Verizon iPhone orders already being shipped?

Verizon iPhone orders already being shipped?

We're getting emails and members of our Verizon iPhone Forum are posting that their Verizon iPhone order status has recently been updated to "your order has been shipped."

Now Apple has been known to ship early in the past only for holds to be placed on the orders at the last minute. Then again some AT&T iPhone orders did arrive a day early last summer, so who knows?

Did your Verizon iPhone order already ship? Let us know in the comments and help us keep track in the Verizon iPhone Forum!

[Thanks slumpey326!]

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Verizon iPhone orders already being shipped?



Good for Apple/Verizon. I think that shows that a major corporation really does care about the customer. Personally, I'm not switching from AT&T, but I still think that's pretty cool.

I know it sounds weird, guys but don't order the iPhone from Apple when there's a big release like this. Their shipping is really slow. Order from the carrier because they are well stocked and they are more anxious to get the product in the consumers hands. I received my iPhone 4 last year via FedEx the day before official release day when I ordered through AT&T. I went to Apple's website first but it was so slow I ended up giving up and going to AT&T's website thinking I would be getting subpar service and ended up with superior service.

I also called VZW's automated system and my order has been shipped too. Esitmated arrival date is 2 business days.

Mine originally said "estimated ship date 2/10/11" but now it says it has shipped and the estimated ship date is now BLANK. Does this mean it really is a week ahead of schedule? A perfect way to surprise loyal Verizon customers!

Mine says
Ace Order No: ####
Ace Order Location: N######
Order Status: Your order has been shipped.
Expected Ship Date:
Tracking No:

My status also shows shipped. I am being cautiously optomistic though, as the section for tracking information is blank.

Get a grip, people.
Until you have a tracking number confirmed, that bit about "shipped" does not mean you're getting it tomorrow.
Until you hear otherwise, Expect delivery on Feb 10th. If you get it sooner, you can whizz yourself with glee, and be tickled your choice of color.

According to a close (and reliable) source, it appears that some iPhones may very well have been shipped earler today.

I'm surprised there are numerous verizon customers reading tipb? Was this a recent trend due to the ip being launched on VZW or did you always wanted to know how the ip world was going?

Why so surprised? I have followed TiPb for a long time. I keep upto date with all my apple needs not just the iPhone. I have been a VZW customer for a long time and didnt want to switch, keep the dream alive that this day may come. Like I said I follow for all my apple needs from my iPad, to my apple tv. TiPb is a great site and a weakth of knowledge, Thanks for all the hard work guys!

if we are getting new iphones why wouldn't we track down an authority on iphones and try to learn more about them?

I used to follow several Apple & iPod communities day in and out for a few years then Android took me by surprise so I backed away [still read headlines though] for a little while, but now with the Verizon iPhone's announcement I'm back. Stop acting like you "vets" [if that's how you want to be classified] have rights and ownership over a community, it makes you look pretty darn bad. [similar to the stereotype (edited)]
Let's act our age and not call names. - Ally

Agreed. Not sure when TiPb started, but I've had Macs since the 80's, iPod's since 2003. Got the first gen iPod touch the week it was released, so while the Verizon iPhone will be my first iPhone, I am hardly new to the party, and I suspect many folks are in similar boats as me.

I found this with the SKYGRID APP....great pp to have has lots about the Iphone under Science and Tech. Check it out.

Just checked mine and it also said shipped. If I remember correctly the shipping method said fedex overnight by 3pm. If that is the case it would be here tomorrow. Time to tell the wife she can't leave the house tomorrow while I'm at work. This isn't going to end well if it doesn't come...if I never post on here again, you'll know why.

Mine says shipped, and I received my tracking number. Bad news, according to the e-mail i received with the tracking number they sent mine USPS instead of FedEx contrary to what my purchase confirmation e-mail indicated.

UPS? really? well, well have to see if its the same standard (UPS overnight) as what it said in the purchased Fedex overnight

see what the tracking # says on UPS site...shouldnt say what the delivery date is?

oh yeah...DUHH lol stupid me...that sucks US Postal Service? if thats what it is for me then'll prob be here next week

What time did everyone get the first e-mail from Verizon that was titled "Your iPhone 4 Order is Confirmed"? I got this e-mail at 3:12 AM (EST). However, I have not yet got an e-mail informing me of it being shipped, although my order status states it has been,

Well...worse-case-scenario: we get them next week like originaly thought. Bet-case: Sooner!!!!

OKAY, HERE IS THE DEAL: I just got off the phone with a Verizon rep I know who is part of the administrative area. She stated that the phones ARE NOT being shipped today. They will ship on the 9th or 10th. This is some type of error in their system due to the constant activity they have seen today. The phones are scheduled to ship out on the 9th, but if there are too many "millions of orders", then it will take 2 days to ship them all.

the only thing about that is that verizon doesn't charge your credit card until the order ships and my card was charged shortly before my order status changed. I know it is not a sure sign but I love a good conspiracy theory.

My location code is D7708-01. I get a error when I go on the website to check but I called *611 and it says shipped. No tracking number though. I guess it is just wait and see now. Some one needs to post if they get their tracking #.

I've been coming on here for a while in anticipation of the iphone.
my order says shipped and when I call verizon the automated machine tells me it will be here in 2 business days. However when I press 2 for "tracking information" it then tells me that my order was not found.

My order for the iPhone states:
Ace Order No: 1662
Ace Order Location: N211401
Order Status: Your order has been shipped.
Expected Ship Date:
Tracking No:

Just called to ask what's up and they said they don't know much, but that they are probably waiting till at least the 10th until others can get it in the stores.

I got the same info from customer service. He said he hasn't been told any thing but he feels like best case we get it the 9th but most likely the 10th.

Mine says 'We received your order and it is still in process.' Verizon said they didn't see any issues with the order... wonder why it's taking so long? I don't care about getting it earlier than the tenth. I just want to be rest assured it went through okay.

well if it says "We received your order and it is still in process" i'm pretty sure it went through ok since you are getting something back from them

OKAY, HERE IS THE DEAL: I just got off the phone with a Verizon rep I know who is part of the administrative area. She stated that the phones ARE NOT being shipped today. They will ship on the 9th or 10th. This is some type of error in their system due to the constant activity they have seen today. The phones are scheduled to ship out on the 9th, but if there are too many “millions of orders”, then it will take 2 days to ship them all.

When I preordered my iPhone from AT&T in June 2010, they charged my credit card to see if the funds are available. Then they will release the funds and recharge your credit card again when the iPhone actually ships.

So the website says that my order has been shipped with no courier or tracking number listed. When I call *611 it says estimated delivery 2 business days, however when I click to get the tracking number, it states order cannot be found for this number or something like that. Anyone else get this?

Mine says shipped as well...for both my orders. However the delivery day estimation is blank. I am sure its a glitch like on the posters above mentioned....

mine says "We received your order and it is in process" hrmmmmm and the expected ship date shows 2/10/2011..

Say shipped, but everything below is blank. They probably just did this so they could bill everyone right away to see what quantity they really needed.

Anyone have a legitimate tracking number yet? I spoke to customer service and she said I should expect to see tracking early tomorrow morning or later this evening.

I guess all these "shipped" orders that probably haven't been shipped yet shows Verizon wasn't as ready as they claimed. Glad to be sticking with the ole' loyal Death Star!

I don't understand how that makes At&t a better choice. Because their is a possible glitch in the shipping system? That doesn't mean Verizon isn't ready for the iPhone, lets save that assumption for AFTER the 10th.
Glad I'm on OL' Reliable

I was the 7,510 person to order and mine still says processing, does anyone with a number higher then that say differently? It also states on there website that they will ship the orders in the order they recieve them.

when u say the orders are prepared to ship...that was from the people who ordered from apple....but who knows, people from verizon might get that same deal to get it on the 9th and not sooner...idk, though i wish it was sooner lol

Verizon has stated that NO phones will be shipped until Feb. 10th, don't expect anything until feb 11th

feb 11? i dont think is stated that it will be delivered before or on the 10th

call verizon they will tell you that the phone is being released on the 10th and will be delievered no later then the 11th or 12th, you will not get the phone any sooner then that.

im stating what i have seen from of right now im taking everything for a grain of salt

You know what we are beginning to realize? The people who are buying iPhones from the stores on the 10th, get them on the 10th. Thos of us that ordered them early this morning, may get them on the 11th. Hmm...

Yeah....I was thinking the same thing. That wouldn't make any sense. I really hope they are shipping them out tonight like they are all saying "Your order has been shipped."

i just review my email confirmation and it stats " A final confirmation email will be sent when your order ships."

That is true. But they are making it sound like all "current customers" are getting a chance to get this early. So we will see.

by pre ordering the phone you are guarenteeing that you have your name on one when they release them. the shipping status is showing that they have a label on the box. there will be very very little inventory to go around on the 10th when its released in stores. just dial *611 and they will explain it to you.

If anyone receives tracking information on their status page, PLEASE PLEASE POST HERE. I AM VERY CURIOUS TO KNOW WHAT IS GOING ON? I AM #1662. Please post order # too.

i'll will def let everyone know when i get mine and what it the tracking number states on fedex's site

My order number was 833 and I haven't heard anything yet, just have the order has shipped every time I check.

Mine States Shipped via FedEx and I have a tracking number. Guaranteed tomorrow by 3:00pm according to GREAT NEWS! My ace order # was #3. So I guess I was quick.

What!? really!? well a verizon rep did say that we should see a tracking number sometime tonight or tomorrow....i hope its true!

guys, here's the scoop. I just talked to the president at Men's Warehouse, he told me that you will all get your phones no later than 2/10, and he "GUARANTEES" it.
so no worries guys, and congrats in advance on receiving your shipment.

well i can tell you guys that when i oder my droid pro i got it two days after i oder way more them release day i was told by verizon manager that i know and i work for them in fios in florida that when you oder online you aways get it before release day by law they can not put on store until the feb 10 but can be send to you before that is why they offer feb3 thank you hope i am rt

I am number 1272 and I have the same thing showing that the order has been shipped but no tracking information has been provided.
I guess I will see if Fedex Santa has been to my house tomorrow.

this was say in fedex wedside
Severe winter weather conditions affecting Memphis hub may cause some service delays and disruptions within the U.S. today. Learn more

So if my order number says 1261 we really think that I was the 1,261st person to place an order?
Also, just because you get the phone potentially tomorrow (which I doubt), it may be that we can't activate them until early- or mid-next week. Who knows. I will keep an eye on this and see what comes up. Right now I am Ace Order Number 1261 with status that it has shipped but no other information.

if you get the phone tomorrow you have to have a itunes acount to activated it and backup you other cell with backup assisted so you can get you contact on iphone you can not do *228 any more have to be with itunes
good luck

Thanks maf, I understand that, but my point is that you may get the phone tomorrow or Monday but Apple may control via iTunes when you can activate the phone. My iTunes on my iMac is ready for my iPhone!! It will make my iPhone look like my iPad!!! I can't wait!!

I got my Order Shipped email with a tracking number at 9:16pm CST. UPS doesn't have it in their system yet, so I have no idea when it's going to get here yet.

i tried to check my status on and it keeps saying "Page is not currently available"
it said shipped earlier...but now idk

If you actually log in to My Verizon and check the status, it should appear. Same thing was happening to me earlier. Now I have a tracking number from FEDEX and an order confirming Free Overnight Shipping.

Mine is still saying "page not available" while my friend over here is getting a tracking number for a Monday delivery. I called Verizon and the lady had no idea how or what is actually being shipped to him. She claims it is impossible because Verizon doesn't have the iPhone yet. (I don't believe her...)

i just called and the system said the my order has been processed and shipped with an estimated arrival day in 2 business days

same thing happened to me. Guess we will see in a few days if they actually are sending them out early

hmmmm does anyone read the website?! It will ship BEFORE the 10th also.
"If I pre-order iPhone 4, when will I receive it?
iPhone 4 orders will arrive on or before February 10, 2011."
From the VZW iPhone FAQ... ON or BEFORE :)

I chatted with a verizon rep when I was checking to see if I would be eligible (this was in January). I asked when it would ship, this was their response: "If it is available then in two days, if there is a back order then when stock is available."
Who knows I guess....BTW, this is my first post, love this site, and all the helpful info from everyone! Thanks!

Guess they got tired of people asking if their orders shipped and what the tracking number is because I can no longer check order status either

yeah...they took down that page. if you go to the main iphone page, they stopped taking orders and if you go to the bottom "check order status" they is not working either

Yeah I just saw that the page is down as well. Still no confirmation email either. The good things I do know my order was received and confirmed when I called and asked Verizon. So as long as I know I will be getting one, it's all good.

Wait a minute!!!! I just realized that my order number is 25395674657467637672621376!!! Guess I'm not getting MY iPhone 4 until about the time that iPhone 28 is out! Hope there's an app for that.

Dude, that's just your order reference number. Not the number of people that have ordered it before you.

Why get this phone if the Iphone 5 will be out in the summer. plus if you already have a powerful droid phone its like making a Lateral movement. I guess its different for me cause I have Iphone 4 which is the exact same phone on AT&T for like 8 months now. But hey whatever makes you happy

you may be right, but typically Apple releases a new version of the iphone every year and there has already been signs that the Iphone 5 will be released a some time in the future. it just makes since especially if they want to keep up with the Android lineup and be part of the 4g revolution, but hey like you say there is no guarantee.

I had iPhones on AT&T but service was an issue, so instead of getting the iPhone 4 on AT&T I switched over to Verizon this past summer and onto a Droid X. I like the iPhone much more than the Droid X or any other Android phone. That's my preference and worth it for me to switch to the Verizon iPhone 4 now. Worse case, iPhone 5 comes out in June and if I decide to upgrade, I sell mine and pay a couple of hundred dollars to do it. But there is no guarantee that the Verizon iPhone will be upgraded in June. There's also nothing carved in stone that AT&T will see an iPhone 5 in June like all June's before. Who knows, maybe they will push the iPhone 5 for AT&T and Verizon back to later in the year, closer to the holidays.

Just as I was reading this, at 9:25pm EST, I got a shipment notification and a UPS tracking number. The tracking number doesnt have an estimated delivery date, but it shows the package is one state away in TN (im in Ohio). Guess ill be sitting by the door all day tomorrow.
If it matters I ordered on the Vzw site at about 3:05am EST, so I was pretty early.

Every other phone ive received from Vzw has been Fedex, but this one is definitely UPS, and says Next Day Air. The UPS tracking page doesnt show where it came from, or even my address, dunno if this is normal or not, I usually use Fedex.

I called the verizon 1-800 # and it said my order was processed and shipped and i should see it in 2 day then when i clicked for the tracking number it said there waasnt one. i talked to a rep they said the server is overwhelmed and the order page woud be back up later hopfully she told me to use to check order but it is down right now. my confirmation email said that it would be shipped vua fedex i have never know verizon to ship via UPS.

I just called Verizon, they said my iPhone 4 order has shipped and will arrive within 2 business days.

If you look in the upper right corner of the "shipping confirmation e-mail" it at least gave me a tracking number!
how exciting!

Those of you who placed your pre-order for the Verizon iPhone 4 early this morning may be in for a nice surprise tomorrow, as TUAW reader Cameron from The 9magnets Blog wrote in to let us know that his VZW iPhone has apparently already shipped out. A screenshot of his order (and the corresponding American Express bill) shows that the device was shipped via FedEx overnight for delivery by 3PM -- meaning he should have it in his hands by tomorrow afternoon.
Verizon's FAQ's states that "iPhone 4 orders will arrive on or before February 10, 2011" so I guess we'll see if that holds true. Many early AT&T iPhone 4 orders showed "shipped" status very quickly last year, but the phones were actually held for delivery until the official launch date. To Cameron and any other readers who placed their order already -- please be sure to let us know if your phone arrives sometime tomorrow. And while you are waiting patiently by the door, be sure to read up on some Verizon iPhone prep articles about saving your old voicemails and migrating your contacts so you are ready as soon as the doorbell rings.

What time did you order, and is yours coming UPS or Fedex? Im thinking they had X amount of phones ready to go and are shipping those first couple thousand or whatever. The others will probably ship in the next couple of days. The UPS thing has be thrown a little off though.
I know ill be glued to my front door all day tomorrow (day off of work too w00t!). Im going to break my f5 key on the tracking site.

this is getting good! I havent received anything yet. But I did place my order at 11:55 PST. Just got the original confirmation order. Just waiting on the shipping notification.

I also called Verizon, they said my order status says "shipped". Placed my order at about 11:50pm last night. They didn't have a tracking number yet though. They did say it will be sent via OVERNIGHT mail. Fingers crossed.

my iphone has shipped!!! its in memphis and on its way to ohio!!! i was order number 2090. and got my email around 10pm Eastern.

I think we might get the iphone way before otherwise why would have apple released the update for the verizon iphone so soon.

I was order number 1,846, mine said shipped earlier, however I haven't received any tacking number or anything and their order status site is still down. Do you think it might come tomorrow?

I was order number 447 and I've not received any email regarding shipping. The Verizon website that earlier said it was shipped now is coming up "Page is not currently available"
Has anyone with a low number like mine received their shipping email?

My order number was 833 and I have not gotten andy confirmation email. When I call *611 it tells me that for orders ending in 0001 ETD is 2 business however it does not give a shippng number when that option is given. Says there is not record, but I do know verizon has my order they were able to confirm that.

I am getting the exact same information and that you are. No confirmation email either. How do I know what my order number is though--which number is it in the order confirmation, mine does end in the 0001.

I am now unable to check the status of my order. It says the page cannot be displayed.

Listen you guys that are saying that you can track your orders why dont you take a screen shot and maybe put it up some place so we can see it i don't think anyones order has been shipped i think you guys are just playing games

Hey guys says my order is on hold and i know that cause i didnt have the funds on my card.. Can someone tell me how many more times they will try and run my card before they cancel my order i just called up verizon and told them i would have the funds availible by 930am est tommorow 2/4/11. Thanks

They should email you to notify your card didn't go through. In that email they leave a phone number to call to provide an alternate card number or to try again. Dunno if they run your card multiple times if it's declined once

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I am also finding that the site to check order status is down but I just checked my bank account and they took out the money for both of the iPhones that I ordered. I have been a Verizon customer for 14 years and never have they taken out the money until the shipped so I am confident that they are on the way!!!

other thing is when i got an email from them today it states the following... Your order is scheduled to be processed the average time for processing is 3 days... Maybe that means that they will give me 3 days to have the funds in my acct or the order will be cancelled.. can lose anyway if they cancel my order i'll just wait outside my verizon store wed night in thursday morning in a frickin blizzard cause thats what they are calling for in NY (Long Island)area for that day!!

I'm talking on their live sales chat now, all they are giving out is that the Iphone will come on or BEFORE the 10th. Starting to feel good about the before part!

Update: When I just asked the live chat associate that is said my order was shipped but no tracking # was assigned so I was concerned, she responded you should receive your phone shortly within the next few days. I'm getting optimistic!

I am not sure what you guys are talking about....but i spoke to 4 verizon reps and al though when i call it says your order have been shipped they all 4 of them say the same thing...your order will be shipped on the 10th i put my order in at 2:50 am Eastern time

Yeah and I had a VZ rep say you could pick up a pre-order in the store. Most of them dont know what they are talking about...

I think they're wrong. It would be unfair to ship orders out on the 10th, when we were offered the "early bird special". If they do that, the new customers who stand in line on the 10th would get their phones before us. I don't see this happening.........

I ordered my Iphone 4 with at 12pm est. Any body now how long I gotta wait til mine ships and any ideas when I should get it hopefully Monday

Here in California and order still saying it's being processed. Order was completed at 12:10 am pst.

I have one of the lowest order numbers in the country and still no tracking but when i call vzw it says my order has been processed and shipped and will arrive in 2 bus days. heres my info
Order Reference Number: 9xxxxxxxxxxxx...
Order Date: 02/03/2011
Location Code: D771001
Order Number: 216 (Dayummmm) lol I ordered at 2:48am

Just got off of the phone with vzw. Rep just told me it won't be shipped until the 10th. Which means I won't get it until the 11th. I could of walked into an Apple store or vzw store and picked it up on launch. Totally lame man. What are we going helping them prepay for the next batch? I better not be charged until it ships. If they do ship it out before the 10 that would be awesome.

I think they’re wrong. It would be unfair to ship orders out on the 10th, when we were offered the “early bird special”. If they do that, the new customers who stand in line on the 10th would get their phones before us. I don’t see this happening………

BTW I ordered at 11:55 Pacific on the Verizon site, and I got a UPS tracking number and according to UPS it is in transit!

I hope so!! I'm in SoCal too. Keep us posted! Did you get the tracking number via email or thru verizon's website? I ordered mine at the exact same time you ordered yours

I got my email from verizon and had to log in to "check order status" on I checked again just now and it says "arrival scan" at Ontario UPS, and it is coming next day air, so It looks like it will be here Monday! Pretty cool how they told us all the 10th but they are going ahead and shipping them!

I'm gonna laugh if they do the same thing they did to AT&T customers when they shipped iPhones. They shipped had next day air tracking numbers and UPS held them until release date. Welcome to the Apple bs!

Tracking no.: 477550141850E-mail notificationsSelect time format:12H | 24H
Initiated Picked up In transit Delivered
Shipment information sent to FedEx
Please check back later for shipment status or subscribe for e-mail notifications
Shipment Dates
Anticipated ship date Feb 4, 2011
Estimated delivery Feb 7, 2011 by 3:00 PM
Shipment Options Help Hold at FedEx Location
Hold at FedEx Location service is not available for this shipment.
Shipment Facts Help
Service type Standard Overnight - Indirect Signature Required
Weight 1.0 lbs/.5 kg
Purchase order number 1456901
Shipment Travel History Help Select time zone:
All shipment travel activity is displayed in local time for the location
Date/Time Activity Location DetailsFeb 4, 2011 5:13 AM
Shipment information sent to FedEx

i just got my confirmation email from verizon. shipped via fedex with tracking number showing delivery 2/7/11 by 3pm. it is overnight shipping but they dont deliver overnight standard on saturday or sunday. cant wait to have it at my door.

The three I ordered have shipped. Fedex tracking shows estimated delivery of 2/7/11. I'm betting that Apple has orders for Fedex to hold until Wednesday or Thursday though.

You are probably right. I got my UPS tracking number last night and as of this morning UPS still doesn't have it in their system, so it's probably sitting on a pallet with 1439 other iPhones and that pallet is sitting next to 694 other pallets waiting for Fedex and UPS to pick them up next week. And of course, the distribution center is located in the section of the midwest that was just hammered by a major snowstorm where everything is shut down for the next week. And no, none of this is based on any fact or rumor, but I am having my first cup of coffee and have nothing better to do at the moment.

I received FEDEX tracking! But not overnight shipping. I am scheduled to receive mine on MONDAY!

Yeah....and they require a signature. I am not going to be home, so I won't be getting mine on Monday unfortunately.

You can leave a not on your front door telling fedex to leave it...ive done this in the past when i ordered my droid. Just sign and print your name on the note and they will leave it.

Just tracked both of my shipments, and they are BOTH in the Fedex hub 25 mins from my house!!!! YAHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

Same here. Order number 1217 Got my tracking # From Fedex It shows its in Ontario, CA and will be delivered Monday Prior to 3pm. All I can say is "glad I have the day off of work"!!

My order # is 1366 and I cant get an update online. I call and check the order status and it says will be here within 2 business days but no tracking number. I also didnt get an email. When did you get ur tracking number?

hey same here my order # is 1088 and i called vzw and it says it has been shipped 2 business days speed, but no tracking number emailed or available, so hopefully monday by 3pm

Mine left Ontario, CA this morning. glad I'm on the west coast. Are they all being shipped from Cali? or do they have them regionally staged?

Something's up. My order number is 447, the lowest one I've seen here and Verizon tells me now that my order is in "Pending shipping" status (when yesterday it said shipped).

I think the CS agents are completely and utterly confused. I have spoke to a couple different ones today and have been told --they won't ship until the 10th, so I asked ok why did they take the money out of my account, that completely confused them and they said well it doesn't get taken out until it ships, so I reminded her that she just told me they won't ship until the 10th. One agent told me I had to get a tracking number from fed-ex and gave me their phone number(WTH)!! I was also told it was in pre-shipping, and then also if I call 611 it says, processed and shipped, delivery in 2 business days, but gives no tracking number. I spoke to a supervisor because I managed to completely confuse a CS agent(haha) and she told me they were shipping but she didn't have tracking info available. At this point, I think it has been shipped, no idea thru what carrier, no idea when it may be delivered, basically no idea of anything except they have my money and I have no proof of shipment. The lack of information from Verizon on this has been my biggest disappointment in the last 14 years of using their service. They definitely didn't train their CS department on this entire pre-order.

My order # is 191 and shows shipped via UPS Next Day Air Saver and is in West-Chester, PA. Shows it has not left yet, and does not have a delivery date. Shows the origin scan was in West Chester, then the next status says UNITED STATES at 6:31 pm, Order Processed: Ready for UPS.
They're holding out on us. LOL

Hi Andy,
I'm in the same boat as you. I received a UPS tracking number and looked it up on their website.
I have a 2/3/2011 7:28 p.m. Origin Scan in Westchester, PA. No departure scans or extimated delivery date :(
I called UPS, and they said that its not coming today (Friday). They said maybe Monday, but the rep didn't seem to have much confidence. I can wait until the 10th, but if it's going to come early, tell me so I can be home to sign for it!

Mine says almost the same exact this but order process ready for ups says 6:21pm yesterday. However it does say shipped/billed on : 2/3/11 and it says method of shipping next day air and if you click that it gives a description of when it should be delivered. So doesn't that mean UPS HAS to abide by their definition of Next Day Air?

NOthing new. Shipped this morning, expected in Pittsburgh on Monday. Shipping from Memphis
Somehow i doubt i have it Monday

Finally just got my shipping info and it looks like its gonna be here on monday by 3 so i think everyone will be like that pretty much

I hate to be off topic here but I didn't see a forum that seemed right so I'll just pose the question to the group here. Does anyone one know if Otterbox will be releasing a case that will work with the Verizon Phone. I have heard that the AT&t case works but not well and I am just curious if anyone has heard anything.

You can sign up at for an email notice when they're available, which they say will be fen 10.
Got my fedex tracking number, shipped from West Chester, Pennsylvania, expected delivery Monday, Feb 7 by 3 pm.

You can sign up at for an email notice when they're available, which they say will be Feb 10.
Got my fedex tracking number, shipped from West Chester, Pennsylvania, expected delivery Monday, Feb 7 by 3 pm.

It sure would be nice if Verizon would get the "order status" page up and running again!

Yessiree!!! Just got my confirmation email of saying it shipped!!! I'm here in Carson, Ca!!! Hollaaa!!!! Lolz Haven't checked tracking number yet though lolz

Checking tracking number right now on FedEx website!!! Wait for it, wait for it!! Whoo hoo already at the los Angeles sort facility!!! I can see our 2 iPhones in my future lolz!!!! I will update you guys and gals!!!

My iPhone is shipping via UPS. It left today and should be here tomorrow or Monday! West Chester, PA, United States 02/04/2011 11:30 A.M. Departure Scan

checked the status update and page comes up 'not found'. Next called verizon and VRU says it's shipped but couldn't give me a tracking number and then decided I had no orders. Went on to speak to a real live person who said it was in preshipping - expected ship on 2/10. Just wish that verizon's web site and VRU had their acts together!

My order number is 0003 and all I can get from them is that its shipped and will be delivered in 2 business days. No email saying when it shipped or a tracking number. I have to agree with some on here that Verizon has dropped the ball with the updates on this. Other than that, I like Verizon's service and am a loyal customer. Just want to know when to expect my phones.

My tracking number said it was in transit from about 15 miles away but then when I hit refresh it was removed. I also spoke to a man at UPS and they said it will be here by 7.