Windows Phone 7 team hold mock funeral for iPhone

Windows Phone 7 iPhone funeral

Microsoft held a mock funeral today for the iPhone as part of their Windows Phone 7 release to master (RTM) celebration. Followed -- we $#!t you not -- by a Thriller dance.

It would have been more accurate had they been carrying a Kin.

[Trioculus via WMExperts, Engadget]

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Reader comments

Windows Phone 7 team hold mock funeral for iPhone


They must be dreaming if they think a Windows Phone will have any effect on the iPhone 4. It hasn't released and I have no doubt that the iPhone4 already blows it out of the water.

I look forward to see a new windows phone or one running it's os hit the streetz. Plus the blackberry torch is looking like a player too. Competition is a good thing for me.

I have a lot of respect for Microsoft but this is just stupid, I mean really? A funeral? For a phone that has had 0 hype? Sorry but I don't know what's wrong with Microsoft, after all these years the iPhone has been out they still have not been able to build something similar.

If the iPhone is dead, that means I'm using a zombie iPhone, and since zombies are always cool, I'd rather use the dead iPhone, thank you very much.

I have a simple theory. Microsoft killed the iPhone...then the iPhone came back to life...murdered all of those Microsoft employees...which clearly explains why they are doing the thriller dance...they are under the control of the zombie iPhone. The end.

Let's see. Windows 7 running Internet 8 soon to be 9. Media player 10 Soon to be, who knows. Their phone may be a good idea, but late. They are just playing catch up.

Come on Microsoft.I have a lot of respect for ya,but do you really gotta do this.Now what?If the phone doesnt deliver,the media will have a picnic.

Pathetic. Simply pathetic advertising. Just shows how scared of the iPhone they are, and they should be

Finally they will release the windows phone, they are very late to the party, it will happen the same that with the Zune, is going to be a poor seller.

HAHAHHAHA. I'm going to laugh when this blow up in there face. When the phone comes out. Blue screen of death,anybody?

I'm old enough to remember when Thriller was new, and I don't recall ever seeing Darth Vader in the video.
Maybe I was high on hairspray and missed it.

This is ridiculous. Nerds look at this stuff and laugh but regular people (vast majority of phone purchasers) don't give two sh-ts about this crap. You'll never see apple pull a lame stunt like this. Guaranteed.

Lame, if anyone should be holding an iphone funeral it should be Google. Android is taking some major bites out of Apple and it won't be long before they get to the core. Microsoft won't even break the skin. These Apple puns doin anything for ya?

Apple Fanboys: you should be cheering them on to push apple to continue to innovate and compete. IOS is great and healthy competition will keep it that way. Alright Microsoft, let's see what you bring to the table.

Rene, you left out that it was a funeral for iPhone AND Blackberry. They left Android out since that's the one killing both of those. :P

Your comment makes no sense whatsoever. This is "stunt" by MS employees is not "competition". This a lame garbage that only further illistrates how revelant iOS products and how irrevelant MS is becoming in this arena. One word "LAME"...

@JDgeek. Do you think apple is going to stop innovating and competing if m$ was not coming out with something? Never did I understand when people say let that company to this and that competition is good for apple it will drive them to do better. Like there not going to do better anyway!!??? Perfect example iPod touch it got better and better every year. What competition do it have to drive it to get better? Nothing.

As far as windows phone 7 goes it's got a long, long way to go. Have they even one upped the original iPhone?

The fundamental problem I see with Apple is that their products really define a generation. I'll absolutely admit that the iphone was revolutionary. All these composites like Google and Microsoft wouldn't be trying to imitate it if it wasn't, but like Sony with their Walkman, it's really just one product that did really well. Companies like Motorola and HTC use their resources to come up with amazing products, then as Android for almost nothing. Google had almost unlimited resources to concentrate on soley software. Google has become the new Microsoft, and Android the new Windows. They're the ones driving Apple to innovate, but with all these phone manufactures taking care of the hardware aspect, that can do it much faster. Apple makes a great product in the iphone, but how long can they keep it up before they're constantly getting outpaced? Sony makes a great computer in the Viao, they're sleek and pretty, but other companies make better computers for less money. It won't be long until you can custom build your smartphone, and Android will make it much easier than Apple. They're whole "closed, paranoid" business structure is flawed. Apple has little to worry about from Windows Phone 7, but Steve Jobs said it himself that Google wants to destroy the iphone, and its really just a matter of time now before it happens.

Its really pathetic...the competition has a funeral for the iphone, makes mocking tv ads (PSP)...what comes next? will they have an "iphone execution" in front of live tv? I wonder what their PR and Marketing departments think about these "promotions"...

Let me take you back to the year 1997, this was the time when Internet Explorer and Netscape where in a great war!
To mark the launch of Internet Explorer 4, Bill Gates decided to trow a party for the software warriors who created his new browser, but rather dan trowing it in Seattle, he decided that the more delicious venue would be in San Francisco, the very heart of Netscape territory. During the celebration that followed, Thomas Reardon and its drunken colleagues noticed the 9 foot tall Internet Explorer E symbol standing in the lobby of the party venue and inspired by a devilish if inebriated idea, they hoisted that huge E symbol onto a truck, and then the drunken Microsofties taulk it down highway 101 to Silicon Valley and they dumped it in the Netscape Fountain and staggered the way back to the hotel.
This time they may not have been drunk, but for me it sure looks like the same old Microsoft arrogance…

They are MSFT employees. Let 'em have some fun. Hey @ least no one lost their prototype, even though drinking may have been involved. Big companies like this should have their own amusement parks.

@The Killer Robot
i see your point but apple has the benefit that it controls both hardware and software design, therefore integrating a feature that uses both gives them the advantage. For example, looking at a patent that monitors heart beats from the casing and then uses that to bring out functionality in the software would take lots of iterations between android and the HW companies. Apple has the advantage in that respect.

The only reason I can think of why MS would do this, is for the company spirit. They must show their employees that they are sure about their product. But objectively, their phone is late, has (also) no flash, not even copy and paste, (very) limited multitasking and about 0 apps (or maybe 20 at launch), and to top it off it's running on a completely new operating system. I love inovation, and sincerely hope Microsoft will blow us all away in a surprise move. But I'm the realistic type. If there's enough media attention around it now, I can see it blowing up in MS's face bigtime.

every phone and or operating system that comes out they (people) compare it to the iphone. This phone does does this or that, that the iphone doesn't do. Thats how you know you (apple) has a good product when all the competition tries to one up you. still apple remains on top

You never want to give any attention to your competitor.. Why don't they understand that?? Plus it's just childish.. I just can't believe it. SMH

Microsoft doesn't get it. Apple and Blackberry aren't the main competition. First MS has to convince other cellphone makers to install 7 on their devices instead of Android which they get for free now. I don't think MS can't win this first battle.

Yeah, hardware makers aren't going to put up with M$'s BS when they can simply turn to Android. Windows 7 mobile or not, every person I've known with a Windows mobile phone of the past absolutely hates them with a purple passion.

well lets wait and see how the phone works...they better make sure it's better than the iphone, after all this funeral show.

Well ms did hand out xbox360 deckchairs to ppl waiting for the ps3 on launch day. And they did also have a riverboat with a banner reading Microsoft welcomes Sony to the party on it press party

All this shows is that MS really has no taste. If it was something private it would be different (a little bit). The whole funeral thing is plain arrogance and ignorance to the whole smartphone market. The only company that's going to kill the iPhone is Apple. Android has gained market share but that's because the smartphone market is growing fast due to Apple who brought the smartphone to the average consumer. RIMM is suffering from it's own ignorance and arrogance too by thinking the enterprise market will just stay with BB. Meanwhile, every few months there's a new article on iPhones replacing BB. Apple has lead the revolution of smartphones and MS new WP7 is just coming along for the rid. I've also seen their new "the revolution begins" ad which is even more pathetic. MS welcome to the revolution... it's about time... Oh wait, you said your coming soon... Oh well, you can join the others in the rear whenever you get here.

This wasn't a funeral. It was just a parade for the release of the RTM. I believe they asked employees to make floats for the parade. And some made up this. This is just employees having fun. This wasn't set up by Microsoft! Its almost like these new sites don't even know what they are reporting on.

Darth Vader and a gorilla in a Thriller dance? That's a scary prelude of the uniformity of MS's Window's 7 operating system.

Now who says iphone is a smart phone?
I am using it since about 2 months now. Agreed you have a flashy screen with all that animated ui and 'cool' features - google maps, email, facebook and blah blah.... but a smart phone? Do you really call downloading-all-those-apps-and-using-them a smartphone? Common give me a break - you cannot copy your files over without having to install some wierd over-the-internet or wifi app, cannot use its 16 or 32 gb of space to copy files around unless you jailbreak the goddamn thing? What do i do with all that 32G memory on my phone? fill it up with movies and songs? For app development i need to buy a mac and even after that there are more than 110 licences to apply before i get my custom app on my phone? I am sorry to hurt many but if I dont have a say as to how i would like to use my phone to my taste and have apple or somebody else tell me how i should be using it - it isnt a smartphone for me.

Continuation... Hope MS does something good in the smartphone market. They are big players, they did it in the past. They surely need to do something if they want to remain in business. Afterall the future is all about smartphones. As it see it - in 3-5 years the smartphone will be replacing the laptops. Are you

Say what you will, but I tip my hat to whoever orchestrated this event: be it Microsoft or just fans. That was actually pretty brilliant.

I want to talk about windows 7 software for phone. According to me, it's not enough great yet No multitasking. No copy and paste. You’ll be telling me this thing doesn’t run Flash next.I mean, what kind of “smartphone” is this phone ? Does it’s antenna even work?