White iPhone HD/iPhone 4G spotted fully assembled

Look what is making it's debut appearance courtesy of Chinese site Apple.pro - a fully assembled white iPhone HD/iPhone 4G. So if the white faceplate was not enough to convince you, the image above should sway you.

With WWDC 2010 only being just a few short weeks away, we can not wait for this device to be officially announced by Steve! Pick your poison, what color will you be choosing - white or black?

One more image after the break!

[Engadget via Apple.pro]

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Reader comments

White iPhone HD/iPhone 4G spotted fully assembled


@Yanni, while I would have agreed with you a few months back if the resolution is indeed 960x640, the size will be just right... ;)

White. I got my black 3G two years ago and kicked myself for months now that I've seen the white. It looks better, stands out, shows less scratches/smudges, and is more Apple-esque.

I have a white iPhone 3GS now but for the new iPhone Ima get black considering that the side is aluminum and the black and aluminum match the ipad and MacBook pro

If this is what it is. Which I'm 99.9% sure it's not. But if it is. I will choose my iPhone 3GS in black. If it's what I hope it will be. Which is not this fake in the picture. Then black it is.

Am I the only one who notices that the White one looks like someone shoddily glued a cheap faceplate onto another black model?

It does look like a thin plastic cover as seen near the home button. Can you say Star Wars storm trooper? I'll stick with the Darth Vader black.

Jeremy - I hope you are right bud.
After viewing the pics again, looks like the home button on the white version is pressed in, almost stuck. Idk, just seems a bit odd.

@macboy15: Yeah, I'd probably be doing the same thing. I'll just probably pick up the 3GS in black instead of these ugly ass "rumored" iPhones. I don't care if it doesn't have a foward facing camera or a flash, I just want something sexy & this isn't sexy at ALL! It's not very Apple like too. Probably if this was their 1st generation model, I'd understand. First models always comeout ugly than the next ones.
I've also been thinking?.. Maybe the forward facing camera is for Apple-Employees business use only & not for the public after launch. Just my quick thought? And I believe the next iPhone will be called the "iPhone A4" :D

I'd take black if I had to decide based upon these pictures. But I'll wait until they're officially unveiled before I truly decide.

Don't get me wrong, I love my white iPhone... But white one looks kinda weird to me. So I might get the black one but I wont know for sure till I see them in person...

To those wondering about the button, it is a possibility it is the outside of the phone assembled with no guts. Either way it is more than a simple faceplate. Take it for what it's worth.

White until labor day. To me white makes the screen look smaller. Does it really matter? Most cases will cover it up anyway.

Finally they made the front white. It will still be boring tho. OS needs a new look too. Not going to happen. Not buying next iPhone.

@CJ, have you not seen the new features? You must be blind man, the OS is almost re-done. And Apple only unveiled 7 of the new features out of 100 of the new features that people will experience in the Summer once it goes on sale. It's a true multi-tasker..

I was looking for objective analysis on innovations that Apple may finally be trickling into the marketplace, perhaps someone even had a little insight about when this 4th gen would infect other networks. Instead it seems that comments are really nothing more than the latest commercial like sound byte missles from the mouths of devout worshippers. Come on. How is the little 4G appetizer supposed to win the business of a critical consumer such as myself? It's starting to sound as if Andriod will indeed be the long term easy answer. Oh well, Mr. Jobs perhaps the iPad will earn my hard earned $ but it isn't looking like your phone is anymore useful than the latest competitors.

@Mac: Seriously? C'mon now, this is the phone that re-invented the cell phone! (or the smartphone, itself.) iPhone is on everybody's minds, but most geeks or reular consumers, just doubt the phone itself because of either the network in the united states, or the features that the phone doesn't carry. Most don't care about the features either & they still live to experience the iPhone. Just look at the Droid "lovers" that just love to hate on the iPhone! Especially the Verizon customers!(rediciulous people!)

I still feel that this is an elaborate hoax set up internally by the folks in cupertino. this "prototype" is fugly, and very unlike apple. in fact, to me, it looks like a Sony erikson from way back when

Black, 64GB please. And for the guy that said he was hoping for a larger screen: How large do you want it? I think it's about as big as it ever needs to get for a phone. Make it any larger and it will be unwieldy and not fit in your pocket. The resolution, not the actual physical screen size, is what needs to be improved. And by all sources Apple is doing just that in a big way. We'll see shortly.

Hoping for blue on ATT and red on Verizon. ;)
Oh, and custom designs instead of just colors. Why not, Apple?

I honestly don't care about all the leaks. I will be gettin' the new iPhone the first day that it comes out. In white no doubt, I'm tired of the black version. Time to switch it up.

These are not fake, but they are probably older prototypes. First notice the screw holes which will certainly not be in the consumer version. Then notice that they are sitting on their metallic bezels, there should be one more layer of that ceramic/polycrystal/plastic/whatever it's going to be, on the bottom. These phones are empty which could explain the home button hanging so low. As for the weird object above the earpiece on the white phones we've seen lately, my guess is notification LED for messages or charging status.

Looks really bogus. The white one is fake or not assembled. The home button is completely depressed in. Not even flush. Also is bigger than the black one and has a silver edge around it that the black one does not. Why does everyone complain about 2 tiny screws? I just looked at my iPhone 3g and guess what? It has two screws in the same exact place! Don't even notice them either.

I think the object above the earpiece could be the new light sensor. I mean the top of the phone above the screen is much larger now. I just think it's harder to see on the black one. But who's to say it couldn't double as LED notification :]

not to mention the ribbon cable for the screen is sticking out of the top of both. geeze! observational skills!!

All it takes to convince me that its fake is the two floresent tube light in the background... looks like some crap immitation producing factory lighing