Win a FREE Lifeproof case for iPhone in the iMore Twitter Treasure Hunt! Enter Now!

1 day down and 6 to go for incredible accessory prizes, and a bonus chance to win it all! Can you find, follow, and retweet all the Twitter Treasures?

The Lifeproof case for iPhone is the last, best hope for protecting your precious device from the dangers of rain, snow, scrapes, bumps, drops, and shock. And the iMore Accessory Store has one ready and waiting to give to you for FREE -- if you can win our Twitter Treasure Hunt!

Here's how to enter:

  1. Follow @imore, @reneritchie, @GeorgiaTiPb, @llofte, @iMuggle, @chrisoldroyd, @bla1ze, @simonsage on Twitter.
  2. Watch our Twitter feeds.
  3. At some point today, 1 (one) of us will tweet the Treasure Hunt accessory of the day (that's the Lifeproof case today). When that happens, retweet it!
  4. Successfully retweet each and every treasure hunt accessory, and you're entered to win.

And if you want to enter our grand-prize and win all 7 (seven) Treasure Hunt accessories, simply retweet this and you're entered:

  • $500+ in prizes! RT+follow to enter! @imore @reneritchie @GeorgiaTiPb @llofte @imuggle @chrisoldroyd @bla1ze @simonsage

Are you ready? Are you set? The iMore twitter treasure hunt is ON!

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Win a FREE Lifeproof case for iPhone in the iMore Twitter Treasure Hunt! Enter Now!


We had a huge Facebook contest last month (gave away iPads with TeleNav) and we'll be having more soon! Every month we'll be doing blog, Twitter, YouTube, and Facebook contests. Maybe Google+ too.

Anyone know if Lifeproof has fixed the major flaw in their case, i.e., the fact that there's a space between the case screen and the iPhone screen and which interferes with functionality?! A deal breaker, basically. But once that's fixed, I'll ditch my Otterbox defender for it in a NY minute.