Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4 2012, including higher mix of iPhones

Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4 2012, including higher mix of iPhones

AT&T teased their Q4 2012 smartphone activation numbers yesterday, and now, in an 8-K SEC filing, Verizon has done the same, reporting 9.8 million activations, including a higher mix of iPhones.

We should get more precise numbers when Verizon releases their full results. Last year, Verizon reported 4.2 million iPhone activation, accounting for roughly 55% of all their smartphone activations. With the iPhone 5 launch during the quarter, and the higher mix of iPhones Verizon is reporting, the obvious question becomes -- how much higher was the iPhone mix this quarter?

Source: SEC via ZDNET

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Reader comments

Verizon sold 9.8 million smartphones in Q4 2012, including higher mix of iPhones


I'm very interested to see a heads up between this and the S3 as the S3 gets some really premium space in most Verizon stores.

Agreed. Versus the exactly 0 floor space (unless you count cases - which I don't) for the iPhone (4/4S/5) in the five or six Verizon corprate stores I have been in since launch.

It makes sense from Verizon's point of view to push other smartphones on their customers. The profit margin on every other handset is greater so why wouldn't they push them instead. Besides the iPhone sells itself, if they are selling several million of them with only the crappy display along the back wall they don't need to give premium billing, people who want an iPhone will ask for it.

I understand and can agree. Though I was one of the people saying to the "Verizon is selling against the iPhone" crowd to wait until the iPhone has LTE. Guess we know what will happen. Though two people I know that recently went in specifically to buy iPhones (they already had iPod touches and/or iPads) were sold SIIIs by the sales person. (On in MA one in NC). Both were told to give it two weeks and they could exchange them if they weren't happy. They both have iPhones now. ;)