And let's not bring up the Facebook App fiasco.
Physical + virtual QWERTY = Options. So Droid beats iPhone hands down there...sorry
Anyone who uses more that 256mb (NOT the majority) just has to root the Droid, so no comparison there.
Multitouch...please, not a necessity and really only seeks to make you feel like Tony Stark. Plus, double tap takes less fingers.
Droid is the iPhone killer...iPhone has had 3 chances to get it right. I'll pray for you when the 2nd Droid drops. :]

A lot of lies and misinformation here. Droid kicks ass. Has pinch and zoom, it's linux based meaning shared resources meaning 256mb is HUGE!, and it's not even the limit if you root. If you don't root, all icons, media, etc from these aps go on the SD card. This phone crushes the iPhone in every way except that special Apple brand of simplicity, which is not something everyone likes.

All I can say is that I got my Droid a couple days ago, and I absolutely love it. I can say, for me, it is better than the iPhone.

U guys are crazy. I have a droid and all can say is I would take the droid any day. It has more customization and it doesn't lock everything down and no Itunes. The screen is ridiculously clear and I could go on and on. And when they get sense ui on this thing O - man. But you guys stay fadish and keep ur Idon'ts I mean Iphones

"...lay all the cards on the table..." So I guess you put all the Droid cards on the table, but what about the iPhone cards? This is such a one sided typical blog post.'s so hard to find a fair and balanced source anymore.

sorry guys - droid is way better for geeks like me. the iPhone is awesome for sure, but apple's business philosophy sucks. no expandable memory, itunes DRM, pricing/upgrade model for simple features [eg: 8gb to 32 gb ipod touch pricing!].
I can mount my home network drives via samba mounts on the droid - run an ftp server, a web server, script in python, ruby, perl, lua... and access the Android API directly... that's just the tip of the iceberg! it's the freedom that really wins me over.

  • as far as UI goes, I find the iphone ui to be far less usable...[from an advanced user point of view] on Droid there are like ten different ways to do any one thing... not to mention "intents" that allow you to customize to your own preferences which apps do what.

The app thing is such a stupid argument, it's just a matter of time before that's moot - and when Flash becomes available it will be even less meaningful...

  • also try to mount your iphone and copy some mp3's and movies to it on a linux or windows machine ... without using itunes.

I have an HTC Hero running Android 1.5 on Sprint. I have played with the Droid and I wouldn't trade my Hero for it, even with it's 2.0 vs my 1.5 (although soon-to-be updated) firmware. My phone has multitouch, a 5 mp camera, widgets, can run multiple apps at once and with an app, I can install apps directly to my usb. Basically, Android allows you to do most anything you want without rooting, even using your phone as a usb or bluetooth modem (through an app.) I'm a firm believer that when the dust settles the iPhone will be just as niche as the imac, and Android, Blackberry and Windows will take the top 3 spots in market share, very likely in that order.

Honestly I had the palm pre from sprint and a friend convinced me to get the droid...boy was that a wrong move. Never mind the apps only a mobile broswer??? What??? The pre is better than that. This thing doesn't touch the iphone. I have a 16 gb sim card but can only use 256 mb for apps??? What?? I'm going back to the pre tomorrow maybe the iphone but the droid isn't all its made out to be

First of all, the droid has 256mb of memory FOR THE APP CORE ITSELF. This is a big difference from 256mb for apps. Most apps are extremely tiny and you can store hundreds of them on this 256mb space as it DOES use the SD card to store all of the cache data created by the apps. I personally have both the iPhone as my work device and the Droid as my personal device and a enjoy the Droid much more. It has faster web browsing, a faster user interface, and an overall better experience in navigating between apps and across the UI. The resolution is also better and the screen is bigger than the iPhones. You are not restricted to storage space either as you can replace the SD card, and if you need to replace the battery (as i have needed to with my own iPhone and many of our client's iPhones) it does not require you to disassemble your device. The iPhone's battery life also dwindles to almost nothing after its first year of use. The Droid also DOES SUPPORT MULTI -TOUCH and pinch and zoom(ie dolphin browser) just most of the apps do not yet. I am sure this will change in the future. The android OS will also be getting flash support this year and the iPhone is the only smartphone that will not. I would ditch my iPhone in a heartbeat if given the choice between these two devices.

Ok im not just saying this because i have the droid but the droid supports multitouch and theres a app called dolphin browser which allows you to not only pinch to zoom which isnt even a big deal but a whole lot more! and for the wifi my friend has a iphone and i have the droid we had it side by side both pressd our youtube links and the droid one....this may not be the case for things with more graphics on em because i i heard its slow when theres stuff like alot of pics but who knows....we never tested peace

I don't multi task
I don't get great service
I don't have flash
I don't have as many free apps
If it comes to Verizon and can multi task ill try it out but Droid wins.

Oh rooted and have multi touch everything 32 gig app on SD live wallpaper games movies music wifi tether and get 3g every where I go so Droid and Verizon =win

Wow this review and most of the comments are epic fail.
My contract was up (sprint, and yes i know) and I had the option of going with either AT&T or verizon and picking a new phone. I had a blackberry previously. It took about 5 minutes to decide. one word... MULTITASKING. the inability of the iphone to multitask is such an epic fail that i can;t even begin to describe it. I laugh every time i see a luke wilson commercial. hey I can be on the phone and get an email. But hey guess what luke you can't be on the web and read a text without closing your browser. this is why the iphone will never be a serious productivity tool.
Your point about apps is so absurd. The data is stored on the memory card, meaning the app storage limit is basically infinite. For a game all the maps and levels and stuff are not counted toward your app limit only the executable is. duh. do your homework instead of a being a fanboy.
is the iphone more user friendly? yes. that explains why the biggest group of users is teenage girls (no lie look it up). if you are looking for something trendy and pretty and a cool toy go with the iphone (nothing wrong with that). If you are looking for something infinitely powerful and custmizable and functional go with the droid. is it an "iphone killer?" No. that label is absurd. the droid doesn't aspire to be an iphone. it aspires to be the antithesis. open source powerful customizable. the end

Well I think their are some thruthful comments here. I loved the apple platform but no service so here I am Droid Verizon. Conspiracy only comes to mind.

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