What Features Do You Want in iPhone 2.2?

Roughly half a second after Apple began seeding Beta 1 of Firmware 2.2 to select developers, we began wondering: what we gonna get?! Firmware 2.1 handled the stability. Now we want some new features!

The usual suspects sound like a (still) broken record: cut/copy/paste, turn-by-turn GPS, video recording, Flash support, and MMS.

The recently "pushed" back include: Notification Server support to simulate multitasking for App Store apps (like instant messenger).

For us: unified inbox, email aliases, some Squirelfish-boosted Safari browsing, App Store refunds for duds, and pervasive landscape mode would be nice.

What about you? What features do you most want to see Apple implement in iPhone (and iPod Touch) firmware 2.2? Take part in the pole over on our forums!

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What Features Do You Want in iPhone 2.2?


I think they SHOULD come out with some sort of prieview for apps, and a refund for dud apps. Mainly the former, because it would be easier and it would be great to test out an app. If monkeyball had a preview I would have never bought it! Which could be the reason why they don't want a preview...

I want the iPhone 2.2 update to contain a fix for the iPod Touch's wifi connection problems on certain dlink wireless routers.
I want to be able to connect at work as well, but have no access to special settings of the router (which according to many blogs, takes trial and error, step-by-step actions to connect to many dlink models with the Touch).
These issues, from reports, were non existent before 2.1 was introduced to the Touch.
Thanks in advance, Apple!

the option to turn off edge too so when I just need a phone I would have GSM phone that would work outside cities and away from interstate highways.

MUCH better phone reception! Message to all smartphone developers: IT'S a PHONE, Stupid!

They need to implement an option to turn off the SMS preview that populates on your screen. Or at least give you an option to to change it from preview to just a notificication that you recieved a new text. I would prefer that over cut and paste.

(2.2) copy&paste/video/AppStore better option after you do a search like organizing it by FREE, Rating, lowest price, or been able to do a search in each category individually and also better organizing option in categories like alphabetical/phone section has to be faster, is a smart phone come on! No more lag/faster keyboard typing STOP THE FREEZING make it smooth Apple.

(2.2) another thing better organizing in the Home Screen like by GAMES, UTILITIES, NEWS, aphabetical, etc and a better way to move each App from page to page.

@r2r0 - They already have that feature, read your user guide.
I would like to simply be able to change my SMS, e-mail, voice mail and chat sounds without having to jailbreak my phone.
Unless all of these requests are going to be sent to Apple, what is the point of asking our opinions?

(2.2) maybe for the Home Screen organization you can rotate it which now does not do anything and you enter editing mode for the Apps. Just an idea but I know u can do better Apple!

Almost everything that ppl are requesting can be achieved by jailbreaking your iPhone. It's not like the early days when it took a A LOT of steps. I jailbroke my 3G a few days ago in 20 mins [I've never tried it before] and I'll never go back. You get the best of both worlds [all app store apps work just fine, syncing with iTunes works as it normally does]. Plus there are apps out there that address other issues like SwapTunes [for syncing to two libraries] iCallBR [for better control over call logs] QuickGold [Launcher for the iPhone which is turning into one of my favs] and I'm waiting for the release of MobileStacks for 2.1.

the only thing I seen so far is call HOME RESET it does nothing just move it around. Point less.

You already have email aliases on the iPhone. You just have to sync them over from Mail.app on the desktop.
In the email address field, enter your email address and aliases in comma-separated format, then sync over to iPhone. You'll get an option to change the "From:" when you write a new email.
You can't do this manually on the iPhone because the comma is not available on the keyboard which appears while editing the email address field.

How about a better way to search for an app! Like by what it does other than what it's called.

Video recording, and copy and paste. Video recording should be as big as a must as a camera on a high end phone. Since Apple gave us You Tube and Myspace on our phones then why wouldn't we have video recording ability to download a video we capture to upload to You Tube and My space?

I would like a better way to handle POP mail. I like the way BB did it. It would ask me if I wanted to delete from server or from the handheld. How hard is it to add the to the iPhone?

better audio controls. if you are listening to a 45 minute college lecture and need to rewind a few seconds, there is no way to do that.

The ability to add attachemts to email!!!!!! I dont want send 7 emails everytime I want to send 7 photos. And while were on this subject how 'bouts a file explorer so you can add those multiple attachments to an email. God forbid I want to send a photo "and" a document.... hell, if they added a file explorer it doesnt even need to be (although I wished it was) a full featured file explorer. Just one that you can see what you have on the phone and add them to emails. Ge'ez
Of course I would want to see copy and paste and push notification. Until push notification comes out my IM is basically worthless.

That's easy, I want them to add all of the things I expected in 2.1:

  • Better reception on the iPhone (3G and Edge)
  • Speakerphone that works (it’s almost totally useless now)
  • Allow other developers apps to work in the background
  • Copy and paste; seriously, how many minutes would it take to add that?
  • Allow any apps to be installed, or failing that, ensure that better apps are available on the app store. (how about some QA, apple?!)
  • Voice recorder app that works, and makes files that can be transferred to the host computer
  • A real bluetooth stack that does more than control the phone functions (stereo audio, external keyboard, anyone?)
  • PDF reader from Adobe (Like Apple and Adobe have never worked together before - even Palm can get one to work)
  • Flash in the Safari browser
  • RealPlayer or MediaPlayer for streaming audio (not everyone provides QT streams)
  • Turn by Turn directions
  • linking/synching to Outlook notes (and a real program to deal with Notes on the iPhone)
  • allow searching

All I want is my iPhone to be able to do on the PDA side what I could do on my Palm OS Garmin 3600 four years ago.

I bet you if they added the ability to theme your phone... it would prevent 10-20% of the users that jail break from needing to jail break. Sure, there are other apps that people would want still... but at least it would be a step in the right direction.

  1. Copy/paste
  2. Email aliases (the method posted above does not seem to work for MobileMe accounts
  3. Notification Server
  4. Official video app (Cycorder works wonderfully, which makes it even more ridiculous that Apple won't make their own or allow others to do so).
  5. Official tethering support (for a reasonable price). The jailbreak method requires too many steps.

I'd like to be able to forward text messages! Something so simple I can't believe I'm even having to write this.

In the calendar - Flipping the phone to landscape mode brings up week view (ie 7 tiny day views next to each other)

1) Push GMail
2) Put contacts' birthdays in the calendar.app
3) Allow true Caller ID when an unknown person calls
4) Landscape mode for any application

I think that there are still some serious issues that Apple still needs to fix before we add new functionality.
A MAJOR issue for many people is updating apps via iTunes or from the iPhone directly.
"Error 0xE800002E when trying to update iPhone Apps"
Check out this link that has been around since Aug 10, 2008
This has to be fixed ASAP. What good are new apps when I can't get updates on my old apps. I am up to, oh, 40ish apps that need to be updated.
The sad part is that there is no Apple response to this and other Apple discussion threads on this topic.

-and anything else 80% of all mobile phones do here in Europe

Custom ring tones for alerts, such new e-mail or new text messages. This seems extremely simple. If my $100 WinMob device could do it, then why can't the iPhone?

Copy/paste functionality across the board, and document editing support (Word, Excel, etc), either officially or by a third party.

Have an option to turn off the autospell please!!!! Video camera and zooming on pictures would be nice

1) Copy / Paste
2) More Languages on Keyboard (Greek)
3) File Manager
4) Widgets in main screen
5) Notifications in main screen
6) Video recording
7) Yes its 3g but how can I make 3g calls? No camera in the frond! (Cant fix that)
8) To be able to change the ring tone and put a mp3.
9) Notes that sync with outloook.
10) Put out of the box support for flash in safari.
11) Unlock bluetooth
12) Why not unlock all the device officially (Jailbreak it)

  • Ability to view photos at their full resolution without iTunes "optimizing" them first.
  • Video playlists (with repeat)
  • Real wallpaper
  • Setting to view photos without the iPhone cropping the sides to fit the screen
  • Ability to open links in new tabs (without an applet)
  • More sorting options in the YouTube app

@ Christomapher.
If you know of a way to turn off sms preview without turning on the security on the phone, then please, by all means enlighten us with your knowledge.

wow!!! Everyone is leaving out a major feature that should be implemented!!! After having to lay 30 dollars a month for unlimited Internet, at least allow itunes to download music over the air!!! And maybe add video and movie purchases to the iTunes app as well.... I mean the mms and video are a no brainer that should have been in the original iphone so I think it's a waste even saying that it should be in the update because that is long overdue!!!

-802.1x Wifi Support PLEASE!!!
-Push Notification or AIM and other various Apps (should be an option under settings to choose whether the push is turned on or off)
-MMS (duh)
-Copy/Paste (duh)
-Complete Customization of homescreens (i.e. option for locked grid or free placement of app icons, instead of seperate homescreen have the option to make it scroll, background images on homescreen, option to set screens for games, utilities, etc. Not to mention when you download an app, you should be able to choose which categorized screen it is to be installed on to prevent having to place them yourself.)

. search engines in music (just like in contacts)
. copy and paste
. video camera
. ablity to apply your personal backround on home screen

If I remember correctly, search is in the Apple Remote App for iPhone, so that's a great point. Why not in iPod App?
Also, search in Email would be helpful, but perhaps limited given the need to hit the server, or the typically only 50 local messages per account...

MMS, ActiveSync / Rules-support (for all mailboxes), landscape keyboard (persist), and Copy/Cut/Paste.
I know Apple is really good at listening to phan-atics, but some of these features are 1 yr+ in the making... Come on Steve, Apple - let's get it in gear

I would love a few new things.
1. Email search (all smartphones have it)
2. Global Copy and Pastes
3. GPS apps (maybe TomTom or Garmin)
4. Even fewer dropped calls and even better battery life.
5. Pictures messaging MMS
6. Battery in % or Time left.
Most of these are fairly simple request. If Apple doesn't do it, I'm sure google won't mind helping us all out with the release of android.

  1. Copy, Cut and Paste.
  2. Ability to turn Auto spell off since it is VERY irritating especially if your language is not an available option.
  3. Get the e-mail field of Contacts to sync to e-mail in Outlook 2003 (and not to e-mail2 as is presently the case)
  4. The ability to delete a single missed call from the list (Present option seems to be all or nothing)
  5. e-mail to be fixed. Account names sometimes gets mixed up!
  6. Ability to set precedence on Edge, 3G, Wifi etc.
  7. Ability to access files on a Windows Server via WiFi (My old iMate PDA2K could do this many years ago already!)
  8. Ability to Create and Edit Word and Excel docs out of the box.
  9. Ability to Sync via Bluetooth
  10. Better Battery life indication
  11. Addition of large cities like Johannesburg to the timezone.
  1. Option to turn off Auto Spell because that thing is really annoying
  2. Why can't I turn off my phone and listen to a youtube video! WHYYY
  3. Option to repeat videos (such as youtube)

Hello from Argentina! I hope that in this new Update 2.2, make compatible the use of the iPod Radio Remote. Maybe we could make a request like this circulating asking that enable automatic correction in optional. Greetings. Diego

1) Push notification
2) MMS (picture text)
3) cut and paste
4) fix reception issues/dropped calls that 2.1 didn't
come on Apple.. let's get it together!

All of these ideas are great ideas. I just hate that Apple is taking SOOO long to implement such simple things. I mean, c'mon....the guy is right. We r starting to sound like a broken record...we r requesting the same things over and over and get nothing. Update 2.1 was a waste of time.
Everyone needs to go to http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html and submit feedback on what we want for this iPhone. I mean, if a Jailbroken iPhone has an app store that we all want and it works, why isn't Apple doing it? I mean, they seriously need to get their hands on a Jailbroken iPhone. If they were to copy even half of the features of a JB iPhone, they would boost their sales of the iPhone and the satisfaction of their existing customers.
That's my idea. Anyway, we all know what we all want, so I'm not even gonna list it again. Just go to http://www.apple.com/feedback/iphone.html and leave feedback. If we could get even a quarter of the iPhone users to say the same like 5 things, we might see them in update 2.2!!!!
GO LEAVE FEEDBACK. These sites are good, but we need Apple to hear this!

It would be good to include possibility to change APN , because my Iphone 3G doesn't have it ? I wonder why? If someone knows please post me . Thanks

And i can't access internet on my Iphone because my network didn't recognize automatically APN ? Why is that happening ? Please if someone knows post me on this page. Tnx

It would be really useful to be able to turn the dictionary on an off while writing an SMS (maybe via a button or gesture on the keyboard). This removed the need for a lot of extra clicking when you are trying to write a non supported language with Latin characters, e.g. Greek.

Disk Mode
Senting images through bluetooth(atleast)
video recorder
PDF support
cutting and pasting
set songs as ringtone
voice recorder
copy paste

There's so much being asked for in a JailBroken phone. This is a SHAME. I'd LOVE to have legal apps from the store BUT the good stuff is not available from the local South Africa store. So - taking a lead from Steve W - jail brake the phone , download loads of stuff that I don't pay for and have a nice life.
Seriously - Apple should look at the competition and make sure they have KILLER versions of stuff that's been built into the mainstream "cheap" phones for years!
Would also LOVE to see Tom Tom make Local maps for the guys NOT in the USA. Google Maps simply SUCKS!

I would very much welcome the following for the i-phone update:
a. A 'stop' feature on the i-pod, not just 'pause'.
b. An 'AM/FM' tuner as a button on the desktop adjacent to the 'App Store'.
c. All the technical s%i# above.

I have verizon and I love the vz navigator with the vocalized turn by turn directions, it is the ONLY reason I have not switched to iphone, also the picture/video texts.
PLEASE come out with these two things!!!!! I want to buy an iphone to go with my macbook and all my other mac/apple swag!

I took my iphone to greece and everyone commented on how nice it was bar one thing, It did not include 1) GREEK KEYBOARD
Please include a Greek Keyboard. I noticed in 2.1 it included more countries so it should not be hard to do.

The 2.2 version must contain the following:
- MMS.
- Real bluetooth.
- Turn by turn navigation.
- Videorecorder.
It`s not a real phone before these things are added!!!

WOW I agree with just about everything here.
PLEASE apple give us A2DP, how is it POSSIBLE that I cannot blue tooth my music to a headset from my I-POD PHONE!
Please apple, don't make me have to Jailbreak/SSH through my phone and do some l337 haxor Action just to have a different sound for my SMS!!
Copy and Past
WIFI sync
Wall paper

*full flash support
*video camera with editing capabilities
*customizable alert options for calendar alerts, text msgs, voice msgs and alarms
*faster safari browser

  • separate signatures per email account

*customizable spell check (add to the dictionary)
*text tools in all applications (email, calendar, notes, 3rd party apps) such as: spell check and spell check preferences, dictionary, thesaurus, font size, color, style
*allow for deleting music and photos
*photo edit features, cropping, color, size, filters
*allow ipod music to be set as ring tone
*music editing capabilities
*add 'delete all' to email functionality
*support for apps to run in the background
*home screen customization
*more ringer/alert sounds


*Spell check
*Full width keyboard
This is a no brainer for those of us that use the iphone for business. Everyone says the iphone is great, except it's no the best e-mail device. I have purchased apps that give you a full keyboard for the iphone and I can type twice as fast. Integrate the function into the phone! It's a simple fix...I'd like to think.
Spell check is a must (I'm a sucky speller) and that's so important when you are communicating with your peers and business associates.

i am waiting until they make the iphone with a type writer that turns from vertical keyboard to a horizontal one so it is easier to type. Does anyone know if this is in iphones future?

If these features dont come out in 2.2, im sellin my iphone and gettin the Blackberry Storm 9500.
1. Video Camera - Come on, even crap phones have this

  1. Zoom on camera - Really??
  2. Copy/Paste - You try to make it more business friendly yet u dont include this feature.

4 Total Flash Support - Makes the user experience better!

  1. Horizontal keyboard - Again, makes the user experience better.
  2. MMS - Now wat kinda teen is gonna want to send a pic message to someones email?? Gotta get with it Apple!
  3. Bugs - Still some crashing bugs that need to get fixed, im fed up with apps closing for no reason! Also, 3G reception. I was in boston the other day, and it kept switchin between Edge and 3G....IN BOSTON!!! My razr 2 got 3G everywhere in Boston, 5 bars the whole time!! My iphone gets 3 bars of 3G max!!
  4. Spell check - The spell check is really annoying, plz add option to disable that feature or make it learn!
  5. App trial period - Come on, why cant we try out the app before officially buying it. Some developers make it sound nice and pretty, but sometime the app jus sucks.
  6. Stereo Bluetooth - Should have been included wen first released.
  7. Turn-by-turn navigation - Wats the point of having google maps if it doesnt provide turn by turn directions. Seems to me like Apple didnt want to take time to improve this feature and so they jus slapped on a basic program...Great Job!!! NAWT
  8. Be able to change the background of the actual homescreen. Again better user experience, and it would make less people want to jailbreak their iphones

So anyway, if these features or at least most of these features arent included in iphone 2.2, im sellin it on ebay and getting the Blackberry Storm 9500, cuz it comes with all of these features plus the camera is a 3.2MP:)

lol, i love how the site messed up all of my numbering and shit on my previous post, it was perfect wen i posted it

Darnit, I still want BT keyboard profiles!!! This is just negligence on Apple's part. What other phone/pda with BT doesn't support keyboards? Without the ability to comment a simple iGo BT keyboard, the iphone is far less useful.

My only wish - ability to customize on my own iPod EQ... I know there are lots of ready profiles/styles, but I want to make my own customization.

Like so many before me have said, the 3g needs an external keyboard! With fingers the size of Texas the touch screen is a real chore when needing to write long emails. My sense is that Apple realizes that having this option may cut into laptop sales as marginal laptop users decide to go with just the iphone...a weak point in my view but I still think a possible explanation for why they are slow to answer this need.

I'd like a decent phone call log. Why can't this awesome phone/computer give me a tabular, sortable, filterable list of incoming and outgoing calls, with basic stuff like call duration and dollars charged (if any)?

FULL KEYBOARD FOR TEXTING!!!!!! this is seriously a huge irritant for me. i mean that seems like the most obvious thimg to have for a phone. its like theyve never texted before

  1. i wish that in text messaging , if sending a txt out unintentionally, u can stop it before it has completely been sent out.
  2. cut and paste
  3. and of course smilies
  4. multimedia
  5. horizontal keyboard, much easier
    with all of this
    this would truly make this phone the best!!!!!! it has everything else