Vodafone UK, Ireland Also to Start Offering iPhone in Early 2010

Vodafone has just announced that they will begin selling Apple's iPhone 3G and 3GS in the UK and Ireland in Early 2010.

This comes on the heels of a similar announcement by Orange UK, and means iPhone users across the pond will soon have 3 carriers battling it out for their love and data affection. And hopefully prices will reflect that.

So, UK readers, with O2, Orange, and Vodafone all on the table, who're you going to go with?

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Reader comments

Vodafone UK, Ireland Also to Start Offering iPhone in Early 2010


Orange have the best coverage in the UK ( I think ) because their license said they had too, but it will come down to price if I was to change from O2.

Orange has best 3g coverage. For me it's about who has the best coverage where you live/work etc. Let's be honest, even if prices do drop they will all be the same!

My question is this, I intend switching to Vodafone as soon as my contract expires with O2 which is January, how are these iPhones locked, will I be able to put a Vodafone sim card in my 3GS and have it activated or are the phones locked to each particular network.

I was on Orange before I moved to O2 for the iPhone. I find O2 to have better reception where I live (Northern Ireland), so I will definitely stick with them.
Orange used to have rubbish data tarrifs too, so they would need to offer unlimited data to compete.

When my contract is due for renewing, I will be sure to move away from O2 back to Orange. Orange has a much better signal coverage in my area and there 3G coverage is excellent. I am hoping between now and then O2 will drop the price or give iphone users more text/minutes

The thing for people in the US to remember is, that all UK networks are GSM, not like the US mix of CDMA and GSM.
Going to be a interesting ruck on prices when it happens firstly with Orange and then Vodafone.

Its about time we get some competition for 02 in Ireland. They rip everyone off! Hopefully we will have a cheap iPhone available soon!

Not really in a rush at this point, I sold my 3G and got a 3GS. Plus my contract ends in December, so the worlds my oyster. I'll probably wait till June/July and see which network is gonna get the 4G. Those considering moving from O2 to Orange need to know one thing, on Orange your data allowance is not unlimited, in fact its as low as 500MB fair use, I've got friends with N97's that got some really high bills because they went over.

Vodafone still charge 2p extra per text than any other network. That has always grated with me, but highlights Vodafones attitude "We're more expensive than the rest, but you suckers will pay" So i dont expect they're prices to change much.
Orange will do their best and offer a cheap iPhone i expect, like they do with everything. However getting a straight answer out of there customer service will remain difficult.
Business as usual all round! I doubt we'll see any major price changes in the UK's choice of tarriffs until Orange and T-Mobile merge. Assuming the regulators allow it.

Tbh I'm never going back to Orange! Their prices never include VAT on them until you get your first monthly bill and they don't allow you to drop your tariff more than once in any given period!! That and their CS sucks ass! Never, ever going back to Orange, burnt and learned

O2 Ireland have a good network and fantastic customer service, but allow us customers to feel like we're getting ripped off, especially compared to O2 UK. No visual voicemail, no official tethering, rip-off data charges if you enter the north of our country.
Although I will probably stay with O2, I really welcome some competition from Vodafone. It might make O2 Ireland treat us right.

i think the iphone on vodafone should come out before christmas 2009. this way mor people would want to buy it and could get it for christmas. If it did come out on vodafone i would definatley get one.

I'm wondering if this will make the iphone less exclusive if everyone can get one because of the cheaper price's, more Commmon eventually lead's to 'oh everyone's got one' I agree the iphone is a great phone but the fact it's only on 02 at present means's is expensive and exclusive so although 02 have stated it has sold 1m handsets this will rise through vodafone and orange's sale's. But i guess there will always be the next best Mobile ready to come out!

I've been using O2 for years and would be tempted to try the iphone but I wonder if it might be better to go to Vodafone to try its 360

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