And the Verizon iPhone winner is...

And the Verizon iPhone winner is...

One month and two-thousand-plus entries later and TiPb is thrilled to announce the winner of our Verizon iPhone give-away (technically a gift-certicate!) And we'll do just that... after the break!

(Sorry, I watch too much TV!)

And the winner is...


Congratulations!! We'll PM you in the forum to get your details! And to everyone else thanks so much for entering. We still have lots of great contests going on and new ones coming up soon so make sure you enter as many as possible! We love giving you stuff!

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And the Verizon iPhone winner is...


Not always an option for everyone-- An IPhone is expensive. Paying a monthly phone bill is one thing, but to drop two-three hundred dollars all at once just isn't an option for some people (like myself--I knew full well when I entered this contest that not winning would mean that I'd probably never own an iphone).

People are getting excited because suddenly the IPhone is available to thousands upon thousands of people who, previously, had absolutely no way of owning one.

Not only that but it could be easily be sold on eBay for hundreds of dollars. Regardless of what you think of the phone it's not like they won a case, it's a valuable prize.

Relax. He's probably going to give it to his wife. He has an iPhone but he didn't say his wife did. Otherwise i would agree with you.

His comment sucked hard. it was like i like you a lot kisses kisse like tons of other messages....
probably he's friend with some of the ppl writing on here.

You do realize the contest called for people to "...leave a reply in this very thread telling us why you love TiPb so much. "
That's exactly what I did.
Thanks to everyone else for the congratulations.