First Verizon iPhone arrives?

First Verizon iPhone arrives?

Could this be the very first Verizon iPhone to be held by customer hands? YouTube user billa9668 claims to have picked it up today from the UPS center in Evansville Indiana. Is it for real? It's an iPhone 4 box in a UPS box with what looks like a Verizon pamphlet as wrapping. Beyond that who knows?

Verizon started shipping pre-orders earlier in the week and now so has Apple, with delivery estimates of Monday and Tuesday. We're still tracking shipments in our Verizon iPhone forum so we'll see if more arrive. Meanwhile check out the video after the break and tell us -- do you believe?

[Thanks nicolelk316 and Kyle Dziekan!]

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First Verizon iPhone arrives?


You are correct, I have got numerous phones shipped from Verizon and all were shipped via FedEx, I know Apple ships all my stuff via FedEx as well

yeah, mines coming ups too. my co-workers are coming fed-ex.. I bought mine 12 min before midnight...they bought it later...

really that excited about a iphone that is almost a year old and the 5th generation is about to come out in a few months you would have thought they had won the lottery.

Apple sells over 150,000 iPhones every day.
That means last week alone they sold over a million iPhones.
Even without the Verizon iPhone... people are still buying tons of "almost a year old" phones today.
Do you suggest that people only buy iPhones in June/July?

Long waiting vzw loyalists who choose coverage first are very excited to have what they have long waited for why is that a reason to cut on their excitement? who cares how long the phones been out? the htc thunderbolt is nothing more than a dated HTC EVo but people are excited over in that forum because they now have the option on their carrier now..i for one had the I4 the first day it came out and loved it but hated the drops, so i sold it and waited til vzw announced is a glorious day for many just be happy for people man..

How is the Thunderbolt a dated EVO? Other than having a similar form factor, the EVO and the T'bolt don't really share anything.

It's almost as good as winning the lottery. Who cares that the iPhone 4 has been out since June? It's new to Verizon and for those of us that can't use AT&T this is great. Besides, there is no guarantee that the iPhone 5 will come out in June. With the Verizon iPhone just coming out maybe Apple is going to push back the iPhone 5 release for everyone to December.

Jay, you may be right about the 5G iPhone. Apple tends to roll out a new version every summer, so this may already be in the works. HOWEVER... 5G coverage isn't a strong point for a majority of VZ customers. With this being a new roll out for VZ, only the towers near major cities like Chicago, New York , Atlanta and the like may get a 5G upgrade. For smaller cities, such as my own, 5G service from VZ is still at least 2 years away... in time for my next upgrade. Until then, this new iPhone is as good as it gets.

They shipped mine UPS. There were others in the previous threads that are having them shipped by UPS. I tracked mine and it is going to be out for delivery Monday.

Yeah, why in the world would he lie? We all knew they were shipped...why even ask if he's lying.
Good for him. He got a phone that came out 7 months ago on a different carrier.
Sorry, I'm having a rough day.

we need to give these guys some tips on displaying evidence. They'd be horrible as witnesses on law and order. blurry address, and a box. No idea why they'd go to the trouble of lying so it's probably true. but who knows. good for them. Now my contract with sprint needs tojust hurryup and run run out.

Actually, can you explain to me what's the different I mean what is the description of Verizon I Phones 4. Coz, here In Inonesia already launching since the last Januari. Thanks.

Current Employee - We started shipping from a new distribution center that previously was only used for returns in Dallas. That center uses UPS. Because they are contracted, they can use the carrier of their choice.
How would he benefit from lying about picking up his package from UPS? He would not have a reason to lie.

Mine is coming via UPS so it's definitely not Fedex only...I think it's legit. I could have picked mine up today at the UPS hub but the inside man I know asked me to not activate it until Monday on his behalf.

I starting to feel like a real loser looking at stuff like this. Are we all crazy? We need to get lives and get over this nonsense apple counts on. I own and iPad, iPhone 4 and currently have a 3G and 3GS on craigslist for sale. Sold my old touch 2g a few weeks and bought him a touch 4 g for Xmas. This $hit it getting ridiculous!! I'm ashamed if myself. I bought all my phones from previous owners so I have never been under an actual contract only month to month with AT&T so at least I have that pride. Guys we gotta stop going crazy over this crap. I will keep all my current I devices for another 2 years at least. Tired of bending over for Steve. I I'm very happy with all my apple products just tired of being a fool!!

Packages like this are set for delivery date in the system and contracted to do so. They aren't supposed to be released to the customer until that day, even if they are in your local office for a week. Sometimes the system fails. Oh well. So someone got one a few days earlier, big deal.
Doesn't look fake. VZW paperwork makes it look good. Good for him.

Why would he buy the iPhone 4 when the new one comes out in 5-6 months? I think he will have a hard time selling a CDMA phone since it will only work on Verizon. He's going to be keeping that phone for 2 years.

Why buy anything? Something better it newer is always around the corner. They drop android phones every week.
You could be waiting forever. Why do you care? Why do any of us care? Let's all get lives.

exactly..who cares whats coming? enjoy the i4..there is no guarantee at all vzw will get the i5 when its released anyway, could be a att thing for a while no one knows..its also prob gonna be a minor refresh this model anyway and the i4 will update to that software anyway..

you're not really thinking about the average user, the average user doesn't care about release cycles (the quarterly numbers that Apple state would be much different otherwise) and the average user probably doesn't travel internationally so CDMA only isn't a problem for most

Correct. The average user buys a phone to carry out function.
I could have waited the 5 months and bought the iphone 5 but who knows if there will be any big changes. People are expecting it to use LTE in it's next incarnation but what who knows how well Verizon rolls out the LTE system, whether they are on Target and how good the coverage is anyway.
Doesn't matter if you have a 4G capable phone if it cannot connect to the service. A bit like T-Mobile and Sprint. Unless you are in those lucky areas it doesn't do you a damn bit of difference because the phone will use the 3G connection.
In two years time the LTE system will be covering most of the same areas as the 3G system and then it will be worth waiting for the newest version of the iphone.
If I got a phone supposed to connect to the LTE 4G system and spent most of my time connected to the 3G EVDO system I would be disappointed.

CDMA phones are easy to sell. I listed my Droid X on craigslist and had it sold within 15 minutes with several others that wanted it. I don't have a problem buying the iPhone 4. If the 5 comes out in June and there's enough new stuff that I feel I have to have it, I'll buy it at full price and sell the 4. Maybe all the iPhone updates are being moved to later in the year, maybe the Verizon iPhone will see it's annual update in February every year. No one knows what Apple is thinking or has planned, so enjoy what's available now and worry about the new models when they are available.

Stop hating off the man. You saying why buy it when a new one coming out well 1 MILLION verizon customers getting a iPhone also in July it might not be able for verizon just yet. When you been waiting since 2007 you will be happy to get a iPhone

Not saying hes lying, or that its for real, or that I care- but I was under the impression UPS cannot give you a package without trying to deliver it first ... ?

actually you can contact UPS and make arrangements to pick it up from them, you can also change the destination that it is being shipped to and you can change the delivery day (not the delivery time as they cannot warranty that and only give an estimate). This can even be set using a link on the tracking page.

I am tired of the "why would you buy iPhone 4" comments. Most of the people making those comments probably own iPhone 4's!

cause their anti iphone. They probably have a droid that drains a battery in 2hrs and plays videos like vcast that cuts out almost every 5 sec....!!! Should i say more??

Im a droid user of many, Nexus one,droidx,OG droid,HTC desire(unlocked 2g only),Captivate(5 days)wife HTC Dinc from both att and vzw and i can tell you Android battery life will not be missed! awful battery im tired of buying batteries and toting chargers around..

Filmed by a woman :-) - sorry Georgia - I like the shift from landscape to almost portrait to landscape to almost portrait again :-)

If you look closely you'll see it has the antenna in the top side which is exclusive to the Verizon iPhone. I think it's real.
PS: Look at the box and you'll see it in the picture

So what if it came out 7 months ago? Doesn't mean it's not bad, people still have the 3G and 3GS and those work perfectly fine. Apple products are high in quality and last quite a long time. iPhones don't show their age for a long time unlike Android phones which shows its age pretty fast.

Again it's not the lottery it's a phone and most people have a iPhone already you see people who said waited for years really for a phone now everyone will say my droid freezes or my bb does and I want a iPhone enjoy life in the slow lane CDMA iPhone AT&T rocks fast network and I don't drop calls must be user error!

Yes, its an older phone but for those of us on Verizon - its a brand new phone...and one lots of us have been waiting for a long time!! I am a long time Droid user (and loved it) but can't wait until my iPhone gets here Monday! Its ok to be excited...and ok for people to say happy for you..instead of being negative. So far the only thing I am seeing that I may miss about the friendly and helpful the posters at Android Central were.

your 2 stocks of apple at 300 dollars a pop matters to nobody...
i hate when people have 3 stocks of a company and act like they winning

Why is everyone excited for the iPhone 4 on Verizon? It's just an iPhone on another carrier.

Most likely it's real. Not a big deal, just an iPhone 4. Good for this guy. Also, I don't see the issue. If consumers really want to jump the gun on a 7 month phone it's their call. Apple's 1 year product replacement cycle is better(In the sense of a less saturated market than choice of hardware) than Android makers like HTC putting out handsets at the speed bunnies multiply.
Android handsets get obsolete pretty quick. So why do people buy? Because technology at this point is improving by the month. You might aswell decide on a product you actually like and would keep for 1-3 years (I say 3 max because products nowadays are a bit less built for long term. Plus your hardware feels outdated quick. So most likely you'll get a new phone/upgrade within 3 years.

I'm tried of AT&T fan boys telling us Verizon peeps to not purchase this phone or "WHy are u so excited over a phone that is X months old".
Tech is always upgrading, heck even your laptop right now is outdated. So to tell people that it's pointless to buy this now is stupid.
Remember fanboys, when you got YOUR iphone when it was just released, you have "antennagate" issues. This has a FIXED design to fix that problem, see how sometimes waiting for something is better?

I have two observations that I'm surprised no one picked up on:

  1. I'm surprised no one has commented on his resemblance to Steve Wozniak. Maybe his favorite uncle got him one a bit early.
  2. That looks like a staffed UPS location (as opposed to a UPS Store). Aren't they closed on Saturday and Sunday?

Just my two cents.

Kissel is right bring the screen closer to you and you'll see the hours when the guy is walking of Monday to friday 10am-7pm and what did he say on his video... Ok another joke!!!

says 930am on feb 5th no posting of saturday hours just says monday to friday 10am-7pm good pick up Kissel!!!

Not real you have to wait until UPS makes one attempt to deliver before you can pick up a packager from their store and also where I live you can't pick up before 2:pm and he is picking it up at 9 am on a Saturday. Hmmmm and he did not show any of the paper work in side the box. FAKE

It's real. It had the correct band line on the pic of the phone on the box. It was on the side and not on the top like the AT&T GSM version.

It came this morning @ 9am, however the fedex website still says it is at my local fedex facility.

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