New Verizon iPhone commercial hammers home the network

New Verizon iPhone commercial hammers home the network

According to Verizon's second Verizon iPhone commercial, yes, they can hear you now. It's also beautiful, intelligent, even genius (though not magical, sadly). And they claim their network... works.

So what's next, will AT&T start airing simultaneous voice and data and international roaming commercials?

Check out the video after the break and let us know what you think!

[Thanks Kaled!]

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New Verizon iPhone commercial hammers home the network


I agree with ricbon, I almost didn't recognize him. But I digress, the ad is a little dramatic for my tastes. Verizon may "work" but it seemingly works slowly in my area. viva la at&t

you are talking is true, according to a study in all areas of USA, the better download speed of data trough "iPhone 4" or whichever phone, is from at&t.
Look for in Google, i dont remember the source..
Sorry my english is bad, but i promise that ill take a english course...

AT&T has to run an ad showing the simultaneous voice and data then asking"Does your network REALLY allow you to RULE the air?"

Hahahahahaha. WE GET IT ALREADY. Simultaneous voice and data. Yayyyyy. The only people who care at all about that are you guys trying to one up VZW w/ your sorry ATT. Nobody cares.

funny how my "sorry att" is still better than my coworkers with vzw, can't wait until they get their iPhones so i can still have better speeds

It's so sad...even the 1st iPhone can do simultaneous voice and data..and here we are on the 4th and best one yet and lame verizon can't do something that has been so simple for us on AT&T...Smh its a shame..

I won't discredit the usefulness, though, having remained on Verizon despite the lure of the iPhone, I will not miss what I never had. And that is the point here. Verizon customers obviously don't have simultaneous voice/data as a top priority.

Oooops, yeah you're right..edge wasnt capable...anyway to us it's not even a big deal cause we've been doing it for so long...but think about it on verizon you can't even use your google map while on a conversation..sorry it's just not the same..

I'll keep that in mind next month on my HTC Thunderbolt, while I'm automagically using Google Maps to look up directions on Verizon's 3G while I'm in a phone call, and could answer a txt if I wanted, and check my email.

I'm getting really exhausted hearing att drones harp on about voice and data. I had art for 4 years and didn't even realize I could do that til I heard att shift there commercials to that to counter there piss poor coverage. I am with vzw and still do not miss that. A phone e is just that a phone first and vzw 3 g however slight the speed difference is smokes poor little att. They never even built out 3 g nation wide outside the burbs and want to sell 3.5 g as 4g following tmobiles suit. Coverage , phone quality first. Everything else second. If art works for you awesome if not make the switch but arguing atts little glimmer of advantages over vzw like you have stock in the company is pathetic.

@ jfelipe83:
Dude, STFU. It's a$$es like you that come on to a Verizon article and bitch and moan. IF YOU DON'T LIKE IT, you can "F**K OFF". OK?
If all that you, and tools like you, are going to do is go into articles that you obviously have no vested interest in and trash talk, then you need to get a life, loser.

AT&T should have that joke commercial with his Verizon iPhone friend getting that joke way later on their sub 1Mbps molasses 3G speeds.

I'm surprised AT&T haven't shown off simultaneous voice and data while tethering as using a tethered laptop and then making/receiving a call is far more plausible to me.

Who really cares about the one-upmanship. I have AT&T and will remain for the foreseeable future. That said, I have one thing to say to VZW customers: "Welcome to the iPhone!"

LOLOLOL That was pretty good... I am looking forward to the commercial battles between VZW and AT&T now >:) This is going to get entertaining.

Who really cares about the iphone when verizon has 4g android phones coming soon.. att sucks and so does that iphone...

Yet the sales numbers still prove that there is plenty of demand for iphone on Verizon. Android isn't bad at all and has many things going for it. They'll both co-exist.

finally, somebody speaks sense, both OS's are amazing and its just a personal preference of what one wants. I like android a bit better, but i still use an old iPhone 3G as an iTouch, its the best of both worlds, really :)

Att should allow facetime on the mobile network knowing that
Verizon cant offer that with that slow cdma network.

I haven't a clue why not, I have Skyped on my laptop, tethered via my Droid Incredible on Verizon's "slow cdma network"

Is that even the same Verizon guy? He looks close, but heavier and his voice doesn't even sound close to the other commercials.

If CDMA was more advanced then why does the rest of the world use GSM???? Seriously??? I can't believe you just said that. Verizon won't be on CDMA in 5 years anyways

I Agree Matt.
CDMA wont be around for much longer. It's OLD tech and in no way more advanced then GSM.
GSM offers you the choice to change phones when you fell like it, Use voice and Data at the same time....... Actually something i love doing.
I would NEVER get a CDMA phone...unless i had no choice of course or that my GSM provider was so bad in my area that l technically had no choice if i wanted to make calls.
But giving the option GSM is the way to go

Looking forward to the AT&Fee commercials that show how voice and data work at the same time on their network.

Verizon makes me laugh, along with the fake android fan boys. In the commercial they forget to leave out the statement that you could be one of many who get their internet throttled along with compressing picture. music, and video files. Ill stay with ATT I don't have a problem been with Verizon before, they're Nazi. Ill keep my minuted that I paid for. Also I don't get why the hell anyone would buy a phone a year old and with rumored iPhone 5 (they release one every year people) in less 6 months.

hey at&t customers you can not even talk for 20mins with out a dropped call let alone surf and talk.. and the 70.9 million customers Verizon has do not have a problem of not being able to surf and talk at the same time..F OFF

If I'm on the phone for 20 minutes at a time someone better be dying. Not that it matters because I drop calls within 2 minutes (not on an iPhone). I hate AT&T so much. I'd like to switch to Sprint. Hopefully AT&T's service gets better after the iPhone people switch to Verizon.

That's all AT&T has? Simultaneous voice and data? I would much rather have calls that don't drop vs dropped calls and checking out email all at the same time, or whatever. Seriously, you ATT fanboys really need to come up with something better. Now the next best thing is going to be reading all your responses and use of foul language cause you cant handle the truth!

How bout everyone pick the network they want and move on with their own lives??
If only the same people were as passioanate about politics or what's going on around the world. Smh

But anyone else notice that on the "I can hear you now" AD that when the call comes in the phone stays on 3G.. Oops I tried it and it does stop the data before you answer. Truth in ADs VZ..come on