Announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5... And a 2nd chance to win!


Here it is. The moment you've all been waiting for. We're announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5 from iMore... And we're giving everyone else a 2nd chance to win! Are you ready? Are you set?

Find out who won, and how YOU can still win... after the break!



Congratulations Timberwolf! We'll be in touch via email to get your information for the prize!

EVERYONE ELSE: Keep reading, because you're not done yet!

Tomorrow is iPhone 5 day! We know a lot of you are lining up at the stores to be among the first to get your hands on Apple's latest creation. Some of us will be there too. We also know not everyone can upgrade right now, so here's what we've got for you.

We're giving away ANOTHER free iPhone 5 to ANOTHER lucky iMore reader!

That's right! FREE. No strings attached. All you have to do is be a registered member of iMore and leave a comment below. You have one week to get your entry in, so get to it! We will announce the lucky winner next week here on the blogs.

The rules: One comment per person. If we find you trying to cheat and enter multiple times, you will be disqualified. The contest is open worldwide, so anyone can enter. And the prize is just the phone, any contract and accessories are the responsibility of the winner. Good luck!

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Rene Ritchie

EiC of iMore, EP of Mobile Nations, Apple analyst, co-host of Debug, Iterate, Vector, Review, and MacBreak Weekly podcasts. Cook, grappler, photon wrangler. Follow him on Twitter and Google+.

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Reader comments

Announcing the winner of the FREE iPhone 5... And a 2nd chance to win!



Please pick me...I would like to retire from the Iphone 3G. I`ve bookmarked you guys and am obsessed lol

Thanx for making this world wide. I would really love to win one of these phones & use it on the LTE network here in Germany.

Stuck in Sunny South Africa we only get the Awesome new iPhone 5 in a few weeks. Great to now be registered and part of this cool community, I read all your updates and reports on matters close to my heart ... Apple!! Alll your latest news and reports I makes sure I get all the way here in South Africa. I can't wait to get the new iPhone 5!! Have a great week to everyone. One of your newest community members.... Seanski



First of all .. Happy Free iPhone day to Timberwolf
Second of all .. I REALLY need to replace this dying BlackBerry

I comment for the bettering of the human race and peace. By this, I mean that I will be happier all around having this awesome new phone, so both objectives are accomplished :)

Don't make me "iRegret" for signing up! I really need this iPhone 5
because it comes with the awesome feature called RECEPTION, unlike my iPhone 4. :/

Not to be an a-hole or anything, but as a loyal follower since theiphoneblog, you better pick me this time! :)D

I want the new iPhone 5! I love seeing all of your videos you Gus upload on YouTube with fun new gadgets, and have even bought a few! I hope I win tomorrow. Keep up the awesome website guys!

Hey, my name is Luke Miller i just registered with your site ( let me say I am already a fan) but I am working my butt off to buy an Iphone 5 but im only 17 and get paid minimum wage and have to pay for gas so I'm looking at a long time before I could even think about buying one. I am just praying that a door opens up for me. Thank you

I s'pose I can forgive you misspelling my name in the fist drawing... Even tho timberwolf is pretty far off... Since you're having another one

Please give me this iPhone :D i really really want one, but I can't buy 'cause it's too expensive. :\

Thanks for a second chance! I love your site and hope that I get to be the lucky one picked. Keep up all the fantastic reviews coming!

Can't wait to open up that carefully pieced together package tomorrow morning! Christmas has come early this year my friends. Enjoy everyone.

My iMore handle was a plea to Sprint to get the iPhone. Well here we are Sept 2012 and I still don't have an iPhone. Winning the iPhone 5 would be perfect prize for me

I am so regretting moving over to Android - but I couldn't take AT&T anymore. Now, i've gone through 5 Motorola Razr's due to hardware or software issues. Get me out of Android Hell Please! My wife won't let me order one until our daughter's birthday party is over! I can't wait till the end of October!!!!!

I sure love to win one - Expatriate - Living all the way out in Saudi Arabia - iPhone 5 come here only in December - very ardent Apple fan !!!!!

Ok I will try my Luck one more time and i hope that Imore will remember me this time

I would so love to have a free iphone and be the first person on my block to have one. The android phone I have is terrible.

Please Rene!! I've have been visiting TiPB/iMore just about everyday since 2008. It is my go to source for all things iDevice, and it would be awesome to actually win an iDevice from the site I've been relying on for so many years!

apple is great! never was a big apple fan really but i decided to really try it since a lot of my friends have one got it and loved it i have the 4s now the speed is image quality is way better then any other andriod and everytime apple puts out quality work!!! i tried it iout and will always remain an apple fan!!!