Verizon iPhone to go on sale late Jan/early Feb

The Wall Street Journal claims, according to a person familiar with the matter, that the Verizon iPhone that's almost assuredly going to be announced this Tuesday will go on sale "around the end of the month".

The Verizon phone will be similar to the iPhone 4 but run on the carrier's CDMA technology, people familiar with the matter have said.

Sounds about right, if you want to leave enough time to build the marketing hype to preface Apple Store lineups and the rest of the fervour typically associated with an iPhone launch.

Read more: [ WSJ ]

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Verizon iPhone to go on sale late Jan/early Feb


not stupid, I think what he meant was with the Motorola Xoom. It will come out with 3G radio in it and you will later take it to Verizon and they will do a switch to 4G for you free of charge I believe. So I guess he meant he hopes they do the same process

I think he means he hopes its a 4G device but is backward 3G enabled. Which means it does 4G when its in a 4G area, but when its outside 4G, itll resort to 3G, so you are almost never without internet. VZW 4G LTE broadband cards do 4G as their first choice, and 3G as their second. Soooo, Im sorry Chris2 couldnt figure that out. Maybe he should think before he speaks? Idk, thats just my opinion.

O_o Do you THINK before you speak? AT&T is the one with tiered data, Verizon has yet to tier THEIRS to a measley 2GB (yepp VZWs Data is UNLIMITED) when even AT&T admits that an average customer uses about 4GB a month. AT&T ripping people off much? Do your research sound like an idiot.

When i said that, i said i was talking to chris2 lol... And no, im not an iphone customer. Atleast not yet. I got verizon and will be adding me another line pronto when this phOne releases

One good thing about Verizon getting an iPhone, maybe it won't be as hard to get an iPhone 5 from AT&T when it's released next June.

Thank god. I can't wait for all those people who have done nothing but complain about AT&T to find out just how much verizon sucks when they start listening to pandora and want to send a text at the same time

You never sent a text and streamed anything on your Verizon storm, because it's not possible.
The CDMA network that the Storm uses is incapable of simultaneous voice and data. Since SMS uses the voice network, and Pandora uses the data network... you can't do both at the same time.
Your device likely queued the text message until the data connection wasn't being used.

I literally just opened up Pandora and received a text message as well as sent one and received another back while listening to a stream of The Go! Team on my Verizon HTC Incredible.
There was no queue involved... all real time...
Also, how often do you really listen to Pandora while texting?

@Pete, @Tre ... I'll bet a million dollars you're both using WiFi for data... not the cellular network.
The Storm doesn't have WiFi... so I stand by my original statement. No simultaneous voice and data on the CDMA network.

what are you talking about? you can text and do internet at same time just not talk from my experiences

Pandora, just like any other streaming application, buffers the data. So even if you loose your connection for a few seconds, (due to sending Text, or whatever else), your music is not interrupted.

So technically, ATT fans over here are right, Verizon can't do Voice/Text and Data at the same time.
Guess what, the single core processor, that's in all our phones, including iphone, can only process one thing at a time. It just knows to switch back and forth between processes, so it looks like they all run at the same time. My point is - WHO GIVES A DAMN!
Same as nobody cares about GSM being asynchronous, no matter how many adds ATT puts out about it. Crappy voice and crappy data, simultaneously are still crappy.

AT&T is inferior to verizon...reality bites. Good luck and god speed. Verizon outsells and blows u out of the water and all studies, reports, and tech experts reveal the facts. Read!

You're right. AT&T got more new customers because they had the new iPhone. Come on... what other phone would pull someone towards AT&T?
if Verizon gets the iPhone... they will get new customers too.

At&t has been getting way more customers than Verizon since the iPhone was released and their still second place...

You kids talk about your cell phone company like it's a sports team. Who gives a shiat what company you pay your monthly bill to?

Its just a sociological thing...give a group a people a blue t-shirt and another group a red t-shirt, and they are more likely to relate and self-segragate just based on their t shirt colors. People have a harder time relating to those who "seem" different and not like them. Its the same with cell phone carriers, if your with AT&T, youre more likely to think AT&T is better just based on the fact that you are giving them your money. Verizon, T-Mobile, and Sprint customers are the same. They all feel camaraderie(?) when they see someone else with the same carrier. Yes, its retarded, but, Im sorry to say, more than half the things humans do are retarded. Its just a fact of life. Sociology 101...Hey! I guess I did learn something in college!

Yeah Proof... Which is why that guy snapped and called me a metro pcs phone user lol... Why should it matter what phone company i have. We all agree that we love iphones. Whats with the hate?

Excellent point, that's exactly it. Although, you don't see too many t-mobile users beating their chest. Wonder why.

AT&T is only 400,000 subscribers behind now. And verizon was only bigger in the first place because they bought altell.

Let's not leave out the fact that Cingular and Bellsouth merged to give what is now AT&T that huge customer base. If it weren't for that, they would be trailing Verizon by millions more.

I wonder if Verizon will be able to pull some CDMA 2000 magic out of it's hat to allow the iphone to have concurrent voice/data. That's assuming, of course, it's not an LTE device.

I believe it's possible to use data and voice simultaneously on CDMA -- as long as there's a wifi connection. In that case, data would use wifi while voice uses the wireless network. If there's no wifi, I'm pretty sure it isn't doable unless Verizon has found a workaround. Maybe some people, who have grown accustomed to that situation, don't care. Personally, I'd find it quite a drawback.
That said, let's not get so personal over who provides our wireless service. Unless you work there or own stock, they're all just big companies looking to make a profit. Use whoever suits your needs best. I've never had a problem with ATT, so I have no desire to leave. I do wonder if Verizon will be any different with the increased volume, but we'll see.
As for Verizon still having an unlimited data plan, I would recommend hanging onto it. I bet it won't be offered for long with the volume of data they're about to get.

to all who don't know, Verizon CAN do internet and phone at the same time IF there is WiFi. If there is no WiFi you CAN NOT do internet and phone at the same time. I know this bacause i'm a verizon costomer with a Palm Pre. (insert insults here I guess)

You cannot I repeat cannot do voice and data at the same time on CDMA I've had verizon and AT&T and it's just not possible on CDMA. CDMA= ancient, that is why just about every carrier in the world uses gsm. And as for VZW getting the iPhone great if they claim they can handle the data great but just wait their network will cripple. And when they do get it we get to hear every new VZW ip4 owner bitch about how they can't talk and surf at the same time.

I thought I read Verizon was getting rid of their unlimited data plans in prep for the iPhone (at least such news was used as proof of an impending iphone in one of these incessant rumor posts?

I think the Verizon launch will be a great event! I am a current ATT customer (grandfathered to unlimited data) but fully feel Verizon is a better, more reliable network. The problem is, I have all my family on ATT and I need voice with data so I'm somewhat stuck. I'll look heavily at Verizon when LTE is more widespread.
Anyway, the iPhone on Verizon can do nothing but help all. It's like one airline servicing a specific trip and then all of a sudden two do. Less traffic, easier call connections, and if we are lucky maybe the competition will even decrease cost - a true capitalistic marvel.
Regardless of what you choose, you have one of the best devices on one of the two best networks. We all need to take a step back and realize this is a no lose situation.

I wish what you were saying about price decrease was true, but it seems that only sprint is going that route now. Verizon prices, even without iPhone, keeps going up and up and up.

I'm going to laugh when they don't announce it on tuesday haha, so Manu people would be upset. I'll believe it when I see it. I have iPhone and I'd never switch back to vzw.

Sort of related to post-beginning to think the new iPhone V and A will be same phone build (using hybrid GSM/CDMA chip). A has been out of stock it seems when checking twitter. Just a thought when seeing rumors of new metal casing.

I hope they get it just so this site and all the others stop going on about it, people outside of America couldn't care less so get over it and bring us real news

No composite with AT&T. I get 6mbps over 3G in st louis. Way faster than my 4g wimax hotspot. Of course this speed is in the morning when fewer people are on the towers. Think of how good it will be when more people leave AT&T for verizon. Better for all of us I hope.

I will be asking to this AT&T haters can you surf Internet and talk at the same time?
They will regret leave AT&T for Verizon, specially the puerto ricans, because Verizon suck in the ISLA.
If you need go to Puerto Rico you have to call Verizon and let them
Know that so they have to change the set up
In your acc. To see if you have service there with claro.
First of all I don't have to call no body and let them know where Im going. This is a free country (yet). And I don't have to do that with AT&T, tmobile or sprint. With them we don't need dial * with whatever number. So Verizon SUCK.
And good bye to y'all who are living AT&T and again you will regret that. See ya. .l.

What I am most interested in is if it's CDMA only or a global hybrid device CDMA/GSM like the BB Storm, Droid Pro, etc.
Personally I think the issue of simultaneous voice and data is way overblown. It makes for good tech fodder back and forth, but that's about it. As I recall it only works on 3G on ATT. We all know how big that map really is. Verizon has started rolling out LTE which will allows for it, making the iphone oddly the last new 3G only phone on VZ. If you follow this stuff CDMA Rev B supports V&D but short of Taiwan no one else is known to be using it. It would be funny if VZ was soft upgrading the whole time. Probably not with the LTE rollout but I guess we'll learn Tuesday.

I can't wait till it comes out aonir shuts all keyboards up. Keep your crap service your stupid comments " I'm true to my company" You ain't nothing but a phone bill to them. Don't get mad. Everyone in the world iPhone is on different networks. Who wouldnt they eventually bring to another network in the states

NO WAY! I'm so not buying this. :) I'll wait till iPhone 5, no sense paying AT&T for a cancel fee and locking into 2 years with Verizon, and then watching a new phone come out and paying a huge surcharge for an early upgrade. I'll "suffer" for a few months. :)