Verizon reveals details on iPhone Wi-Fi personal hotspot pricing

Verizon iPhone

Verizon Wireless Executive Director of Corporate Communications Brenda Raney said today that Verizon would be charging customers $20 per month for the iPhone Wi-Fi personal hotspot feature. That's on top of their regular data plan.

The extra $20 buys you an additional 2gb of bandwidth for the hotspot to use. AT&T subscribers on the other hand currently pay the same $20 per month for a wired tethering plan, however they aren't allotted any additional bandwidth despite paying extra for the feature and it only allows for tethering one device via USB. The only major drawback with Verizon is you'll be paying an additional $20 per gigabyte in overages -- ouch!

In addition to Verizon announcing today that a $30 unlimited data plan will be available (for now), this announcement shows Verizon is taking clear steps to differentiate themselves from AT&T.

So you're getting more bang for your buck if you go with Verizon, but do you think they hit the right price point given the massive overage charges they can apply? Let us know in the comments below!


Andrew Wray

Andrew Wray is a Salt Lake City, Utah based writer who focuses on news, how-tos, and jailbreak. Andrew also enjoys running, spending time with his daughter, and jamming out on his guitar. He works in a management position for Unisys Technical Services, a subsidiary of Unisys Corporation.

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There are 42 comments. Add yours.

Omar says:

No way, I'll pass, thanks.

Grant says:

Wait. How do you get an "additional" 2 gigs on an unlimited plan? What this really means is they are charging you $20 bucks for 2 Gb of tethered use. I'll pass.

Keith says:

Same as tethering a Blackberry or a Droid - will be useful at times - one can go onto their "MyVerizon" web site and add it for a month only when they need it - and take it off when they don't if desired.

iSRS says:

Agreed. Perfect for vacation in spots that don't have free internet. For example, Disney World. They charge about $10 a day for internet. Now, you can sign up before you leave, and cancel the next month.

yeah right says:

Don't know where you stayed at Disneyworld but my room had FREE internet

mark says:

jailbreak enough said

Mike says:

Double FTW. Why spend $50 a month when you can spend $30 a month (+ the $20 app) and have the same thing?

just_me#IM says:

Ridiculous - UNLIMITED data plan should mean just that and not have to pay any additional fees to use the full range of the software in the phone I'm paying for.

iSRS says:

I don't agree. They are allowing you unlimited data on the phone. The mobile hotspot can support up to 5 devices. So you still think $30 should allow unlimited data for a desktop, two laptops, the iPhone itself, an iPad and your friends laptop?

iVenom says:

I'm not switching do I don't really have a say in this lol. With that said I think you should get to use the 2 gigs for free however you want even on an unlimited then if you go over that you should pay the 20 bucks. It's funny you already pay for unlimited but then you pay to share it.

Paul Cassano says:

Tbhey really should have a COMBO deal... for business folks we certainly would pay $30 unlimited and want the hotspot, they should bundle it...

firesign3000 says:

So, pretty much the same as AT&T then, especially when they kill the unlimited data plan. Plus the advantage of not being able to use voice and data at the same time. Nice. No thanks.

BillMcNeal says:

I can understand why the carriers don't want to give out unlimited tethering you'll have people hooking their laptops up and going for 10-20 gigs a month, but 2gb is weak. Should be 5, that'd be fair IMO.

johnolesen says:

i have the feature on my Droid X, and I never go anywhere near two gigs. Seriously. 2 GB is plenty.

Colton says:

Oh well, this would've been a great "sellingpoint" for apple if the carriers weren't being greedy!

ArtVanDelay says:

And Verizon slowly shows what's ahead. This is just the beginning.
I'm sticking around with AT&T a bit longer. :D

yeah right says:

I had Verizon for 15 years. Just switched to AT&T and love it a million times more

Tony says:

And you're completely ridiculous :)
I don't know what everyone is getting all bent out of shape about this isn't 'the beginning' of any kind of Verizon/iPhone fiasco of how terrible its going to be..
1 You're getting a new unlimited data plan on your phone and you're going to have 3G coverage everywhere you have.. well, coverage. Not having to worry about being grandfathered in to some plan of times gone by because your network can't handle the load.
2 This is the way wireless hotspot has been on Verizon for as long as they've had 3G tethering of any kind on smartphones. Its not iPhone specific, and its nothing newly instituted for the release of the iPhone.
3 This is why I choose Android, Root + WirelessTether app for free on market = unlimited wireless hotspot, gave some iPhone users 3G speed wifi when they had no service last year on the interstate on the way to Vegas from L.A. with my Incredible.

bludog says:

None of this any different from Droid users now. Verizon customers don't complain about. I don't understand why everyone is sounding like this unheard of.

ArtVanDelay says:

Cause people like FREE & UNLIMITED :lol:

Orion2021 says:

Exactly. I'm on a grandfathered plan. Been with Att since 2000. That time counts. If I have a problem, they fix it. No complaints with Att. I'll jailbreak if I really want tethering. Eventually when I get IPad 2 I'll want it

Duke says:

They want us to pay for data, but not use it.

weehooherod says:

Unlimited data for $30 + MyWi for $0 a month + Unlimited data + unlimited tethering for $30 a month.

Paul Cassano says:

Agreed 100%, then I can use my iPad with the hotspot instead of paying AT&T!

yeah right says:

I can't imagine using the iphone as a hotspot. CDMA is so slow with five devices going at the same time it will be slower than dial up

kingweb says:

Very simple, just jailbreak and use myfi

parabel says:

Wow. Not customer friendly. I hope you all jailbreak instead of paying that.

Derrick says:

It should be 5 gigs for AT&T & Verizon. 2 gigs is too low, especially as data will only become more intense and faster

WatersWest says:

Jailbreak + $2 TetherMe = Win!

pax says:

AT&T, Verizon....Poootatooo, Potaaaatooo...they all are thieves and have their hands in your pocket...

WastedPixels says:

Andrew, Verizon is not making clear steps to separate themselves from AT&T. They are taking the same path AT&T has taken with the iPhone.

Ty says:

I signed up when the hotspot was I have it on my Pre and don't get charged to use it... I wonder by buying the phone (full retail price) will it transfer over? I would assume it would.

RagedUSMC says:

I used to have Verizon...I've been with AT&T for a year now and i love it! I would never go back! All i see from Verizon is bend over spread em and enjoy!

lcargile says:

@ty no it wont because the free hotspot is something specific to your pre. If you get the new iphone and dart to use the wireless hotspot feature, you will be automatically signed up for th $20 a month plan so be careful. Hey, is it Feb 10th yet?

anto says:

this is stupid. we in asia get all this tethering internet for free.... hahahahahaha.... unlucky americans.

eric6052 says:

This is the exact pricing structure that Verizon already uses so they're not doing anything different for iPhone users. To the jailvreakers I say welcome. Droid users have been rooting and using free wifi tether for months. I use 6 to 8 gigs a month with no problems.

Jay says:

It should come as one data plan for 30 dollars. I don't want that, sprint htc come with there data plan. Verizon want to much for it I'll pass I hope they better with the I phone 5.

Dino says:

20 per month for 2GB? Are you serious? Who in their right mind would pay for this ripoff?

montres breitling says:

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