Verizon iPhone starting to arrive!

Verizon iPhone starting to arrive!

Readers who pre-ordered a Verizon iPhone last week are starting to receive them! We've got a bunch of folks in our forums either eagerly awaiting the FedEx/UPS truck or already enjoying their new Verizon iPhones. If you've gotten yours let us know the when's and where's in comments!

And if you just got your new Verizon iPhone, we've got you covered:

[Picture via TiPb Forum member occb2]


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nig says:

still says in transit

stynkfysh says:

Mine left Friday from an iPhone distribution center 80 miles away last week and its status still reads 'Left FedEx origin facility'... Says it is estimated to be delivered by 3pm today, though it doesn't say that it arrived in San Diego yet...

stynkfysh says:

New message on my tracking page:
"Package deliveries are proceeding as normal; however, tracking updates are temporarily being delayed. Please try back later. Thank you."

stynkfysh says:

"On FedEx vehicle for delivery" (I have a 'Page Monitor' Chrome extension which tells me whenever the tracking page is updated)

stynkfysh says:

1:22pm - phone arrives. FedEx driver said the whole truck is full of identical Verizon boxes.

spelletier says:

Mine arrived this morning around 10:00

Jeremy says:

Mine is doing the same thing….. i called Fedex and they said they have had some system outages….. and assured me it would be here on time.

dave says:

If you look on the verizon iphone page, the calendar app icon says Feb 7.....Pretty cooooollll

spraynard says:

got mine this morning at 950. Right on time. Won't be able to activate until after work though.

tino72 says:

On way home to activate mine

Pn2bade says:

How's the data speeds? Can we still call and text at the same time?

Sp1d3rz says:

Calling and txting always work, its calling and surfing tue internet you have to worry about. If ur Only on wifi u get no txt messages which means as ling as u can call u can get txts.

Tony says:

Texting in a call works just fine on Verizon's 3G.

Jason says:

Im curious, is the deahgrip issue still there?

JohnPA2006 says:

No deathgrip.
Unless your the hulk or the the dude from the PS3 game InFamous and squeeze or shock your phone.

Jason says:

Haha thanks for replying. Does it loose signal at all if you touch the magic spot? I can touch it on my AT&T iPhone and watch my bars drop. I assuming its not an issue for you?

flyingember says:

only if you have horrible signal.

POP3Y3 says:

only 3 bars in the pic? surf and call? fo me!

v1nn1e says:

I would be estatic to have three or more bars on my AT&T iPhone.

Matt says:

What are you talking about? I have 5 bars in AT&T my wife has verizon and gets 2 at the most at our house. it's all based on where your at. iPhone owner for 3 years and never had a dropped call

Tony says:

You're one of a very small minority, for sure.

naveen says:

i have five bars on my att iphone.

Keith says:

Really need to talk & surf? Surf on your computer while on the phone... No talk&Surf is AT&T fanboi FUD.

POP3Y3 says:

@Keith. FAIL! you mean to tell me you are always at a computer when you need to use the internet? that is SOOOO 2006! but that's besides the point. a feature of this phone is to be able to use the internet for whatever reason while on a call you. that is included in the price paid for the phone and if i can't use that feature then i have wasted my money. you act like you do not care that you cannot use data while on the phone probably because you have bad signal where you are but in the back of your mind, deep down, it bothers you. at&t fan boy? guilty as charged because i have no reason switch. never a dropped call. full bars everywhere.

Keith says:

If I'm not at a desktop computer, I have other mobile data solutions at my disposal that don't revolve around my phone. Talk & surf is AT&T FUD.

flyingember says:

talking and surfing changed how I used the internet. until you get use to the feature you really don't understand.

POP3Y3 says:

why would you have "other data mobile solutions" (whatever)when you have it on your phone? you just like carrying extra sh1t around? having a phone with the capability to look up information via the web while on the phone is a win no matter who the carrier is. Verizon has failed to provide you with that feature and is saying "let the user find 'other data mobile solutions' to take care of their data needs". double fail. what else you got?

Jack says:

Actually, it's a feature of the carrier, NOT THE PHONE. And stop trying to make it more important than it really is, ATT Fanboi...

Tony says:

iPad much? just sayin..

naveen says:

verizon sucks anyways.

Chandler says:

I ordered Feb. 3rd exactly at 3AM CST Time. And it arrive today Feb 7th, 6 minutes before UPS online said it would be delivered, so I got it at 10;24AM. The phone looks great, it took seconds to activate it and I'm so excited. I've been with Verizon for a long time but I also wanted an iPhone for a long time, so you can imagine how EXCITED I am. The phone looks and works great!

jwriherd says:

They have arrives in the the Vz stores today as well. Trying to find out how many units at the moment.

jwriherd says:

Arrived* I need coffee...

Thomas says:

My iPhone says it is still in transit with a scheduled delivery today, by 4:30. It's at the location two cities away from me, i HOPE it makes it here today! :(

Brent says:

mine arrived around 1030 in pittsburgh. Fedex online tracking never showed it leaving the sorting facility but it did arrive!

Thomas says:

AH thank you that makes me feel better. haha and i jsut read on the website that traking information is being deylayed.... so this information is very helpful

iphonemilk says:

This is so unfair everyone getting there's =/

Injectr says:

I got mine delivered just now at 9:10am. I'm in Orange County California via UPS. Package came from Fort Worth TX. Weird thing that my tracking number never worked. Always said there was no such package. But it's here now...yeepee horay.

flyman312 says:

crazy that yours came from Fort Worth... I live in Dallas (30ish miles East of Fort Worth, and mine is shipping from Memphis. Logistics FAIL!

daryl2.slo says:

got mine around 12ish, and the fedex guy goes like ive delivered like 20 of these so far today. well i did itunes and its working perfect! trying to do my back up assistants right now
best of luck to all the new verizon iphone users

ricb says:

just spoke to our regular fedex express guy here that services green valley az and comes from tucson. he said they are pulling all iphones off the belt that come in and saving them for tomorrow's delivery.

Brian says:

got mine activated and updated. Ready to roll. Came from fedex this morning around 10am

ChipDouglas says:

Mine arrived today. Goodbye Blackberry!

Jay says:

Just got mine activated and posting this message from it.
From My Verizon iPhone 4

fly0338 says:

just spoke with fedex delivery guy at my office. he said fedex computer system is down and they are unable to provide information regarding our delivery. he also said that they brought in additional people to handle the onslaught of iphone deliveries only to lose track of hundreds of iphone shipments. leave it to fedex. just went on their site and it says they cannot provide tracking info. guess there is some truth to this...

fly0338 says:

forget to mention that the delivery guy had no scanner on him. he actually was making deliveries with a pen and paper. what scares me is that they are unable to locate the shipments at their sort facility!!!

Brent says:

Same story here, my wife had to sign a piece of paper. Oh well, It is here!

JBC says:

This is always a great feeling. I have mine with ATT and plan to keep it that way, but refreshing the tracking stats and looking at the front door can become addictive.

Jack says:

Stupid Fed Ex, lol. My tracking started at a shipment pick up and at a fed ex facility 20 minutes to south of me (on Friday). It then went to a facility 20 minutes to the west of me. Then got a little closer and went to a facility 15 minutes west. Sat there all weekend and now showing it's at a facility 5 minutes EAST. Lol. It's taken 3-4 days to do one big circle all within 20 minutes of me. WTF?!? Lol

tester24 says:

Just got my phone today, waiting to get home to activate.

felipe ortiz says:

I got mine I will do everything after work

BigMACattack says:

Just got mine...pretty stoked about it. Been long overdue as I've been waiting since July '10 to upgrade.

as400man says:

It arrived at the office while I was at lunch. No iTunes at the office so I cannot activate until I get home.

Ty says:

Got it. Activated it. Using it. Loving it.

Mrmercedes22 says:

Just wondering why people didn't wait for Iphone 5???? You know Verizon is now going to get it at the same time as AT&T.

fly0338 says:

they put an iphone out every year. why not wait for the iphone 6, 7, 8... the technology is always going to be outdated. There is also no guarantee the iphone 5 will operate on verizons lte 4g network. i think since most of us have waiting so long we didn't care what version it is. by the time we're ready for an upgrade the iphone 6 will be out or whatever it will be called and those who upgraded to the 5 will be outdated.

Mrmercedes22 says:

I can see your point if there wasn't another Iphone coming out so soon. Whats 3 more months for better technology???? Just saying....

Ty says:

...because I want it and I am satisfied with this. I'm just saying.

Anonymous says:

totally agree with you. i come from a POS phone and the iphone 4 is amazing to me. to many haters

Michael says:

also there is no guarantee that it will come out at the same time on both carriers, it may be staggered again.

leathernuts#WP says:

Any business customers get theres yet that ordered through their business site? I ordered within the first hour and havent even got a darn tracking number yet??!! Bummer

iPhone junkie says:

Ordered mine in the business site as well. I got nothin'! Called cust service and they said shipping on the 9th. We got screwed

draggonflye says:

Got mine about 4 hours ago. It's an iPhone 4...on Verizon. I would say it's like I smashed my Pre Plus and 3GS together and voila!, magic at it's best, and it more or less is; however, the signal isn't as strong as the Pre. 5 bars all day on the Pre, 3-4 bars 90% of the time on the iPhone and sometimes dipping to 1 or 2, though not due to death grip; can't seem to initiate that intentionally. Holding at 4 bars for the last hour, so maybe it was temporary.

flyingember says:

bars showing are a result of secret algorithms. you really can't trust them unless it's showing in dB

draggonflye says:

True. Palm could've been really misleading with their algorithm for signal strength. There an app for that? That said, at least on Verizon, if you have a bar, it'll generally hold and you can place/receive calls. Try that on ATT or even Sprint. "What the $&#*!?...but it shows 1 bar?!"

Ty says:

I smashed my Pre Plus!

bigbob says:

got mine about an hour ago and i must say kinda disapointed if any of you guys also have an att iphone 4 place them side by side and the signal is almost identical all the time so iam kinda hopin i did drink to much of the tipb koolaid but iam sad to see these results considering my verizon data is showing much slower speeds :(

Piper says:

Your Verizon speed is expected to be slower. That is the nature of there network.

flyingember says:

Verizon's 3G is faster than Edge but is noticably slower than AT&Ts 3G.
So it's better in the country where AT&T's 3G hasn't expanded to but in areas where it's a tossup and more a question of plans and account preference. Verizon's data is $5 more than AT&Ts for example. (see their throttling announcement for why it's not really unlimited)

Anony says:

huge plus for cable-vision wifi

JohnPA2006 says:

Mine just arrived, ordered 3am on pre order day.
I work in Newark NJ, mine just arrived Fed-Ex.
got in my hands.
cooooool !!!!

jokes you are says:

how about its not the phone companies you bunch of following monkeys are complaining about it.. its the products you are buying into the.. the hype the name the logo. apple does not make quality products EVER. thats a known fact. but they are easy to use and popular perfect for materialistic America to buy into to SUCKERS

Anonymous says:

ooohhh thanks for clearing that up. i wasnt sure if the iphone sucked, thanks to you i am no longer ignorant to this fact.

SteveC says:

Thanks for that insightful comment! You know what the real joke is? The money wasted on your apparent lack of education...

bigbob says:

sad but i kina agree to an extent i got the verizon iphone because i thoought the service and data would be better but honestly it looks about the same signal service but data is much much slower on the verizon side


Got mine........IN JUNE! LMAO!

spraynard says:

grow up. I have pubies that are more mature than your sense of humor

Ty says:

LMAO...Good one. Hater.

fly0338 says:

and when you upgrade to the iphone 5 this summer, i'll be up for an upgrade for the model after that. big deal... att still blows for actually making a phone call. keep in mind verizon turned apple down 3 years ago. att had no choice but to make a deal in order to survive.

bigbob says:

tom dont get to happy can people post there data speeds mine seem very very slow iam at 2.5 down and 1.5 up on att and verizon is less than 1 down and .5 up wtf verizon tell me ur network isnt gonna get bogged down with all the new iphone users right now iam happy i still have my att iphone but i still have 30 days left so i cant still return my verizon phone if i dont see any improvement keepin my fingers crossed

Tony says:

Curiously, where do you live.. and secondly, what are you trying to do with your Verizon iPhone that the data speeds are insufficient for? I stream HD Youtube videos, in browser and in app with my Droid Incredible on Verizon's network.

Grant says:

I received mine at 10:07 am this morning and I have been staring at it all morning waiting until I get home from work to activate and sync it. It's killing me.

Raingod says:

Mines was delivered this morning at 10:58. I haven't physically seen it yet, but i know it is at the house!!! Whoohooo!!!!

Daniel says:

The fact that I have to wait until I get home to activate it made switch to android.I can activate,root and unlock at work or in the bathroom.
I am not criticizing the iphone at all,I still love it....but I got tired of Apple's close mind,so I decided to give android a shot.
This is the beauty of the way html5 rocks but flash does not work bad at all on my device.

David James says:

No offence to our 'brothers' over the Atlantic (or not as Obama would want it ;-)... do you realise how boring and irrelevant all this Verizon AT&T business is for us Brits?.... common TiPB.... give us some new news.... I'm starting to switch-off!!!
What we all need is a long awaited keynote. Hey, isn't it surprising (well I certainly) haven't heard one whisper of an iPhone 5 rumour yet?...

Glenn#IM says:

David check out infosync for iPhone 5 rumors. The forum is not letting me add the link.

JDep says:

Another Business Account purchase here. Had problems buying it on Feb 3 midnight (pacific) and waited till I was at work to call cust rep and get it working. Ordered at 1:30pm on Feb 3rd and up till now my order status on Verizon says "not found"!!!!! I hate Verizon right now. I called and they said the order went through but never "fully got processed"! what the hell?!?! The rep did say that everything was fixed now and that the scheduled delivery should be Feb 9 or before........

Joe says:

just got mine!! 3:53pm Dingmans Ferry, PA

Techraguso says:

Got mine 10:30 am !! Charlotte,NC

SockRolid says:

@ Jeff r - You lucky dawg! I'm only 8 months into my latest AT&T contract...

jrppgirlygirl says:

I live in Orange County, CA...went to Target the other day and a phone rep told me Target would give me a $4??.00 gift card that would pay for my cancelation fees and the new phone. Since AT&T wouldn't give me my unlimited data package back.. I'll be doing that and switching soon. Bunmmer is you'd have to wait until March when they would start carying it.

Navy_Kors says:

I received mine at 2:20!!! I Love it!

Tony says:

Thank you Fedex I just got mine and its all updated and ready to go. Love it so far it totally kills the blackberry bold.


FEDEX now says mine will be delivered by 3pm tomorrow...we will see how true that is

D-LuX says:

Got mine today in Detroit via FedEx

frank says:

Oh no it only has 3 bars!!!!!! Verizon is the best network in the universe i would have thought that no matter where this phone would have been or where it goes it would have 5 bars maybe even 7!!!!!!
-Happy AT&T user.

Jeff says:

Arrived in Minneapolis mid-afternoon...a kind neighbor took it in when the truck arrived. Will need to activate tonight. Should be fun!

Thomas says:

My iPhone 4 finally arrived around 4:20. 10 minutes before fedex said it would. Great phone activated and everything!!!

Justin says:

I still don't have a tracking number. I contacted Verizon about it and they said the credit card was pending, After several minutes of browsing my account, the rep said, "one minute, I'm going to go talk to my manager." After a few minutes he returned and said, "I guess lots of people were having this issue. Your iPhone has been shipped and you should be getting a tracking number soon, call us if you don't get the tracking # by the end of today." 6:04pm PST and still no tracking number...grr. I'll call soon.

Alex says:

I got mine today! it's so Beautiful!!! =3

nina says:

I got mines 2.30pm Jersey..In the app store going crazy...(Free apps that is)

mrsFAB says:

The hubby's came today. I'm setting it up for him while he is at work and because I already have an iPhone 4 with AT&T. I can say that I have noticed that it is a bit slower than mine. But at least he is away from that Droid not-so-Incredible! He is so excited!! Now I can whip him in Words with Friends!!

Yamin says:

Missed delivery, waited an hour to get it at FedEx Shipping Center, where 99% of everyone else were also picking up iPhones! Everyone was talking about iPhone!

davey1975 says:

Got mine at 259 est in Ny on Long Island; totally in love with it but the data is slow otherwise on a scale of 1-10 i give it a 9!! Way to go verizon blows android right out of the water!!!

Sage Montana says:

i cant wait to get mine! still using 3 and its becoming slooower by the day... xxooSage Montana

Jennifer says:

Help. My new Verizon iPhone 4 was running great. Now can't get the apps store to load. Started with Facebook freezing up. Any suggestions???

nhdeadhead says:

Mine arrived at 11:00 am on Feb 7. Working like a charm :-) Beats my BB Storm hands down !

MizzB says:

LOVE IT!!!! I got mine 2/7 at 930AM @ work so I couldn't activate it but I left work early and set it up. I love it!!!!!! Sooooo happy I waited the 4 years for the Verizon version. I've got a ton of accessories... What is your favorite accessory for the Iphone???

MizzB says:

By the way good bye blackberry!!! I couldn't stand the thing knowing that I was so close to receiving my iphone :)

charm says:

At the moment, I have no favorite blush, but looking around for the perfect one

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