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Apple Unveils iPhone, Sparking Global Nerdgasm

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50 Cent says:

Yo Tony Yayo fo life man aha
this is my mark my territory my mission my legion
do not appreciate the scumbags

Elnora Blalock says:

Great post! And as always… I really liked reading through all the insightful comments. Thanks all!

Marky Mark says:

If you want to jailbreak your iphone update itunes to 9.2 and update to 4.0 / then you downgrade itunes to 9.0 and restore your firmware back to 3.1.2 / then install blackra1n and you will have your carrier tmobile back.

Bluecanary says:

Greetings from the Future. Apple wins.

mrkilltrocity says:

Greeting from the Future Future. Aliens wins.

iOS Gravity says:

Hi there. This is from the more future, future.