More white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G casing images leak out

Yes we have more white next-generation iPhone casing images that have leaked out and this time they come to us from Powerbook Medic. The site claims they received the casing from one of their parts suppliers.

We first saw evidence of a all white iPhone when images of the faceplate surfaced and then shortly there after the those were followed up by images of what appeared to be a fully assembled all-white iPhone. While a video of a all white iPhone in action would be nice, we suppose we can exercise some patience and wait until June 7th when Steve shows us both - black and white devices...

The source link below seems to be down as of this writing but we have one more image after the break!

[Powerbook Medic]


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There are 28 comments. Add yours.

Aaron says:

Idk if I really need it since my 32gb 3GS is jailbroken and can pretty much do everything it can. Some one pls help me change my mind.

iStoner says:

Camera Flash and front facing camera is enough to get my on the 4G bandwagon

tsb3 says:

Lets wait 6 more days.

Tweger01 says:

I'm really hoping apple comes out with something amazing. I'm getting the itch to get a new phone and really don't want to switch to another brand

Song says:

Can't wait!!!! I'm still sticking with the all black.

suspicious... says:

i think apple is letting these "prototypes" out on purpose. i believe steve is gonna hold up something that surprises us all at WWDC.

Matt says:

White is nice, but black is for me.

Art VanBurenBoy says:

Suspicious is right.
All this is to make us believe that this is what iPhone pro will look like.
I'm sure the final product will look completely different.

b says:

tsb3 your going to wait until the day after its announced to find out. Today is the 2nd and 6 days make it the 8th. butthead

Tansen says:

Higher screen resolution is really all I need and want. Better camera is also very ossum, front facing as well. Other than those 3 things I am already pretty happy with my iphone.

iMurdock says:

High resolution screen, HD video recording, Front facing camera for mobile video chat, Higher MP camera possibly 5-8, Camera flash, Bigger battery for more battery life, ARM 1GH processor, 256-512 Ram, New design, should I go on? This is a major over haul from the 3GS not to mention the 3G users.

patcom8 says:

.... i really cant wait till next week... i really just want a new one... im beginning to look at my 3G and think less of it..

Art VanBurenBoy says:

Get a hold of yourself Patrick
before you know it , it'll be Monday and they'll announce it. The hard part will be waiting till 25th to get the damn thing.
You gonna preorder yours Patrick , or you going to stand in line , like Squidward?! :lol: ;)

Eagleyesmith says:

@Art VanBurenBoy
Hell Yea It's a Must Have if you have a 3G! I skipped out on the 3GS for this bad boy! Monday, Monday, Monday! I can't wait to just know when I can go buy mine! Pre-Order Here I come! I want the one in white so bad!
I'm tooo excited right now...ha

Jake says:

Could this white iPhone be the device that brings me back to the iPhone? I was one of the first in line on launch day, but got tired of the OS and made the switch to the Nexus One. Because I'm an Apple developer, it would be convenient to have the same phone I develop for. Even though Android beats the iPhone in terms of features, the App Store keeps calling me back.

Some guy says:

I'm seriously hating the flat back, I think I'm just going to get a 32gb 3gs. June 7 will be the day that tells me which one I am going to go with.

Christian says:

Will anyone else be quite surprised if Steve Jobs holds up an iPhone completely left of what has been leaked? Also I even wonder if this upgrade will be worth it due to my jailbroken iPhone 3GS 32GB. Anyone's thought about that?

jay0heavenly says:

Honestly, I would be surprised if it were completely different than the leaks. A piece of me thinks that Jobs is always a step ahead of everyone, BUT, every dog has its day, so I think although we don't know EVERYTHING about the G4 iPhone, I do think we know more now than we've ever known about an unannounced iphone.

CupertinoSweat says:

my next iphone looks beautiful

angelsniper45 says:

haha. the vietnamese love screwing with the us :P

Art VanBurenBoy says:

you're late to the party kiddo. We were discussing the surprise factor few hours before you arrived ;)
also , does your jailbroken 3GS have front facing camera , better battery life , faster processor and higher resolution screen ?!
Didn't think so :twisted:

Devin Briggs says:

When does os 4.0 arrive???

rickygomac says:

Oh! I almost bought this bootleg iphone 10 years ago in china! Lol. Its only a few more days I can wait. And I know its going to look drastically different. Its gotta be! Can I get an anticlimactic moan if this was the phone we are going to see at the conference. Ruins the fun for me actually.

esfrost says:

Im still very with my 2 years old 3g, it works flawlessly, its almost fast enough for me. :) Im planning on getting this new 4g iphone, and i'd be really happy with a higher resolution display, a better camer WITH HD CAPABLE RECORDING (that would be more than awsome) and a better scratch proof housing, thats basicly all im wishing for.

Wyatt says:

I'm probably the only one not feeling this design. Really hoping for something different otherwise I may just stick with the 3GS.

Jeff says:

What I'd really like to see from Apple/AT&T is a better phone. My iPhone is great for everything but making calls. I'm in a major city (Chicago) so I hoped for good call quality when I switched from Sprint a year ago.

ddot196 says:

I cannot wait to see this phone released! My contract is up in January but I'm not sure I can wait that long lol. I love the design on the leaks thus far, more industrial looking with hard lines. I never liked the rounded edges of my 3g anyways. I've also never been a fan of their white color but this one is starting to grow on me.