White iPhone shows up in order systems, available Feb 27?

White iPhone shows up in order systems, available Feb 27?

The white iPhone 4 has shown up in Best Buy and Vodafone Germany's order processing systems with an availability date of February 27.

Of course these hints are always hit and miss as retailers sometimes create placeholder entries based on the same type of rumors you read right here on TiPb so take this with a white iPhone 4 sized grain of salt.

Apple's only official word on the White iPhone 4 has been "coming this spring" so February might be a touch early. However with the Verizon iPhone set to ship on February 10 and an iPhone 5 almost certainly following in June the window for a white iPhone 4 is already very small. (Even Leanna has gone after market!)

What do you think, will we finally see the white iPhone 4 soon and if so, too late or better late than never?

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White iPhone shows up in order systems, available Feb 27?


I'm holding this with a big grain of salt. What would Apple be doing differently to make sure that the colors are consistent and the camera flash works consistently?

I have to agree with you. I have been talking to friends (AT&T, have iPhone 4) and they are asking me why I am going to preorder the Verizon iPhone 4. I tell them the simple answer is that I have been waiting for an iPhone on Verizon since 2007, and I don't want to wait any longer. I also think that iPhone 5 (summer 2011) if it DOES appear summer 2011, won't be much of a boost (3G to 3Gs vein). And I will be eligible in mid 2012 for iPhone 6. Then I got to thinking. Verizon iPhone 4 in Feb 2011, white iPhone 4 on both(?) March 2011 then iPhone 5 in June/July? Something doesn't seem right. Tim Cook said that the current LTE chipsets would cause compromises Apple isn't willing to make, but since this space changes so fast, and their two premier US carriers do not yet have any 4G phones out there, but will in mid 2011, why not extend the life of the iPhone 4? I could see six months, to December 2011/January 2012, and possibly even summer 2012? Would it be that much of a stretch that the next new iPhone will be the iPhone 4G, released on both carriers? There are too many competing priorities right now, it seems. Why not slow it down a bit. They did the biggest move they could to slow/keep pace with Android by coming to Verizon. Apple is going to make money on an iPhone all year at this point, so does it matter if it is a completely new model?

Good marketing strategy. With white iPhone 4 Apple will generate huge sales for an End of Life product.

No way the iPhone 5 is delayed - annual cycles would conflict IE the iPad 3 is April 2012 and iPods will be fall 2011 so at worst maybe Verizom skips iPhone 5?

I love how people in the comments always say that the next iPhone won't be much of a boost, like the 3GS. Have you tried to use a 3G recently? I think the 3GS was a pretty substantial upgrade.

Agree 100% iPhone 5 will not be delayed it will be on VZW and AT&T just look at the 4.3 beta code,also every iPhone has been a huge jump from the other some software some hardware some both if you had say the 1st iPhone then got the 3G and had to go back to the original for some reason it would seem like a piece of crap that can be said for any of them,I love my IP4 and when IP5 comes out I'm gonna get it and I bet if for some reason I got to go back to an IP4 it will seem like a piece of crap

as much as I would love to have the white iPhone 4, It's too late for me. I'm not dropping more $ for a white iPhone 4, 4-5 months before I drop more $ for an iPhone 5 (because lets be honest: as much as I say I'll wait and see if the features merit an upgrade, I've bought every phone to date, and that's not likely to change this year) So, I'm sorry Apple, but you missed the boat. I still love you, and want my white iPhone 5 though, mkay?

I highly doubt a white iPhone 4 would be released between the Verizon iPhone 4 and AT&T's iPhone 5. If a white iPhone is going to be released, it'll probably be the iPhone 5 - it just makes the most business sense. Come June, Apple will announce some hardware upgrades with the 5 and say "Oh, by the way we now offer it in white." Verizon will more than likely skip iPhone 5 and just sync up with next year's iPhone release.

I have a black iPhone 4. I waited in line for it on launch day. I've had it since June. I want something new. I want a white iPhone. But I also want the iPhone 5. So I guess I won't be getting a white iPhone 4. Oh well.

Too late to care, just hope they redesign the 5 to have the option for white on launch date. I've been with black since the 3G , think it's time to switch.