Warning: Don't Play iPhone Bowling on the Subway -- Video

Not going to classify this as humor, given how much an unlocked iPhone goes for in Taiwan or Hong Kong (still no official carrier in China yet!). Poor guy, but hopefully a cautionary tail for subway iBowlers everywhere. (via Gizmodo)

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Rene Ritchie

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Reader comments

Warning: Don't Play iPhone Bowling on the Subway -- Video


This is supposed to be in Beijing, the beginning of the video shows it's at the Da Zhong Si Station of Route 13 in Beijing.

To Tipb, please do not post flash videos on the iPhone web version of the blog...us iphoners can't see them. Find a YouTube version or please convert the videos for us iPhone users. Thanks

@sean - how stupid is that? Something for iPhones, has iPhone version but the video is in flash...

Faked or not the idea is not far from the truth as someone will do something similar. The video may be bad but the idea is rather funny.

Yeah I agree that it's gotta be staged. I was actually able to watch that one within the iPhone browser. Jailbroken iPhone ftw :).