Verizon iPhone gets carrier file update

Welcome to iOS, Verizon iPhone users -- Apple is sending a carrier update your way! We don't know what it does yet but typically carrier update files control carrier-specific features like personal hotspot, tethering, links, network settings, etc.

Have you gotten the Verizon iPhone carrier update yet? Notice any differences?


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Verizon iPhone gets carrier file update


Iphone wasn't made for the worse network, remember it was offered first to VERIZON but at that time they wanted the red verizon mark on the phone obviously apple did not wanted,

Good point @Chris n Verizon is number 1 for a reason!!!! You get too choose the carrier u want!!!!! Apple ended exclusivity for a reason!!!!! they ended exclusivity because apple's contract was up with AT&T. Until Verizon can do simultaneous voice and data, confrence calling, match AT&T data speeds, offer rollover minutes or even unlimited mobile to ANY mobile...then maybe you'll have a point. There's a reason why apple stuck with AT&T for over 4 years.

Who needs rollover minutes if you drop calls left and right? And voice and data at the same time I forgot that is so important I mean i forgot about the stupid at&t commercial where the guy forgets his anniversary. Ha I would be proud to know my carrier thought of me that way. But Im sure you are like that guy and cant keep track of dates and what not. smh

And why did at&t get rid of unlimited data if they could handle it? Enough said verizon kept unlimited data.

You do realize that VZW was already quoted here that they are ALSO getting rid of unlimited data, don't you?

True, AT&T data speeds are faster, if you get service. Verizon data is consistently better due to better service, but your point is correct if service was equal. Which it's not.

You need to ask yourself a few questions, do you REALLY need simultaneous voice and data? If that is your main sticking point then, wow, you need to get your priorities in order. Can Verizon's network handle Voice/Data, absolutely, I think they don't allow it because of the quality of service. Conference calling... Strange I have Verizon and I just did that yesterday. When it comes to data speeds if you can notice a huge difference in real life then bravo, you are a much more observant person than me. Rollover minutes are a scam. For the 4 years I had AT&T/Cingular I never once needed them. On top of that My Verizon 900 Minute plan gives me 5 Friends and Family numbers that I can call on any network or land line. You didn't even have unlimited M2AM until Verizon got the iPhone because AT&T is in panic mode. The reason why Apple stuck with AT&T is because they HAD to; I don't think Apple had an option to pay an early termination fee.

The reason is Money n consumer complaints!!! They made their decision n we will see what will happen in June!!!!

Other than the "your carrier sucks, mine FTW" argument, I was wondering that since Verizon has a higher OS, that this carrier patch is filling in the rest of the things that GSM iPhones are getting when 4.3 drops? Curious to know what you guys think...

Really? You are fighting over carriers? You have an iPhone... and you have an iPhone too. Hug and make up.

thank you for being a voice of reason!
wireless carriers are just becoming what POTS is... a dumb pipe, and that's all they should be.

According to what I read on Verizon's forums
"All it does is change how the phone behaves regarding data roaming: before the update, with data roaming off you only get data on the VzW network. After the update, you can also get data on their partner networks (you can roam on Sprint, US Cellular, ACS, etc, etc at no charge as part of your VzW service) with the data roaming setting turned off.
That's the only thing it changes. If you're not in one of the "extended network" areas, it won't affect you and is not worth worrying about."

So far, the patch has fixed the keyboard remaining active when in your message search window. My keyboard used to stay up, and now it doesn't.

Carrier updates don't fix bugs with iOS, which it seems may be your case. I am guessing it may tune the antenna, baseband bug fixes or something along those lines. Perhaps this will fix the emoji issues between gsm and CDMA models?

Seriously everyone argues over what carrier is better, it doesn't matter its personal preference. Also @Gary VZW is not getting rid of unlimited data and will not. especially if you have had it before your grandfathered in with the 29.99 plan. ATT couldn't handle the data usage being on the older gsm network.

I got the update and now my verizon iphone is faster in data and apps like facebook or twitter for son reason verizon is #1

Since I got this update my 4 year old kid listens to me, my hair looks better, my wife got way hotter, and job gave me a raise, chuck Norris actually didn't kill anyone for a day. Can updates from other carriers do this?
I dont think so.

So, I've was an AT&T customer for 9 years on Long Island. Original iPhone owner since 2007. I gave them every opportunity to step up. I put a microcell in my house, a cell booster in my car, and guess what? I still dropped 10 calls a day! So last week when I dropped a call with my biggest customer 6 times in a row, I snapped and threw my AT&T iPhone 4 onto the Southern State Parkway and watched it discentagrate into 100 pieces.
I drove myself calmly to my local Verizon wireless store and signed up. After dropping an average of 10 calls per day EVERYDAY for years, it's only been a week on Verizon but I have yet to drop a call. So, yes the Verizon phone is not as perfect as the AT&T version when it comes to usability but guess what? The f'ing phone works flawlessly!
Stop suffering people. If the phone is important to you, switch carriers!

I find it hard to believe you would throw an iPhone out the window. I also have to ask why you would stay with a carrier over 4 years dropping 10 calls per day? Neither makes sense...

@ scott, i understand man, I was in the same glad I switched...vzw just works

@ Gary. AT&T COULD NOT handle the data load from the iPhone. They even admitted this. They had to make WiFI stations in major cities (NYC; Los Angeles; San Fran;ect) because they sold too many iPhones and couldn't handle loads. In rural areas their 2g network that hasn't been upgraded since 2004 is horrible. They brand it EDGE but its 2g. Capped data = bad network, abs AT&T wants more money for less. Period.

@Brad, so if att canceled unlimited plans because they couldn't handle it, then what is VZWs excuse for canceling starting this summer? A previous comment here said VZW would never cancel unlimited data. My ONLY argument is that VZW is already quoted in saying they WILL discontinue it just like Att did.

You could have sold that phone for probably double what you paid for! I think that was stupid. I know that wasn't the point of your argument but I just wanted to let you know that was dumb!

turn your phone off and then back on, this is per apple carrier settings update instructions.

Got mine today when I plugged in to sync. iTunes popped up a message to install it. Perhaps this is a needed precursor to getting iOS 4.3?

@ Gary. Verizon is keeping the unlimited plan for iPhone customers only, including when a LTE iPhone is released. That's why apple jumped ship with the exclusivity with AT&T. So again, AT&T is pretty suspect when it made a capped data plan for the iPhone. I know this, because I have worked for both companies.

@Brad, are you seriously that clueless? Mephisto said it right, get your head out of the sand. VZW is capping data just as ATT did. Sure they will persue the normal caveats of grandfathering current users but that ass is getting capped! LOL! What sense would it make for VZW to give other manufacturers the finger by putting them on a capped plan and not Apple. If you refuse to believe what the CFO told a group of investors, then lil o me can't help you.

is it really nessicary to fight about which carrier is better? i mean seriously. AT&T works better than verizon in my area but it's different for others. i love AT&T. but that's because it works in my area. just like some ofyou like verizon better because it works better for YOU. it's different for everyone. quit fighting like children.

I have to say I had the first iPhone right though the current one. I have to say that you don't know what you miss until gone. I say that because I am one of those people that had to go to Verizon to continue to use my IPhone. I never had any problems with ATT until now. They told me last month that my bill was almost $300.00 for the month and although my bill is around 150.00 per month I wasn't going to pay them double thats wad not going to happen so like I said I jumped over to the Big Red. Man do I mess the ablility to use data and voice at the same time. It's easy for a Verizon customer to say that it's not a big deal. But trust me it is and although I don't have any dropped calls. My data is slower and I can't talk and look at an e-mail for a client at the same time anymore. I miss my AT&T service. I guess I have to look forward to next year when the Network is upgrade to The LTE technology and the iPhone 6 so get back what I use to have today on at&t. :-(

I never worked for Verizon, but when Sprint pushes out something like this, it's usually a preferred roaming list (PRL). If you don't have an up-to-date PRL, you may not be able to roam off the Verizon network. I went on vacation to Canada a few years ago without updating my PRL first; my phone found the local network just fine, synced to the local network clock just fine, but would not let me connect (voice or data). Which was cool because it kept the people at the office from reaching me on vacation, but consider yourself warned.

You can do a Prl update at your destination.
I had to do one when I went fro NJ to Texas the my phone worked right.

@stevec Yes I did throw a perfectly 6 month old iPhone 4 out the window. Why? Cause I felt like it.
Why did u stick with att for so long? Cause I'm obsessed with the iPhone. I wanted nothing more than to make my AT&T phone work for me. I was a customer so long, they gave me whatever whenever I wanted.
Now my Verizon iPhone just works.

Verizon is going to a tiered data but im guessing there will still be an unlimited but it will cost more and it will include the hotspot and tethering with the new unlimited.